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    2021 hopes

    I’d love to see an updated 2P and a 4F to modern standards. Something new for the LMS like a Fowler or Stanier 2-6-2 tank, and the Royal Scot coaches available in LMS crimson lake as part of their main range. A push pull set would also be amazing, and an LMS fish van.
  2. Took the couplings apart and added a washer as suggested by @BR60103 only put the washer under the NEM pocket. Very fiddly as the screws are so tiny. However success! Couplings no longer droop, and are at the right height. Tested them on the layout with my new 1P. Ran a treat.
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions. Think I’ll try adjusting them first. If that doesn’t work I’ll fit replacement Kadees
  4. Think they are a new release of an old product. How do I fit 146s to the chassis?
  5. Just bought two Dapol grain wagons, they seem to have an unusual arrangement for the NEM pockets, which are very loose. This results in my Kadee couplings drooping. Very annoying, has anyone else had the same problem and found a solution?
  6. Love some of the suggestions. I’ve followed the instructions and only voted for locos I might actually buy. Love the Kent and East Sussex Railbus, and the streamlined B17, but sadly wouldn’t go on my layout so didn’t get a vote. Other than that, I would suggest any Bachmann LMS loco in Crimson Lake - quirky because it never seems to happen! Been waiting for the Compound since they introduced it.
  7. Didn’t think I needed to upgrade to the latest Duchess, but the Lizzie suggests otherwise.
  8. Just received my Lizzie, initial reaction is that she looks superb, and a big advance on the previous tooling.
  9. The Mrs. knows, she's paid for it, or will have done when we are charged for it by the retailer!
  10. Anyone know when the LMS version is being released? Hornsby seem to be saying Jan/Feb, so could be any day. Asking for a friend....
  11. Great announcement by Hornby. A couple of questions:1) will it be possible to model the complete train? 2) Are the coaches specific to the Scot, or were they standard diagrams specially painted for use in the train? My Hornby Staniers look a bit boring for lack of variety formed as an express, I have to add the ex Dapol restaurant car and a 3rd open by Replica to give some variety. Noted the above comment about the kitchen cars.
  12. I suspect similar, but not as pronounced, as the layout hasn't been stored long, and is now in a converted and well insulated garage. The plain track runs well, after only a superficial clean. Multimetre has lost its leads in the move, as soon as I locate them, will use it to test. If I haven't solved the mystery first. It seems to be the whole of the point - ie. from the fishplates at the toe end, so it may be the electrical connection via the fishplates. I bought the layout already operational, so don't think they have dropper wires. Next stage is to hard wire the toe of the point into the power bus with new dropper wires to see if that cures it.
  13. thanks for the suggestions. They are insulfrog, and the frogs aren't isolated, so standard wiring to the toe of the point. I'll check for dirt on the tabs as David suggests.
  14. Hi Everyone. I'm just setting my layout up after a couple of months in storage following a house move. Started track testing, and three Peco insulfrog points which all worked fine before are completely dead. Its got me foxed. My first thought was that the rails were dirty, but extensive cleaning doesn't seem to be fixing the problem. I've tried both a track rubber and cleaning with isopropyl. The layout is a shunting plank, DCC controlled with an NCE power cab. All the wiring appears to be in tact, and the rest of the track and points run fine. Any ideas?
  15. My major concern is that previous versions of the Princess have been hard to open to fit a chip. I tend to use Hornby or Bachmann decoders, and have so far had good experiences with both. My only bad experience so far has been with a couple of Gaugemaster decoders, which never worked properly. I've got quite an extensive fleet, so not starting out in that sense, but I'm still relatively new to DCC. Very much looking forward to receiving the model. Looks from the samples that they've captured the look of the loco very effectively. Especially the reversing rod and the rivet detail. Both areas let down on previous versions. May finally get to use my "Princess Royal" names plates, and buy a second one to renumber as 6200. I'll see how I get on with Lizzie first....
  16. True, unless they do an upgrade to their own Jinty (unlikely). Although it could run with the Fowler 2-6-4.
  17. Thanks for the advice re chips. The fitted version looks attractive on price, the additional cost being less than the decoder, so I may start there, and then update it in the future. I'd love a Lizzie with sound and smoke, but cost precludes at the moment.
  18. Agree the Stanier Buffet looks the most likely, though I also think the push-pull has a chance. I would like both 2-6-2s and a Tilbury as well. The Tilburys were used in and around Nottingham in the late 30s having been displaced by the Stanier 2-6-4s so have wider route possibilities than just the LTSR.
  19. I'd like them to produce a new tooling of the 2P to modern standards, a Stanier period 3 buffet car, 3rd open, and a push-pull set. All would fly off the shelves.
  20. I have mine on order. I’m buying the LMS red version with DCC on board. Never having bought one with DCC factory fitted before, anyone know what they fit? Presumably an 8 pin standard Hornsby decoder in the tinder. Any ideas? looking at the decorated sample, most noticeable to me is the rivet detail, a true “corky Liz”. The previous model wasn’t as convincing to me. The reversing rod also looks correct for the first time. She’s really too large for my layout - but who cares!
  21. I'm having the same problem. I fitted one in the Hattons Garrett due to lack of space. It kept cutting out. I thought I had a problem with the loco, till I replaced the decoder with a Bachmann one, it now runs a treat. Had the same problem with the other Gaugemaster I fitted in Hornby 8F. Swapping the decoder cured the problem. I now have two Gaugemaster 8 pin decoders I'm probably going to have to bin, unless anyone can suggest a way they can be reprogrammed to cure the problem. Any ideas?
  22. Thanks @HattonsDave looks a very exciting project. I've just preordered an LMS rake. Wondering how long 6 wheelers kept their Midland livery in the LMS era now. Might have to invest in some Essery and Jenkinson reading.... Don't agree with the critics saying they are too generic, this is a great start to pre - grouping r-t-r coaching stock. It may also spur me on to some of those lovely Slaters kits.
  23. That's similar to my experience. I've built 2 versions of Minories so far, and have another one planned as an extension to my current layout. The only limitation I've found with the original Minories with goods sidings, is having them alongside the station makes goods shunting tricky. I prefer to reverse the sidings. i.e. goods trains run into a head shunt next to the 3 platform roads, and reverse into sidings alongside the station throat.
  24. Can't wait to see decorated samples. Looks amazing. Shame I can't justify Midland Crimson on my 1930s LMS layout! Black it will be.
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