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  1. Hi, Great weathering and updates. Just a couple of questions. I've used the Boom Box speakers in class 37's (They are excellent!!) but didn't realise they'd fit in the 47. Did you have to remove the fans or the fan and casing to fit in the 47 ? I had to lose the casing and secure the fans to the grilles in the 37. What is your YouTube channel called ? Thanks Trevor
  2. Saw the Cavalex guys at Stevenage today. I must say they were 100% professional and totally committed to making top quality models. The 91 looks superb and we need guys like these to push the level of detail and dcc functionality + sound higher. I'm hoping for a 91111 with biffo sound ( Champagne model although with my depot layout a full train isn't possible !! ) Although I cant preorder yet, I will definitely order one when it's on their website. I wish them all the very best of luck.
  3. June 1960, J15 65469 has been cleaned up by the shed staff and is now awaiting to its next turn on a railtour. (personally pretty proud of my weathering on this!)
  4. Took delivery of the Gordon crane yesterday. It’s been weathered by TMC and I’m over the moon with the results! Of course it’s very expensive but does this add as much to your layout as a sound chipped loco? In my opinion, yes. Posed with the new J72 - another great model with some weathering from TMC
  5. Thought I’d share a couple of wagons I made a few months back. One’s a Cambrian kit and the other is a Parkside one. I did the chipping/rust using the ak interactive ‘worn effects’. Hope you like them!
  6. Purchased Bachmann Deltic Pinza with everything fitted yesterday at Ally Pally. WOW absolutely fantastic. Incredible sound that actually makes other things on the board rattle!! Thank you, one VERY HAPPY custuomer
  7. Forgive me for my ignorance but in all the production images I've seen of the BR lined black model I can't see the lining under the running plate except for on the steps and just at the end, is it there and just hidden by the pipe or have Hornby missed it? Jack
  8. It didn't have the "Parcels" but did have a BEAUTIFUL cockney sparrow on the side!!
  9. Hornby have improved it by adding new motor and a dcc socket but it's still outdated compared to more recent offerings.
  10. A few suggestions from me Industrial 0-6-0st or 0-4-0st J69 Adams radial (for somthing a bit different) Class 90 (the Hornby model is very outdated) Mk2 e/f
  11. Weathered Bachmann WD 2-8-0. This was achieved by airbrushing, weathering powders, varnish for oil and watercolour pencils. Real coal was also added. Weathered Bachmann 4MT 4-6-0 (old version). Tis was achieved by airbrushing, weathering powders, varnish for water and water colour pencils. Again real coal was used.
  12. Inspired By Right Track to weathering DVD we decided to experiment with some rolling stock. Although we have weathered stock before we what to try a few different techniques. A Bachmann Royal Mail BG A Modelzone limited edition TPO A Network Southeast GUV A Network Southeast BG A Bachmann EWS megabox A VDA van We experimented with some old steam engine bodies. We airbrushed the Jubilee matt black and removed most of the paint of on the boiler and finished it with weathering powders We airbrushed the Britannia a dirty mix of colour and again removed most of it on the bodysides. We also added limescale using watercolour pencils. Next up is a WD, a 4MT 4-6-0 and the Bachmann junior engines.
  13. It surprising that small changes can make such a big difference to the overall look of a model
  14. I have filled the seem at the back of the cab. I think this has improved the look a lot. Heres another shot of the loco posed with an LNER 13 ton steel open wagon weathered by Lord and Butler
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