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  1. Hornby's picture does look delectable though... droopy cylinder slidebars notwithstanding, and yes it's only a pre-prod photo I generally wait for a purchase when there is a shortfall or error or mis-handling of stock numbers and feel genuinely sorry for any who miss out. Actually I had re-awakened interest in this beautiful model metal or plastic, when looking at photos of my 2017 plastic version model, here is a Hattons photo... Superb model, R3553. I look forward to seeing any lucky purchasers' metal-version R3819 photos. Just for interest I edited my R3553 into a 1945 version, it being the only of the first batch of non-streamlined Duchesses to receive this indignity ... actually I rather like the look of plain black, and it reminds me of the Kitmaster Duchess, which if left without deflectors had this look, to a young lad like I was then... . (sigh) Pic edited will remove if asked. As to why there is a shortfall in supply of R3819 I can only guess. Good luck to all those with pre-orders. I am sure the tradition started with 3-rail EDL2 will continue. Here is another less-edited pic of R3553 which I think is superb. and my beloved EDL2 or the actual model from my youth... in perhaps more typical condition? photo courtesy Trevor McGavin
  2. Thank you Davey, that pretty much answers my question. Much appreciated. Did 46243 still have LMS script on the tender I wonder? Or 'British Railways'? edit; and it gives me licence to put up another picture...
  3. Dear All, I have been illustrating wartime black Stanier Duchesses based on Hornby LMS 6241 and 6243. The latter according to Irwell lost its streamlining in 7/1949, but most if not all were de-streamlined in 1946-7. Can some kind person say whether LMS 6243 was re-numbered 46243 in streamlined form and if so did it carry a front number plate? Did any others carry BR numbers? I can't seem to find much definitive on this, nor a concise list of de-streamlining dates. Can anyone help? Below is a pic of a s/h 6241 suitably placed in a shed scene, I cannot imagine 46243 on a plate on the front... p.s. I think these models under-rated! This from Hattons last month, cobwebs and dust included, runs sweetly. UKP87.
  4. Indeed. So far as I know. I'm a bit confused and presume Donny ants one like that with the correct 4472 and name. If you want a Railroad Flying Scotsman there is the recent R3086 , this is a Hattons photo, Not a bad model , no ski jump here.
  5. Here is another of those main range A1s... as mentioned 2569 'Gladiateur' available from time to time second hand, as this one was.
  6. 1470 'Great Northern' years ago was done and is still around s/h albeit in LNER livery... Hattons photo. Is the GNR livery hugely different apart from tender sides?
  7. R3736 not good enough? c1923 form, or are you as G BOAF asks, wanting a 1928-on version with lowered cab and chimney but still r/h drive? I guess you would need a 4475 'Flying Fox' and re-naming re-numbering , and suitable corridor tender.... not sure which model would be the cheapest donor. Here is R3736 and here is a photo-edited 4475 renamed etc will remove if required. I presume this is a bit like what you are after? cheers
  8. An example of a year 2000 model... pre-DCC ready but still pretty much the same externally as today's Merchant Navy models, and I like it. Still runs smoothly after years in storage. Must be luck! With some details on, and some liberties with PSP6 photo editing, here she is ready for the ACE. Picture inspired by the one on p218 of the Irwell Book of the Merchant Navy Pacifics. What a fine model!
  9. That took me back! A Kitmaster cattle wagon was my very attempt at building a kit. I think it would have been 1960 when I was 9 yrs, and I think it was 3/6d, about three weeks lawn mowing and pocket money. The big Kitmaster engines were I think 18/9d this being NZ prices, about double the UK shipping, duty, toyshop markups etc. Alas I was not very knowledgeable about glue tried to assemble it with general purpose household adhesive, not polystyrene cement. A complete mess! All wasted, I was in tears, my poor father, equally ignorant of the subtleties of glue technology of the day tried to sooth me, He had a 12hr per day job, and four other kids, but we still got those evenings ... It took a day or two and I was off doing something else, but never forgot that example of life's bitter lessons!
