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  1. I will not buy from Hornby direct nor will I take part in their 'retailer engineering' scheme. If I can't get it from my local Hornby retailer I would rather do without.
  2. I remember Bellerophon featured in the BBC period Drama 'Cranford', arriving on its return from the opposite direction it had left. Must have been on a roundy roundy.
  3. I don't want it removable, I want to eventually fix it down but worried about where the 4-6mm of movement will go.
  4. I have a similar situation... The board I am building my terminus station on is 12mm baltic birch 8ft long, sealed all round. The platforms are ratio kits (plastic) with the concourse fixed at one end and three platforms running off it. The platforms are not yet fixed and each are in two sections of approx 3.5ft each. What I am noticing is when the platforms are placed in position with all sections butt up then a day or so later when I go in to the shed there are gaps in between the sections. They can add up to between 4-6mm per platform length. I don't know if it is the baseboard, the pl
  5. Perhaps a new thread should be started in the Hattons section.
  6. There's nothing wrong with being wrong, it is your right.

    1. Hroth


      Thats right, unless you're wrong, that is...

    2. woodenhead


      Being right is the new wrong

  7. Perhaps they are envious of Hattons empire, built on selling their products, and think that by restricting supplies to Hattons and selling them from their own shop they too might become profitable.
  8. Has the 'Private Message' service stopped working?

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    2. DK123GWR


      If only politicians communicated via RMWeb - we might have more transparency!

      In all seriousness, I don't think there is anything wrong with the interface as it is. I would instinctively look for PMs in the top right of a page, and surely that status update box being right next to the other public status updates should be clear enough for people to understand what it does. Perhaps taking away the ability to send a status update 'to' a person would be a better approach?

    3. truffy


      “surely that status update box being right next to the other public status updates should be clear enough for people to understand what it does”


      Clearly not, otherwise we wouldn’t be having this discourse. 

      But your proposal seems sound enough. 

    4. Dungrange


      Agreed and if I click on your profile, the box that I'd type in does say "write a public message on.....", so anyone who can read, should know that the comment they are about to type isn't private.  However, I assume that some people don't care whether it's 'public' or 'private' and don't consider it any different to posting comments on their friend's profiles in Facebook.


      I'd just leave the interface and functionality as it is.  If people want to send private messages, then it's not to difficult to find the function top right and if they don't care who sees their message, then it doesn't really matter where they post.  The rest of us an just ignore it.

  9. I have used one ply of three ply toilet tissue or Rizla Ultra Thin Silver see through cigarette paper.
  10. It is usual at this point for someone to come on to say there is no need to modify points or add switching to frogs as his exhibition layout has non of this and has never given any trouble.
  11. My living room is 29°C at the moment which is comfortable for me. I've never liked the cold. I don't sweat, maybe down to not drinking much.
  12. What have I done with my Keyser Kits? Put them back in the cupboard to be forgotten about for another 40+ years.
  13. I thought the lighting was battery powered.
  14. After having my order for a P2 cancelled I decided to cancel the rest of my pre-orders as I realised I didn't really need any of them, they were all just 'nice to haves' and paying for them by debit card isn't like spending money. I would never buy direct from Hornby as I like to think they are where the blame lies.

    Years ago, after you had been on a long drive, you had to clean loads of bugs off the windscreen.

    They must have learned over time to move out of the way.

  16. Soap should be made hollow so you are not left with the middle bit that is too small to make a lather with.

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    2. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      Dave, do please share the secrets of making new bars of soap from old bits and pieces!


    3. woodenhead


      I've found if you put a bit of liquid soap over the solid middle bit it lathers up nicely.

    4. beast66606


      Sorry @Captain Kernow - I'm still covered by soap The Official Secrets Act so can't disclose.

  17. I remember in the '50s we used to toast bread on an asbestos mat over the gas ring.
  18. Also, elongating the fixing holes in the Seep gives a bit of adjustment to centralising the switch.
  19. If he comes in here I won't be wiping it up.
  20. (The model was originally due to be announced as part of our 2022 range) Who are they trying to beat now?
  21. Plenty of 3 and 5 pin encoders on eBay but couldn't find 4 pin. These 'look' worth a punt... rotary encoder on Aliexpress.
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