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  1. I’m looking for by a motor bogie for a class 47. How do to identify a 5 pole ringfield over a common 3 pole motor bogie?
  2. 37/7 have ballast weight added to increase tractive effort to make it similar to a class 56. Also lower top speed of 60mph I think.
  3. I personally doubt you’ll see as many new entrants to the 2mm N market. It just doesn’t have the volume of 4mm and hence production runs to sink the tooling costs, unless the prices are lot higher. When Farish do release the new stuff already in the pipeline it will arrive as one huge (expensive) wave. Which doesn’t really work for me and probably others.
  4. Solved. It’s blown a Diode (D1-4) which is apparently a common fault in 31s. Ordered some diodes off eBay.
  5. Move along, nothing to see here.… At least the wallet is safe :-)
  6. Tonight my Farish 31 (dcc ready) 371-110 was working fine. Then it has decided to run only in one direction. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m guessing it’s a PCB fault such as a blown diode. BR Lines doesn’t stock the PCB as a spare. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  7. It’s not an uncommon issue. The nylon gears fracture because of the interference fit to the axle. This is accelerated if the model doesn’t live in a temperature controlled environment such as a loft, garage or shed. 66s and 57s are particular partial to doing this in my experience.
  8. The Channel 5 series The Yorkshire Steam Railway has got a lot of footage around Grosmont MPD. It’s also on different levels from what you can see on TV, with the lines furthest away from the running line been higher, unless that is just a trick of the camera angles. I’m concept it works quite well for a layout because it’s a bounded site, depending on the viewing angle. For traction there has been a lot there over the years. In 2003 a pair of 153s worked from York to Pickering in conjunction with the diesel gala. Also it use to be used by Arriva Trains Northern (
  9. A bit of a open question. Has Bachmann issued a class 25 in green with no boiler tanks like D7628 on the NYMR? Just fancy a bit of different project and to find a suitable base if there is one. Thanks.
  10. At these price points another five or ten pounds to have marker lights as per the original WIPACs light units is worth it.
  11. Can you buy spare destination screens?
  12. Really nice conversion. Remind me riding these daily on the 0700 from York. Might have to have ago at doing one of these myself.
  13. Just wondering if anyone out there has a Hornby Class 50 cab, cab front or damaged body with an intact cab? Got is out of the project box yesterday and cut the front off to repair another 50, but fancy fixing this body up. Drop me a PM if you can help . . .
  14. I’ve noticed Hattons still have some one offer, which might be able to re-number to a Neville Hill unit. I don’t have layout at the minute, so a bit loathed to spend full price on a a display model effectively.
  15. richierich

    Dapol HST

    Does anyone have a list of the Dapol HSTs produced so far? I’m trying to establish which releases represent BR Eastern region HSTs.
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