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  1. Or you can have this demonstration of the LNER way and the LMS way.... no contest really.
  2. Or you can have an A2/2 pristine if you prefer... Stunning models these. No argument permitted!
  3. I have read with interest the recent posts regarding photography and editing, me having been a one-time professional photographer, not that that means much in a digital age. Like you Tony I use Paintshop Pro image editing software, an old program from, in my case about 2008, it's PSP6 anyway, and like you I like the tools to be easily accessible and not hidden in sub-menus, also, after 10 years I wouldn't know 10% of what modern programs or even my old one can do. Most seem full of one click gimmicks and 'effects', so I just do things my way, mostly by hand. Just as I did in d
  4. That's a very nice V2, though, may I ask th type of model?
  5. Yes I agree the Gresley valve gear had a certain beauty to it!
  6. I have removed the pic of the clean 60114, even though 8 people liked it and you had just done a few pics of W P Allen at PN, point taken.
  7. Whichever had this viaduct wins my vote... I do agree that the Woodhead closure was a crime. 1500 V DC is quite usable in this day and age, although obviously not ideal.
  8. My assessment of Hornby vs Bachmann is that Hornby have tended to do finer detail but are less robust for handling, e.g. compare their Standard Class 4 4-6-0s. I prefer the Hornby one but it is unwise to buy a second hand one unless it is as new with transit brackets (remember those?) That said, the Bachmann 4MT Standard 2-6-4T isn't exactly robust, either!
  9. While I wait breathlessly for the A2/3 in BR and LNER livery, which will no doubt be greeted by the same chorus of objective comments from people who haven't bought one, here are my two A2/2s as from the box, natural light, neither has any major fault and both run very well. 60501 CotN pristine Hornby condition, 60505 ToF TMC 'value weathering' I know I've shown these before, but I think these are nice models, and Hornby are to be commended in my view. As a committed box-opener I absolutely enjoy these examples of production 'ar
  10. There was a time when this engine was cleaned, you know. Dark satanic mills notwithstanding. Picture of clean W P Allen removed as irrelevant
  11. I'd love to see that pic in the Hornby section but it might cause one or two to have apoplexy. Your weathering is outstanding and my TMC version looks very flat and pale by comparison, I think I might try to improve mine by some means or other. Thanks for the inspiration.
  12. Dear 31A... What a truly outstanding piece of enhanced RTR modelling! Who would have thought it possible? And for under UKP200 under UKP145 for we antipodeans without VAT! Beautiful work, superb weathering and scene, I hope you don't mind here is your photo lightened a tad.
  13. That's got to be one one the most evocative V2 images I have seen in a while, beautiful, cropped a little, hope you don't mind. Takes my mind off Thompson Pacifics!
  14. Imagine if Thompson had swallowed his pride back in 1943 and built all his Pacifics with Gresley A4 front bogies. People would now be saying, "Who was that Gresley fellow?" "Ah yes, the one who insisted on that weird conjugated valve gear... a nightmare to set up, apparently..." But BR never converted the conjugated A3s, A4s, V2s and others. Shame, they could have become great locomotives.
  15. I'll probably photograph the Treacy pic and use it as template for my model, I have a couple of dozen engines to choose from, but as you say, back to 64B.
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