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    ...at dawn, probably on a constitutional cycle ride through the Staffs Moorlands.
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    Seriously finescale model railways!!

    Current voluntary work includes planning/organising/driving the coach to raise funds for 4 of our local churches through 6 annual outings. The new CPC requirements mean that even occasional coach drivers have to have completed 35 hours of classroom based training to gain the compulsory CPC card.

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  1. Mornin' all, When it comes to manufacturer announcements, accepting all information put out from any one of them is about as reliable as making it all up for yourself. Therefore, when different manufacturers appear to make opposing statements on similar topics, e.g. costs in specific production areas, then until proved one way or the other it is obviously wise to accept that the truth probably lies somewhere inbetween. It wouldn't take much digging to unearth various examples of individual manufacturers laying the blame for their own production woes/chosen manufacturing route issues, at someone elses door. Also, it is useful to have information from manufacturers using different factories/countries/methods etc because it helps to demonstrate that different production routes/levels are available, each with individual shortcomings and advantages. Dave
  2. ....one persons waste of time is anothers treasure....if you don't like the contents of one thread then read a different one. Dave
  3. ....making it doubly important for individuals to not only stand up for their own rights but to also demonstate the same consideration for others. Dave
  4. .....the "general public" is a collection of individuals who feel entitled to spend their free time doing as they please. Why, in any way, feel the need to excuse yourself for doing exactly the same? Dave
  5. .....I've heard your sentiments from various people since the launch of this book Jon inc. other wagon experts. Much of the factual information that should have been included within its captions is already known but for some reason is missing from the book/those with that knowledge not being consulted. Frustrating, as the fascinating but under addressed period/subject covered by this book is crying out for a 'belt & braces' attempt to do it justice. It is in no ones interest to see lacklustre/mediocre releases stuck on the shelves/being remaindered, esp. in a niche subject. Is it possible for those with previously unpublished wagon images/images with an untold story to work with those with the best insight and come up with one or two outstanding wagon titles please? Dave
  6. ....the usual mistake with diesel tail & marker lights is to make them too bright. 1950/60s diesels (once the headcode blinds gave way to marker lights) had relatively dim instances of both. Dave
  7. .....there is a good close up of D5107 on the 'Derby Sulzer' site....http://www.derbysulzers.com/5107blaydon.jpg Dave
  8. ....has anyone seen an image of any of the 27 sugar covhop conversions with other than roller bearing axleboxes? I note that two of the above linked TMC images show roller bearing axleboxes but the other two don't. All sugar covhops were vacuum braked or vacuum piped so require a vacuum pipe on each buffer beam. The 4 modified filling points on the roof of the TMC wagons more closely resemble those modified for urea/alumina traffic, rather than those used for sugar. http://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/brcovhop/h3f117135#h3f117135 Here is a typical situation for 6 of them (more than one fifth of the total) departing York Dringhouses....and all roller bearing fitted. The toylike all over blue shade of the TMC models does them no favours. https://www.flickr.com/photos/blue-diesels/8291040034/in/album-72157624287747921/ Dave
  9. ....I was discussing this image with David Ratcliffe 2-3yrs ago whilst searching for images of bromine traffic to F. W. Berk at Stratford.....his call was sugar traffic but I don't recall the follow up comments. Trip working from Temple Mills rings a bell but I'll try & dig them out again. Dave
  10. Mornin' all, A session planning how to best orientate the main wharfside baseframe Templot plan/mark out the lines for slicing the frame ends this morning.... ....there are various point motor positions to allow for on this frame as well as the profile of the dock edge to consider. Fortunately, 'The Torrington Line' by 'The Irwell Press' contains useful close up images of Fremington quay from various angles. The track with the Grafton steam cranes (not shown on the Templot print) is right on the dock edge and space must be allowed for the cranes to rotate on their own axis without striking any adjacent railway wagons. An unexpected find in the IP book was that the trackwork for the Grafton cranes was not only of the same gauge as the sidings but was connected by pointwork to same, also that the cranes were photographed in positions around the sidings....suggesting other than immediate dockside usage. This led to modifications to the Templot trackplan for the quay to reflect this. The cranes on the model will be static so the pointwork which would have allowed them into the other sdgs will be non-functioning and is ideal as the first crossover to build/practice on. The frame has now been sliced/altered to fit the Templot plan. The alterations to the dock edge profile will be done once the Templot plan has been bonded to the deck of the frame in the correct position..... ....the line nearest the bottom of the scan is the immediate dockside sdg which the two scratchbuilt cranes will stand on. The pointwork connecting the sdg to the others will be non-functioning and therefore ideal to practice on. The gap between the sdgs and the single track main line will be occupied by a wooden goods platform to allow vans etc to offload sacks of clay etc ready for the cranes to hoist them onto a waiting vessel. The oversailing signal box will be at the left hand end of this platform. The wooden passenger halt with shelter will be on the other side of the single line.... Tor Giffard (TG) 2 features a Fremington style quay mainly used to export clay/import power station & Exmouth jnc steam loco coal. Trip workings from Exeter via Barnstaple reverse in the run round at TG and head down the branch to the shipyard sdgs, Associated Octel, the Power station or else the China clay works. The clay works is served by Beattie well tanks due to the tight curvature/low RA of the route. Heavy gradients on the branch & moderate runround facilities at TG limit train lengths. Sdgs for Compair compressors & the local dairy can also be found at TG. The Halwill to Okehampton route passes along a high embankment in the background and features North Cornwall passenger trains/freight traffic inc. stone quarry traffic. The junction layout at Halwill favours freight traffic for Exeter returning via Barnstaple.....some through traffic from the Halwill end travels via Barnstaple to Exeter..... ....the aim is to provide an interesting operating scenario on TG with a range of movements/traffics. With baseframe 3 sliced to the correct shape attention turned to ensuring that the 7 point motor positions (two points unpowered, making 9 in total) were unimpeded by the frame strengtheners. Two of the four needed repositioning before the zig zag strengtheners were formed/fitted..... ....adjusting the position of two of the strengthening longitudinals has created a need for more diversity in the shape/size of the zig zag stabilizers. A bit of practice with the bender is however paying off in terms of the rate at which the job is being done. The weighting is to keep the deck flat to the plate glass whilst the strengthening sections are fitted..... Dave
  11. Mornin' all, Just a short session available today, allowing a new shape of PTFE sector plate top track base to be trialled, several are bonded in position/weighted down whilst the Evo Stik sets..... ....the design is easy to lengthen for areas where multiple tracks cross the sector plate and should be resistant to being snagged/pulled off the sector plate due to its rounded corners. Dave
  12. Mornin' all, Another session spent readying baseframe 2 for the drilling of the track securing pin positions whilst ensuring that the important rail positions remain bonded to the deck.... Dave
  13. Mornin' all, Some work with the track base positioning Templot print this morning.....3M aerosol 'Photo mount' was used to grab/stick down the print but plenty of triangles were sliced through the print to ensure that the Evo-Stik holding down the cork track base sections can get good purchase on the deck of the baseframe.... .....a screen grab print of the overall Templot layout design/grid helps with ensuring that the angle of the main wharfside baseframe is correct relative to the split level traverser when the remaining TG1 baseframe is sliced ready for use on TG2.... .....once the holes have been drilled for the Ento pin/silicon tube assemblies to hold down the track then the cork bases will be bonded to the deck of the baseframe.... Dave
  14. ....have a look at the new cork strips from C&L....they arrive flat & straight. Can't say that I've had any issue with Evo Stik grabbing the weighted cork roll eiher though. Dave
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