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  1. Richard Many thanks. Yes, Orchard Road would work well in 0 gauge, but will be some time off before I would build a version on 0 gauge. I have a few other projects to be completed first and a small 0 gauge shunting layout is on the cards for the future. I need to collect some more locos first as only have the 08 at the moment.
  2. I've also been painting a few Modelu3D figures, hi-viz jackets and driver bags.
  3. The 08 now has a driver. A Modelu3D figure.
  4. Had a good few hours this afternoon at the show. The balance between layouts / traders / demo stands did seem to be a little imbalanced. The layouts on the whole were very good, Farrington / Black Lion for example very good.
  5. A change of plan and now will be visiting on Saturday!
  6. These are from PRMP kits. I've changed the buffers to spring ones. Had a few issues with the kits but finished up looking good.
  7. Most excellent to see you today Rob. Sign looks great. I won't mention the other thing,
  8. Steve, there is a club but based in Torrington. I don't believe that any current member is a RMWeb member, but their website is as below. https://barnstaplemrc.weebly.com/ I used to be a member a few years ago, but don't have any contact details apart from what is on the website.
  9. I will be displaying a couple of models, including my 00 depot diorama.
  10. My copy arrived today, not had chance to read yet, just a flick through. Very good issue again.
  11. I've been working a pair of TTA wagon kits, which have now been completed.
  12. A pair of type 1's (BTH and NBR versions)
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