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  1. Wish I lived closer (Sometimes) then I could get there. Geoff T.
  2. Thomas & Friends Visit Bride Bay ...... All loaded in the car ready for the off This one made for children to drive. Get a pint up for me in the Public Bar, they know me well !! I'll be across as soon as the freight's gone through. Dad-1
  3. Thanks Captain Kernow, we will have fun ! Dad-1
  4. Heard of K & M Trees ? Yes they were part of the Peco empire, but now an independent trader. They will be at Beaminster, A brave move to take on and develop further. We will welcome and give all the support we can. Geoff T.
  5. No other comments yet? One thing I forgot to mention is that following our clubs annual diorama competition to be held this coming Tuesday all the entries will be on display at Beaminster. I usually find myself in second place, and here is my 2019 offering. To keep rules simple we just insist on some railwayana content and within a maximum of 24 inches wide and 24 inches long. Any scale, or gauge accepted. This one being in 4 mm '00' and I can't even remember the exact size, around 12 inches by 16 inches ..... I think. Dad-1
  6. Oh well better put the other layouts on now :- Dorbury North - 'N' Bearston - 'N' Blunden - 'N' Sherwin's Yard - '0' Limington End - '00' Dysearth - '00' I did say 10+ and that's 11. In addition A Royal Train display, my plastic wagon kit building demo where I intend to let anyone who has never handled them before put down some HMRS pressfix decals. I have old spares here !! Which kit is this ? Is it the only source for a FM container ? Trade :- Rod Saunders John Quinlan Oh and I intend to get 3 Kg of local butcher Rawles bacon for bacon butties - All has to be eaten !! If I could attach the scent of bacon being cooked I would !! Dad-1
  7. I've always found that the help and support between model makers top most things in this soured modern world. I had a surprise package arrive at the start of the last week of November. A cyber friend that I've communicated with since 2008 sent me a kit from his collection as a present citing years of help and encouragement. Not only that, but he's North East and mostly Blue Diesels ..... shock even post privatization, sometimes !! Being GWR this would never fit his modelling eras. GWR, great that's my hunting ground. The kit was the Ratio ex Taff Vale Railway bogie bolster, kit No.562. This was an old kit, including Plastic Wheel Sets. Now if you've not made an old Ratio Kit there is a glitch, the kit was made for the longer than standard axles supplied. Yes, you can and should fit brass bearings, but even that leaves Very loose wheels, unless ...... Note how short the front Hornby set is The moulded holes were loose for Top-hat bearings so no need to drill out. To space out bearings it would be best to fit fine 2.0 mm washers under the ridge, but I didn't have any so used superglue on a pin head to help stick the bearings slightly out of their seating. Just make certain none gets on the axles !! The other wrinkle was the fitting of couplings. I didn't even try the enclosed parts wanting to use Peco PA34 mounting blocks with NEM pockets and Bachmann couplings. They can't be fitted without surgery much earlier in the build, but the simple wire loop works fine when used with wagons that have hooked couplings. Test running was fine and no problems, although one will have to take care on the alignment of couplings when reversing. Decalled and weathered it looks fine, runs well - Thanks Dave, a real gentleman Now I'm trying to find if any of these Taff Vale wagons lasted into early BR times ? Why, simply because I'd like to know !! It's my railway and I'll run what suits me. Dad-1
  8. Live somewhere near Dorset ? The ideal after Christmas day out, come to Beaminster on Saturday 11th January for our regular 'New Year' starter exhibition held at :- Beaminster Town Hall 8 Fleet Street Beaminster Dorset DT8 3EF Adults, £3; Children, over 5 £1, Babes free. Try to beat our youngest 'Thomas' driver of 1 year 10 months !! 10 + Layouts, Wagon Kit Building Demonstration, good refreshments, (Pay) Parking behind the venue, all that's needed for an enjoyable day. Wagon kit building demo by myself - some of my work can be seen in the RMW Blogs section Layouts :- Shillingsford - '00' sound West Bay - '00' Thomas & Friends Visit Bride Bay - '00' One for children to drive. Lambeth Walk - 'TT' Wykechester - '00' More to be listed later - Her who must be obeyed calls right NOW !! Dad-1
  9. Well I suppose you can always add a little touch here and there, but as far as this one goes it's reached the end. Today I brought in from the shed to add reeds along the back of my pond. The PVA still wet, but by tomorrow morning it'll be back in the shed until later in December when it'll be entered into the clubs annual diorama competition. A bit Photo heavy. Out of interest this 'picture' has cost me just over £5 for the bridge, everything else was laying around from previous projects, or even club member 'give aways' Time to think about 2020 Geoff T.
  10. Dad-1

