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  1. Yes this one is a little taller. 3mm to underside of beam. A couple more photos.
  2. Yes this one is a little taller. 3mm to underside of beam.
  3. Thanks. I've designed the crane and is 3D printed in sections and assembled. I've made a few now which I've sold. I also do one in 7mm. Based upon one from Hitchin depot.
  4. Thanks Marc! I'm hoping to do a bit more over the weekend.
  5. I took a few photos over the weekend, having spend some time making up the electrical conduit etc along the rear wall. I've a few ideas for more details to add when I get chance.
  6. I have started adding interior detail, with electrical conduit, light switches, sockets etc. I will take better photos later, but a taster for now.
  7. There are a few photos from 70's / 80's with other "non H&S" approved, like oil drums with a couple of scaffold planks on top!
  8. I painted the bricks as per the rest of the building and allowed to dry. Then dry brushed white paint over, gradually building the colour, without fully obscuring the brick colour below,
  9. Just finished my coffee cake and finished painting a bridge for layout for next years 'get-together'.
  10. As I can't take my layout Orchard Road to Stowmarket today, I thought I should bring along here.
  11. I recently received some laser cut used sleepers and pallets from Intentio. All painted and a few will be added to the diorama and most of the rest will end up as wagon loads.
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