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  1. One of the last North British locomotive products , is the locomotive at Doncaster for a repaint for NRM York?
  2. Also Water supplies, Steam locos required a lot of it, Doncaster Carr Loco (36 A )piped a supply located 5 miles south of the shed
  3. Defining a prototype, your list seems to be constrained to locomotives of 1 or 2 examples, BR introduced diesels in sensible batches of 10 or more for the key types 1 to 4 by engine bhp known as the "Pilot Scheme" to see how they performed before placing fleet orders, the Class 47, D1500 - 19 and D5900 - D5909, the Baby Deltics and others
  4. Links to the public dedication service to Driver Joe Duddington, held last Saturday, October 2nd https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-58775115 The new headstone for the grave and the wooden bench may be seen in the video
  5. The 3-day Conservative Part Conference in Manchester concludes today, when the final delegates have left the conference and the Centre lights are off, expect the announcement of the cancellation.
  6. The Class 26 is a favourite of mine, I retain fond memories of trips with them in the Highlands to Kyle , Mallaig, Fort William and Inverness in the 1970s. It is so good to see them being looked after by an expert with such practical skills. The holes for the fittings in the lower seam form a pattern , I think it is for a reassembly key, so the panel always refitted with the same orientation as constructed.
  7. Yes, but then factor in the cost of maintenance of the P-Way over 100 years of operation
  8. I understand Southeastern discovered the error and self-reported the error to the Authorities for investigation including to the SFO. While not condoning SE, £25 million is money down the back of the sofa to the scale of the SE operation. We were not too fussy about funding the EU, an organisation which leaked like a colander and whose Accounts were rejected by Auditors
  9. Rails of Sheffield are to produce a 4mm of the locomotive in its various guises. This topic is fort discussions about the prototype of the forthcoming model
  10. This is a very valid point, simulations show the HS" trains taking a very long time to both accelerate to, and brake from, the high linespeed proposed, a reduction in designed linespeed may save considerable costs of construction and still deliver a fast embark to disembark journey time.
  11. From the PAC Report: "We expect the Department and HS2 Ltd to have established a strategy to monitor and evaluate the benefits of the programme when we next revisit High Speed 2." What does the above statement by PAC actually mean in plain English?
  12. Reading the full Report, the PAC has taken an objective stance,, they report that since the reset when the much-denied truth came out, ( HS2 stopped telling lies about costs and timescale) and HS2 is in a better state than before, however, the PAC do not mention the Business Case for HS2, a Business Case which is very flawed due to the major errors in costings of HS2. Here is the summary verbatim by copy and paste " Summary The High Speed 2 programme is one of the single most expensive taxpayer funded projects in the UK. This committee and our predecessor committees have been watching the costs for some years and been critical about the lack of transparency over costs and some of the decisions taken by management. The increase in costs have dented public confidence, but the project does appear to be in a better place following the reset last year. Significant concerns remain however, around key parts of the programme that if unaddressed will lead to further costs and disruption. With construction of Phase one underway and plans for Phase 2a approved by Parliament, the current estimated cost of completing High Speed 2 is between £72–98 billion (2019), an increase from the original budget of £55.7 billion (2015 prices) in 2015. While HS2 Ltd consider these estimates to be realistic, uncertainty remains, particularly when a substantial amount of the Phase One programme is still to be procured and HS2 Ltd is already reporting cost pressures of £0.8 billion from activities such as delayed enabling works and Euston station. HS2 Ltd is also unable to quantify the final cost of the impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic but estimates the cost to be between £300 million and £400 million at the end of 2020. If these costs are validated, they will need to be covered by the government-retained contingency of £4.3 billion. Having warned in May 2020 that the Department and HS2 Ltd’s lack of transparency about the scale of the issues facing the programme risked undermining public confidence, we are encouraged that HS2 Ltd is now able to provide us with a clearer account than we have heard previously of what it has spent so far and what it expects to spend during the rest of Phase One. However, we are increasingly alarmed by the lack of progress in developing Euston station. Despite Euston being a key part of Phase One, the Department is yet to make key decisions on the design and approach to construction. Government also still needs to decide how Phase 2b – the northern sections of the route – will integrate with other parts of the railway and transport system. Both Euston and Phase 2b are complex and risky parts of the programme, but they are critical to the delivery of the promised benefits from High Speed 2. Urgent action is needed if the whole programme is to be delivered on time. HS2 Ltd and the Department also need to do more to address the concerns of people, communities and businesses near the route, and to make sure that the benefits they have been promised are delivered. The volume of complaints about disruption and environmental damage from construction is rising and is expected to increase as the programme progresses. HS2 Ltd has an opportunity to get on the front foot and engage with communities earlier and more successfully than it has done so far. Government has promised a range of benefits in addition to building the new railway, including providing local jobs. Yet the Department and HS2 Ltd are unable to tell us how they will ensure these are delivered. We expect the Department and HS2 Ltd to have established a strategy to monitor and evaluate the benefits of the programme when we next revisit High Speed 2. "
  13. Here is a link to the Public Accounts Committee report of 22nd September 2021 for Project Groundnuts HS2: https://committees.parliament.uk/committee/127/public-accounts-committee/news/157649/no-clear-end-in-sight-to-hs2-cost-or-delays-with-many-difficulties-ahead/
  14. Please advise postage and packing charges to deliver to London SE16 6QB
  15. I am informed of the dedication event for Joe Duddington will be taking place at Hyde Park Cemetery Doncaster on October 2nd. A Public appeal raised £5000 over and above a target of £2000 for the gravestone where Joe is buried along with his first wife who died in the 1920s
  16. An ex-Stratford Fitter who I work with, told me the pair of Baby Deltics were used for re-railing exercises, I trust his knowledge, he does not make things up, I'll ask for more details when I have a shift with him
  17. We shared a Depot with EWS and they used to say Engines Wagons & Slaves
  18. The North Eastern Railway was the dominant constituent of the LNER at grouping, within BR, the North Eastern Region lost its individual identity around 1967, the loss of the NE colours such as Tangerine which were changed to Eastern Region Blue, the NE timetable book which the public could buy, I think it too had a tangerine cover, became part of the Eastern Region book. there were 6 regions of BR, (Scottish, London Midland, Western, Eastern, Southern, North Eastern) reduced to 5, the NE was something of an anomaly, was it because it was may have been the most profitable railway in the country prior to grouping of 1923? Operating cost 50% of revenues, and its forward thinking, the electrification York to Scotland with the NBR? A subject worthy of the historians on the forum.
