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  1. Hi Just caught up with this & enjoyed the read... Will look forward to seeing your project unfold.... Cheers Bill
  2. Hi Thanks for the complement....Greatly appreciated.... Apologies for not responding sooner but for some reason I only saw your post today... Cheers Bill
  3. Hi My son who lives in Helston tells me that since the demise of Mothers Pasty shop in Helston the original makers of Horse & Jockey pasties have taken over the shop & the resulting pasty is just as good as the original Horse & Jockey ones..... Cheers Bill
  4. Hi Marc They're based in Bodmin but have several shops in the area including Wadebridge,Liskeard.Padstow,Pool (between Redruth/Camborne) Not the biggest but very tasty. Bill
  5. Hi Thanks for that...... My nephew Tom & I used to use the location to take pictures from regularly & somehow it got into my head that was the location of the sidings though I could never figure out how the location could fit into the topography of the area.... Thanks again for the info..... Cheers Bill
  6. Hi All My grandson 'dragged' me out (kicking & screaming of course ) to see the Cornish Riviera Express today that ran from Penzance to Kingswear & back. We went to Cooks Kitchen bridge which is just beyond the bridge over Brea viliage on the Redruth side. It's quite a good vantage point to see trains working but not necessarily the best for picture taking or identifying loco numbers. Normally there are only a couple of other people there but today there were about 9 or 10 plus my grandson ,me & my dog.... We just missed a 150 going dow
  7. Hi Yes I realised that.... The website isn't specific but reading the posts on the Peterborough North thread make it quite clear..... For fixed rakes they sound ideal....Indeed I've ordered some to try.... But for shunting definitely a NO NO.... Thanks however for the post to clarify.... Cheers Bill
  8. Hi Thanks for the info. I've now looked at the Wagon Works site & your link to Peterborough North & found the info most useful. I have used Kadee's on fixed rakes of coaches with specific loco's hauling them but found that at exhibitions where there is any undulation caused by unlevel floors as well as the problem of differing heights of NEM couplers the stock can uncouple mainly at board joints or where inclines are encountered. Although my track laying may be also a cause these couplings seem to be a great solution to the problem so I will probably give the
  9. Where's the superb modelling button..... Very realistic modelling.... Cheers Bill
  10. Hi My Grandson & I went on a jaunt today as he wanted to see some 'China clay action' As he goes back to school next week & the CDA's hadn't been running regularly we decided that today would be a good day given the info we'd researched. Unlike alexross42 we had grotty weather.....Drizzle & poor light...... However watching & taking pictures of trains raises the spirits so..... We got to Par to try & catch the Parkandillack to Bescot..... The first portion ran yesterday as alexross42 captured at Saltash with 11 JIA's
  11. Hi Just caught up with this..... Looks good so am following with interest.... Cheers Bill
  12. Hi Looking forward to following your progress...... It lends itself to a 'watching the trains go by' layout with a wide variety of motive power & stock plus the opportunity to have some fun shunting..... I looked at it when building Hayden Gurney & the station building is inspired by the one at Henstridge. Have fun building it Cheers Bill
  13. Hi Superb set of pictures.... Very realistic. Thanks for posting & i'm looking forward to more....
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