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  1. The layout and depot detail looks great Richard.
  2. Yes, he has made a couple. In one of his book on trees.
  3. It's a shame that you have decided to move SMS on and sell your 0 gauge stock, but fully understand your decision - tough to make I'm sure. I hope that the new project goes well.
  4. There are a few photos on line. I made a 4mm model awhile ago, having found a few photos and produced my own drawings.
  5. Popped into shop today and bought a copy. Looks like a great issue.
  6. Another cracking layout Marc, but one which I did not see at any exhibitions, sadly....
  7. Yes, can get something built in 0 gauge in a relatively small space, just have a great deal of time at the moment....
  8. Coming along really well Rob! Has got me thinking about something in 7mm again, now that I have a growing collection of wagons ....
  9. Hi Marc, I expect you have mixed feelings about PNS leaving you and onto pastures new. Just goes to show what can be achieved in a small space in 7mm scale and very atmospheric. About time that you started a new micro project!
  10. Sounds like a good idea if possible. I'd be happy to bring something along for the day.
  11. Excellent news Terry! I will be coming up with Ray for the weekend.
  12. Not a great deal of new projects from me at the moment, having not had a great deal of time or if I'm honest enthusiasm - however, I have been working on a sanding tower, based upon the three once at Finsbury Park. Still a bit more to do on the CAD models, but getting there.
  13. I've build a couple of these and rebuilt another for someone. Make up into decent wagons and yes the baskets are a bit awkward to make up! Look great when painted and weathered.
  14. Not a great deal of progress to report, but I have weathered one of the class 25 from Heljan, which I renumbered and fitted sound (Legoman with a pair of speakers as there is plenty of space).
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