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  1. Hi This is the one at StBlazey...... Seems even larger than the StDavids one & the bund wall is quite big..... Cheers Bill
  2. Hi Rich I shall look forward to the role reversal of me following your progress..... Looks interesting with plenty of operational interest & scenic possibilities.... Cheers Bill
  3. Hi That is true but I am a lone modeller & although originally the plan was for my son to help me circumstances have changed & he now works Friday's,Saturdays & some Sundays. I am not a member of a club & don't have any friends who would be interest in assisting.... So all my layouts are designed so I can do it all on my own.... If assistance is available that's a bonus..... I understand though that Rhys is not in my position so the situation won't arise..... Now back to progress on Porthleven...... Cheers Bill
  4. Hi Rhys, You certainly won't regret having the longer layout I'm sure.... 18mm lightweight ply baseboards are I assume premade or kit as opposed to a single sheet material..... Not come across them before..... Will have a look although I normally make my own out of 6mm ply with 9mm bracing...... However as I get older I'm looking at all options as I tend to have to load/unload on my own & weight gets more of an issue.... Cheers Bill
  5. treggyman


    Hi Richard I can picture him sat behind the counter now....... I can't remember him ever coming 'out front' as it were but he knew exactly where everything was..... As you say a small shop seemingly crammed with goodies...... He was always polite to me & seemed quite happy to take my money...... Happy memories of the Arcade....I seem to remember there was a Cafe opposite.....Useful for parking SWMBO !!!!!! Thanks for the comment & look forward to catching up with you sometime..... Cheers Bill
  6. Hi Rhys Just read through your thread ...... Looks like a great idea with plenty of operational interest as well as several varied scenic options to really test your skills on...... Ready in a year might be going some though but I'm really looking forward to following your progress.... My only thought is 5ft boards...... One they can be heavy/unwieldy to move...especially if one should be on ones own for any reason Two assumes you'll always have a big enough estate car/van to move it..... Looking forward to prigress Cheers Bill
  7. treggyman


    Hi Stoker Thanks for that. I took some pictures in the summer of 2011.They are useful but as I hadn't thought of using them as a background weren't composed ideally. The one I used was if I recall correctly taken from a viewpoint on a side road off to the left as you approach St Dennis from the A30 A nice picture but I don't have one that follows on naturally on either side.
  8. treggyman


    Hi Rhys I shall have a look & follow with interest Cheers Bill
  9. Hi Rhysb. Thanks for the above comment.....Greatly appreciated...... I have been pleased when exhibiting the layout that people have recognised the location even though it is nowhere near a copy of Crediton...... Having lived there & taking a good set of pictures on a site visit helped to capture the atmosphere I think.... Cheers Bill
  10. treggyman


    Hi Stoker Thanks for the above comment & the very informative post..... Sadly I couldn't put both thanks & informative /useful even though both apply..... Yes the chap in the workshop was persuaded to have a quick change of clothing......Well a bit of filing & fettling & a coat of paint sorted him out..... The picture of the drier was taken from a road above St Dennis before I really had sorted out my bearings so hadn't realised it was the Goonvean drier. A great shame about the takeover but I suppose modern economics held sway. I shall redo that scene with a similar overall picture/background effect as the collage of pictures don't blend in well enough & there isn't enough depth to put some greenery in front as with Penhallick....... The problem of working to a deadline with time running out... One or two other bits will also be ,blended' in better..... Thanks again for the post & please feel free to add any more info you may think relevant/interesting..... Cheers Bill
  11. treggyman


    Hi Rhys Thanks for the above comment ,really appreciate it....... I'm afraid my updates are rather sporadic but hopefully that will change soon as I might get more time....... What's your next project....Or have you started & I've missed it..... Cheers Bill
  12. treggyman


    Hi A few more pics of the weekends show at Carn Brea Leisure centre..... These are of the middle of the layout....... As can be seen the backscene needs more work on it but it looks better in real life....Honest Guv...... A couple of pics of the 'view blocker' where the line leaves the main baseboard to gain the fiddle yard....... Again bits need reworking to make it blend in better photographically but it worked OK at the show...... There are a few more pics which I shall add over the next day or so when I've time..... Cheers Bill
  13. treggyman


    Hi Well all done & dusted....... Firstly a big thankyou to Ian & the Cornwall O gauge group for inviting me to their very enjoyable show..... Also thanks to SWMBO & my son for their assistance today....... Considering it was it's debut the layout ran very reliably...... One point blade came adrift but a couple of minutes with the soldering iron sorted that out....... A couple of issues with the coupling heights....Again easily sorted....... The Bachmann 08 ran fine for a couple of hours then the pickups got dirty & it started to play up...... I think I'll replace them as it is vital that it runs reliably at slow speed....... Apart from that the only problems were operator error......... The moral of the above is to make sure I thoroughly test/try every item of stock in as many combinations as possible before exhibiting...... The punters seemed to like it....Some recognising the basckscene pictures & one person even thought they'd been there!!!!!! The next outing is in April at the Helston show which is being held in Pool school Redruth I'm told........ I managed to get a few pics so I'll post them over the next day or two....... First a few of the station end...... The row of cottages are Metcalfe kits which will be replaced in time but I didn't have time to build typical Cornish cottages as I had intended..... Also as there are no trees the backscene isn't quit right but oddly enough looks better in the flesh...... Well that's all for tis evening willl try to post some more pics tomorrow.... Cheers Bill
  14. treggyman


    Hi Tony Thanks for the above post..... All went well & an enjoyable day was had.... Cheers Bill
  15. treggyman


    Hi Well there has been progress....Albeit slow...... Hendra is as we speak set up in Carn Brea Leisure centre Redruth making it's debut in the Cornwall O gauge group's show..... The advantage of being an end to end is that it was set up & tested within an hour..... Not so much stock to put out etc & I was home in less than two hours with just a few loco wheels to clean tomorrow morning....... All seemed to work fine this evening......We'll see what tomorrow brings...... I had spent a lot of time yesterday testing everything with the most troublesome wagons (CDA's) & after some adjustments here & there all worked fine..... I also tweaked the 08 & the sentinel so hopefully they will perform tomorrow...... Just some overall pictures tonight but hopefully I will get some more tomorrow when SWMBO & my son will be there to assist..... a There are no trees yet & the backscene needs tidying up....Also there are still a couple of areas that aren't quite finished scenicly but it looks OK from a distance.... Hopefully it will work well as well...... If you're at the show tomorrow do be sure to say hello..... Cheers Bill
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