  19. I do not have a tried and tested solution, but would a Thermistor (Thermal Resistor) in the main feed solve the problem? A thermistor has a high resistance of ohms when cold, but the resistance in ohms reduces as the thermistor warms up, the high resistance would limit the current rush on powering up, but permit higher current when all is in a powered up steady state Link to Thermistors on Ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/363386160003?_trkparms=amclksrc%3DITM%26aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20201210111314%26meid%3Db03dfc6c72784dc6aa36b348522b3bf5%26pid%3D101195%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D384150273979%26itm%3D363386160003%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2047675%26algv%3DSimplAMLv9PairwiseWithPLXWeb%26brand%3Duxcell&_trksid=p2047675.c101195.m1851&amdata=cksum%3A363386160003b03dfc6c72784dc6aa36b348522b3bf5|enc%3AAQAGAAACAGixbIMb6Uc9OL9QLIzBizK9Ax8aAhUJ7jlYTCNsvj38BYEAPvaMMrTdoGKD5ALin%2FsbWq6CgkRJJmpzG3GH7CdXFsHSOxC2pRAP8V1lPfh4FaojDyL%2BbIohuvLphiINyftiAvlZ5Xbm83rzcNvRWUYsph3rJrtaP4aO3qXTgMI8LhaxBRND8quGsHH5IbzKyTrpNQT%2BoMOI1vRVtk02roibuMAicfG59eT5XKgNtG5PWz7ahXMf%2BorIoWP959cMj6VIfMBDREfC2uFATzf0krmTkZ6OJ5kHjhprWDWaKchfaLJhL396ONe8dp2%2Fv%2FNGY6q93OCoW98E%2FfLKtNuH5OJUq1BEcNtZ41nM7U4bHt46gSbAR6D8IbWE9jWC8S6hpNQ%2FosjnX5hQlXRfdiqRDbsze3q5Wpym7sIrqPFePwMspwChefdVAepaRUyBroPe%2Fen9r7A%2BHPIyKYfo2DptQfLsC2wvHMhd2tfECNMIcGgyCiODiKq4ZrMzc4AjXx1GHG%2B1Xjgvbp7CWelTAQavjvsNZwYPyOEIeE%2FjRG8vocxsODRm%2FrciSJ2S92z5ayc4O41L2nXqf0LJqzzD440qXqF6vMf2l5BxnhGdvzCJRbaYGsYus1TL%2BYIUEiwzkA9R6kA%2FUZn404y%2B%2FdG7vmXCtVbrOjnp%2Bk0yk6Q7zhwPaSc9|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2047675&epid=2232393134
  20. I was shown a pattern produced for a steam locomotive driving wheel, the pattern was produced with all the spokes originating or radiating from the dead-centre point of the axlehole, then an expert pointed out the works drawing showed the spoke centre as nearly the crankpin centre.
  21. The Two Ronnies Sketch features a model railway, if you view to the end, it is full layout and not just a prop. Can anyone identify the layout, the builder, if the layout ever featured in RM or MRC?
  22. Are there any LNER Drivers on the forum who may look at the timetable and share their thoughts on the diagramming and crew rostering for the service? How will the service be diagrammed? For a single driver, who will work a train Terminus to Terminus? Will there be a crew change at Newcastle? How will the roster fit for statutory rest period of minimum 12 hours between duties and hours "in the seat" of driving within the turn?
  23. I notice the service will serve the weekend traveller seeking out of London Friday evening , return Sunday evening, students and workers who migrated to London for careers and make a return to the North "the Motherland" to visit parents etc. the reduction from 5 trains each way / day to 4 on Saturdays, is that due to engineering works, low demand, or lack of pathways? Another oddity is the Saturday / Only Edinburgh 1958 which terminates at Newcastle, Is this a positioning move for maintenance examinations?
  24. Looking at the M-F timetable, pathways are all comfortably outside the peak period, from KX the 1045/1218/1436 should be popular, I'm not sure about the 0545, travelling to KX for a 0545 departure can be tricky on the Underground
  25. A valid statement, the road hauliers cherry picked the freight to earn a profit, the railways as a common carrier could not negotiate lower rates with customers and were left with the residue, the low-return freight the road haulier did not want
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