  10. Yes I have built Airfix models of steam such as Prairies and 9Fs and the they could be made smooth-running, but not the Dapol version of Biggin Hill I bought a few years back..
  11. Aha! Always there is a way! I had a mistaken feeling that the 3-window cabs extended into the DCC-ready era, and that the wider and more realistic part-open window versions were quite a recent change. But had never gone beyond the 'collecting' stage with the purchases of a couple, like 35016 and 35027, and for more recent releases like 35010 and 35016 didn't notice at the time that they had the later windows. In any event we have pleasant winter sunshine today and I have taken it upon myself to look more closely at a couple of my earlier engines, 35023 and R2170 35025 R2267 and they both look good and run, but I suspect need attention to lubrication. Both have the sprung rear driving axle and tend to sit slightly 'cab up' at the rear. So here just for fun are two portraits, 35010 at what could be Eastleigh (at a stretch), and 35016 at speed... but for me 35028 is something special, being the first of the Hornby series, and this below is edited somewhat, but still has a nice look. and of course living in NZ I can't leave out this one... and for good measure one of 35029... Edit; One more pic with Southern Region Bulleid steam, perhaps not quite like syncro-smoke... 35025 on a frosty morning, lovely.
  12. Ah! I'm presuming therefore that the Peters Spares' body for 35028 won't fit over it, and I shall move on to 'plan b', which has yet to be formulated. (Presuming that their spare bodies are from early version 35028s which weren't DCC-ready?) Thanks very much.
  13. Here below is a poor quickly-taken photo of the discovered chassis... I'm so dumb I cannot say if that is DCC fitted, or ready, or not DCC-ready, any idea. Runs perfectly on DC. Solid rear driver mount.
  14. Thank you adb968008, I must be very lucky, I have not experienced any mazak rot in hundreds of engines bought and sold, but that said, I only have a very small test track and slightly larger diorama. Not only that but I get the feeling that Merchant Navy front bogies are quite plentiful so finding a good one may not be too hard? I just discovered a complete MN chassis in my spares department, I had forgotten about it, so having bought a 35028 R2169 body the other day from Peters Spares for 30 quid feel quite chuffed. The chassis is pre-plug post-sprung rear axle so I'm assuming the body will fit. I'm also presuming 35028 only ever had a late crest long wheel base tender.
  15. Yes, sorry, I agree, I wouldn't expect a shop to refund without return of goods, and I didn't explain myself well. When I receive any item new or s/h from the UK and find it faulty beyond my ability to repair I inform the seller and if they are happy to refund my purchase price plus fair postage I send it back and have always received my refund plus postage. A lot of time wasted by both seller and buyer. But in one case the item was damaged and faulty by very poor negligent packaging, that is, an unboxed super-detail Hornby engine loose in a large cardboard box with one small sheet of bubble wrap, and was in bits, the very large prominent seller tried to blame the courier, saying it wasn't their fault. I was prepared to return it with considerable expense in the hope of a refund but they wouldn't agree that their packaging was at fault, in spite of my photos of the box, their labels etc., and the damaged engine, I asked Ebay for an opinion, being in NZ, and I forget the details now, six years on, but got a refund, and Ebay then said I need not return the damaged engine, which was clearly nearly worthless after postage. In a second case with a dead engine sold as 'excellent condition' the seller denied that it was his fault and when I pointed out that the model received was not the one in his photos he simply denied it and called into question my honesty. I remained polite, but he did not. I started a dispute and Ebay somehow got him to refund the purchase price, and again the engine was almost valuless after postage and they said I did not need to return it. I have had hundreds of perfectly good transactions, even when new models are seriously faulty, which isn't very often, I rarely return them but try to fix them, the postage from NZ is quite expensive, customs declarations and packaging is problematic for me, (wheelchair etc, access to Post Office) , and the whole thing is an expensive waste of time for everyone. .
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