    I Needed A Rest.

    Hi Westernviscount, The last part first as it's the easiest. Yes that is a Dapol BR Brake Van kit that is now fitted with a TrainTech movement activated tail lamp as well as all the grab rails removed and replaced with 0.5 mm brass wires. The roof vents were removed and replaced with white metal ones in the right place and cabin windows glazed. They can be bought so cheaply and while needing work to bring to modern standards I thoroughly enjoy the process !! Cambrian kits ...... Difficult as they are not for the novice, yet make up eventually into nice models. One of my first Mods is to cut off the brake hanging spigots, these are set for EM/P4 wheel spacing and will leave you with brakes dangling in the air miles from a wheel !! My fix is to find some plastic rod that just about fits a brakes moulded in hole, glue in with about a couple of mm sticking out. I then countersink into the solebar at the spigot location small holes (DON'T DRILL RIGHT THROUGH) that allow the rod extensions to locate into. Take great care when trying to put the headstocks, solebars and frame infill together, this can be a nightmare. I also found it best to stick one tip-rail fitting onto the body (The one with the small rollers you have to glue in). The second tip-rail I attach to the chassis. Ahh I remember now that I trimmed off some bolt heads where the tip-rails sit on the chassis - I got a better fit that way. These are certainly not a first kit job !!! Geoff T.
  11. Dad-1

    I Needed A Rest.

    Our Youngest Son is moving into a New house this weekend ...... Strange I shall be very busy ? To clear decks I moved a few 'almost' finished wagons to the loft layout for safe temp[orary storage. The two sidings have 22 wagons that I've made up since June or July. A surprising number are from original Airfix kits, a few from the Dapol versions, something like 13 of them. The Engineers train from Cambrian kits, as is the Borail, but that was made up a few years ago. With just a couple of Parkside, I've made many Parkside over previous years. All sitting on my "Two Short Planks" made 2008, a mere 12" wide long plank that in places has 6 lines, I was told it couldn't be done, but it did a few exhibitions around Milton Keynes area starting at the Train Collectors Club exhibition in 2009. Now retired to my loft !! Geoff T.
  12. Probably the last posting in this short Farmhouse diorama thread. Pond filled, a shepherd with a small flock of sheep and that old horse and cart coming up the track. There are still a few small jobs to do - reeds at the pond margin, and perhaps an odd bush. Taking photos with very small digi cameras in poor light, expect rubbish results. However I do like this one, notice the stroppy sheep looking the sheepdog in the eye !! Back to wagons now ? Dad-1
  13. Another couple of photos from last evening when I'd weathered the bridge. Almost finished now. Now to find a horse and cart, somewhere in the loft. Dad-1
  14. That last posting at the end of August saw me starting a few wagons. Since then I've made 4 Dapol 16 Ton minerals, 7 Dapol 'Esso' 35 Ton GLW tanks, 2 Cambrian 'Catfish' Hoppers, 3 Cambrian 'Mermaids' and tidied-up a few others. I just never got around to posting. Currently I'm having a rest from Wagons !! and working on my 2019 diorama scene. The initial inspiration came from my love of rural scenery and the Ratio occupational bridge ...... Placing bits out to try and visualize a complete picture on the scrap warped piece of ply. I had in mind one of those dirt roads that only get used by farmers, and dug out this old Hornby building. Because I try to make a 'new' diorama each year they have to be quick, with mostly stuff laying around with the resulting negligible cost. Foolishly I thought it needed water somewhere so at the last moment a pond was excavated ! Under the date stamp you'll see the VERY old trick of using coconut matting as growing corn. Youngsters will be surprised at how tall corn used to stand, the new short development something from the last 50 years ! Still a few jobs to do, but well on the way, my next postings should show it finished. This will be on show at the Bridport Clubs January Exhibition with any other entries into our 2019 diorama challenge. Dad-1
  15. Dad-1

