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    UK railways in general, both steam through to moden day. I model in OO and OO9. I also enjoy modelling military vehicles and aircraft, a bit of photography and generally relaxing when I'm not at work!

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  1. Yes, every time I see one of the Oxford ones, the lack of 'door-dish' is obvious. Seeing it next to your Bradwell one really emphasises this. I dare say I'll end up getting one, as you say, this is ready made, and I've got more than enough in my 'to build/finish' pile as it is! I could be tempted to enquire if Mr Bradwell would sell his smokebox door casting separately in order to get the face right, as I imagine it wouldn't be a massive surgery job, if thought about logically. But we shall see. Cheers J
  2. From the original CAD drawings (page 6 of this thread) the earliest of the four first models (lined version) was shown with no balance weights on the centre drivers, which is correct for a non-superheated loco pre-1932. I was wondering if this was the case on the production models, or if they've used the same wheels across the full range? Cheers J
  3. Number 2392 (it became 5894 in 1946, and 65894 under BR) was outshopped in September 1923 so would probably have carried the red lining, though I'm not sure about the ampersand in the company initials. It was also built as a superheated loco with the longer smokebox, but it has carried lined red in preservation (mainly with NER lettering and number plates) Hope this is of some help. Cheers J
  4. I notice the Railfreight red/grey van has a red roof as well, how prototypical would that be? I can see its red in the catalogue photo, but was just curious as to how common a feature that would have been. Obviously painting a wagon roof isn't an issue if needed, but I've got a few Parkside ones already and was thinking of adding a bit of variation. Cheers J
  5. It must have been one of the NG modelling groups on FB that I saw it then, I have found and joined the 'official' group this morning! There are some really good RWS modellers out there, but from what I've seen from the outskirts of the fandom, there do seem to be a LOT of negative people in it, who don't seem to appreciate genuine skill and effort like yours, which is a crying shame. I'm glad that you kept going though as your work is indeed inspirational, though my bank account and workbench may not agree as I've already got several new ideas floating around! Cheers J
  6. Some absolutely wonderful and inspirational modelling, which is giving me more improper ideas! I've seen a number of your posts about this on the Twitter machine, but ever so glad I stumbled across it here for the added detail and explanations! Rheneas looks absolutely fantastic, the extra detail (and especially new chimney - where's that from please?) really bring the loco to life. I don't know if you've mentioned it anywhere else, but is there any chance you could give us a bit of background info on the models you've used for the various locos and rolling stock please? Very much looking forward to further updates. Cheers J
  7. Well, that looks superb, and certainly answers the questions I'd been mulling over about rolling one back to P3 condition. A P2 might not be out of the question either, once they started getting P3 boilers and bigger cab spectacles. Will you be removing the wheel balance weights? Though they aren't overly visible to be fair, and I imagine it would be a bit of a tricky operation. I really must see how much is in the piggy bank! Cheers J
  8. If no-one beats me to it, I dare say I'll do something of the sort Cheers J
  9. I watched Sam's Trains review yesterday, not really for the editorial content, or the carpet running, but his close up images are usually pretty good. He did have an issue with the crankpins working loose when it was running in. I don't know if that is an isolated incident or something for us to look out for. I certainly do like the look of what I've seen thus far, definitely an improvement on the earlier samples (which is what they're for) so I dare say it won't be too long until one joins my fleet. Cheers J
  10. The Q6 has the wrong boiler for any pre-1946 (ish) locos. I backdated mine by changing the dome, but the boiler bands are in the wrong place. I can live with that, but if they were to produce it, it would need sorting. Enough of the parts are separate to make it seem that this has been thought of at the development stage, so we can but hope for a T2 or pre WWII Q6! Having seen some shop photos of the J27, Monk Bar Models, York, posted some on their Facebook page and I must say, it does look much better than some of the pre-production photos, which is good. I'm very much looking forward to seeing some detail photos and analysis on here in due course. Hopefully I'll get one myself in the fullness of time, once I've had a proper trawl through Yeadon to work out which one(s) I want detail combination wise. I'm not adverse to changing the odd bit or repainting/re-numbering for that (unlined black is quite an easy livery!) Cheers J
  11. If the mechanism and internals are good, and the basic shape/dimensions are right, then I'll be happy to pick one up at some stage, and as none of the locos I'd want are catered for in the first batch detail wise, I'd be having to replace bits to get what I want anyway. It would be nice if the basics were right before they came to market of course. Very few models are absolutely perfect when they are released, but I suppose a lot of it relies on what the individual purchaser is willing to put up with in terms of inaccuracies/compromises. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the real things when they arrive, and see what can/needs to be done. Cheers J
  12. Hahaha! It would make things much easier! Cheers J
  13. My P1 kit arrived on Monday but it might be a while before I make a start on it as my son also arrived! I've managed to have a quick look through the box and instructions in the brief moments when there's been a lull in the new fatherly duties! I was most impressed with the pre rolled tender raves, a lovely touch, as they've always been a pain on other NER locos I've built! Looking forward to making a start, but also happy that it could be a while! Cheers J
  14. What a cracking operational diorama that is! I've been thinking about doing something similar myself, and this just adds fuel to the inspirational fire! The simplicity of a 'point-less' layout is a real bonus! It's really the small details that don't catch the eye, but would stand out a mile if they weren't there which really add to the scene (if that makes sense!) And I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more developments! Cheers J
  15. Thanks for the updates, it's good to hear about the J25 and I'm certainly anticipating seeing how the F8 progresses. I dare say I could be tempted to add a Q7 to my list in due course too! Looking forward to further updates Cheers J
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