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  1. Hi I appreciate that your excellent layout is inspired by & not an actual model of the location I would emphasise that my personal feeling was it didn't quite look right for the area but looks very good as a backscene..... When modelling Penhallick Junction I took initial inspiration from pictures taken from the window of an HST passing at speed...... I did a 'site' visit but couldn't find a good site to get a panoramic view that suite me. I did a 'survey' of Parkandillack/Treviscoe/StDennis as well which also gave me inspiration..... The problem is with these sites is that they are either closed/mothballed or on reduced production....... As for colour pictures I don't know of a source as most although probably taken in colour have been printed in black & white. However it might be possible if you can get some good pictures when you're down they could be manipulated to get the impression you're after. The problem also is I'm modelling what I saw.....I wasn't here in your era so I am only basing my impression of what I've seen in the last 20 years........ If you would like the pics I took PM me & I can put them on a memory stick & send to you..... Cheers Bill
  2. Hi Although the backscene looks fine, to my eye it's not 'lumpy' enough to represent the Clay Country area. If you look at the excellent backscene (I've used them myself) it's a smooth ,almost level skyline. Even though your real picture is only a short width it has far more lumps & bumps (stacks trees background hills etc). This is mainly due (in my opinion) to the immediate background being more dominant/closer than the distant horizon which almost can't be seen,& where it is it's not smooth. I would almost be inclined to RAISE the backscene & glue pictures of trees/stacks/clay spoil dumps etc in front to give a feeling of more depth. To try to get a feel of Clay Country in my layout Penhallick Junction I made a collage of pictures taken from varying distances away from St Dennis to form my backscene. I have an advantage.....I don't live far away so it wasn't difficult for me but the best bit was that at exhibitions the locals recognised the area even pointing out specific features even though they were confused by some being mirror image when I'd flipped them to form a join. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that your proposed backscene doesn't shout to me CLAY COUNTRY.......it looks fine although I think it still needs to be higher to be more dominant but as it stands is too distant without something in front to give it depth.... Hopefully this makes sense & I'm not being negative but it's how I look at your excellent layout. I'm really enjoying following your progress & keep up the good work..... Cheers Bill
  3. Hi I build my own points from copperclad strip & code 75 rail. I have a lot of Hornby CDA's. I have found that when building points the best wagon to use to test them is a CDA. The reason I do this is because the flange seems to me to be quite sharp/pointed compared to others & if there's a slight gap between the point blade & stock rail or the blade hasn't been quite filed enough or set right it will find the defect & derail. Also I've found them to be a slightly different gauge to Bachmann/Romford wheels. For proprietary track it's not a problem so for your layout no problem...... I post the above comment as an observation aimed at those who plan to make their own pointwork & are like me not the most 'accurate' modeller when constructing things.... Really enjoying your thread.....A wonderful mix of excellent modelling great ideas & light hearted banter.... Cheers Bill
  4. Hi Good to see you yesterday & today & have the opportunity for a good chat. Glad the layout ran well...... & your bespoke buildings looked really good as well.... Hopefully that takes off....Should do with that quality of build...... That chocolate cake was certainly rather good as well.... Cheers Bill
  5. Hi Tony Certainly busy round your way.... Thanks for the above comment & when Creedyford is out & about again I shall let you know..... The show went well & seemed to be well attended....... Plenty of space between layouts with plenty to see. The layout performed well.......My son & grandson operated it virtually all day with me as a spectator....Which suited me fine as I had to go home a couple of times to care for SWMBO who did come to the show for the last couple of hours...... I did manage a few pics but they are rubbish....... If I can mess about with them & get something decent I will post later... Cheers Bill
  6. Hi A long time since my last post but Creedyford is being allowed out to play next weekend...... It will be appearing at the Cornwall O gauge group's show next Sunday 31st at the Leisure Centre in Pool near Redruth......... I had hoped to get one or two jobs done on it but SWMBO has been poorly for a while & I just haven't had any time to spare so it's going to be a case of making sure all works & lots of wheel cleaning. Fortunately my son & grandson will be there to help operate & as I only live close by I can still look after SWMBO unless she feels well enough to attend...... If you're around look forward to seeing you..... Cheers Bill
  7. Hi Richard Glad to see both you & Orchard Rd are alive & well....... I've enjoyed both seeing it in the flesh & on here & look forward to more pictures.... Cheers Bill
  8. Hi I hadn't realised that 50034 was numbered 50007 on the other side 'till I saw the above photo at Penzance. Cheers Bill
  9. Hi The two GBRF 50's came down to Penzance today on the Cornishman. My grandson had told me they were coming but I'd forgotten 'till a familiar loud engine noise disturbed me munching on my Pasty...... However saw them on their return at Cooks Kitchen..... Castle class headed I think by 43016 on it's way to Penzance........ Loud roar plus clag = 50049 & 50034 heading from Camborne past Dolcoath towards Redruth...... Not the best of pictures as I was looking into a hazy sun.... But better than nothing...... Cheers Bill
  10. Hi Look forward to seeing you there.... Not had an invite so be nice to go as a visitor as a change.... Cheers Bill
  11. Hi Thanks for the info....Really interesting.......I now have an excuse to run my large logo '37 after renumbering it.... Again apologies for the thread hijack........ I'll disappear back into the undergrowth..... Cheers Bill
  12. Hi Are my eyes deceiving me but have all the CDA's except the front one got EWS covers the front one having ECC blue..... Was this a special working as I didn't realise large logo 37's hauled clay trains that late.... Brilliant picture....Sorry to hijack the thread.... Cheers Bill
  13. Hi Well the motor has been 'Stalled' for 3/4 hour now so I would have thought that if it's going to have an effect it would have happened by now.... The motor has not heated up.... There is no buzz/hum other than a faint electrical noise that you have to put your ear close to the motor to hear....Exactly the same noise as when the motor has travelled full throw in normal use...... In restricting the throw the power is on full..... The motor can only travel less than a third of it's allowable travel..... As I said this is a Tortoise point motor but as far as I'm aware the working principles of Tortoise point motors & Cobalts i assume are the same..... I'll leave it a while longer to see if any change occurs...... I had heard that Cobalts can be noisier than Tortoise motors but I had assumed that this only related to when they were moving not when stalled.....This in my experience I would agree with...... The Cobalts I have are silent when thrown but I've not got one to do the same test as I'm doing on the Tortoise motor..... Hope this helps Cheers Bill
  14. Hi Andy It's probably the location then as here in deepest Cornwall plants tend to flower earlier than in some other parts of the country & it can flower from November on but is normally virtually over by April........ As regards the saying regarding kissing Wickepedia says (so it must be true ) that there is always a gorse of some description flowering..... though not necessarily the bush gorse as I would call it..... I shall certainly continue to enjoy your excellent modelling by following your excellent layout thread.... Keep up the good work Cheers Bill
  15. Hi Stu As far as I'm aware as soon as the motor can travel no further it should stop whether it has completed it's full travel or not.....Hence the name stall motor..... It should certainly not buzz once it has completed it's throw....... I may be wrong & am quite happy to be corrected but that was how they were sold to me.... If you have a spare one try wiring it up without fitting it to the point & see if it buzzes when power is applied & it reaches the end of its travel/throw.....I've just tried it with a spare Tortoise motor & restricting the throw stops the motor but no hum/buzz only the sound of the gears when the motor is actually moving.... My power source is nearly 40 year old H & M Duette. I'll leave it on with restricted throw for a while & see what happens ie if it gets warm or not.... Cheers Bill
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