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  1. At least the footbridge and rolling stock are Hornby.... also the leading engine is a re-numbered 75062 by them too, I think?. Old pic but I like it. Southampton-London mail sandwiched between expresses, no messing around... ! pic edited cheers
  2. Yes it's intriguing the way we have little things which niggle about a model, I have several of my own. I'd like to see better quality front bogie wheels as standard on Hornby models, as in slightly bevelled, narrower, finer flanges, but of course there's always the aftermarket. And finer front profiles wouldn;t help on rough track or pointwork. In general I think the so-called think clever era models like the DoG and CoN, even the Star are greatly under-rated especially for the price. I notice Lord Nelsons being discounted now, and some other recent releases like the Scottish 0-6-0s and bathtub Duchesses. I am please that Hornby are still trading and look forward to the new Princess.
  3. An under-rated model in my view, the Duke... Not sure where its operational status is now but it was very sad that it was so overlooked in the 1950s when Swindon inexcusably fitted ancient-design exhaust petticoats and did not built the ashpan to plan. A Kylchap arrangement and better ashpan in restoration showed how it could go. Extremely well! The Hornby model is in my opinion excellent, here is a fanciful example scene if it had ever received BR grime ...
  4. If you would permit me to intrude on your thread with an edited photo, here is my version of the lovely 34100 'Appledore' for the LAST steam-hauled Golden Arrow in 1961 ... what a superb engine the Light Pacifics are, as is Iron Duke and as are 12-wheel Pullmans, great atmosphere. I get into all kinds of trouble for posting edited pictures so please feel free to complain and I'll remove it. It's ok to photo edit skies and stuff, alter brightness contrast, composition, even perspective, but steam or detail, no. p.s. lovely double slip crossing in foreground, must be in P4... !
  5. Stimulated by doing pics of Merchant Navy engines, also Battle of Britain, I read about the types of aircraft used in the Battle Britain and Blitz and the strategies and tactics used.... all a bit before jet aircraft such above, but what a history! Which led of course to to jets and more. Meanwhile I also read a little about Merchant Navy 35003 'Royal Mail' and how it was recorded no less than five times at 100 mph or more in the last months of the 1967 end of SR main line steam. Notably 106 mph i the last week or so. So I did this, based on Stewart's Lane but who am I to quibble. And how nice the 2000 tooling still looks... edited a little with BoB bits..
  6. robmcg

    The Engine Shed

    I just saw a flock of pigs flying past....
  7. Here's something rather nice by toboldlygo to be going on with. Late crest BR 4079 'Pendennis Castle' .... shown by me before but some things are worth a second look. All the engines on the Southern Region had the sword of Damocles hanging over them, unlike the relatively swift end accorded to Western counterparts. Not many Castles or Kings like this...
  8. No more need be said, except 'who ever heard of Swindon?'
  9. Love the King, toboldlygo.... beautiful work.
  10. May I take advantage of the lax rules around here and posit that all locomotive development might just as well have ceased in 1885 when Johnson and the Midland Railway Company came up with this 1738 class? No RTR model I know of so I have adapted an image from some public domain... Makes you wonder why the GWR bothered really... at least in terms of aesthetics, which I am certain make engines run better.
  11. On the other hand, all engine development might just as well have ceased in 1885 after this aesthetic masterpiece was built.
  12. At times one has to acknowledge modernity... or, if you prefer 4-cylinders... I do like the proportions of the Nelsons with the shorter smokebox.
  13. Indeed. Just as Gresley and Chapelon were friendly... but this was years later of course an entirely un-Edwardian.
  14. We in NZ tried double Fairlies but but by 1906 were building compound 4-cylinder 4-6-2s or Pacifics, not a mile from where I was born in 1950. My paternal grandfather was a top link driver until 1945 retirement and favoured these engines over 2-cylinder variants.... earlier in his railway career he drove U S style 4-6-0s.. We even tried Garratts by Beyer Peacock in the 1920s but settled on 4-8-4s from 1932-on... just for interest. Now back to the real world.... in Westminster I believe...
  15. Whatever happened to Johnson's purity of line?
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