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  1. Just realised, this was a loco (as 20094) that I enquired about purchasing from the scrap dealers to save from breaking - never really looked at it from a historical viewpoint until now!
  2. Not sure if these have appeared here before - there are quite a few decent shots from the Waverley Route, looking through the RCTS photo archive. Just a few tasters, there are plenty more on there to look through! https://rcts.zenfolio.com/diesel/br/locomotives/17/hA0FE47B0#ha0fe47b0 https://rcts.zenfolio.com/diesel/br/locomotives/40/hA8726C9F#ha8726c9f https://rcts.zenfolio.com/diesel/br/locomotives/40/hA8726C9F#ha8726e89 https://rcts.zenfolio.com/steam-lner/sentinel/hA105423E#ha105423e
  3. If only Kestrel had carried out this run! In the meantime, here's the link to the photos of D97 that carried out the run in its place, both of which have appeared here before.
  4. A photo of Sentinels 10268 & 10269
  5. Funny you should say that, Bill - here are the respective "into service" dates for these locos, being amongst the last dozen or so of this type built: D8317 25/11/67 D8318 25/11/67 D8323 20/10/67 D8324 07/02/68
  6. I think Bill and Richard hit the nail on the head, with the train heading towards Langburnshiels on the approach to Shankend. Here's a comparison shot, with a crop of the photo posted above and one from my collection, albeit a slightly different perspective hence the cottage being out of shot in the one with the loco.
  7. Wow - that's gorgeous! I'd love to make something like that but I'm no model maker as my fingers are like Cumberland sausages. 12" to the foot I can just about cope with!
  8. Problems with typos like that are because the person doing the proof reading doesn't know what they're looking at. So if the person who originally typed it got it wrong then the whole thing has simply slipped past two people (or more ) who have no real idea what they were looking at. For people who know how to ID a loco there's several easy differences between a 26 & 27 front end. For people who simply look and think a zero looks like an eight it throws the whole class thing into doubt and gives rise to queries like yours. Editors beware!
  9. I shouldn't be doing this as it's giving away parts of the book each time I do, but here's a snippet about 20s & 27s on the Waverley Route: ".... and the 1250hp class 27s were extremely rare, with very few recorded instances of workings on the line, and even less photographic evidence of such occurrences. Training runs took place with class 27s D5384, D5411, D5382 and D5387 from Cricklewood West & Leicester Midland depots in April & May 1964, each double headed with class 20s D8074, D8070 (twice) and D8122 from Eastfield & Polmadie." Any use to anyone asking about 20s & 27s?
  10. I'd always assumed it was simply a typo. [Edit: in the book, that is]
  11. Part 3 of the commemoration articles is now on the WRHA blog. More previously unpublished photos and several audio clips from that night, 50 years ago. https://waverleyrouteha.wordpress.com/2019/01/05/commemorating-50-years-since-closure-part-3/
  12. Part 2 of the commemoration articles is now on the WRHA blog. Featuring a few brand new images never published online or in books. https://waverleyrouteha.wordpress.com/2019/01/04/commemorating-50-years-since-closure-part-2/
  13. Just posted this up to the WRHA blog, in case anyone wants to hear Madge Elliot talking about the visit to Downing Street to deliver the petition. https://waverleyrouteha.wordpress.com/2019/01/03/commemorating-50-years-since-closure-part-1/
  14. I went through it a few months ago and came to an agreement with TT for them to have an advert in The Waverley in return for us being able to publish unlimited photos. So you should be able to see plenty of Waverley Route photos in future issues, along with the ones that were published in the latest issue a couple of months ago. Is that 60027 photo labelled Riccarton the other Riccarton (the one in Ayrshire)? When I found it I pretty much ignored it, assuming that it wasn't Waverley.
  15. What's the hose hanging out of the cab on this photo taken at the same time? https://www.transporttreasury.com/p677100019/hbcd10582#hbcd10582
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