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  1. The Q6 has the wrong boiler for any pre-1946 (ish) locos. I backdated mine by changing the dome, but the boiler bands are in the wrong place. I can live with that, but if they were to produce it, it would need sorting. Enough of the parts are separate to make it seem that this has been thought of at the development stage, so we can but hope for a T2 or pre WWII Q6! Having seen some shop photos of the J27, Monk Bar Models, York, posted some on their Facebook page and I must say, it does look much better than some of the pre-production photos, which is good. I'm ve
  2. If the mechanism and internals are good, and the basic shape/dimensions are right, then I'll be happy to pick one up at some stage, and as none of the locos I'd want are catered for in the first batch detail wise, I'd be having to replace bits to get what I want anyway. It would be nice if the basics were right before they came to market of course. Very few models are absolutely perfect when they are released, but I suppose a lot of it relies on what the individual purchaser is willing to put up with in terms of inaccuracies/compromises. I'm definitely looking forward
  3. Hahaha! It would make things much easier! Cheers J
  4. My P1 kit arrived on Monday but it might be a while before I make a start on it as my son also arrived! I've managed to have a quick look through the box and instructions in the brief moments when there's been a lull in the new fatherly duties! I was most impressed with the pre rolled tender raves, a lovely touch, as they've always been a pain on other NER locos I've built! Looking forward to making a start, but also happy that it could be a while! Cheers J
  5. What a cracking operational diorama that is! I've been thinking about doing something similar myself, and this just adds fuel to the inspirational fire! The simplicity of a 'point-less' layout is a real bonus! It's really the small details that don't catch the eye, but would stand out a mile if they weren't there which really add to the scene (if that makes sense!) And I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more developments! Cheers J
  6. Thanks for the updates, it's good to hear about the J25 and I'm certainly anticipating seeing how the F8 progresses. I dare say I could be tempted to add a Q7 to my list in due course too! Looking forward to further updates Cheers J
  7. Just a thought, would it be possible to open out the axleboxes and fit bearings to aid running/reduce drag? I've currently got the wheels out of one of my kitchen cars, and it looks like there's quite a bit of plastic to work with, I just don't have the necessary tool for opening out the holes. If anyone has tried such an operation, on these or any RtR coaches, please do report back as if it's viable, it could well be a useful tweak. Cheers J
  8. Yes, if looking straight down, with direction of travel being straight ahead. I realised it wasn't the easiest to follow description and should maybe have added a caveat. Cheers J
  9. I'm not sure if you've got this sorted yet, but I shall attempt to describe it for you (and anyone else!) Loco Corridor Brake Third (brake end leading, corridor on right) Vestibule Third (single seats on left) Kitchen Car (corridor on left) Vestibule Third X2 (as above) Kitchen Car (as above) Vestibule First Diner (single seats on right) Corridor First (corridor on left) Corridor First Brake (brake end trailing, corridor on left) I hope this is of use. There is a full diagram in the LMS 150 book by Patrick Whitehouse and David St
  10. Yes, with a dried inspection of a couple of vehicles, the pickup could be heard catching on some wheels/axle stubs, so a session of adjustment will be required. I'll do that when I take the weeks out to paint them black anyway, which is something I usually do with RTR coaches, and it really improves the look of the running gear. Other than that, I'm thoroughly impressed with the quality of the coaches, especially for the price. The attention to detail is superb and the level of decoration is far beyond anything I could hope to achieve had I ever got around to making my own set!
  11. I've got a full set waiting for me at Monk Bar Models in York, I don't know if they got any more, but I only decided to put my name down for them in January without any issues. I'm very much looking forward to picking them up on my days off! From what I've seen so far, I don't think I'll be disappointed! I really do need to sort out somewhere to run them though! Cheers J
  12. Or a mechanism similar to the legendary Giraffe van, but an inflatable Lusty Linda appears! As long as it doesn't explode! Cheers J
  13. I've only been to the VoR once, in 1988, when it was still (just) owned and operated by BR, and still have the ticket in a youthful scrap book somewhere! It's certainly somewhere I'd like to go again. Of course, one of my early 009 builds was a VoR loco on a Mintrix chassis, which has had a few detail additions, and still runs/turns heads in its BR blue livery. I'd definitely be keen on a BR lined green one to replicate my journey! Looking forward immensely to seeing further developments, though I suspect I'll be ordering a few carriage etches
  14. Congratulations indeed! No doubt there'll be a range of accessories appearing in due course; pushchairs, carry cots, and all manner of infant related accoutrements! Perfect for family groups on platforms and such, so they'd be most welcome! Cheers J
  15. Oooooo! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of these! The 24 being absolutely exceptional, I've always thought the 25 was the logical progression, and thankfully that's now a reality! D7628 is one of my favourite locos and hopefully I'll be able to add the ultimate model example to my fleet eventually! Cheers J
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