    Wagons Rolling Again

    My last posting, after our exhibition was stating I'd be back to wagon building. While I build too many I do so often move on before weathering and gather a backlog of almost there projects. After getting some secondhand kits I decided to make up the Airfix Presflo. I already had one made in 2015 still unfinished, well at least without weathering and these did get very dirty with white cement dust. At last not only the new build, but my old one made to look like a working wagon. Seen here alongside Bachmann models in the two later colourings used by Blue Circle. One thing I didn't do was add the wire grab-rails at the ladder tops. I decided they looked O.K without What next ? Perhaps a couple of very old Cambrian kits, so old they include plastic two part wheel sets that I will NOT be using. Dad-1
  16. Mike, I'm rather shocked. The trouble is that moving away at the end of 2013 I gradually lost contact with MKMRS. You try to keep in touch for a couple of years, but all too easily you get involved with your local areas activities. Geoff T.
  17. Hi Mike, How the four of us ever thought we'd get this into 3, or 4 cars is a mystery !! Even now in moments of sheer indulgence I think another 40" board to extend both the sidings and particularly the station would be good. It was built to run longer trains and in all honesty we can only get 7 coaches inside the platform ramps, wouldn't it be nice to make that 10 !! I hear Terry Silver is not at all well, one of the original 'Team' with Ian H, and Jamie. This layout is full of memories. The row of houses behind the sidings have a street name-plate each end "Hatton Terrace" in memory of the late John Hatton who was given the job of showing me around Bletchley when I joined the MK club. Dad-1
  18. It was a once a year outing, Castell Mawr back in the shed again. While it does everything I wanted at the time, it has become something of a white elephant. Too big to have up and running at home. I can just assemble on our patio which is high and catches wind, easily enough to take stock off !! I really don't know what to do with it ? Jamie one of the original group of 4 builders/planners came down to Dorset from Cambridge just to run it for a day, he had a great day and so did I. Seriously though what do I do ?? I'm too old to hire just a van, so I need to have a van and driver to take it anywhere and with just me and one helper it takes over 4 hours to set up. No it's not that complex, but to keep storage requirements under controlthe boards are all packed tightly into pods. This prevents any but the smallest buildings being attached. Every vehicle, person, building, signal has to be attached after initially getting all on it's legs and checking all electrics are working Last year it was voted best in our show and this year missed out by just 3 votes, so people DO like it, but practicallities of something this size when you're 77 say it's cloe to the end. My Fiddle Yard is scenic exchange sidings A busy builders materials yard An overall view taken during set-up and testing. Could you break this up ?? Dad-1 .
  19. Hi Mike, Yes we are talking about the same 007. Your comments about picking up where he was years ago, Oh so true Mike. I think he knew more about running it than I do. In fact I believe this was the only time we've had shunting in the station sidings while two long trains thundered around the main lines. Dad-1
  20. I'll be looking to see what responses are on here ...... All I know is I had a good day running Castell Mawr. We ended the day double heading with a 42XX & 56XX hauling a 60 wagon goods train !! There seemed to be many happy faces .......... I was also assisted by Jamie who has not seen the layout for several years, but was one of the original team dreaming it up back in 2010. It was a long trip from Cambridge for him to spend a day playing trains !! Dad-1
  21. West Bay during Kadee set-up trials Now all systems GO ! Dad-1
