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  1. It's been the same length wait for all of us, unless they announced it to a select few first?! (Please note, this is very much tongue in cheek and not intended to offend!) I imagine it'll still be a way off, I'm not sure if they're likely to show the CADs (I know Bachmann do usually, but as this is a commission, it'll be up to TMC) Still it leaves us time to put the occasional pennies aside so that when they do arrive, at least the bank won't get cross! I'm very much looking forward to them, I was on the verge of going down the kit route when they were announced. Those funds instead have gone to a J21, which is gradually limping toward completion! Cheers J
  2. Very smart. I too have one in my box of delights, somewhere in my model room! Mine will end up in is original form to go with my other Kirk Teaks. I need to wait until I've got somewhere to run it though, so I can make sure it'll get round whatever curves I end up with! Very inspiring non the less! Cheers J
  3. I'm fortunate to still have a local shop, Monk Bar Models in York, and most of my RTR purchases have come from there. As others have said the cost is comparable to online when postage is factored in, and they'll test the loco for you which is a big plus. It is worthbits weight in gold too when it comes to the sundry items like glue and paint too, which really aren't economical to order by post so I'd much rather pay the odd quid extra here and there and help to keep such a useful emporium going. Specialist bits and bobs are either an internet or show , or sometimes still a letter and a cheque purchas, but as this is a Hornby thread then most of that is locally sourced! Cheers J
  4. There's a lot of laughing reactions to this incredibly useful and serious product! Of course, a 'proper' modeller wouldn't need one as they can spot such errors from a scale mile away! Hopefully there will be an armchair adjustment tool coming soon too, but make sure there are errors in there so there's something to complain about! Cheers J
  5. I wasn't aware that we were reserving them, but yes please, one for me please! Cheers J
  6. Those P17s are very smart indeed! I look forward to seeing them at Easter! I don't suppose there will be transfer sheets available for them at the show will there?! Cheers J
  7. That looks absolutely fantastic! I do like a good 6 wheel vehicle to add interest to a rake, and this is definitely a good one! Very much looking forward to seeing more of it! Cheers J
  8. What an absolutely brilliant thread! I don't remember much about the NYMR from before about 1984 (see below photo for why!) but a lot of the locos and stock are more than familiar to me, some thankfully still! Once I get chance I'll have a look through my photo archive, and see what I've got to share, probably mostly my dad's photos, as I didn't start wielding a camera until the early 90s, and it took a while before there was anything worth sharing! For now though, here's a very young me at Goathland sometime around 1984, making sure everything is ship shape with the approaching train! Cheers J
  9. A meagre pre order from me has gone in for just one, but I can't really fit much more into my sidings! I dare say I'll add a few more eventually once I've got a bit more space to play with! I presume they can realistically be mixed in a rake with BDAs as well, nice and dirty with a LoadHaul 60 on the front! Cheers J
  10. So it has, I hadn't noticed that! Thanks! Cheers J
  11. Nice, plenty to digest there! Is it known if these are composites of available detail options out specific to models announced? The option of a P3 boiler is good, meeting there should be the possibility of a pre grouping loco, yummy! Looking forward to seeing some more on this, including (hopefully) some different angles of the CAD in due course. Cheers J
  12. It is indeed, then once spotted, followed by the 'I've had this for ages'! What I was meaning was maybe four different twin packs which each contain different pairs, so an 8 coach rake can be made from 4 packs. Say; two First, one First & one Standard, one Standard & one Buffet, and two Standard. The remaining Standard needed for the full 9 could be paired with the DVT or as an individual vehicle, depending on how the packaging is developed. Maybe! Cheers J
  13. Ooooo! Colour me intrigued! I've still got my 1992 Hornby version in its box (it's had plenty of use though) and have been considering updating it, now it can stay as it is for nostalgia! Very much looking forward to seeing this develop, and hopefully joining my collection eventually! I'm presuming that in the fullness of time, and licenses permitting, we'll see more liveries including maybe the commemorative ones. Hopefully the coaches will be available either individually or tactical packs so a full rake can be built up over time. I'm sure all of this, and more will be dealt with in future updates, and like the rest of us I'll be looking forward to that immensely! Cheers J
  14. A quick update; I've been having a go at the backhead and it's had an initial few splashes of paint. I've also made a regulator out of a bit of brass wire so it has a bit more shape to it than the flat one in the kit. I realise I've fitted the regulator in full open, so the fireman will be rather cross I imagine! I've had to guess at what it should actually look like, so if anyone can spot any errors or omissions, please do let me know! Finding a photo of a G5 cab is not easy! I have seen the GA drawings which have helped. I know I'll have to fashion a couple of gauges to mount on the cab sheet but I'm not sure how many, or where they should be in relation to the whistle pipes which emerge from the top of the firebox. Hopefully someone will be able to shed a bit more light on the situation! Cheers J
  15. Looking forward to seeing these in action, presumably with home-made transfers? I know someone who could do with a set too! Cheers J
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