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  1. From another forum, the incident with the TCV: The fatal accident to TCV E96291E (iirc) occurred when a lift failed, crushing an MGB and, unfortunately, the person loading it. They had to recover him by going in through the side, which afterwards had a patch in it to denote exactly where they went in. The lifts were immediately taken out of use but after a couple of years, when a modification was made to the locking arrangement, they were re-instated but the TCV's reputation with the staff never really recovered and they were eventually withdrawn.
  2. I met a retired railwayman who was involved with the TVC carriers, he told me they were conversions and it was a tight budget throughout, he told me of an incident which led to the ban on the use of one of the decks and the reduced capacity per TCV was a major blow to the profitability of the TCV. Is there any information as to the origin of the TCVs. Are those short wheelbase bogies Hawksworth designs ? Were the original stock by the GWR? I hope one day we may have them in 4mm RTR
  3. Apologies, an error on my part, the British Pathe newsreel showing joe Duddington on his last day of duty is from 1944, not 1947
  4. This video may be the report you recall: The 1938 Radio interview: When joe died his passing was reported far and wide including Australia.
  5. The Driver and Fireman Memorials. Today the memorial for Tommy Bray was unveiled to mark the area where his ashes were dispersed A report by a correspondent: Cliff Bray, Tommy’s Grandson and Jean Bray, Tommy’s Granddaughter in Law attended with Cliff’s partner Jane and his Granddaughter. Cliff and Jean both commented that Tommy never spoke about it [ the speed record ] as he would have seen it as part of his job, which I guess shows the nature of the man and how society was in the 1930s. Also when you bear in mind that 14 months later we were at war with Germany, I suppose the achievement wasn’t, understandably, as important to them after that experience. The memorial for the grave of Joe Duddington will follow later this year
  6. The same shot without the staff is found in Steam in the Blood by Richard Hardy, Shedmaster of Stewarts Lane, the loco prepared for a working for the Emperor of Abyssinia, Haili Selassie
  7. The Lewisham "Army" Bridge showed signs of failing and a weight restriction for traffic imposed, the vertical support members were encased in concrete, I think the work was carried out during the Christmas period of December 2019. I believe the first or prototype Bailey Bridge is located over the River Don at Sheffield, a plaque recording the event on the riverside walk from Sheffield Victoria over the Spider Bridge towards Rotherham. The Airfix Girder bridge kit, is it a Bailey Bridge or a freelance design?
  8. Even the rolling stock tendering process is flawed, the legal settlements are costing money, what is going to be the next expensive error?
  9. "Arguably, Triang, Dublo and Trix didn't look at the past. They "modelled" what was around at the time. The "cycling lion" was replaced by the "ferret & dartboard" and the black or green by Electric or Rail Blue when BR made the changes. Triang had a brief look back with the Lord of the Isles, Caley Single, Rocket, and the N. American style 2-6-0 Davy Crockett. Triang only started to look back towards the end of the '60s with the introduction of "Big 4" liveries on their existing models." the Caley Single and a few vetran locos had been rerstored to pre-grouping liveries and were working public trains and specials in Sotland, The Caley Single qualified as being near-contemporay. A model Triang did not persue was the Jones 4-6-0 Goods, I believe a mockup for evaluation was produced, possibly using the Davy Crockett chassis?
  10. Please advise as to the R864/871 Coronation locos,, launched in either 1969 or 1970, I recall them as a Triang Princess chassis, B12 front bogie and an streamlined very underscale body , which parts came from the Dublo range? Was it the tender? Postscript, the loco chassis of the Coronation was not a centre axle worm drive, the axle with worm was the end driving wheel below the firebox, is this a B12 or a Flying Scotsman chassis or something else?
  11. He did regret not keeping the Dublo AL1, and wished he had waited for a factory repair, he did like the model, it was a good performer, powerful and made the right impression on the layout. His Britannia gave sterling service hauling long freight trains for several hours a day during school holidays, we would leave the house for bike rides leaving the heavily loaded Britannia circuiting the layout, it would still be circuiting several hours later. In our boyish imagination, the Brit was hauling an unfitted freight train, Crewe to Carlisle via Shap, We were not aware that the Dublo loco returned as a Triang product, (with Triang motor bogies) the Railway Modeller did not mention the connection, if we had known there may have been a purchase!.
  12. The fault on the Dublo class 20 was lack of electrical continuity, the loco would stall on diamonds, otherwise it would pull anything, I think this fact of the design fault came from the Pat Hammond books, Wrenn put the 20 back into production after a long hibernation with a few changes to the model, the bogie sideframes were changed from metal to plastic, there may be other changes too. Perhaps Triang had surrendered exclusive access of the class 20 tooling to Wrenn? I wonder about the quality of Dublo towards the end, a school friend received a Christmas present of a Dublo AL1electric, the loco was returned to the shop as a non-runner with a failed motor within a month, the dealer exchanged for the model for another in stock, the replacement also failed with the same fault, by now the dealer had none in stock, so the replacement was a new Triang Britannia instead. Would any owners of the Dublo AL1 care to comment on the reliability of the AL1 Dublo motor, and, did Triang select their own bogie due to warranty issues with the Dublo bogie?
  13. Tunnels are the hardest for steering through, get it wrong and you scrape the side of the train against the wall or even worse miss the mouth and hit the portal head on! Yes I realise your post is "tongue-in-cheek", but it does require concentration to run a train without deviating from linespeed, a slight up-gradient and you have lost 5 mph from target speed, so unless you are on the ball for route knowledge and studiously concentrating on the task ahead of you, then time will be lost, how do I know?, I'll give you one guess as to my job
  14. Dublo were middle class products for middle class wallets, Triang was priced at blue collar incomes, incomes which were expanding rapidly, the near monopoly held by Dublo was being broken down. Poor Dublo were being attacked from both sides, their Dinky toy cars were in the firing line by Matchbox, Spot-On and Corgi. On the railway side, Triang had mastered similar quality and durability to Dublo products at a lower seling cost, both ranges had issues such as undersized wheels. Dublo wagons in the SD range are far nicer than Triang products, Triang had more detail on their plastic coaches, but the printed tinplate coaches by Dublo still held appeal, especially the Restaurant carriage. Dublo produced a couple of stinkers, the atrociously "free lance" Deltic and the plain green version, what exactly were they thinking when they signed off the Deltic? The EE type 1 had running problems over diamonds and production ceased, the CoBo was a very poor seller. the 25kV electric was made in small quantities as Dublo funds ran dry. All 4 of those locos must have lost Dublo a great deal of money I do not recall Dublo being sold in any outlets other than high street toyshops, I think I can recall Triang being sold in a wider retail arena ,including mail order catalogues, Woolworths, my local bicycle shop sold Triang railways as a sideline, the local newsagent sold Corgi and Matchbox cars, but not Dinky cars.
  15. The next task is to research Tommy Bray, fireman on the run , does anyone have anything to post on Tommy Bray? I believe he was Thomas H Bray and lived in Doncaster until his demise in 1966
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