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  1. Evening all! Up thread, someone mentioned the use of these vehicles for irish prototypes. We're having a chat about that on the IRM forum here(I linked it through earlier this week when the announcement was made before the full brake was announced: https://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/7970-new-generic-4-and-6-wheel-coaches-in-00-what-can-we-use-them-for/ Given the generic design (Which I'm fine with for the price and aim of getting something that's well decorated, running), there's at least one GNRi 6 wheel vehicle, and the LNWR livery is a nightmare to do well, isn't it!? so a few DNGR vehicles might also work. There's also a rather nice DNGR bogie third which would be a good bash from the all and brake third on a new chassis. The full brake might be interesting, some 6w full brakes made it into the 60's into the CIE era in the up to date colour scheme, so certainly some possibilities. The width is different, of course, about 4mm too narrow for the irish loading gauge, but it's definitely something to work with! Many thanks to Hattons for providing the dimensions and engaging with the forum to improve the design, looking forward to seeing them in due course! Cheers for now. Richard.
  2. Hi Paul, I've still got two green coaches from Changchun which I'd be up for selling, PM for details if still interested? I've a QJ but like the post above, Mazak has got the chassis unfortunately..... Cheers for now. Richard.
  3. Yep, I get that, my stuff's up on shapeways too and I totally identify with all those pitfalls! Looking forward to seeing how you get on.... Richard.
  4. Hi Simon, have you thought about doing railcar B in 4mm scale? Most irish railway modellers work in 4mm and either accept the 16.5mm gauge or work to 21mm where able - I'd be interested in railcar B at some point in the future, dependent on pricing(I know 4mm prints can be expensive from my own efforts... Cheers for now! Richard.
  5. Let's face it, until the current weather breaks, it's the only sociably responsible thing to do - who wants heritage steam power in the news for all the wrong reasons!?
  6. Thanks for those memories. Did you get any photographs of the railway operation at ICI? I live in Northwich, so would be interested in seeing any material you have to hand? Cheers for now. Richard.
  7. Some sad news from Northwich: one of the last haunts of these wagons is being demolished - the avenue works is around 3/4 demolished, probably won't see the week out. Richard.
  8. Many thanks for that, passed the gen on, my friend managed the train for sight a few times, in amongst family stuff! Cheers for that. Richard.
  9. Evening! Yes, it's a bit of a hybrid.... it's 498.022 A Mehano 4-8-2 chassis(and tender bogies) A 3d printed body and tender, with plasticard overlays where required to get a smooth finish A roco 44 cab, and various detailing parts, including the drive for the centre cylinder - it had Mazak rot, so wasn't a huge loss. Runs with a Zimo chip with sound... for a 498.1 (but, well... it sounds the part!) Needs some finishing, but really pleased it worked well on Dobris - many thanks for the invitation to help out for the day Ian! Richard.
  10. Evening all, Does anyone know if there's any 1400's out on the Douro at present? My sense from a search of the web is that there's no booked work, but the off chance of a working on an unpredicatable basis out of Porto? is that fair? A friend is heading over there next week, and is after any useful gen! Many thanks in advance! Richard.
  11. So very pleased with my Yellow No.65.... but..... it's so very..... yellow......! So I took it along to Grimy Times(no connection, happy customer!) and they did a great job in taking it down a bit so that the finish replicated the picture as per the photo used in the advert for the model. Photos attached: Just need some MGR wagons for it to pull, and it'll really look the part(oh and a layout for it to run on....!) Cheers for now. Richard.
  12. That's a comprehensive set of drawings, you could build a new OL49 with that lot! Cheers for now. Richard.
  13. That's true, it's a small group of modellers, for sure - but we are resourceful.... Drop me a PM, I may be able to assist if it'd help? Cheers for now. Richard.
  14. Hi, These days there are some excellent polish publications on railways, and for those guys, steam is still very recent history. There's some good stuff here: https://www.eurosprinter.com.pl/o-firmie,1.html?sLang=en They did a book on the Ty2 - Wojenna Lokomotywa Na Pokojowe, however it looks like it's sold out. This is an excellent photo album: https://www.eurosprinter.com.pl/46,en_ostatnie-polskie-parowozownie.html I'm looking out for their book on the TY43 next year, should be a good one... KMD also do some good history books, trackplans and the like. Their magazine is difficult to order online, but you may find something on ebay etc http://www.kmd.pl/index.php Hope that's all useful! Cheers for now. Richard.
  15. Ah, now that 2-10-2 is very nice! I've a kamel, a few coaches and vans and a scratchbuilt wagon.... really tempted by the 2-10-2 though, just need to work out how to fund the purchase of one! Cheers for now. Richard.
  16. Very nice work! I shall have to look out for a couple of GWR brake third clerestory coaches for a smiliar project! Re. the roofs and the wider bodies of irish stock- this is where 3d printing can be a real help - print a roof and perhaps the ends and you'd be away when combined with the Hornby sides. I've done just that with some GNRi and CIE stock, and it's worked really well. Cheers for now. Richard.
  17. I agree with most of your points, but not sure what you mean by your last sentence? Most of the HSTs will be replaced in fairly short order now with IEPs. The exceptions being the pocket HSTs for Scotrail. Cheers for now. Richard.
  18. Kelvin, Great stuff,no problems with inspiration then! When I was modelling Chinese steam in HO, I faced the same problem as you, long trains and big vistas and the need to get the layout and crew in a car. So, I modelled part of Changchun steam shed and took it from there. Seemed to work! I wouldn't despair, the railway is expanding and the good news is that there will be a railway to model in the future. Compared to a declining railway with falling traffic and no investment, that's great news. Good luck with your layout planning! Cheers for now. Richard
  19. Hi, Sorry, I still don't get it! You do have plenty of choices limited only by your imagination to model in a different scale, model a part of something be it depot, Drs facility or Autumn weed spray trains.... In east Anglia, at Felixstowe, you've even the countries newest traverser built to do just what you want in the port- to save space. I'd love to hear what you do come up with! Cheers for now. Richard
  20. Fairly common in the mid 00's for atw as well, on the Fishguard. A welcome, if brief, return to the old days.....! Richard
  21. 3D is already better than 5 years ago when I started. The stratification can be down to two things. 1. Whether the designer specified the file correctly-, and 2. The material. Wsf is cheaper, higher quality materials will give you a better finish. Cheers for now. Richard
  22. For my three year old, the marklin my world is ideal. Ho scale, infra red control with 3 speed settings, and four sounds at a very reasonable price is fantastic! She's now got a couple of DB 218's a regio, ic and A schlafwagen. It's ideal and robust, and even though she'll watch and run my stuff it's the marklin that's robust enough to withstand the full on test that a 3 yr old can provide. Recommended. Cheers for now. Richard
  23. Sorry, I don't see massive investment in a new fleet and services as a downside! There'll always be modelling possibilities, whether it's through running off the north Norfolk, a short flask train, or even using n gauge if it's really a space issue. Lots of potential and possibilities to model a growing railway! Cheers for now Richard
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