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  1. I'm using Elegoo grey resin, can't remember which specific one, but parts need washing in IPA (min 95%). Just give the bottle a gentle shake before pouring.
  2. Starting small - 7mm and 4mm external alarm / telephone bells.
  3. A bit more progress on the Buxton depot. Almost finished. I've added 3D printed roof vents and telephone bells (printed on my new 3D resin printer). The doors and large windows being printed on my 3D filament printer.
  4. The first issue was that I had not levelled the build plate properly, once that was sorted, the test print supplied worked well. The issue with the small part not working as that I had not arranged the orientation / supports correctly. It's all a learning process at the moment and will be printing some more bits tomorrow. I am using 60s base exposure as per the test piece, but will see how this goes for the moment. Can always try a longer exposure. I have had some distortion on some parts, so not sure what that can be at the moment - only at the 'bottom', i.e. by the supports.
  5. Very nice work on the wagon! I had a look at a couple of YouTube videos, where mention is made of the FEP sheets - I will order some of these. Just had a nail varnish UV lamp delivered today, so have made use of this today on a couple of small parts that I have printed. Just printing some more bits now, so hopefully will be ok. Had an issue with one of the small parts to attaching to the build plates, so needed to clean out the trough. Working out the best way to orientate and support the models is a learning curve, but beginning to get there now. A bit of trial and error I think is necessary. So far pleased with how things are progressing.
  6. Having been making good use of my Creality Ender 3 filament printer for over a year, i have just bought an Elegoo Mars resin printer. After a few issues with getting the first print to work, now seems to be printing. I have set up in the garage as don't want to run in the house. Although relatively quiet, certainly much quieter than the Ender, the thought of having resin in the house is off putting. Hopefully the test print, file supplied, works out, then will print some of my own drawings. Quite a learning curve, but should be a very useful tool. I have a few ideas for items to print, when I have completed the 3D CAD models. Also considering scanning a few items to try as well.
  7. Hi Tex, Glad to help. I hadn't noticed that you live the other side of the pond and that materials / paints readily available in the UK are not available elsewhere! The great thing about the internet of course that easy to forget that anyone in the world can read my posts! I think that Games Workshop paints can be bought over the internet and ship to US. Just had a quick look at their website. Making up the ladders / handrails can be quite tricky, but worth the effort. A good clean soldering iron, cleaned brass and patience is mostly all needed. Oh, plus a few basic tools to hold the wire in place. I find 'blutack' useful to hold the wire in place when soldering.
  8. Thanks George, I have used Andy's photos for very useful reference. There are also some great internal photos on '28dayslater' website. I have found a few odd photos online else where but most of the Buxton ones show the various locos stabled there and not too many showing the depot.
  9. Hi Tex Thanks for the comment. The brickwork is quite straightforward. The base colour is dark red brick (Railmatch), which is lightly brushed over the bricks in a random pattern, so that some areas are darker / more coverage than others. When dry, using the same technique, a different shade - Games Workshop 'skrag brown' is applied. When thoroughly dry, the mortar is washed in - watered down Games Workshop 'screaming skull' or 'ushabiti bone', and before dry, wiped off with a finger. This leaves patches on the brick work surfaces. Further drybrushing with similar shades can be added afterwards. The ladders on the fuel tanks are fabricated from soldered brass wire. Very fiddly! I start with a template printed from my CAD to make the ladders and also the handrails. I will be having a look at 3D printing these when I get chance to draw up and trial on my resin 3D printer that I have just bought, but not yet used. I cannot print these on my filament 3D printer. Hope that this helps.
  10. Another depot on the go. This time in 7mm scale. Based upon Buxton, but shortened to less than half full length, width reduced and office block moved to opposite. The office block also reduced in the length. Overall length 600mm Plasticard construction, inner and outer walls in 40 thou with 80thou spacers. The brick work being from South Eastern Finecast and cladding using Evergreen siding. I'm waiting for the corrugated plastic sheet to be delivered before finishing the roof. The interior will also be 'white-washed'. Windows and internal trusses / frame to be fitted next. I will 3D print some vents for the roof and probably fit these before adding the cladding.
  11. Stunning work on the corrugated roof in particular, but the rest of the buildings / canopy are superb! How did you achieve the effect on the corrugated roof?
  12. I'd agree to a large extend, but I would not expect any schools / colleges to allow any part of their premises to be used for a one-day exhibition as judging by one comment that I have been told, schools with the 'bubble' measures in place want 72 hrs from use to allowing school children / staff back in - clearly does not work for a Saturday exhibition. I suspect only leaves village halls etc, but how do they cater for toilet / refreshment facilities for the exhibitors?
  13. Yes a big shame. One of my favourite shows and worth the 3 1/2 hour drive from Devon! Completely understandable decision to postpone though.
  14. Looks stunning George! Halfords grey primer works a treat in my experience.
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