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  1. Mine arrived on Monday by tracked royal mail. Having looked at it and run it now I'm very pleased I supported this model by coughing up in full and in advance. Its one of the finest rtr 148th scale locos I've seen to date. Was it worth the wait?... yes Was it worth the confusion of delivery dates and general lack of communication over many years?.. no Would I pay in advance again?.. I'd have to see how sonic fair in communicating thier next products release? Will i be getting another 56xx this time via rails?.. definitely. On a final note.. once again I hold my head in my hands at the fact that nobody has still had the nounce to do a gwr mogul in n. One of the most go anywhere do anything locos which worked right up to the end of steam?... come on guys!
  2. I've tried logging into the 'my account ' section on revolutions website but that just takes me to e Bay? My point is have I got a model coming or not... I ordered and to my best memory.. as nearly four years ago now!! Paid for a loco.. but now I'm concerned nothings gonna appear and I'll miss the limited run via rails.. Pls can someone from revolution or sonic confirm my locos status ? Cheers mark henshaw
  3. Yes I've seen this cheers but couldn't find any images or info to verify them.
  4. Having searched the Web and spoke with a fair few I am at a loss for any info at all! My question is could you have a curved running shed in the steam period, country or gauge doesn't matter. Not a repair shed I.e. not one with an overhead crane or where locos may be disassembled etc. Just a single road through shed where day to day servicing and storage would be done. The curve doesn't need to be tight either, e.g. +4 chains. Further to which if not! then for what reason? I can see, lot's of reasons for not working on locos unless they are straight but for storage and cleaning i see none? Building the structure would not be any great concern either, I've worked on plenty of bent buildings most of which weren't meant to be lol. But they got built regardless Any authoritive comment, or a lead to a prototype example will be much appreciated. This is leading directly to a model and not just a passing interest so assistances will be of great help. Cheers mark
  5. Railex Poynton 5/6th Sept 2020. We have concluded not to have our 35 layout show at the leisure centre this year for obvious reasons. If the world is open for business on this weekend? For 2020 we will be staging a smaller show at the Bulls Head pub SK12 1AG on the same weekend including our core contributing groups and a few smaller quality local layouts and traders. Our main show will return in 2021. All exhibitors and traders are being contacted by phone as of yesterday and details of the smaller 2020 and our 2021 events will be published and noted on our website railexpoynton.co.uk once we know ourselves, so pls bear with us for further information. Mark Henshaw Exhibition Manager Railex Poynton
  6. Many thanks to everyone who came in whatever capacity and for all your comments support and feedback. We we're up 21% on last year so very pleased and are looking forwards to the challenges of our next event. A new website is coming soon at railexpoynton.co.uk which will give the details of what we can do on 5th & 6th September 2020 with an extended and improved venue! Cheers on behalf of a long list of tired boys and girls.
  7. A huge thank you to everyone today. .. We're 1/3rd up on sat last year and have received some generous feedback. A relaxing evening is now being enjoyed by a bunch of guys and gals that are stars. Eat drink and be merry, youve done a great job. Story to be continued tomorrow morning.
  8. Well here we go again... another very late finish table making for some last minute bookings last night and stand pack printing since early today. Today we collect the stewards and kit from afar in advance of Friday! Exhibition managers worst nightmare this year as cancellations have forced me to enter my own layout Aston Magna, the new roundy-roundy variant of which is way too much work for a quick assembly last job Friday eve, so its returning for one last showing in the end to-end-style. So after polishing the bar and preparing in advance of Saturdays post show beverage this morning i'll have to find whats left of the end tables and notice boards etc and replace the bits that have already gone up the chimney!! oh and i should probably sort out some stock and locos!! all good fun
  9. One late trade entry... Railway Memorabilia Shop. Please be advised that some roads in Woodford and Hazel Grove will be closed on Saturday around mid-morning til lunchtime, for the Tour of Britain cycle race passing through the area. During this period we advise if: coming from the north or west to approach Poynton via the A555 (airport east link road) then A523. If approaching from the south or east to use the A523 from Macclesfield. We anticipate this disruption to only be for a couple of hours! Cheers
  10. Just returned from Steam Swindon's model railway festival where a gang of us have been assisting set up, providing wiring and cloths, then demonstrating and layout assisting as needed over a long and beer fueled 4 days lol...a good sleep now before we begin the build up to next weekend's activities... Cheers and hopefully see some of you over the weekend?
