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  1. My second email was answered within a couple of hours. Made payment and so looking forward to them arriving.
  2. I've just tried to send an order via email, but it instantly bounced. The return email suggests gmail email addresses have been blocked. So tried another to send via another account and that hasn't bounced yet. I'd like to order some Laserglaze for ViTrains Class 37 projects.
  3. Placed an order for some SLW oleo buffers. Will see how it goes.
  4. I’m looking around for a Bachmann Class 47 in BR blue large logo. ideally would like 31-660 47436, because this was a Tinsley based loco. But open to the other models like 47535 and 47444. not necessarily looking for a mint boxed example either. So any condition considered. Also on the look out for BR Railfreight livery Bachmann 47s as well like 31-662 47 369 in RF Metals.
  5. I’m just wondering is anyone knows of a supplier of the large round sprung oleo buffers as used on Class 47s (and others) in 4mm? Markits use to make them, cannot find any stocks. Hornby do for the class 56, but out of stock. replica and A1 use to but never seen any for years.
  6. Certainly captures the late BR sector period feel. Looks great. The view from our current office across what was York Wagon Works & S&T yard, the layouts captures how I feel it would have been in the late 80s and early 90s. It looks quite sad today awaiting demolition and redevelopment for housing and offices, and lines of HHAs stored.
  7. It looks a great model. I remember buying the original model when it came out. Local shop has already sold out of the none Sound Regional Railways. Maybe a consolation because 158849 wasn’t part of the Regional Railways North East fleet.
  8. Just had a look at the Digitrains video. The engine Sounds more like a Perkins TWH350 engine as used on Phase 2 158s 815-864? For Regional Railways North East, and Scotrail, the Phase 1 fleet has the Cummins N14 350 used on 701-814 & 901-910, or Cummins N14 400 used on 865-872 and class 159/0 sets.
  9. Are there any plans for another issue of 144s?
  10. Nigel Burkin in one of his books shows how to do this on the Class 56. So imagine the same methodology applies.
  11. Tried this on a Lima Class 31 130 in RF coal livery. Sellotape doesn’t work at all on one of these.
  12. Just wondering if anyone out there has a Bachmann 158 Cab Front and Inner End of the body with the Corridor Connection? I'm trying to rebuild a Transpenninr Express body shell, hence the request. If anyone can help, drop me a PM. Thanks.
  13. An interesting project, and a local one to me. On the diesel shunters, DVLR hired off BR such shunters before purchasing a pair. However, recently a photo of an BR green 08 on hire to DVLR appeared shunting at Layerthorpe station, which surprised me.
  14. Does anyone out there have a spare coupler pocket, spring and coupler for a Farish VGA van? I knocked a VGA on the floor, and the coupler, pocket and spring have disappeared despite a good search! Drop me a line if you can help
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