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  1. Original Metrotrain livery much preferred.
  2. I wondering what people use to replace the pantograph windscreen wipers on a Bachmann Class 20 (old tooling)? I seem to have lost the left hand drivers side wiper on my loco. I’ve looked on Shawplans website but then don’t seem to offer replacements.
  3. So the options are adverts or a gold subscriptioN? Nothing that is just ad free RM web, sort of middle ground?
  4. Still looking for a Hornby class 50 body or just a cab.
  5. Would be great to have some 3D printed, as I keep looking for these too.
  6. I’m just looking around for a Bachmann 32-905 Class 108 in blue grey with Metro Train branding. Not necessarily looking for mint boxed. Unboxed and well used is fine for me. Drop me a message if you can help.
  7. The 1970s and 1980s are poorly represented by model manufacturers for commercial vehicles. Only real option is RTI. Or modifying a Base Toys Leyland T45 Roadtrain, which is probably as much work as the RTI route.
  8. The cab interiors aren’t a million miles away from what Hornby have produced on the class 08/09/31/56/60. Accept there is more printing on warning notices etc
  9. No mention of drop in EM or P4 wheelsets like Accurascale / Sutton / Calavex? Motorised Serck radiator shutters would be interesting. A very noticeable feature when you use to see Class 47s running around at York Station on platform 9/10/11 into the then Headshunt. It’s nice to see standards improving. But as prices continue to rise, its going to be interesting to see where the market is heading long term . . .
  10. I’m looking for by a motor bogie for a class 47. How do to identify a 5 pole ringfield over a common 3 pole motor bogie?
  11. 37/7 have ballast weight added to increase tractive effort to make it similar to a class 56. Also lower top speed of 60mph I think.
  12. I personally doubt you’ll see as many new entrants to the 2mm N market. It just doesn’t have the volume of 4mm and hence production runs to sink the tooling costs, unless the prices are lot higher. When Farish do release the new stuff already in the pipeline it will arrive as one huge (expensive) wave. Which doesn’t really work for me and probably others.
  13. Solved. It’s blown a Diode (D1-4) which is apparently a common fault in 31s. Ordered some diodes off eBay.
  14. Move along, nothing to see here.… At least the wallet is safe :-)
  15. Tonight my Farish 31 (dcc ready) 371-110 was working fine. Then it has decided to run only in one direction. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m guessing it’s a PCB fault such as a blown diode. BR Lines doesn’t stock the PCB as a spare. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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