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    Modelling BR Eastern Region transition era. Photography of current and preserved scenes, both at home and abroad.

    Plans for the future include O Gauge Western Region in the Shropshire area, and N gauge Germany 1980's & 1990's.

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  1. I did recently complete a DJH Peppercorn A2 after several years. Something in the back of ny mind tells me that the valve gear fret they supply is the same for both Peppercorn Pacifics, though I may be completely wrong. May I suggest you pose your question on "Wright Writes". Mr. Wright has made literally dozens of both kits and I'm sure can advise you, not only as to whether the frets are different for the two types, but also how to overcome your problem. John.
  2. Further to the article referenced by Roy, I can confirm that TEP70's were still going strong in the Ukraine ten years ago, and in Latvia and Lithuania a couple of years later. I suspect they still are! Kharkov Osnovo Depot, 2nd May 2010, Also Daugavpils, Latvia, loco is Lithuanian in red and grey, 11th May 2012, John.
  3. Presumably that's exactly the point, if it had remained open there wouldn't be an issue! Completely academic now, but it is a question as to whether the costs of basic upkeep over the last few decades would have been less than the £230 million referred to, plus there would have been the benefit of a more direct railway, albeit little used for much of the time. John.
  4. A bit strange that the date space is exactly one year. I wonder if this is simply an administrative or regulatory thing to do with footpath closures, and maybe it will just reopen when they're ready. Something I've picked up elsewhere is that so called "trainspotters" were removed by Police this week from Acton Bridge station in Cheshire, for being in violation of Lockdown rules, so worth remembering that our observations in the coming weeks are only being made in the course of daily exercise. John.
  5. Looking on Real Time Trains just now, there is still an ECML service operating today between Grantham and Peterborough, but it is vastly reduced. I presume they have implemented the procedure you describe, which limits the number of trains that can run. Stamford line services appear as normal today. John.
  6. Looks like the pic was taken immediately after arrival in the USSR, dated 1971 and in perfect condition. Definitely taken in the USSR as the loco behind is one of the Skoda built electrics of class ЧС4 = ChS4 in Roman script. John. P.S. Just noticed as well that it apppears to have the original heavier bogies refitted, I didn't realise that was so.
  7. In terms of height difference between the two you need to allow for the bracing under the top boards as well, so the critical distance is bottom of bracing (upper board) to top of rails below. For a UK based "OO"set up, taking a vehicle maximum height of 13', this scales to 52mm, so just over 2''. However I wouldn't recommend having negligible clearance, and would go for 3'' as a minimum, and preferably a bit more in case you need to reach in for a derailment. If you are having overhead catenary you need to allow for that on top. The incline needs to be the minimum gradient possibl
  8. Lima used a standard bogie for their 6 axle locos, except I think (please someone confirm) Class 50 and Deltics which were a bit smaller. So 31's, 37's, 47's, 59's, 60's and 66's should all be the same bogie, with different clip on sideframes. I assume (again someone please confirm), that the sideframes are completely interchangeable. John.
  9. Exactly. Lendons of Cardiff have been selling these for around £11 a pop, I think they may now be awaiting fresh supplies. Not only better wheels but a superior drive unit too at a very attractive price. John.
  10. Probably not the problem, but worth checking that the sandpipes or other details are not jamming in the spokes in certain places. John.
  11. I know 9F wheels were 5', not sure about the wheel spacing, so for those of us not keen on building a chassis from scratch a bodged and chopped 9F one might suffice for this project! John.
  12. This looks a fascinating project. Do you have a drawing with dimensions as a base, or is it done by best judgement? I'm curious as to driving wheel diameter, recalling that British eight coupled came in at 5' 8'' on the mixed traffic GW 47xx, and 6' 2'' on the express P2's. John.
  13. That looks to be a beautiful job, even though it's taken a little while. These are stunning locos, only wish I'd been old enough to see them. Your reminder that it has neither outside cylinders nor valve gear makes it a real attraction as a modelling project! John.
  14. Still on their website as "non acid flux suitable for nickel silver and white metal". Doesn't say if it is the "O gauge online item". Completely agree with Micklner, far pleasanter to use than the Carr's acid stuff. John.
  15. Interesting you say that. Way back in the last century, I had cause to move to near Fenland from my native Lancashire for three years. At first I had the same feelings that you've expressed, this is awful, tedious, how does anyone stand it etc. After a bit it started to grow on me. After a bit more, now living and working in central London, I found myself driving up for a day at the weekend, on such jaunts as tracing the path of the Wisbech tramway. After a further bit more, now late 90's, I persuaded my wife to move to somewhere quite close indeed, and days into Fenland and South
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