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    Modelling BR Eastern Region transition era. Photography of current and preserved scenes, both at home and abroad.

    Plans for the future include O Gauge Western Region in the Shropshire area, and N gauge Germany 1980's & 1990's.

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  1. Replica have been out of the glazing for several years. I think there is a problem with the production process, however they may at some stage be able to supply again, obviously someone used to be able to make them! John.
  2. Thank you Andrew, coming from you the comments are much appreciated. Good to see you back posting after your "sabbatical"! John.
  3. I've been following this discussion with interest, although until Hornby run a batch of any of these with a better version of BR green I won't be one of their customers. To be clear from the above, isn't the tender supplied with the Hornby P2 version of "Cock of the North", correct therefore for 60502 in BR days, so low bulkhead, no streamlined fairing. I've attched a picture of one, which I've resprayed into BR fantasy steam blue, which does show the top of the tender quite clearly. John.
  4. Brian, Thanks for the note. I've seen Taff Vale on ebay, although I'm sure they deal direct as well, they seem to have a good range of motors. John.
  5. Now I see why in the first post on this thread, point 1 was "baseboards too heavy"! Very sad to see, but I'm sure you've made the right choice. John.
  6. I agonised over this for a while! Not least because the only kit that I've ever bought that was already built was a P2. This was a K's Earl Marischal, bought for little more than the cost of the kit, many years before the Hornby one, and done in LNER apple green, with smoke deflectors black as you suggest. It was some while before I realised from photos that the first two LNER ones actually had the deflectors in green. The other thing with the LNER, I think, is that they did an A4 with a solid black front over the smokebox, rather than the parabola, but only did one. It doesn't loo
  7. Thanks Jon. On both Isinglass coach kits above, it has been necessary to go outside in very bright sunshine in order to see any trace of layering in the sides of the kit as supplied. In both cases I've given the big panels a gentle rub with fine wet and dry used wet, wrapped round a piece of small brass section, just to be sure. This also helps dispel the slight greasiness to touch of the initial print. There is no trace of layering at all on the Sleeper above that has been painted and finished. John.
  8. Thanks Richard. In fact your thread must have got quite warm of late as I've constantly been referring back to look at things, particularly on the third most recent build! When I grow up, I might have a go at one of the PDK series one versions, as here with 35009, and do it in Blue, there really is some style in those early cabs. John.
  9. David, thanks for the comment. I would say to anyone reading this that I don't think these are for the beginner, as they do need a bit of thought and fettling, plus an awareness of getting everything true at each stage. In your case, given the posts you've made over the years, I can't think there'd be any problems at all. He does have quite a wide catalogue! John.
  10. Andy, Just to follow up on a post earlier, I've now done most of the work on the Isinglass 12 wheel Kitchen Car, as at the very start of your Workbench Thread, and have done a little write up and pics on my own thread as referenced below. Painting remains O/S! I think you were right about the sides not turning in enough, although I've managed to mitigate this a bit by filing the ends a tad and fitting the sides to go in a bit at the bottom. John.
  11. I've been making some very slow progress with the MN in the last couple of days, however here is something now ready for the paint shop. Isinglass 12 wheel Kitchen Car, LNER conversion from NER Dia. 58. Anyone familiar with the "Coulsdon Works" thread willl know this is the first vehicle featured, made in Andy's case from seriously butchered Kirk Sides. It is an impressive vehicle, and when I noticed the original pre. conversion in the Isinglass catalogue, I ordered one and asked Andy Edgson, the proprietor, if he would supply me with the drawing for the conversion to a
  12. A fascinating thread. I've never been comfortable with "wet" weathering, and your use of powders seems to be just as effective. Thanks for posting. John.
  13. That looks great Richard, you should be very pleased. John.
  14. The jig is an excellent idea, given the number of these you've done. I also like what you've done with the doors to the containers, far more convincing than the original. John.
  15. That really does bring back memories of Works trips c.1970, with locos looking a right mess prior to being repainted. Thankfully the spotters can still find the number on this one! John.
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