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  1. Jon, can I make a suggestion. On your signal ladders, run a piece of 0.3/0.4mm rod front and back of each of the two side rails and then file the outside face flat so that the two piece of rod and the etch sandwiched between appear as one piece. In addition to looking a lot more prototypical, it stops the tendency for a flat etch to pick up waves and curves that look terrible! It doesn't take long.
  2. This is an intriguing trackplan for which I am trying to work out why it existed. Do I assume that there was a significant gradient in the down direction from Bagthorpe and Zeen Valley? This is the main justification I can see for having a pair of down lines but only a single up to effectively allow two trains to occupy the block (parallel blocks, I appreciate)? And there is either no passenger service on the Zeen Valley line or it always ran through to a destination in the Babbington Jct direction as only trains from Bagthorpe can come into the bay? And wh
  3. Another option you might want to use is to have a set of Markit/Romford wheels for use in setting up chassis. They do manufacture P4 length axles and of course these wheels to go on and come back off many times for multiple locomotives without any real bother (and you have the advantage that you can test the chassis comfortable that quartering is not a problem). Obviously it also allows them to be removed for painting. Then, as Mike says, only put Gibson wheels on once. And if you use Gibson wheels I would say it is important to gently chamfer the last 1/
  4. Hi Iain, That does look really good; a significant part of which is the gentle flow of the curve. It will be really important to keep this consistent; it is very difficult to do this with a shallow curve. I would suggest you make a template. Maybe get Tim Horn to laser up a template (as long as possible) or glue a templot print out to a sheet of plasticard and then cut to one of the railheads. You only need to do one line like this, the others can be set out from the first one (again with a jig or template of some description). Keep up the good
  5. I have struggled with primers for a while so i asked my local car body shop; this is what they recommended and I have to say it is the best i have encountered but it does need a couple of days to fully harden.
  6. Woodbine I use servos and I have come up with a little solution such that the servo is fitted to the signal base but the whole signal can be taken out for building or maintenance. I came up with a number of tips associated with building and operating signals which you can find here Or more generally on my signals as a whole see here I prefer the MERG servo controllers but some of this is because I am used to them rather than they are necessarily better.
  7. Try Mousa Models although I think there are delivery problems at the moment. https://mousa-models.co.uk/product-category/4mm/4-coaches/coach_sides/liner/page/2/ Bill only does sides, so you will need to source the rest from Comet or MJT.
  8. I stopped using Cleminson chassis, they are not as easy to use in practise. Instead I now use sliding axles and wouldn't go back on them. Details here and you will see that the RTR plough uses the same concept.
  9. ...........that's called P4 isn't it? Written by a P4 modeller by the way, we are not all hair shirts!
  10. Hi Sean Like the idea, my house (well technically my garden) sits astride one of the bits of the line to Cromarty that was built in Jemimaville. It proved to be a problem when we bought it because that portion of the land wasn't owned by the house vendor and we had to purchase it of the local laird. There is a little booklet available locally in Cromarty on the line, I keep meaning to get it! One observation is that the stone on the Black Isle (on which Cromarty is situated) is a characteristic pink colour. There is no way they would have imported stone to
  11. Hello Mark,


    Just ordered a copy of your father`s book. Not sure why I hadn`t done so before . It would be interesting to see other photos of this bridge so thanks in advance. My bridge is actually taken from a rather poor photo of the one at Duible between Helmsdale and Kildonan but the abutments are all but invisible in these photos hence me using those from the Achnasheen bridge.  The intention was never to model one specific bridge but just to produce a generic one. 

    The Thurso and Forsinard sections will be as faithful  to reality as possible but the section between these two, the Flow Country is essentially freelance, taking various interesting elements that are found along this section of the line such as the snow fences and abandoned croft etc 


    Thanks Mark





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    2. class26


      Hello Mark,


      Will be very  glad for any photos of Forsinard. 1982 is spot on for the 37 era. I also will run 24 / 26`s from the previous decade as I can`t miss out on Sutton Loco Works imminent highland 24`s. 

      My e mail address is -


      [email protected]


      PS saw Portchullin at the Nottingham show a few years ago and your idea of a station with passing loop and a couple of sidings on a long single track line was my inspiration for doing Forsinard , just took several years to get there.  The idea that such a simple track plan can give a satisfying layout comes from that day ! I originally intended to do a roundy with the Flow Country occupying the whole of the opposite side of the layout but that would have entailed too much in the way of hidden storage tracks hence Thurso 


      Look forward to receiving any photos you may have of Forsinard. 


      Thanks again



    3. Portchullin Tatty

      Portchullin Tatty

      Hi Nigel,


      Just sent from from my email account; if it doesn't come through let me know and I will send via the firm's file transfer system.


      Pleased to have helped with some inspiration somewhere along the way!  I enjoyed the Nottingham show; I recall they had a "most realistically operated layout" competition which I threatened to enter and then point out they had missed a train about 20 mins before hand and the next cam past a 7pm, would they mind waiting?  They couldn't but score me correctly!!


      I am also down for at least one of the Sutton Loco Works class 24/1; I have one Bachie class 37 and will get at least one of the Accursacale ones - obviously large logo!





    4. class26


      Hello Mark,


      Photos received thank you. Extremely useful and gives me lots to work on. Will keep them to myself until your give the all clear.


      Many thanks



  12. Good to see the thread and another Highland based layout. Did you know that the bridge at Achnasheen has been drawn up and published in my old man's book the Dingwall & Skye Railway - A Pictorial Record? There are a couple of photos too but I have lots more because I measured it up!! If you want these let me know via PM. I also have a batch of photos from 1982, which is presumably dated about right? I would need to ask someone to release them to you, I suspect it will be fine. Mark
  13. Still struggling, I will prompt the person I have been speaking to. It is hard work! Mark
  14. Lochgorm are not closed; drop Charlie a line as per the link on their website. https://www.lochgormkits.co.uk/
  15. Paul, what is the source of your wagon plates? Rarely modelled and quite important in my view!
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