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  1. I have an E, and my name down for a P1. After the E practically fell together, I'm very much looking forward to adding it to my collection. The E is awaiting a trip to the paint shop, but the chassis has been through and re-assembled, and thankfully runs just as well! The design of the kit is excellent, allowing the brake gear to be removed as built being a particular welcome touch! Thanks ever so much for some fantastic kits, and I certainly look forward to further additions! Cheers J
  2. Yeah, I've just had a check, and it would seem that I'd ordered the wrong set, these are .75, hence why I was trimming them! Looks like either a re-order, or a set of HMRS are on their way come pay-day! Mia culpa! Cheers J
  3. That thought had crossed my mind, or, worse still I end up needing them for something in green (I'd be fine with that option, not sure the domestic management would!) I think I'll investigate come pay-day! I keep trying to convince myself that them being almost the same width would be fine, deep down, I know I couldn'tlive with it! Cheers J
  4. I did look at them, but i felt that as the majority of the sheet is the white/black/white and black lining and it would probably end up going to waste. The red lining I have will be able to be cut down further for 4mm (hopefully). I will keep them in mind though if I feel it's not progressing well enough. Cheers J
  5. At last, some decorative progress on the G5! (I hope you were sitting down for that staggering bit of news!) Despite my best efforts, I can't get my lining by hand consistent enough, so have gone down the transfer route. The narrowest red lines (and corners) I could find are from the Fox range, and are still too thick, so I'm having to thin them myself. This is fine for the straight lines where a steel ruler and a sharp blade are the order of the day, but getting the corner prices done is a little trickier! Anyhow, I've got one tank done so far and it doesn't look too bad. There's room for improvement I think, but it certainly passes the three foot rule (especially if the loco is moving!) Nothing is sealed down with varnish (or light weathering) yet so there is still scope for adjustment as I've found to my cost when adding to what I already thought was dry and ended up having to redo some fiddly bits around the cab! Anyhow, do let me know what you think (I'm aware how cruel a camera can be, it's already highlighted a couple of issues!) Other than the G5, I've been carrying on with various other projects; several pre-grouping wagons are in various stages of construction and one day I'll have a suitable goods yard to shove them around! My North Eastern Kits NER E (J71 in new money) has had its chassis dismantled, painted and re-assembled and it still works! It's spent quite a while on the rolling road, and is getting much smoother so it won't be long before that gets painted. With Narrow Gauge North looming (Saturday 14th March) my thoughts turned a few weeks ago to something new for the show, and I have started putting together an old Chris Leigh kit of L&B saloon No.2, as currently preserved in the NRM. As my layout, Scrayingham, is set not far from York, it seemed a sensible 'local' choice and it will be painted in a slightly tidier version of the green and off-white livery the real thing now sports. It's an interesting build, the instructions suggesting making the underframe from card and gluing the etched sides together. I've substituted laminated layers of plastic sheet for the floor, and soldered the main body. I've also swapped the kit bogies for Peco ones and I think I've got the ride height sorted now too. There are some lovely castings for the interior, and these still seem to sit at the right height inside, so my altered floor hasn't affected things too much thankfully! There are a few other things in the works, but that'll do for now I think! As ever, any comments/suggestions are gratefully received, and thanks for reading! Cheers J
  6. The regular version looks to have the same box, just a different colour (yellow I think, whereas the limited version is red). From what I've seen thus far, the only differences are the carriage names, which isn't really a major issue. I'm happy with ordering the standard version as it'll look just as good trundling along. As others have said, the addition of third class opens would be most welcome! Cheers J
  7. Excellent! Something I have indeed been looking at doing with mine! I'm presuming Gibson buffers and the wheel and handle from the spares box? Looks bloomin lovely! Merry Christmas to you and Lady Wordsell! Apparently, my better(?) half informs me that a J72 isn't festive enough! It still went around the tree though! Maybe an E1 will fare better! All the best Cheers J
  8. Thanks for the update, and hopefully things are heading in the right direction health wise. Glad to hear the J25 isn't too far away, as my E is daring me to get it painted, so there'll be a nice space on my workbench! I'm trying to fight down the urge to go for a D20 as well, but I think the domestic finances manager may have something to say about that! Looking forward to further updates. All the best for the festive season. Cheers J
  9. That, that is bloody gorgeous! If my E looks even half as good I've I've got some paint onto it, I'll be more than happy! Which lining transfers have you used? Fox? As despite having a good chat with the erstwhile Mr Rathbone at Warley and improving my hand lining, I don't think it's quite up to scratch yet! I presume you've gone to Narrow Planet for the plates? Cheers J
  10. An interesting development indeed. I had a quick chat to George Dent on the Saturday afternoon and he said that it was very early stages and liveries hadn't been decided upon yet (I suspect they'll have a good idea, just not wanting to go public yet. Understandably with their other announcements just in their infancy) He also mentioned Heljan being involved, but I'm not sure if that is just on an advisory capacity or being produced in conjunction with them. Never the less, I had suspected something like this to come from Bachmann in the future, as they could add rolling stock to the range with the locos. I know Dundas do the earlier carriages, and the modern ones were available as etched kits, but the latter are quite hard to find. Hopefully Peco might jump on board with coaching stock to compliment the locos instead. Still looking forward to seeing this develop and finding out more info as it becomes available. Cheers J
  11. There was a sample in one of the cabinets at the Peco stand at Warley. Not the best photo, as it was through the glass, and positioned behind the overlap in the two panels of the cabinet. It looks rather tidy, and I'm certainly looking forward to getting one or two. I didn't get chance to speak to anyone about them, so can't provide any more gen! Cheers J
  12. I absolutely echo the sentiments of this thread, and send my best wishes. I was able to acquire an NER U (N10) from Hartlepool, and upon inspection, it's a bloody lovely looking kit and for the range to disappear would be an awful shame. Hopefully someone who know what to do with such things will be able to help. But of course, health comes first. Cheers J
  13. Wow! Now, how to raise that sort of cash! Cheers J
  14. Colour me intrigued! Especially if they are also North Eastern in flavour! Maybe I should have said 'colour me Saxony Green!' Looking forward to further info/hints/announcements! Cheers J
  15. Absolutely astounding that Hattons are getting all pre orders air freighted in at no extra cost. I dare say there's going to be a few folk chuntering that they'd gone for the express delivery so they could be in the exclusive club of first acquisition, but now us ordinaries will be in the same boat, but it's really not the end of the world! Thanks very much must go to Hattons for taking this decision, and financial hit in the name of customer service. Looking forward to my shed arriving! Cheers J
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