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  1. Yan

    Rospeath Lane

    Has anyone experience of using Mitre Mate adhesive when building baseboards?
  2. Yan


    Just to prove I've been a very infrequent visitor to rmweb I've only Just found this thread. Some interesting solutions.
  3. Thanks for the blow by blow account of this build as I'm learning much.
  4. Yesterday Plywood for the sleepers arrived all 4000 of them for plain track, plus strips for turnouts. My God, this now looks a daunting task to lay all those sleepers! Then this morning I got a knock on the door and found the arrival of the baseboard timber. As travelling to the nearest decent Timber Merchant would probably be against the current Covid rules I settled on ordering the plywood online. Initially I thought about using a supplier of laser cut base boards. I then decided against this due to the track plan having some subtle differe
  5. Yan

    Ballasting at last.

    Stunning work.. what more can I say.
  6. Points taken on board, those ideas will come into play especially if I get the proposed card system working for adding that curved ball into the loco rosters . It was the daunting realisation that there were 12 Granges allocated to Long Rock that prompted me to do the sliding scale. I have 2 Hornby Granges converted to P4 with a kit in-stock to build but the thought of building many more was... well... not a possibly in the time I have left in this world if I'm get other locos build/converted. In the future I would also like to run a Sunday Timetable so overall I'll nee
  7. While I'm waiting for timber to arrive for baseboards and track I'm having another purge on stuff that I've accumulated over the years. As it would be daft to move on stuff that I'll need, it has made me consider the stock requirements for Rospeath Lane. The year I'm aiming to represent is 1959 (as the shed would still have had a good quantity of steam locomotives but the first Diesel Hydraulics and Class 08 shunters would be seen). As well as being the end of the summer months for scenic interest, August seems to be the start of the decline of steam in Cornwall. In August 1959 Lon
  8. Excellent thread this. I've started to briefly to think about signals for my forthcoming project and what I might require so will follow with interest,
  9. Yan

    Rospeath Lane

    Just wondering if anyone could give me some guidance on the following two questions 1) In going through my box of track components I've found a quantity of Dow Mac sleepers. These were purchased for a previous LSWR project where I knew these sleepers were used. I'm now thinking could I justify using them on Rospeath Lane? After a little research I've discovered that the GWR used concrete sleepers with bullhead rail and 2 bolt chairs in sidings. I'm wondering if any of the Cornish Mainline was relayed in the 1950s with Dow Mac sleepers? 2) Am I correct in assuming that d
  10. Thanks for you input @woodenhead. I've also been a little concerned about coal wagon movements within the shed. As you say Penzance was similar and i've used Leamington Spa trackplan as my main reference. It must have been worked somehow. Perphaps someone could shed some light on how?
  11. Yan

    Rospeath Lane

    I've been mulling over previous comments made by readers and have ended up with an amended plan. Now at v15 but I'm getting very close to cutting the first sob (plank of wood). The only outstanding thought is whether to replace the external Loco Hoist with a GWR Repair Shop based on the one at Didcot? After measuring the space available a 6 bay building would fit nicely so this is certainly one additional project for the future. . Full description of v15 can be found on my Rospeath Lane Blog here
  12. Another updated plan, I’ve now reached v15! Too much pondering and not enough physical modelling you may think. "The Devil is in the detail” and I may be overthinking some aspects of this plan. In the end I hope I will have thought of most of the gremlins that might creep into this project. In looking at the previous plan, I started to contemplate the proposed signal box diagram and the comments made. This brought me around to asking what happens beyond the bridge (scenic break) on the left. The realisation then struck me that the large expanse of the bridges across the 6 tracks exit
  13. Yan

    Rospeath Lane

    Over the last few days I've been thinking about comments made on the Rospeath Lane blog about the coal storage sidings and currently giving some thought about a coal stack. Would like to include a coal stack of some description in the model but in browsing the web I've not found any photos showing a coal stack at Leamington Spa. However I have seen photos giving a glimpse of a coal stack at Lock Rock. Current thought is to place the coal stack between the two outer tracks of the coal storage sidings. My quandary is, would the middle track still be there? I'm sure I've seen photos o
  14. Thanls for the pics @GWR57xx ygey will help with detsiling. i did think it a little strange that the water pipe might have been in sutch a vunerable place makes more sense now. Cheers Ian
  15. When drawing the first plan featured in my previous blog, I discovered that the length of the incline up to the coaling stage, along with the building itself (and the track extension beyond), had a big effect on the space required. To finalise the layout I needed to know the track height at the coaling stage. I could then work out what would look correct and be feasible for a loco to propel four coal wagons up the incline. So earlier in the year the coaling stage was the first building I made a start on. Coaling Stage structure This is the Timber Tracks kit which I believe
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