  11. We've concluded this years content now, so our opening post has been amended accordingly. Many thanks to all those that have stepped in late in the day, besides everyone else who's committed themselves.. all that's needed now is to put it all together in an orderly manner lol! cheers mark
  12. Apologies for the delay this year in posting our show content, entirely due to the huge number of changes we've been faced with due to all manner of reason. At this time we accordingly still have room for a couple of not too large! layouts and a trader, especially a tools and modelling materials one! One layout needs to be a 'travel each day in your own vehicle' example and for the other from further afield (approx-over an hour each way) we still have one DOUBLE! hotel room available on the fri/sat eve's for a layout 'not requiring van hire or ferries etc' for either a couple? a single person? or two guys that get on well LOL .... any takers or suggestions will be looked upon with glee I can be contacted here or more directly through our website at themodelshow.co.uk cheers Mark
  13. a6 flyer - small size.pdf RAILEX POYNTON Poynton Leisure Centre Yew Tree Lane Poynton Cheshire SK12 1PU Saturday 14th September – 10am – 5pm Sunday 15th Septhember – 10am – 4.30pm Free parking Full disabled access Catering: 9.30am – 3.30pm daily Hot bacon baps, fresh sandwiches, confectionery, cakes, hot and cold drinks Ample public seating Adults £7.50 (each – prices held for second year) Uniform ID UK Forces & Service Personnel £6.00 (each) Adult accompanied under 16’s free (NB. Maximum 2 per adult) £4.00 after 4pm (NB. Per person on Saturday only, under 16’s remain free) We accept CARD PAYMENT for Entry ONLY but not for catering or second hand sales. We do not accept cheques. MODEL RAILWAYS · 35th scale Narrow Gauge Q Dump, First World War, War department light railway near Arras in northern France. · 7mm Broad Gauge The Parlour Railway. An Edwardian gentlemen’s test track, 1848 to 1920 GWR (NB: first outing!) · ON30 GKN, North American rabbit warren layout (NB: first outing for the extended version of this layout under construction!). · ON30 Karolina Falls, north American railroading set in the 1970’s and 1980’s (NB: first outing in the North West!). · 7mm Narrow Gauge Hadley, Stonybrook and Swale, late 1940’s · 7mm Narrow Gauge Calstocks Halton Quay, 16.5mm Narrow Gauge layout based on the new quay at Halton Quay(NB:first outing in the North-West) · 6mm Narrow Gauge Royal Gunpowder Mills, C-1917 · 1/76th Moyenmoutier. 16.5mm narrow gauge French railways C- 1945 to 1970 · OO East Pool, BR western region action between 1955 and 1965. · OO Rovex Reborn, working display of model railways from yesteryear · OO Derbyshire-LMS branch line terminus · OO Bermuda Road. L&Y Border 1960’s BR MPD & DMTD · OO Clayton End Signalmen, north of England 1950’s to 1970’s and 1990’s to 2000’s. · OO Tal y Wain Locomotive shed set in the 1960’s and 1970’s. · OO Dent, model of this well known location on the Settle and Carlisle set during the 1960’s. · OO kids ‘Triang Railways’ have a go layout (John Loydd). · HO German – Winziges Industriegebiet. Late 1960 German state railways. · Hoe Ulvaryd Strand, OO9 C-1940’s to 1950’s. · TT3 Cley-next-the-sea, 1970’s · N Headingly, model of teh West Yorkshire towns station as seen in the 1960’s. · N Tunnley Marsh, late 1950’s. · N Fine scale Aston Magna. Gloucestershire/Oxfordshire GWR branch line. NB: THIS IS ASTON’S LAST EXHIBITION! · N Bridgeford, LMS late 1930’s · N Ballykeale, C- 1985 to 2000’s · N Nedwood, green diesel action set in the 1950’s. DEMONSTRATIONS AND SOCIETEY STANDS · John Loydd Using scatters, flock and ballasting demonstration.Adjacent to Green scene tradestand · Rupert Brown Designing and prototyping rolling stock models. · Derek Mundy 7mm scale semaphore signalling demonstartion. · Brian Davies 1/76th Scratch building wagon loads. · Chris Hewitt 1/76th Resin Casting Demonstration. · Andy Clayton 1/76th EM Gauge model railway construction inc examples of locomotives and rolling stock. · John Ireland / 2mm Scale Association Fine scale modelling at 1:152nd scale, society information and modelling demonstration · Dovedale Models Architectural and scenic modelling in Das clay. · Graham Beckwith 1/43rd 7mm modelling and Figure painting demonstration. · 3mm Scale Association 1/100th Scale railway modelling support group. Society stand and modelling demonstration. · DEMU Multi scale diesel and electric railway modelling support group. Society stand and modelling demonstration. · Broad Gauge Association Association publicity and sales stand. · Wensleydale Railway Association. Publicity stand. · Association of Larger Scale Railway Modellers Association and modelling information stand. TRADE STANDS · Bill Hudson transport Books New railway books. · Green Scene Manufacturer of scenic materials. · Stephenson Carriages and Millholme Models 4mm scale railway parts and kit manufacturer. · Culceth Model Railways New and used model railways. · Powerbond Adhesives demonstrataion and sales. · SMTF Garden and model railway, collectables, railway books, buses and cars. · Art Master Model makers brushes. · Skytrex O and OO resin and white metal building accessories. · GM Transport books New and used books and DVD’s, mainly railways also buses and trams. · Tower Collection Pre owned 7mm railways. · Triang Society Period trains sales stand · Poynton Railway Modellers Members second hand sales stand. · Sweets of Yesteryear Toffee, fudge and traditional sweets from a bygone age. · French Connection NB. FROM 9AM – 3.30PM EACH DAY! Sweet & savoury crepes, including a variety of vegetarian options. Hot bacon and sausage baguettes, all with tasty extras. Wide range of cold filled baguettes. All our freshly cooked food is complimented by a selection of hot & cold drinks and a variety of home-made cakes”. Located by the building front entrance, with adjacent rest room including ample seating and tables. We also have our 'three smaller rooms' of alternate modelling content including, Plastic Kit, diorama, Road Transport, Large scale Maritime and Aircraft modelling and War-gaming.
  14. Last minute changes for 2018 Negarth Valley Railway 009 by Steve Moore is now attending. A 7mm Narrow gauge layout from Alsager MRA is attending Sunday only. The Star-wars models display is now both days. We have an additional road transport models display by Roger Bigg Sunday only! Two cancellations to report: N Gauge society SK Group Stand and Andy Masseys Mamod steam engines display. i make that 20 layouts and 53 other stands inc traders cheers all
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