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  1. I have the Digitrains / Paul Chetter sound Zimo in mine - thoroughly recommended. Also have a large 'stay-alive', again Digitrains which helps considerably. The Function access on the NCE is a bit of a pain, but I've got mine connected via a USB interface to a Raspberry Pi / JMRI and running off an old android phone (Engine Driver App) which makes operating much easier.
  2. Excellent work as usual Dave. I like the 'view-blocker' building. Hopefully will catch up at Exeter in June if you are exhibiting there.
  3. Excellent work! Really like the weathering on the 52!
  4. Hi Graham I can't remember which ones I've used, but will dig them out.
  5. Had a good chat with Gerry today. Excellent layout and given me a few ideas. I took a few photos today and will take more tomorrow. One off my phone to start.
  6. Glad that you are pleased with the hoist!
  7. mudmagnet


    Sorry to go off topic Bill, but I was introduced to Pete by a good friend (Terry Radford - sadly passed away many years ago), who was an expert modeller (most of EM or latterly 0 gauge Somerset and Dorset Railway locos being scratch built). Pete had the utmost respect for Terry, so I was always treated well by Pete. A small shop, with plenty of boxes of stuff. Finding things was tricky, but ask Pete where a part was and he would tell you which box to look in! Sadly, the arcade has been demolished a few months ago. Anyway, back to the modelling. Looking great and hope to catch up sometime.
  8. Superb work as usual George. I do like the Q1 - ones of those ugly but oddly endearing ,,,,
  9. Great layout Gerry. I will be at Thornbury for the weekend helping on Hounslow Sidings, so will have plenty of time to have a look at your layout.
  10. Are planning on using the Peco set track points? Quite a bit shorter than the standard points, but obviously much sharp radii - shouldn't be an issue with the 08 or short wheel base wagons.
  11. About you time you posted photo here! Another 'pointless' layout! A photo showing the sector plate manual operation lever would be good for those who have not seen the 'layout' in the flesh!
  12. The Dapol 08 runs perfectly well on the Zimo (MX644D) but add one of the Digitrains stay alive capacitors. Plenty of space for large speaker. It's only when you get a class 25 etc do you need the larger decoder.
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