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  1. The Smallpox virus mutated and to become far less dangerous to humans, but it was a major killer in the recent past One of the reasons smallpox was so dangerous and deadly is because it’s an airborne disease. Airborne diseases tend to spread fast. Coughing, sneezing, or direct contact with any bodily fluids could spread the smallpox virus. In addition, sharing contaminated clothing or bedding could lead to infection. in my locality, there was a smallpox treatment and isoltaion centre ,according to the archivist/ historian those diagnosed with smallpox were transferred from the land based centre to hospital ships moored in the Thames near Gravesend for nursing, all nursing staff were confined to the land based entre for duty periods of 2 weeks in duration, at the end of a duty period , along with those diagnosed as not infected were washed 3 times in carbolic soap baths before discharge to public life, the centre was designed along prison lines, a high walled enclosure for security within and without. according to the achivist , there were several cases of trespassers who climbed the walls and caught the deadly smallpox and paid the price. I am therefore still an advocate for carbolic soap as a disinfecting agent, point taken as to the number of bogus carbolic soaps for sale.
  2. Reading about the virus, and the emphasis on hand washing, i'n switching over from domestic soap to carbolic soap for a time. Carbolic soap dates back to the Victorians, still extremely effective as a disease spread control today, one of the Victorians better hand downs that has probably saved more lives than we can count . Bath time with carbolic soap halted the bacteria of the deadly 1920s smallpox epidemic in Britain
  3. Agreed , China is still a deeply rooted Police state Read about their advanced digital surveillance system being tested and implemented to condition the activities of their population, so close to the George Orwell book "1984" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_Credit_System
  4. Pandora

    Dapol Class 21/29

    the Horby Dublo 28 bodyshell matches drawings, the failing is the model is devoid of apparatus suspended from the underframe
  5. I think it was Dr Tuplin who had an adverse opinion on the design of the 9F 2-10-0 firebox and the rearmost driving wheelset
  6. Also Rails of Sheffield, they have a high level loop for O gauge, in fact their water-cut steelwork is a work of art, truely a man-palace of a mancave
  7. Portishead rings a bell, I do not know where I read the story. I cannot lay my hands on an article . bit I rcall the staion was rebuilt to a modern design an soon closed under Beeching
  8. I miss diesel shunters loose shunting and sorting rafts of wagons, the driver would just nudge ( half a wheel turn of the 08) and a raft would trundle away into a fan of sidings, it was a test of skill too, too much momentum and the wagons would hit the buffer stops,. Use to watch this shuntiung at the Hexthorpe Gulley At Doncaster
  9. The speculation is about the policy of fares on HS2 and if the TOC will honour a commitment to make useage and ridership upon HS2 accessible to the many and not only an ex-Concorde jetset traveller
  10. In which case when HS2 operation is to commence, and the franchise to operate trains is tendered, the terms should incorporate measures to prioritise fair and reasonable access for the many to their state funded asset, and the franchisee will run a public service and not a service for an elite
  11. the two GWR tenders, can anyone identify them, and , did they go for scrap or preservation on closure of Ranelagh Bridge?
  12. Back in print after an absence of 12 years, updated and expanded, a bible for historians of the PO wagon industry. Purchased my copy today: http://lightmoor.co.uk/books/british-carriage-wagon-builders-repairers-1830-2018/L8634
  13. This is game theory to economists and is debated in perpetuum, the baker in the village , does he bake a daily quantity of loaves of bread for the sustenance of every family in the village ( all are fed ...philanthropic) or does he trim back his daily bake so his bread sells at high profit , but there is hunger. HS2 is puiblically funded with a public stake of £106 bn, where are the safeguards of public access to use the asset they paid for?
  14. Boris is a "Do-Er", a refreshing change after procrastinators such as May and Merkel, it can be easier to "Do Then Seek Foregiveness Afterwards" than receive permission in the first instance.
  15. My perspective is this: ticket revenue is part of the business case and ticket revenue vs ridership is open to conflicting aims and ambitions. For a particluar service train the operators could go for a hyperthetical ticketing structure of catering for: 1) 1000 passengers @ £10/ticket = £10000 revenue 2) 100 passengers @ £100/ticket = £10000 revenue 3) 50 passengers @ £300/ticket = £15000 revenue 1) is the option was maximising city to city connectivity and transfer from existing, 3) is the option for maximising operator profits, / minimal public benefit i believe the case for HS2 is to enhance connectivity between North to South for the many and not the few and that objective is high levels of ridership How achievable is 1), maximum ridership?
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