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  1. I've build a couple of these and rebuilt another for someone. Make up into decent wagons and yes the baskets are a bit awkward to make up! Look great when painted and weathered.
  2. Not a great deal of progress to report, but I have weathered one of the class 25 from Heljan, which I renumbered and fitted sound (Legoman with a pair of speakers as there is plenty of space).
  3. I've just received my first class 24, unnumbered version, and very pleased with it. Runs beautifully and sounds superb. Added to my roster on JMRI so easier to access the functions on my phone, making easier to operate and use of the functions. Waiting for a set of numbers from Railtec and then will get weathered. Great service from Phil and Heather. Ordered a further 24 and 25 for future delivery.
  4. Sounds like a good idea. I've sent a message re the fuel points.
  5. Atmosphere or ambience, I find develops over time within the model and for me a mixture of good modelling, appropriate weathering and suitably positioned details. I often place a few details or even the buildings, take a few photos and then move around into positions that I think work and then take more photos. Leave aside for a day or two and then look at the photos. These often work better to see how the scene looks. Sometimes the mark-one eyeball 'lies'.
  6. I have spend hours drawing and printing various items over the last few weeks and plenty more to get done. An example are these Sulzer pistons and frame, in both 4mm and 7mm scales. The pistons are printed individually, inclined on the build plate and the frames are similarly printed. inclined in one plane and then rolled a little in the perpendicular plane, with plenty of supports!
  7. Sadly, I really can't see there being much chance of exhibitions until the autumn, as booking / advertising costs etc for anything sooner would / could still be a financial risk as the 'road-map' dates are only earliest dates and not set in stone. Still so much depends upon figures of infections / hospital figures, as well as vaccinations running according to plan. Even then how many exhibitors / visitors will be prepared to attend an exhibition?
  8. Hi I can't remember off hand which settings I use, but around 80sec bottom layers is about right, then 8 to 10 secs on layers, 45 lift speed and 10 lift height. I would need to double check what settings I have used. I use Elegoo ABS like grey resin, although have used Anycubic clear and needed to alter the settings to suit. I have two machines, but oddly enough, even using the same files, one machine is slower than the other. Both however, give good results.
  9. Excellent work there D! Well worth hand-building track - such a huge difference.
  10. Another project that I have been working on, in both 4mm and 7mm - Sulzer pistons on a frame. These will end up on a couple of my dioramas.
  11. A superb set of photos. I've only scanned through as missed this thread and need more time to study, so will revisit. I was not able to travel extensively on the rail network in the 80's as our local train service was pretty limited, with an hours journey before getting anywhere interesting. It's a real shame that now we have easy and good quality means of taking photographs (digital SLRs etc) with almost unlimited storage, there is little of interest to photograph!
  12. May I also echo Rob's comments. A great deal of care and attention on the packaging is always very welcome and considerably better than many other suppliers. I order the latest MRJ from Simon, adding a few back issues onto the order. Reading through these keeps me in reading material until the next issue of MRJ.
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