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    York MRS 2013

    Now confirmed - Regular bus service No. 197 from the Railway Station to the Racecourse will be running all 3 days. Mal
  2. No direct experience, but, apparently space in Hong Kong is VERY expensive. If you have the space to "waste" on a model railway you are probably well heeled. Mal
  3. Bramblewick will be appearing this Easter at the York Model Railway Show, presented by Tom's family and friends as a tribute to him. This could be the last time the layout will be seen in public. Mal
  4. Firstly a big Thank You to the N & P members for an excellent weekend. The Crumley & Little Wickhill crew thoroughly enjoyed themselves despite the snow (it took us 20 mins. to get the van out of the hotel car park on Saturday morning!). Excellent food and hospitality as usual. I have to agree with previous posts about St. Marnock's sound. Even operating in the "Stealth Bomber's" cockpit at the far end of the hall I found the noise intrusive. I have seen St. Marnock on a number of other occasions with sound at much lower and more realistic levels. So why the excessive levels last weekend? Mal
  5. Barrowfleet is now on its 21st Anniversary tour, first appearing in Hull in November 1991. Kerry Bridge, the 7mm scale NG layout based on the Tralee & Dingle was around in the 1980s, but lasted until 1994. You would not have seen them both together at one Show because they use the same operating teams, but might have seen them in Hull on consecutive years. Mal
  6. Bump. "Stealth Bomber" all checked over and working OK, ready to "fly" south on Friday - London circular runway permitting! Mal
  7. BigMal

    York MRS 2013

    Well I think we managed a first last Easter with a marriage proposal from a future wife at the Show in front of one of the layouts. Mal
  8. BigMal

    York MRS 2013

    A great shock to hear the news, which I have only just picked up after a weekend away. Joe was a real gent who will be sadly missed. My condolences to all Joe's family. In reply to PLD, I believe the only "original" now left from 50 years ago is Dick Dring (steward rostering officer). Malcolm Scrimshaw (Show Manager)
  9. That should be Moorton Bottom Yard - no "w" Thanks Mal
  10. I have been reading the comments on here and would like to clarify some of the issues raised. Postcodes on the advertising materials. This was an omission of which I am aware and will be corrected next year. However we do spend a considerable sum of money using a professional organisation to place roadsigns at strategic locations. "Modern" image layouts. Mike Cook was well known for liking British steam outline layouts in preference to anything diesel or electric and his Shows reflected this interest. I hope to be able to include more diesel/electric/foreign style layouts in future Shows. Access to the mezzanine floors. There is a special lift , set slightly apart from the main lifts, to enable people with mobility problems to access the mezzanine floors without having to navigate stairs. A request to any Show Official or steward would have enabled persons to make use of this lift. Disabled parking. Show officials try their best to provide as much disabled parking as possible near to the main entrance of the building within the "courtyard" area. Once this full (as defined by the Racecourse Officials, with health and safety requirements in mind) parking is only available in the road and parking areas on "fields". Show officials have no jurisdiction over reserved parking around these latter two areas. Trade. The Show has always attempted to keep a balanced trade presence, whilst concentrating on the smaller specialist traders, who often cannot afford to attend some of the other large events. I hope this explains the problems raised on this site. I am encouraged by the large number of positive comments on here, which gives the Show Team and myself confidence to move forward with next year's York Show, despite the loss of our long time leader. Malcolm Scrimshaw (Acting Show Manager)
  11. Just 169 hours to go Some late news. Unfortunately Lychett Manor Models trading as N Gauge Lines and Gem/Fleetline will not be attending due to health problems.
  12. I trust it will be finished for York at Easter then, or certain well known person, who is unfortunately no longer with us, will be most displeased Mal
  13. Determining pension age is now in itself a problem due to all the government changes. For example you can no longer get a bus pass at 60 As for free children with your ticket beast66606 beat me to it Mal
  14. A big thanks from the "Stealth Bomber" team. A great weekend - good hospitality, friendly club members and a good guide to the local drinking establishments. Also, thanks for all the silver ware - now were's the phone number of my dodgy scrap metal dealer Mal
  15. Before you all get excited by the Olympics or even HMQ's Diamond Jubilee remember that the; 50th York Model Railway Show will take place this year The dates - Easter 2012 (7th, 8th and 9th April) The place - Knavesmire Stand, York Racecourse Although Mike Cook is no longer with us, he did select all the layouts and other stands for the 2012 event, so this will be the last York Show organised by Mike. Mal (Acting Show Manager) http://www.yorkshow.org.uk/
  16. A very sad loss to the hobby. Mike will be greatly missed at York each Easter. On a practical note, Mike had already completed a lot of the initial organisation for the 2012 Show and it will go ahead as planned. For the moment any queries regarding the 2012 York Model Railway Show should be addressed to myself. [email protected] Mal
  17. Sorry PLD you gazumped me whilst I was typing the above. Mal
  18. Firstly this is advertised as a "Model Engineering Exhibition" which suggests larger scales (garden railways, sit on and ride, etc.) than 7mm which the model railway world is use to, although I appreciate there is some overlap. A local entrepeneur tried a purely commercial show in the north east a few years ago, claiming that proceeds would be donated to the North Yorks Moors Railway. After the first year we discovered this was not true. Add to this, problems with claiming expenses, accommodation many miles from the venue, and the disappearance of all the organisers staff after about 1pm when they had collected the bulk of the gate monies (leaving trades/exhibitors to sort out the afternoon and "run" the show). The second similar event was shunned by most local modellers and clubs, leaving the organiser pulling in most layouts/traders from north Scotland. A third event did not happen!! My advice is to shun this event and north west clubs should try and persuade as many people as possible in the model railway world to not get involved. If you are interested in larger scales there are several well established events throughout the year organised by GOG or ALSRM. As for the Warners events - at least BRM is a model railway magazine, integral to our hobby and involves clubs (i.e. The Model Railway Club at Ally Pally) in their exhibitions. Mal
  19. Had one of these p***ts with his 00 Hornby trainset at Alsager the previous weekend. Full set of sound fitted locos bleating and bellowing in my left ear at 110db even though they were all stood in the fiddle yard But what about those working in 00 or P4 Mal
  20. Doesn't the universe collapse - or something! - if we ever reach 100% perfection?
  21. Not much interest in this on RMweb it seems. Paul Windle and I will be making the trip across the Pennines with his layout Moorton Bottom Yard. Details at http://www.alsagerra...ociation.co.uk/ Mal
  22. Quite right Steve. It was called "Area 51 - Groom Lake" by Stephen Carr (son of librarian Stuart), shown at Hull Model Railway Show 2006. Mal
  23. Sympathise with you Andy. We have had similar problems in Hull over the years with road signs (full story at the weekend if your interested along with some colourful language about Councils!!), and I know Nottingham faced the same problem one year when one department of their local Council didn't know what another department was doing. The soultion we have for the York Show is to employ a registered organisation to place road signs (in this case Traffic Management Services), but this is certainly beyond the financial capabilities of the Hull Show and I suspect your Exhibition as well. Mal
  24. I was about to start a thread on Ely having not seen one anywhere else. Great friendly show last time I was there. Keep the runway clear - I,ll be piloting the "Stealth Bomber" in on Friday afternoon Mal
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