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  1. Plenty of updates can be found here https://www.facebook.com/five79ng/ Hope this helps J
  2. It looks like the short one is for tender to carriage, and the longer ones are for between the carriages which need a little more clearance with their buffers. In fairness though, if it works, it's not a massive issue! Cheers J
  3. I've found the couplings to be quite easy to use. If you hook one end onto a carriage before putting on the rails, then it should be fairly simple to just hook over the next vehicle, using either a pair of tweezers or a small screwdriver to just lift the eye over the peg. I imagine a small turn of an appropriately sized brooch, or drill bit will open it up further if it's a bit tight. Mine went straight on from the box without issue. Hope this is of some sense, and assistance! Cheers J
  4. Happy to oblige! Beauty and the Beast! Both excellent models in their own right, and both were things I've dreamt of owning since I was incredibly young! I can still remember fawning over the Little Hobby advert on the back of every issue of my dad's Railway Modeller and their promises of the big UP! Cheers J
  5. And maybe a third set of plates for Thunderbolt as well! Cheers J
  6. JaymzHatstand


    As Mick says above, pretty much covering all the external details. The boiler is wrong for a pre-1938 loco, though the main differences are the dome, safety valve variations and the boiler bands being out of place (though not by a large amount) I backdated mine into LNER condition, and that is detailed on my workbench, starting here I didn't bother with the boiler bands, and it doesn't really show when it's trundling around on its own. Though that does bring into question why I modified the cab to remove the vacuum brake gear! Hope this helps Cheers J
  7. Excellent work indeed! The H&B certainly had some very good looking locos which don't get seen very often, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of your efforts! Are you building from kits (if so, which ones?) Or are they scratchbuilt/kit bashed? Thanks for sharing, and keep up the great work! Cheers J
  8. It's always nice to see NER clerestories, they certainly look a lot better than when you got them! Will the roofs be glued on once they are done, or will they be made to be removable? I know standard carriage building convention has the body and chassis separate for access, but does a clerestory dictate a slightly different approach? I've got a D&S all third in my 'in progress' collection though it's currently stalled as I seem to be missing a couple of partitions, and keep putting off cutting out some more! I am tempted to add a couple more via Worsley, I've built a few of Alan's 009 scratch aid coaches, and they are nicely etched, though some thought is often needed to get things right. And they'd be lacking the wonderful array of castings that come with the D&S kits Cheers J
  9. The images of the real loco under construction are fascinating, I particularly like the one of the rolling chassis, minus the centre drivimg wheels. The boiler cradle looks delightfully like a motor mount, as though Sir Nigel was experimenting with a completely different form of power! I dare say I could even be tempted by the rebuilt loco as well as the original beast as it's looking very good indeed (not really surprising) I'll definitely be interested to see further developments and painted samples. Cheers J
  10. This was my initial thought too, although the L&Bs are moulded as a one piece body, so if the bowsiders were done in a similar way, the two lengths could be accommodated with two different tools. It all depends how accurate they want to go (and how much they want to spend on tooling) I suppose. We may even get one pair, and then the second pair further down the line. Cheers J
  11. Now that the bug boxes have started to arrive, our anticipation can presumably turn more towards the bowsiders. Have Peco announced which ones they are doing? There are 4 to choose from which are effectively two pairs, but there are differences between them. I know Peco have down different bodies for different L&B carriages, so if the bowsiders are tooled in a similar way, getting the different vehicle lengths shouldn't be a problem. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing a factory printed lined Victorian 19, but equally the green with cream upper panels of 17! Also, is it wrong to fancy a few big boxes in early preservation cherry red? Cheers J
  12. For a truly authentic sound, you need the 'sneezing' safety valve that sounds like an over excited cat chasing a bit of ribbon! It's one of those sounds that just resonates with early locos! Those on the Beamish waggonway have it, as does the NRM's replica Rocket. Cheers J
  13. This Indeed is very true, however, short of only producing them to order, there's not much that can be done to remedy that. If Hornby were to market them as a complete box set, there would be a lot of complaints I suspect, even if they did two sets which when brought together would make a complete take wouldn't solve it. I'm glad it's not me having to make the production decisions! Cheers J
  14. Maybe they don't have the space, or funds for a full set? I certainly have neither, but would like a representative set to run with my bathtubs. By selective shortening, a realistic representation can be made. I've not put my name down (yet) for any but if I can squirrel some cash away between now and then, I'll acquire a (shortened) rake from my local shop I suspect that the coaches will not be a one catalogue wonder, there are other running numbers they can produce in the long term too, so further purchases are also possible. I'm not saying this is the reason, or the 'point' but it's a possibility. Cheers J
  15. For those who are contemplating (or actually doing) third class carriages, I've got a small album on Flickr of one of the NRM's replicas. Hopefully it'll prove of some use to someone! Obviously this is of a replica carriage, so there will be some more modern features hidden amongst it not present in the originals. As Hornby's model is made using a survey of the replica locomotive anyway, I feel that's most appropriate! https://flic.kr/s/aHsmLyP1Ju Cheers J
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