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  1. Hi TrevorP1 Thanks for that. I lived next to a branch line in Somerset which was closed in June '64 & was mainly steam hauled 'til the end so I'd not realised/forgotten that steam finished in Cornwall in 1962. I've got that Maurice Dart book but never thought to look in there.....Thanks for the heads up. I'm following your thread & have found Stoker's input most useful & interesting.Indeed he has commented on my Hendra thread with some very useful info but mainly more recent operations. Thanks again for the reply....... I look forward to continuing watching Burngullow Lane progress.... Bill
  2. Hi I'm thinking of starting a layout set in the 60s steam era but maybe as I have the stock to also separately run in the 70's blue diesel era. The idea is to have a small terminus with a small clay facility on the other end of the layout to hide the fiddle yard which would be accessed from the station by a long siding propelling wagons to the facility which would just have a couple of sidings & no run round loop. Wenford would probably be too big but an adaptation of Ponts Mill seems ideal..... I've found on the internet & have pictures from various publications of more recent stock used ( 80's 'till closure ) but nothing relating to the earlier railway stock having made the assumption it was rail served in the sixties.....That being so I assume that I assume China Clay opens & box vans for bagged clay would be the norm with a Pannier to do the shunting.Maybe coal wagons & the occasional open wagon bringing in stores. Any references to relevant loco's & goods stock used would be appreciated. The buildings etc. probably didn't change too much until closure. Thanks in anticipation... Bill
  3. Hi It's a shame there's no 'I'm looking forward to it button' Cheers Bill
  4. Hi Some excellent modelling that really brings the scene to life....... Although I lived in Crediton for a while I only visited Lapford a few times & it certainly looks like I remember it.....Spot on..... Any more pictures please.... Cheers Bill
  5. Hi Looking really good & progressing nicely...... As regards the above box could it have been a case of two boxes one at either end of the formation so an East/West or North /South Box & after rationalisation one was demolished with the other taking overall control....... Just a thought as it seems a shame not to use the above model especially as you had wanted a traditional box..... Cheers Bill
  6. treggyman


    Hi Well a long time since posting but some progress has been made..... Firstly this is the most I've ever 'played' with a layout trying to get it running as smooth as possible before finishing the scenics.Even though it has already been to a show. Although I didn't have any major problems this was probably due to mainly running large loco's rather than short wheel base loco's. Many moons ago I bought a Hornby Sentinel & resprayed it into 'ECC' blue..... Well although I was happy with how it looked it never ran well due mainly to my rough track on Penhallick Junction.... So I added a permantly coupled wagon with extra pick ups which was fine except...... It just didn't have enough Oomph to haul more than a couple of wagons due to its lack of weight...... Then it started to derail the fixed wagon due to the linking wires...... So I took it apart....Sorted out the pick ups....Added more weight.....& it started to perform...... Then it started to show up ALL the slightest imperfections of my pointwork..... So a period of adjustments to the points followed...... It now runs fine & will haul 9 CDA's with ease when shunting which is the longest train I can accomodate..... Now it would appear that rather than use Hornby CDA's to test my track I must use the Sentinel. It awaits weathering & when done I'll post some pics....Otherwise a trip to my Penhallick Junction thread will show it as I used it on my last couple of shows. Moving on I spotted this on Ebay for 60 Quid including postage..... Seemed a bargain to me so as can be seen I bought one...... It ran nicely straight out of the box but like Bachmann loco's doesn't really like feedback controllers....A bit like it's trying to run with the brakes on is how I'd describe it.... Anyway I took it apart & resprayed it..... So far so good....Nicely made & got it into lots of bits so all could be sprayed....... I took the wheelset out as I was going to respray them but in the end thought it loojed good with the original red wheels...... The pick ups are great....But could I get them back in so all 6 wheels would collect current....NO !!!!! So after nearly a whole day off & on reassembling it I bit the bullet & fitted new pick ups..... She now runs fine after running in again but still runs like Bachmann loco's do...... But for the price it's a nice loco.... There have been a couple of other developments which I will endeavour to update some time soon..... Well hopefully I'll update again soon..... Been on holiday the last couple of weeks but with the good weather I've been doing other things. Back to Work on Monday.....Filling shelves or whatever I'm tasked with..... Stay safe in these difficult times.... Bill
  7. Hi Thanks for the reply.... Yes Melangoose's layout looks great & I to hope to see it in the flesh one day..... The only reason I'd thought that it was a GBRF loco was that I'd been following Big Jim's thread & one was pictured there so had wrongly assumed they were GBRF Loco's not another company's loco. Cheers Bill
  8. Hi Thanks for posting the video..... Apart from not recognising the view apart from the station signage it does raise a question or two...... Isn't that a GBRF loco...... If so ,why? My Grandson had been saying that he'd heard that there were other loco's apart from 66's on the Cornish Clay workings including 56's but implied it was Colas loco's...... Any info greatly appreciated..... Cheers Bill
  9. Hi Thanks for the reply.....Very helpful indeed....... The only issue I have is that the glazing seems to almost be welded in..... The bottom seems to be possible to prise off but the top sheared off & even with the rest missing I can't get the broken remains away from the body shell it prise as I might...... Anyway the more important bits were the colour & transfers so thanks very much again for your prompt response.... I never would have thought of just spraying with matt varnish..... Cheers Bill Edit to add missing word
  10. A few questions regarding the 158...... I've been planning to respray one as well & have just started..... First the colour green....I wonder whose colour you've used....I've mixed my own as I couldn't seem to find a match but it isn't quite right...Whose do you use? How did you replicate the different colour green on the diagonal strips...Was that a 'matted' version of the original green? This is the second unit I've tried to respray & I don't seem to be able to remove the glazing so I masked the last one.....Is there a trick to removing the glazing without breaking it? Finally the GWR decals.....Home made or who supplies? Really enjoyed following your progress building your wonderful layout & hoping to see it one day...... Cheers Bill
  11. Hi This is the one at StBlazey...... Seems even larger than the StDavids one & the bund wall is quite big..... Cheers Bill
  12. Hi Rich I shall look forward to the role reversal of me following your progress..... Looks interesting with plenty of operational interest & scenic possibilities.... Cheers Bill
  13. Hi That is true but I am a lone modeller & although originally the plan was for my son to help me circumstances have changed & he now works Friday's,Saturdays & some Sundays. I am not a member of a club & don't have any friends who would be interest in assisting.... So all my layouts are designed so I can do it all on my own.... If assistance is available that's a bonus..... I understand though that Rhys is not in my position so the situation won't arise..... Now back to progress on Porthleven...... Cheers Bill
  14. Hi Rhys, You certainly won't regret having the longer layout I'm sure.... 18mm lightweight ply baseboards are I assume premade or kit as opposed to a single sheet material..... Not come across them before..... Will have a look although I normally make my own out of 6mm ply with 9mm bracing...... However as I get older I'm looking at all options as I tend to have to load/unload on my own & weight gets more of an issue.... Cheers Bill
  15. treggyman


    Hi Richard I can picture him sat behind the counter now....... I can't remember him ever coming 'out front' as it were but he knew exactly where everything was..... As you say a small shop seemingly crammed with goodies...... He was always polite to me & seemed quite happy to take my money...... Happy memories of the Arcade....I seem to remember there was a Cafe opposite.....Useful for parking SWMBO !!!!!! Thanks for the comment & look forward to catching up with you sometime..... Cheers Bill
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