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  1. treggyman


    Hi Stoker Thanks for the above picture..... Certainly food for thought as regards another building as it looks straightforward to do.... We'll see if it can be fitted in.... Tanks again, Cheers Bill
  2. treggyman


    Hi I've been meaning to get round to an update as there has been a bit of progress...... Unfortunately life has taken over recently with the threat of redundancy hanging over my head for the last 10 weeks or so (which will be resolved in the next couple of weeks I hope) & my wife had a major operation 3 weeks ago so at present I am a 24/7 carer with little modelling Mojo or time...... However Creedyford will be out at the Helston show in a fortnight & then I must get on with Hendra as it is due to debut at the Hayle show in August..... Penhallick Junction is out at the end of May also at Hayle so a busy time is approaching...... I shall try to update in the next day or two with a few more pics.... Cheers Bill
  3. treggyman


    Hi Stoker Thanks indeed for the above posts.... Most informative & useful.... As regards the Laboratory at Blackpool I suppose it would have been a modern style building built of concrete blocks or similar with either corrugated sheet or slate as a roofing material...... Any pictures......Always glad of accurate reference pictures as I have no access except from trains or public roads/footpaths etc..... I have made a building to attach to the end of the main building which was meant to be a control room / office so maybe that will suffice though I do have a spare portacabin that could be used...... Thanks again for the info.... Cheers Bill
  4. treggyman


    Hi Stoker Thanks for the above useful information..... All criticism/comments are welcome either positive or negative especially by someone with your industry knowledge..... As regards the roof it is possible but part of the reason it is the slope it is (35deg or 1:1.5 is to allow good access to the traverser that it hides...... Also I accidentaly made it with two different pitches....The rear one is about 25deg...1:2 and a tad....near to where it should be!!!!! When making the roof although I had pictures of Burngullow I didn't have any of the gable end so used this as a guide.... Which is approx 35deg....Hence my estimation of the angle...... As regards the fuel tank I have made a bund wall.... Not sure if the volume it would contain is big enough but I think it looks OK so rule 1 applies..... There is a poor pic of it in an earlier post but I will try to add a better one..... As regards bunding.... I wasn't sure how the slurry tanks would be protected should they leak so I have a wall round them but nowhere near enough storage to catch the volume of liquid should it be necessary...... Thank you for your interest & useful input.... Any more please feel free to add..... Thanks again Cheers Bill
  5. Hi I can sympathise with you....... Sometimes a new project can get one going again & rekindle the enthusiasm..... Doesn't have to be a big one but just something to start you going again.... Will watch with interest Cheers Bill
  6. Hi Tony I shan't be going to Taunton as I shall be at the Helston show with Creedyford so hopefully see you there if all goes to plan for you Cheers Bill
  7. Hi Brian Having lived near Pensilva near Liskeard for 7 years I also know the area well.... Certainly brought back pleasant memories... Thanks for posting the link Cheers Bill
  8. Hi Captain Thanks for the reply....Very informative & useful.... I need to do my track on Hendra so I'll give your method a go...... Cellulose thinners certainly take no prisoners.....Not only to paint...... Good ventilation & suitable face mask essential if doing indoors..... Cheers Bill
  9. Hi You don't have a problem getting the 'dried ' paint off the rail heads leaving it to dry overnight then? How do you remove it? Some thinners on a cloth/cotton bud or mild abrasiveor other method? I've not sprayed my track like this before but I've always wipe the paint off the rail heads straight away when straying with the brush when painting the rail sides as I've been worried the paint would either have an adverse effect on the rail or just be difficult to remove. Cheers Bill
  10. Hi Tony Glad to read progress is being made.... Look forward to picture updates when available.... Cheers Bill
  11. Hi Nice concept...... My suggestion would be to replace the 'fixed track' fiddleyard with either cassettes or a traverser..... In my opinion you would then be able to run slightly longer trains (2x150 or 3x153 or 1x150 plus 1x153) as standard from any track as this seems to be your main stock. Also a 66 plus fuel tanks could feature as well as maybe a 66 & a few infrastructure wagons to add to the operational interest...... Either way....Have fun.....Shal watch progress with interest..... Cheers Bill
  12. Hi Fluo66 Looks good & some very good modelling...... Especially your excellent weathering of the viaduct & very useful description of how you did it..... My only concern is it's a very narrow layout in 'oo' so your curves at the ends will be very sharp..... Will be following with interest..... Cheers Bill
  13. Hi Looking an interesting layout..... Will be following.... As regards messroom Knightwing do a plastic kit of either a single or two storey portacabin which may be of interest.... They go together well ,are 3D & don't have that coarseness of resin.... Also easy to add internal detail if required. No connection....Just satisfied customer.... Cheers Bill
  14. treggyman


    Hi Ray That's what I should have done to be prototypical...... Unfortunately I forgot to make the legs longer when I was cutting the strip.... I then hoped I'd get away with it ...But didn't...... So in the end to make sure the structure was strong enough I figured the plinth was the best option.... I wasn't sure how good I'd be at cutting 6 identical legs & lining them up to get a good fix to the platform..... Anyway it's done now.... Cheers Bill
  15. treggyman


    Hi Finished off the waiting shelter & the notice board last night & today..... Although the shelter came out quite well as you can see when a Bachmann figure is leant up against it it isn't quite tall enough... The solution was to make a plinth for it to sit on....Much better I think.... Also the finished notice board both fitted to the platform.... Unfortunately the view from the front is more like this..... Below is a picture of Gunnislake Waiting shelter & notice board which was the inspiration for the ones built.... It is taken from the internet 'The Callington branch...Stations & sidings' The picture is at the bottom of the feature & I believe was taken by Mike Dunse in 2007 according to the credits .... I tried to add it as a link but it came across complete....Click on it & it enlarges...... Back to work tomorrow so might not get much done for a day or two.... Cheers Bill
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