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  1. Hi G Thanks. 3D printing has opened up a whole host of possibilities! I have had a filament printer for well over a year now, but added the resin printer recently, which allows much finer details to be printed. The handrails on the operator cage on the side of the Donelli is only 0.5mm wide! Takes quite a few hours work on the 3D CAD to get the drawings done though, plus the printing time. The main body of these Donelli takes 5 hours to print!
  2. I wasn't familiar with them until a friend asked me if I could make some for him. Then a bit of research following. Not many photos around.
  3. Thanks Rob, yes I am selling these. I will drop you a pm
  4. Hi Andy Many thanks. They operated in pairs to lift rails or whole track sections. A temporary rail was laid alongside the existing track, on which these two ran on these rails. Link to YouTube video showing a pair in operation. Not sure if this is typical, but gives a good indication!
  5. The Donelli PD350 pair have now been completed with the addition of the decals that I have made.
  6. Much better Rob. I've seen that done before and works a treat.
  7. A bit more progress on the Donelli PD350, well almost finished.
  8. Although I have not posted much here, been busy, mainly with 3D printing. One project, which is not completed yet, are a pair of Donelli PD350 rail lifters. Each were carried on a Lomac (or similar) to the work area. Temporary rails run alongside, then machine lifts off support and rotate through 90deg to lower onto temporary rail. The main part, support and bases are 3D printed individually. The operator cage is loose and not in correct position. There are a few issues to sort but hope to get a complete model finished soon.
  9. Looking excellent. I've printed some brick supports for a tank, in 4mm, with quite shallow mortar lines. I didn't want to make these too deep. I made mine 0.25mm deep and seem to work quite well once painted. I was concerned that might not achieve a crisp edge around the edges of the bricks if much deeper. The whole tank is printed in sections, base with brick, tank and pipe work. The MLV looks great. I have had a few prints where the there are visible lines as you have encountered, usually where the wall thickness is 3mm or more. I seem to have overcome with additional
  10. I've not had a great deal of time to get much done on the diorama, but have added a few of my own 3D printed items.
  11. Looking great Ray and as I said earlier when we spoke, 'you've done well with this kit'!
  12. I have no problem if you want to add details here. This thread has developed into quite interesting discussions and happy that this had happened. Started out as a few things i am doing, but other people's views and experiences are very welcome.
  13. Currently too cold in the garage - i.e. ambient temperature too low - for successful printing. The resin does not like the cold! Even when it has been warmed a little in the vat, still having more failures than happy to accept. So, with permission from the 'boss', I've temporarily moved the printers in to the house. Much improved! Only drawback is that noise of the fans is noticeable and added a faint obvious odour from the resin, can only use during the day when I have the house to myself (work from home most days). I've printed up a few 7mm oil drums with hand pumps.
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