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  1. Under which exam schedule or type were the cracks reported? Is it a major depot-level exam? Does it require a strip down such as a body lift from the bogies to reveal the metalwork which may be failing?
  2. How tricky is it to bring a 91 back to life after a cold storage? Do the systems just boot up first time? I'm told the Networkers can need a bit of TLC if they are stabled off the juice for a weekend, to boot up their systems as a cold start. From a book about Reddish depot,the Woodhead 76 locos stored there were turn on and ready to go no matter how many months they had been switched off
  3. A workmate, BSc Computer Science, polymath, Dutch, but lived and worked in Germany for several years, he describe the reason UK is such a target for illegal immigrants, such people purposely bypass Germany France for the UK, he warned me the UK is considered easy for to "vanish" and live and work as an illegal, and even make use of the welfare state. Contrast Germany, where everyone has to register with the Police with their address etc, He describes life in Germany as a "You can run but you cannot hide" Illegals are soon found out in Germany,
  4. Eurostar is not a great success story for patronage, predictions for passenger numbers were 21 million annually by 2007 , that figure was about 300% of the actuality. The 11 million passengers annually or so prior to lockdown may have been the threshold of saturation for demand. The newspapers are reporting a respite for Eurostar, debts and loans being rescheduled, financial " kicking the can further down the road" arrangements. It is quite convenient (possibly disengenuous) for France to make financial demands to us and position the UK as a scapegoat when Eurostar eventually
  5. I raised the query with a senior HG Driver, he said in he recalled traffic setting off from Hither Green would use Bricklayers Arms "Old Rusty" for running around, but had no recollection of freight working to Hayes
  6. I did see a 50 at Hither Green, the locomotive was one of a convoy of diesels on route to an exhibition, the date would be about 1993 or 1994
  7. Am I correct to add the TriAng Flying Scotsman of the late 1960s / early 1970s to the above list? Years since I had a Scotsman , I think the B12 chassis block was reversed and bolt on extensions were added to accept the 60103 body
  8. The diesel engine is enclosed within a compartment, there are crew walkway passages between the engine compartment and the scorched metal of the bodywork in the image, the engine compartment has an automatic fire fighting system, but it needed the experts to extinguish the fire, 6 Fire Appliances attended, few systems could have coped with such a fire, the cloud of smoke was visible 30 miles away to the west on the London Brighton main line, the cloud was seen rising from the horizon and resembled the classic mushroom shape of the Hiroshima nuclear bomb
  9. Single Line Working and The Working of Single Lines. Two different subjects in the Rule Book. Single Line working is the very rare situation when a double line is temporarily reduced (examples an emergency such as a failed bridge or derailment) from Up and Down to a single line, Pilotmen are involved with the task of organising and authorising the safe passage of Right Direction or Wrong Direction movement of Trains on the "Single Line" open to traffic The Working of Single Lines are the rules for normal operation of a single line which can normally have bi-directional m
  10. The trailer end is unscathed, the traiier is only a crew rest room, a workshop and a driving cab, but the business end is severely damaged. The business end is 99% of the unit , and has the diesel tanks, hydraulic oil tanks, diesel engine, hydraulic pumps, the computer systems and all the tamping machinery / tamping cab and electronics, that machine is severely damaged, and probably contaminated by dangerous chemicals created by the fire such as hydrofluoric acid. i think this unit is a write-off with very little that can be salvaged.
  11. The hydraulic fluid in a Matissa B41 is Panolin bio-degradable
  12. Watching the men working on reinstating a disconnection , a rail unkeyed and tipped over, the way they set about the task, and work with the tools, the digging bars, they must be experienced PWay men
  13. Twenty years ago, some S&T men decorated a set of points located in the Herne Hill area, painting and picking out the individual parts in red goid blue etc, it was just a prank, but some high-level manager spotted their handiwork and made enquiries, it was only a prank but the prank grew legs and soon embellished into a story of a "special trial of a n experimental maintenance regime for S&C", cue awards / letters of commendation and reports and feature write ups and photographs in the house journal. Another example of the railway saying "B*llsh*t Baffles Brains"
  14. I think there was an acclaimed prize-winning layout in RM, it was the source of many articles in RM, and judged "best layout of the year", yet it was eventually revealed ( I believe on passing away of the builder ) that all the shots of trains were posed for magazine photography, as nothing could be run under power, as the layout had never ever been electrically wired for operation of the locomotives, the track was electrically dead! I do not think it was the Madder Valley layout, can anyone identify the layout in question?
  15. But Track circuits are being changed from AC or DC to axle counters system which operate by count in and count out of axles as a checksum for occupancy, as for human error in track inspections, a lengthy but busy line had a tight radius check-railed flat curve, the curve was renewed over a weekend and it was several months and many PW patrols until an especially vigilant PW man noticed the checkrail had been installed on the wrong rail of the curve rail
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