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  1. A belief is just that, a belief. It has no bearing on the truth.
  2. I would like to see Dapol have a go at something like this...
  3. R.I.P. Charlie Watts.


    1. truffy


      80 is no age really. Is it?

    2. Mallard60022


      Now his line will be, "Hey you, get offa my cloud...."

    3. Patrick
  4. Am I correct in remembering Bissell and Bellcrank were characters in a cartoon caption in a (model) railway magazine?

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    2. Hroth


      I remember a Christmas one where one of the characters was encouraged to wait under a clear UQ semaphore signal and told to wait for his surprise present.


      Not subtle...


    3. Ravenser


      yes, Railway Modeller, The Little People

    4. RJS1977


      I think Bissell and Bullhead came first, then RM ran a competition to name a third character and Bellcrank won as it began with B and it was something that connected two objects that moved in different directions!


  5. I'm confused.com... what are you using, polarity switches operated by the point motors or frog juicers?
  6. Here is a sketch of the the motor positions for the three routes through a PECO electrofrog single slip.
  7. If you have wired it correctly you need to ensure you are switching both motors to ensure you have both frogs at the correct polarity even though you may not need the route being set by one pair of blades.
  8. I must be imagining my tinnitus as no one else can hear it.

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    2. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      It's no joke, is it? My sympathies.


    3. woodenhead


      I'm used to mine now, mostly I filter it out and I always keep a bedroom window open for background noise at night.

    4. Hroth


      Apparently some types of Tinnitus can be heard by others.

      I've got a low-level superhetrodyne type whistle, which only becomes noticable when there's no outside noise.  At present its not a bother.

  9. Also 'Load more activity' just takes you back to the top of the page.
  10. Why was it deleted, what were the questions?
  11. In 2014 a Bachmann Porthole coach was £24, using the inflation calculator that's £27.48 in today's money.
  12. Should I now expect a cancellation email from Hattons for my pre-order of the Oxford Rail Cowans Sheldon 15T Crane.
  13. I can't believe that Pete Seeger or Trini Lopez never had one.
  14. Ok. I went a little bit further with my code 100 slips...
  15. This has me confused, what is the green wire connected to on the insulfrog slip?
  16. In a crossword today I found 'stationmaster' is an anagram of 'to steam trains'.

    1. The Stationmaster

      The Stationmaster

      But of course ;)

  17. Just checked again and found the resistance switch on controller B affects the 12v DC accessory output and switching it gives the same readings as the controlled output. I didn't know that.
  18. I added extra switching to Seeps to interlock a 3-way point.
  19. Just took a few measurements from my old Duette using a Triang Jinty as a load... Accessory outputs - 16v ac - 17.6v no load 12v dc - 14.3v no load, 13.4v under load - controller B resistance switch high. ^ ^ ^ - 16.43v no load, 14.4v under load - controller B resistance switch low. Variable output full on - High resistance 14.3v no load, 13.3v under load. Low resistance 16.43v no load, 14.4v under load. Edited to add that the 12v dc accessory output is affected by the resistance switch on controller B and gave the same readings as the controlled output full on.
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