  22. Not exactly the last Knockings, but I'm almost there. Always one awkward child, I was checking wagons that hadn't seen light of day for at least a year and this dear decided to play-up. A change of wheel-sets and some adjustment of brakes has it pretending to be O.K !! One week until set-up on Friday afternoon. Also a little news for those who know our John Edge. He has now been discharged from hospital following his 'Near Call' with a ruptured Aorta. Still rather weak and will not be at the exhibition with his Lane End layout. Another layout not coming is the Frome Model Shops, 'Marsh Junction', another fallen foul of health problems. Last year it was a cracking exhibition and this year will be even better, with all being well, 28 working layouts. Dad-1
  23. The last time my large layout saw light of day was the end of July last year at my clubs Summer Exhibition. I originally was contemplating it being the last outing. Too big for me to manage by myself and needing to hire a van and driver to get it anywhere, once you're over 75 no van hire insurers will cover you ..... My trouble was it was voted best in show (Stick chest out in pride) and our exhibition manager insisted it came back in 2019 to defend it's position ! Double Groan !! We started having problems last time out with our Peco PL13 frog polarity switches being very intermittent. Plus 3 of the station platform lights going out ? No idea why ? Enter June 2019. One of the 12 boards was taken out of it's storage pod, 2 dead lights and the most iffy PL13. Cleaning track and checking points was fine except that iffy frog switch. My extensive testing showed that it was dead, simply not switching to either side. Luckily I knew where a new spare was and recovered it from the loft. I don't know if anybody else uses cyno (Superglue) to hold switches onto their point motors, but mine often fall off. Not this one, it took great care with a Stanley knife to remove. New switch soldered in fine, all works as it should !! Now to my station lights. LED's just don't burn out, not on 4.5V anyway. What could have gone wrong ? Can you damage resistors overheating them during soldering ? I de-soldered, removed the resistor and put 3V through, the light worked fine !! Put a new 1K resistor in dead ???? I worked on the second failed light and on this one replaced the 1K resistor with a 220R and behold light !! A little too bright compared to others, but again proving the LED's were fine. I went back to the first and changed to a 220R and that one works now. What Was Wrong ??? Now I hate to criticize my workmanship, but wonder if I had dry soldered joints ? I'm still puzzling, but at least it's now ready for exhibition, just another 11 boards to go !! Note that bright central light, 220R not 1K as the others that, thankfully are still working from original fitting. Preparing for an exhibition takes time if you want everything spot on - As you should......... Starting early makes sense. Dad-1
  24. Dad-1

    Time to tidy up

    Thanks for that Guy, I'll have to check it out - I do find Fox difficult to find my way around. I even have a FOX BR sheet where I can't read the decals to know which ones to use, very small, and printed white on white !! Dad-1
  25. Dad-1

    Time to tidy up

    What's a skeleton in a cupboard ? .......... For too many railway modellers it's hidden, half, perhaps in some cases completely forgotten project and, probably half built !! Well a recent one of mine was and still is a Parkside PC86 Z2 gunpowder van. Started towards the end of April, but bypassed by the recent multi build of V12 - 16 vans shown in the last two blog entries. While watching the 'test' train circle slowly my eyes fell on this part finished wagon. Last evening I decided to number and add tare and tonnage stencils. Much to my annoyance I'm still stuck. I require some smallish red decals G P and V, these were mounted on both ends and the left-hand of each side. Probably time to search all my RAF WWII decals to see if Bomber Command used these letter in red, but will I have 4 of each ?? I don't want to do detail painting, or weather until I can find and fix the missing letters. While I can print decals at home the one thing you can't do is match the paint colour of the surrounding area and would you fancy your chances of cutting neatly around small letters ? Sensible suggestions welcomed !! Dad-1
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