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  1. One of the things on my workbench is a Comet MK1 RF(K) being built as M324 as running on the North Yorkshire Moors (now named Jos De Crau) I've reached a bit of a stumbling block with the roof, finding photos of the top of the vehicle being quite tricky. I've been able to ascertain that it is no longer as-built, the large monsoon vent being no longer present. I had originally fitted it, as per instructions, but then removed it, hence the filler! The red circled highlights the area in question. The only decent photo I've been able to find was on
  2. I have very fond memories of my dad's old late 70s/early 80s Evening Star, despite it eventually failing with coupling rods that continually stuck. (The tender drive kept it going but with no driving wheel action!) I thought it about time I had my own! I know it's not the best 9F model available, but the newer mechanism is excellent from what I've seen, and the sentimental value of it is a big factor! Add in the replica plaque, and I was sold! I did order one from Rails, but sadly that won't be happening (though I've not had confirmation of its cancellation!) I have, hopefully, man
  3. I picked one up yesterday from Monk Bar Models (York), and paid for it - usual satisfied customer disclaimer. I must admit, it's very nice, well decorated (I think) and with a good weight to it. The wheels run true so it doesn't wobble either! The three links in the box are a nice addition, and enabled it to go straight into service with my pre-grouping stock for a quick shunt with my NER E! I do have an operational question or two for those more knowledgeable; would the odd wagon appear in a mixed goods, and if so, would it have needed a barrier wagon eith
  4. That really is very nice indeed, the weathering is nice and subtle, but it still looks like a hard working loco! I started one of the late David Alexander kits of the same class back in March and if it ends up half as nice as yours, I'll be more than happy! Mine will end up in NER livery, and I need to source some clack valves and a safety valve bonnet, and order a gearbox (HighLevel) but it's coming along nicely! That's excellent news! And also just as good to know that things are still progressing despite the world's best efforts to hinder them!
  5. Thanks, just had a look before the rabbits got the brown paper to play with, but still no sign of one. Not really the end of the world, so I certainly won't be loosing any sleep over it! Cheers J
  6. Likewise, mine arrived this morning. Even Mrs Jaymz is impressed (though does think the loco itself is ugly!) I couldn't see anything about 10% off online purchases so maybe it's a luck of the draw thing, or maybe limited to early edition numbers, mine being number 1816. Still, very happy it has arrived and I'm looking forward to giving it a test run before it goes into service! Cheers J
  7. Colour can be a very subjective thing. What looks right to one person doesn't to the next. Especially when you start bringing the question of scale into the mix. Different vehicles would have been painted at different times too, and weather would have had different effects between batches of paint. I'm not trying to support or condemn anyone for their use of non-matching colour, just trying to highlight that it isn't the be-all and end-all. Cheers J
  8. I finally got around to acquiring some Fox lining of the right width, and what a difference it has made! I've been slowly doing bits and have finally got to a stage where it's worth showing. The whole of the m Im side is done, along with the boiler bands and the lines wrapped around the rear (fun ito get in behind the lamp irons!) I also found a lovely colour photo of a G5 in lined black which highlighted a couple of bits I hadn't thought of (Westinghouse pump and steps) so the have been duly lined too. I just happened to be thumbing through LNER Locomotive
  9. Plenty of updates can be found here https://www.facebook.com/five79ng/ Hope this helps J
  10. It looks like the short one is for tender to carriage, and the longer ones are for between the carriages which need a little more clearance with their buffers. In fairness though, if it works, it's not a massive issue! Cheers J
  11. I've found the couplings to be quite easy to use. If you hook one end onto a carriage before putting on the rails, then it should be fairly simple to just hook over the next vehicle, using either a pair of tweezers or a small screwdriver to just lift the eye over the peg. I imagine a small turn of an appropriately sized brooch, or drill bit will open it up further if it's a bit tight. Mine went straight on from the box without issue. Hope this is of some sense, and assistance! Cheers J
  12. Happy to oblige! Beauty and the Beast! Both excellent models in their own right, and both were things I've dreamt of owning since I was incredibly young! I can still remember fawning over the Little Hobby advert on the back of every issue of my dad's Railway Modeller and their promises of the big UP! Cheers J
  13. And maybe a third set of plates for Thunderbolt as well! Cheers J
  14. JaymzHatstand


    As Mick says above, pretty much covering all the external details. The boiler is wrong for a pre-1938 loco, though the main differences are the dome, safety valve variations and the boiler bands being out of place (though not by a large amount) I backdated mine into LNER condition, and that is detailed on my workbench, starting here I didn't bother with the boiler bands, and it doesn't really show when it's trundling around on its own. Though that does bring into question why I modified the cab to remove the vacuum brake gear! Hope this helps
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