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  1. Will be great to catch up at Tolworth and to see the changes to Tidworth.
  2. Thanks G, not really been away, but not done a great deal of modelling for myself - very busy with 3D printing various items!
  3. Continuing with the weathering of a few recent wagon purchases, next completed are 4 of the excellent JSA wagons from Accurascale. Working from a couple of photos on the Paul Bartlett site (which I pay the small sum to download and save onto my home cloud so that can access easily on my tablet when working in the garage), as well as the photo on the leaflet within the Accurascale box (excellent packaging as well). For a couple of the wagons, I dust a paler shade of blue using my airbrush onto the sides. All four wagons the airbrushed using Lifecolour paints, working from the roof downwards. Final weathering using a brush to add oil around the springs etc and rust streaks on the 'paler' bodies. These will not be running on Orchard Road as such, but just visiting.
  4. I completed the weathering of two pairs of JSA today and attach a photo of one pair.
  5. Hi Bill Thanks. I have some more wagons to get weathered and when done will make a visit to Orchard Road and I will make sure that I take my camera!
  6. Hi Terry I will be in touch. Orchard Road has been boxed away for too long! Been good to get out for a 'play'. Will catch up soon.
  7. Although Orchard Road is largely 'complete' and spends most of it's life safely boxed in the garage, it does get occasionally set up to run a few locos. This weekend was one such time and also to check over ready for first show for a very long time - Minehead Sat 30th October. So, an opportunity to take a couple of photos. I may make some minor changes, but probably won't get chance before the end of October. The class 24 is a renumbered SLW model. The twin Cargowaggon is an IZA from Kernow Model Centre / Revolution and the other Cargowaggon is Heljan.
  8. Excellent progress Andy. A great selection of stock - which I expect you will be weathering up!
  9. Another approach that I use on my layouts to protect the ends when transporting is to have an end board, made of a suitable sized piece of plywood (6mm) and a strip of hardboard glued onto the plywood so that bolts go through both sections into the end of the baseboard. The hardboard strip is narrower than the depth of the baseboard frame.
  10. I ordered a pair of JSA the other day and arrived safely today. Very impressed with these and will look forward to getting these weathered. Tempted by another pair now .....
  11. I ordered a pair of JSA the other day and arrived safely today. Very impressed with these and will look forward to getting these weathered. Tempted by another pair now .....
  12. Wow, 5 pages already and no wood cut / damaged (delete as appropriate). Seriously though, hope all goes well Andy. I'm quite tempted by a more modern layout than my normal BR Blue, especially with the influx of 'modern' rolling stock from the likes of Cavalex, Accurascale and Revolution.
  13. The layout and depot detail looks great Richard.
  14. It's a shame that you have decided to move SMS on and sell your 0 gauge stock, but fully understand your decision - tough to make I'm sure. I hope that the new project goes well.
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