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  1. I thought about including it on my last layout (Chipping Compton) but didn't in the end. Some rodding stools in whitemetal might be nice for the new project. But then again perhaps it's one of those things that is best left off if it doesn't look perfect ?
  2. The signal box is now complete and nameplate attached. The full name of the station is Totleigh in the Wold which is straight out of the Jeeves and Wooster stories by P G Wodehouse. It might be nice to include Totleigh Towers, the residence of Sir Watkyn Bassett on the layout backscene. The nameplate was etched for me (along with the station running-in board by my good friend Brian Golding.
  3. 4109

    MRJ 275

    The opinions on issue 275 at least show we all have varying tastes. I thought 274 was a cracking issue and 275 promises to be equally as good. As an unashamed GW/BR(W) branch line addict I'm always interested in seeing anything on Faringdon, one of my fave depictions of the genre and anything from the pen of messrs Kazer and Gravett or Trevor Pott has me hooked. That said I do have those rose-tinted memories of Christmas issues containing articles on Norris, Ahern or Keen. I agree with Rob, it matters not what the subject matter is, good modelling is well worth admiring and reading about.
  4. Thanks for that, it must be the articles in MRN I recall. Really regret parting with the stack of MRN's I'd collected (a full run ftom 1950 to the end). Bob.
  5. Very true and I've visited numerous superb home layouts over the years with a coating of dust and requiring much track cleaning before a train can be run. Exhibition layouts often spend their time at home boxed up and covered which is all well and good but if mine were anything to go by seldom got set up at home (except to be given the once over prior to an exhibition) as they either took up too much space or one simply couldn't be fagged to bother! Back to John Ahern though, I get the impression he simply loved building things with operation being a secondary concern. His writings will always be an inspiration to me. Does anybody know the issue numbers for the MRC's featuring his articles on Watlington by the way? I lost my copies years ago and whilsr his photos appear in various books (which I've got) his notes were very good. Bob.
  6. I'm enjoying making a series of buildings for the new layout. Starting with the William Clarke station previously posted on here, followed by a William Clarke goods shed I'm now well advanced on Watlington signal box. Always liked this diminutive cabin and it's just the right size fof the layout. I usually prefer card for buildings but opted for styrene on this one and I'm rather enjoying it. Bob.
  7. So nice to see those pictures of Eastbourne again. To add to my previous post though, how could I have left out dear old Buckingham? Takes me back to the MRJ show in 1990 where I spent most of my time watching Leighton Buzzard and John Charman's Charford. Seeing those layouts made my day.
  8. The late John Flann's "Little Hintock" was (and indeed still is) hugely influential to me as is Charford. Another one was from an early 60's edition of RM was "Tetfield", I'd love to see a copy of that article again.
  9. OMG....I'll need yet another book case at this rate! So many great books coming out. Bob.
  10. Fair point Dave. The corrugated iron hut doesn't appear to be the one from the buffer stop end. I can only assume there was another one on site somewhere (will check Mike Fenton's book). According to the chap I spoke to at Blunsdon the parcels office itself was taken away for private use post-closure and does appear to have been modified. The photos were taken in 2005, not been back there since. Bob.
  11. Photos as promised. The parcels office appears on page 164 of Mike Fenton's book. Not sure where the corrugated hut was sited but it's definitely from Malmesbury apparently. I'd always fancied modelling the station in 3mm scale...one day maybe. Hope these are of use to you. Bob.
  12. I'll endeavour to dig them out and upload them tomorrow for you Adrian.
  13. Thanks Nigel, I've always liked them too. How I wish I could have seen Barber's Bridge when it was in use. Thankfully the building at Rowden Mill is now a holiday let so might have to treat my other half to a short break away. Bob.
  14. One of my favourite branch line termini Adrian and nice to see it modelled. Are you aware that a corrugated hut and a small wooden office from the station are in use at Blunsdon station on the Swindon - Cricklade railway? (Apologies if that's already been mentioned but simply didn't have time to read the whole thread). Can send pictures if you like. Best wishes, Bob.
  15. Having recently finished another William Clarke style station building I'm off to our group modelling day today and my project.. ..a William Clarke goods shed to accompany it. Here's a shot of the station to be going on with.
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