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  1. Or a mechanism similar to the legendary Giraffe van, but an inflatable Lusty Linda appears! As long as it doesn't explode! Cheers J
  2. I've only been to the VoR once, in 1988, when it was still (just) owned and operated by BR, and still have the ticket in a youthful scrap book somewhere! It's certainly somewhere I'd like to go again. Of course, one of my early 009 builds was a VoR loco on a Mintrix chassis, which has had a few detail additions, and still runs/turns heads in its BR blue livery. I'd definitely be keen on a BR lined green one to replicate my journey! Looking forward immensely to seeing further developments, though I suspect I'll be ordering a few carriage etches
  3. Congratulations indeed! No doubt there'll be a range of accessories appearing in due course; pushchairs, carry cots, and all manner of infant related accoutrements! Perfect for family groups on platforms and such, so they'd be most welcome! Cheers J
  4. Oooooo! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of these! The 24 being absolutely exceptional, I've always thought the 25 was the logical progression, and thankfully that's now a reality! D7628 is one of my favourite locos and hopefully I'll be able to add the ultimate model example to my fleet eventually! Cheers J
  5. That's very interesting, and makes it look like I don't need to do much at all to have Odney in my fleet! I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not! Now, do I want the sound fitted version for extra excitement?! Mind, I think I'd want to hear the sound first, but I suspect that will appear in due course. Cheers J
  6. Were Heljan ever manufactured in the UK? Being a Danish firm, I would be surprised. Cheers J
  7. If it's the one I'm thinking of (though the name escapes me) I remember looking through their website and wondering who, and how, they'd persuaded their models to pose for the scanning! If I remember rightly, the head in hand figure was designed to be sitting on something made of porcelain?! I'm not certain what the other last is doing, perhaps it's best not to ask! They're all well painted though! Cheers J
  8. A really interesting announcement, mainly (for me at least) in terms of spec and detail options. As a dyed in the wool NE man, it's not an overly high loco on my wants list, but I'll still be very interested in it's development and reception with a view to future products. I've a couple of packs of HUOs and they are excellent, and I won't hesitate to add any more A/S products should they drop into my sphere of interest. I could be tempted by either Manor that I remember having haulage from, Foxcote when it visited the NYMR (Photos below) and Odney a couple of times on the WSR. I k
  9. They are listed in the 2mm scale section, but I suspect that they could be scaled up if needs be. Allen is always approachable and helpful via email (and has been when I've seen him at shows!) I've built several of his 009 scratch aid etches, and they are certainly well produced, but do require some extra effort and thought to get to a full kit standard, but the basics are certainly there as a canvas to add one's own level of detail to. As an example, this is a Ffestiniog carriage as built from the etches, and then after I've made an interior, roof and added other detai
  10. Thanks for sharing that, most useful. A bit longer to save, so not the end of the world (and understandable under current circumstances too!) Cheers J
  11. To really backdate a Q6 would require a full new boiler, as the earlier ones had the bands in (slightly) different positions. I tweaked a Hornby one with a new dome from NorthEastern Kits, and a few other tweaks to roll it back into a pre '46 machine. I didn't adjust the boiler bands, as it would have been a major undertaking. There are some photos on my workbench here; I hope this is of some use! Very much enjoying seeing developments, and now trying to decide which K3 I want to do! Still probably the feedwater variant though! Cheer
  12. My favourite catalogue! I always wanted to build that layout myself! Operationally, it's not really that great, but boy, it was superb for the catalogue, and a young imagination! Cheers J
  13. That's true! I'm surprised that wasn't a major issue, knowing how excited people get nowadays over the simplest of things! Cheers J
  14. In reference to the '75 catalogue, the 101 tank illustration, and the Jubilee cover (and more referenced so far in this thread), can you imagine the outcry if something similar happened today. Non-produced models on the cover, purely for artistic effect, heaven forfend! I did really enjoy the late 70s/early 80s art style of the full side profile locomotives in all their glory, as opposed to a model shot, that were used as a cardboard insert in the box. I've still got the ones from my locos of the time (and my dad's!) They're worth being displayed in their own right! Once I've got a
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