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  1. Hi Stu I've never noticed any difference...... & I've been using this type of coupling for over 20yrs The most important thing is to make sure the heights are all the same...I've made a simple height gauge made with a loop of stronger wire fixed to a bit of channel....Actually a station platform & canopy guide.....Though I made one for my son using a block of wood.... All the loops must buff against the loop on the gauge & all the hooks latch on to it... Hence the use of Brass wire as small adjustments can be made easily.....
  2. Hi Stu Yes the stock is handed & can only run one way round...... ie for instance all hooks to the left & all loops to the right..... I'm not sure I'm answering the second part of the question but each item of stock be it loco,coach or wagon has a hook on one end & a loop on the other..... It doesn't matter which end they are on so long as there is a different one on each adjoining end to enable them to couple..... If two ends with the same coupling type end up together they won't couple to each other as the loop ends would have no hook & the
  3. Hi For anybody interested I have now started a thread on these couplings in Model musings & miscellany.... Cheers Bill Cheers Bill
  4. Hi All I have been asked a few times how my home made autocouplings work & are made...... Indeed at exhibitions it is by far the most asked question & normally involves picking up a wagon to show how it works....... It's a relatively straight forward method the principal I came across when I was a member of Bodmin & District MRC. Two members, Nick Swettenham & Simon Addlsee (Brigiesimon) used them on their goods stock. Apparently they got the idea from Ian Rice,I assume from one of his books/publications. The principle is their
  5. Hi Ian Just in case anyone else is interested I'll post the details I PM'd Ben Alder...... There is a basic description on Page 19 of my Penhallick Junction thread.... It's about half way down the page dated June 13 2014. I also sent this picture as I have amended the design slightly..... The main difference is that I now make the hook in two pieces as the wire I use (0.45mm nickel silver from Albion alloys )& solder them together as the wire tends to snap if bent back on itself.The vertical extension rests against the underside of the w
  6. Hi Very nice indeed..... I especially like the patterned seats.... Cheers Bill
  7. Hi Absolutely superb modelling.... The pictures without the trains are excellent in their own right.... The trains are a bonus..... Loving it...... Cheers Bill
  8. Hi Good to hear from you again.... I trust you & yours are all well..... I think it might be just bad luck......Even though both the original & the replacement had the same problem...... In most batches there will be rogue loco's & with a lot of cleaning & running in it runs OK on DC.... It's the Feedback that is the issue & as the power now goes direct to the motor I would assume it's the motor or gears that are causing the problem . Any way enough of that.... Did you finish the Observation Saloon? Cheers
  9. Hi Thanks for that...... I've not read all of the thread but if I understand it in effect my Gaugemaster Hand held controllers are an adjustable voltage step down power supply as they take a fixed 16v AC supply & convert it to a variable o-12volt supply that can have the polarities reversed as required...... As I state in the Model Rail thread the main issue is when using feedback as a source of power..... Indeed 60159states in the same thread on the same page that he has a similar problem...... AS i understand it some loco's run superbly...Either on
  10. Hi Will do but rather than hijack the thread I'll PM you whn I've found it or redone it.... Cheers Bill
  11. Hi The short answer is yes... The long answer is it'sin one of my layout threads but but I can't remember which..... If you like I can try & find it or do it again...... Cheers Bill
  12. Hi Pardon my ignorance but what is a voltage regulator circuit board? I'm happy to try anything if it works..... As stated in my communication in the other thread I have now completely removed the PCB & the power goes direct to the motor from the wheels.......No difference either better or worse.... It worked when I had a similar problem wit a Bachmann '66....But not here.... The other point is the main issue is when using a Feedback controller.....Which I explained in my comments in the Model Rail thread..... In ordinary DC it works OK but nowhe
  13. Hi All I can say is absolutely fantastic modelling..... AS jccredfer states you've really caught the area....... Really looking forward to the next 'episode' Cheers Bill
  14. Hi Well a month since I updated..... In truth not a lot has happened to the layout........ My Model rail 16xx arrived....... A nice looking loco....... & a pic comparing it to the old Mainline 57xx.....Which now sits on a brand new up to date Bachmann mechanism & runs like a dream...... However the Model rail one doesn't......Well not a nice dream anyway...... This pic is of the first one......The second is no better..... I've commented in depth my thoughts on the loco in the Model Rail announce GWR
  15. Hi Good to see some progress...... Cheers Bill
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