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  1. The dropping of the LNER project for a fleet of 25 diesels for the ECML London to Newcastle passenger service,including new depots at London and Newcastle, it was one of three modernisation projects for the LNER to be carried over into BR ownership, the others being the Woodhead line and the London to Shenfield suburban electrification.
  2. Toton men signed everywhere and everything, as Neil Armstrong descended the ladder, Toton men were his relief for conducting the Lunar Module back to Earth
  3. Why did Blue Peter have a model railway in the programme? A professional bond between presenter Christopher Trace and programme creator John Hunter Blair who were both model railway enthusiasts.
  4. Did you consider Sevenoaks, 20 minutes down the line, Sevenoaks is simpler only 4 platforms, trains reverse to take the Bat & Ball line towards Otford and Swanley, there is the Gusset for stabling stock and there was a siding on the Up road. as a natural endbreak is the portal of Sevenoaks Tunnel
  5. "ground signal marking the limit of the shunt move, which would be cleared in a "preset" mode when the main route was set" Drivers call such signals " A Running Dummy" showing two whites to trains travelling in the "Right Direction" When the shunt move is leaving one line and entering the opposite line therefore temporarily travelling "Wrong Direction" , the driver should see a limit of shunt signal, which could be a Stop Board or a ground position signal showing 2 reds and the signal plate may written simply as LOS
  6. When hand pumping, there is a spring-loaded lever just under the cover to operate a divert valve, the divert valve sel;ects either the handpump or the electricpump as the source for the hydraulic rams. The rams are attached to the lambchop bracket bolted up in the fourfoot and there is the A bar which is custom drilled on site by S&T. Clamp locks are not popular with S&T and Tamper crews, rumours of there demise of clamplocks for HW electromechanical point machines have been rife for 30 years, yet still they are installed.
  7. A ground position signal head with a total of 3 lights comprised of 2 whites and 1 yellow, of which pairs of lights, are displayed so the the signal is capable of displaying 2 aspects., 1) shunt ahead is 1 yellow plus 1 white) or, 2) move onto the mainline, (two whites) One of the lights is called the pivot light and is common to both aspects, it is the light on the right and is a white. For a shunt ahead movement the driver sees a yellow plus a white (the white being the pivot light) . When the movement is set for the mainline, the signal
  8. Do you buy Shellac ready to use or mix your own? Shellac is a time-proven traditional material made from insect secretions dissolved in alcohol and deserves a bit of study. .Please tell us more about your knowledge and recommendations for Shellac.
  9. The overturned wagon to the far left may have broken main frame timbers, preserved railways have scrapped wooden framed wagons due to such rot, the wagons simply collapse under strain.
  10. Internal wagons would still need repair at a main works so may be seen on the mainline. 1) A image of an EM1 Woodhead BoBo at Sheffield Victoria with ex-works NCB 16T steel mineral wagons 2) I recall a photograph of a Class 47 passing through Doncaster Station, just behind the loco is a "Skip" wagon with inside axle boxes. Probably NCB, possibly en route from a repairer, possibly Charles Roberts of Wakefield? Of this style: https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/internaluser/e3a8f2976 I cannot find the original image but I think it was a post on RMWEB
  11. Pandora

    The Peaks

    This year I have purchased the source book for North British class 21 and 29, and the source book for the class 28 CoBo, I look forward to a source book on the Peaks. Among young spotters, it was a rite of passage to have Scafell Pike underlined in the Ian Allan Combo , the number D1 possessing a certain aura over other diesel numbers.
  12. A similar micro lathe is the Taig system from the USA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrkA0wk0Kwo Does anyone on the forum have a Taig, if so any opinions?
  13. The Charles Brennan wagon, dumb buffered wagons are not often modelled, from the Keith Turton books, in spite of the efforts of the RCH, dumb buffer wagons remained in traffic long after the deadline for conversion to sprung buffers
  14. You state the issue worsens when the sets are running down a gradient on moderate controller settings. This may be motor imbalance, a rogue motor unit clashing with the others, the rogue unit in a form of stall caused by the worm gears to axle gear interaction, in typical model railway gear trains, a motor armature can turn the worm and therefore drive the axle gear, but an axle gear cannot turn a worm gear, the gear train will stall.
  15. I have such a Duchess of Atholl, in LMS livery, my example is one of the earliest, the model ID is handwritten in ink on the underside of the cab roof, the tooling was soon altered so the model ID was cast into the cab roof. The Duchess is very toylike, fit bigger driving wheels and they foul the body, I would simply clean and tidy your model for static display, the current Hornby Duchess is the one worth having
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