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  1. 4109

    Foxbury mkII

    Apologies for the lack of any updates but I'm pleased to report this is not due to a lack of progress; far from it as you'll see in the photo. Since taking this picture I have improved a few of the trees. The progress has not been down to lockdown (work has been manic over the last 6 months) but the fact that I very wisely took semi-retirement in January so lots more modelling time!
  2. 4109

    Foxbury mkII

    Sorry Nigel, Haven't logged in for a while. Easy, just got some triangular wooden section and glued it in place in the corner. I always glue watercolour paper to the backscene boards first as it allows for any minor surface imperfections and allows a smooth consistant flow in the corners. Bob.
  3. Antics online service is first rate and used it a few times during lockdown. Did one click and collect from the warehouse too and worked a treat. Very impressed.
  4. Is anyone still experiencing difficulties with orders? Over a month now and no response to e:mails. Even allowing for the circumstances given previously I thought I'd have heard by now. If it's not in stock why does the website not say so? Have found numerous traders doing this and it's really annoying.
  5. My first serious attempt at making a 3mm scale layout was Foxbury which debuted on the exhibition circuit back in 1996 at the first Camrail. It was exhibited many times over the next 10 years including York and Warley. It was retired and consigned to the attic when it's successor Dunkton Combe was finished. Eventually Foxbury was consigned to the local tip (once stripped of buildings etc!) Having sold my last layout Chipping Compton and moved house, a railway room was available. Once set up I set about making numerous new buildings for the next project. Some of these can be s
  6. Thanks Ray, This will be an exhibition layout so it's vital it doesn't come unstuck (especially as when packed away one board will be upside down). Since posting I've got hold of a bottle of "View Glue" from Deluxe Materials and it's made it 10 times easier, impressive stuff! The result is that I've opted to use the conventional backscene rather than the self-adhesive ones. Many thanks Bob
  7. Has anybody used the self-adhesive backscenes from ID Backscenes? I've just ruined a conventional "paste up" one from the same source and the scene fitted my needs perfectly. I was wondering just how sticky the self adhesive ones are and do they stay put? Thanks, Bob
  8. As several others have mentioned, Max Williams in Bristol was a true Alladin's cave. It was still open (but only just) in 1990 as I was frequently in the area for work and I recall finding several sought-after books which were out of print. What prompted me to comment was a discovery in my electronics box today searching for something for the new layout!
  9. Some more from Camrail over the years. John Greenwood's beautiful Wenford Bridge. 2008 included Simon's Pompoules Siding Weston on the WC&P Iain Rice's North Cornwall stock Gerry Beale's Maiden Newton appeared at Larkrail As did a Bristol Lodekka! The late John Spencer's signal box Above are my layout "Chipping Compton" and the late Bob Barlow's incredible Welsh Quayside.
  10. It's a great shame it's not happening this year but of course it's the right decision. To me it's by far the most enjoyable exhibition/gathering/social on the modelling calendar and I've enjoyed each one right back from the first held in the station building at Limpley Stoke in (I think) 1996. So here are a few photos from my collection in no particular order...... Camrail in 2009 and whilst I can't include all the layouts present I make no apology for including 3 shots of John Birkett-Smith's wonderful Ashburton. I've no notes but I believe th
  11. Combined my daily exercise and getting MRJ with a walk of 2 miles each way to the newsagent. Well worth it! Beautifully illustrated article with the pics on pages 86 and 87 being particularly atmospheric. Superb layout. Bob.
  12. Thanks for the info Alex.
  13. ..and biscuits, don't forget the biscuits!
  14. Somehow I've not stumbled across your thread before but I'm seriously impressed, especially with your structures. The unusually shaped station building has always intrigued me and you've got it just right. By the way; I'm intrigued by one picture you included back in January. It showed your buildings with an open book behind. It had a couple of views of the branch. Which book is it please? Bob
  15. Thanks very much 4069, much appreciated. Thanks also for the link to the present-day view too. Bob
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