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  1. Another project is this fuel equipment based upon the one from Westbury, in both 4mm and 7mm versions. I will be working on an alternative version of fuel equipment shortly as well.
  2. Oh, I'd completely forgotten that I had that booked in! Mike asked me a couple years back and will need to get on my 2022 diary!
  3. The class 08 steps now in stock and will be added to my sumup page over the weekend. These are £5.00 per set (plus postage). Also, coming over the weekend are replacement steps for the class 50.
  4. I've been working some replacement steps for the Bachmann 08 and printing a few batches over the weekend to be added to the website soon. I will check their fit onto the Hornby 08 as well.
  5. Many thanks for the positive feedback, very much appreciated.
  6. Me? I wouldn't do that do you Mike! On the over hand, perhaps I did .......
  7. Another pair of wagons having been through the workbench. This time a pair of Bachmann VGA wagons, both factory weathered when bought second hand. However, I never like factory weathering and these two were more or less dirt all over and not particularly effective to my eye. Therefore, using IPA and a cotton bud, the majority was removed from the side panels in downward motion. Several sweeps were necessary to remove sufficient paint. This also created various streaks. A quick dusting on the roof with the airbrush, followed by some work on the underframe, I'd say that these are finished and much happier with them now.
  8. Wow, major changes indeed! How much longer have you made the head shunt? Was a little challenge at times when operating to get sufficient wagons moving without getting hemmed-in.
  9. Hi Stu Certainly something that I look into. Got quite a few other ideas and projects but can add to the list.
  10. I also have a small range, currently, for depot details. Such items as brake blocks / batteries and Sulzer pistons with frame (both 4mm and 7mm scales).
  11. Please follow Mudmagnet Models to the online shop, where the full current range is shown.
  12. I recently purchased a few Accurascale wagons and have made a start on weathering a few. First up are two pairs of their JSA coil wagons, with weathering based upon photos from Paul Bartlett site - I purchase the ones that I want and download onto my home cloud, so can then access easily on my tablet when working in the garage with my airbrush. Then easy to move indoors to complete the weathering. The majority of the weathering using Lifecolor acrylic paints, using my airbrush and then finishing with brush and dry-brush techniques. A little weathering powders are occasionally used. With a couple of the JSA, I lightly painted a paler shade of blue (from the Games Workshop range) using my airbrush. Later a paler shade again was dry brushed. I tend to work from the top down with a combination of roof dirt / track colour etc. Some of the shades around the underframe being lightly brushed followed by 'grease / oil' effects around the axle boxes / springs etc.
  13. The machinery shown is available in both 4mm and 7mm scales, plus bench drills and fly press. Also in 7mm are tool boxes, vice and bench grinder.
  14. Had a great day with Orchard Road. Quite a few visitors and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. Great to get back to an exhibition! Many thanks to David and team!
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