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  1. robmcg

    Hornby Clan

    The other side of my new R3996 72009 'Clan Stewart', room light Canon M6 MkII 33MP camera, unedited, all colour and exposure settings on medium, or standard or average. Adjacent window light, a little tungsten room light. Beautiful smooth runner straight from box. I ought to add that I think the green running plate top may well be ok for 72009 and that earlier Crewe-built engines were commonly perhaps usually black, but not necessarily, I await definitive photogaphic evidence with interest. For interest's sake here is the same pic with a small touch of judicious editing, mainly to brighten the black bits. We shall see how the Bachmann V2 compares!
  2. Ah yes, I should have known... I may have seen that 72005 before? I was wondering about our photos of 64B shed and whether there was ever any lighting which suited the other side of these engines? Prototype pics seem to be commonly the fireman's side. Good luck with the lighting poles, it will certainly add to the atmosphere.
  3. robmcg

    Hornby Clan

    Just to add to the green debate and selection of readers' photos, here is my 72009 in natural room light, Canon camera. I await a TMC-weathered 72004 but post to NZ is variable.
  4. robmcg

    Hornby Clan

    Ah, I was hoping nobody would notice that, an impossible event, but I'm too lazy to change the number... Never trust a photo...
  5. robmcg

    Hornby Clan

    Amen to that. Such a stimulating discussion recently I have looked at pics of Clans with renewed interest, including clean ones in general service, and in 30 odd photos 10 above the running plate none look black, muddy mid-grey ash more common, and some look as if they have never been black. Pristine ex-works might have been for a few weeks. With a few Brits being green top running plates, with variations in sandboxes, green or black, I think it's reasonable to have 72004 with green, and the firebox lower side on 72009 although greenish often looks grey. In the many photos of Clans and Brits I have done I have never noticed the green top versions like 70046 'Anzac' and there was no comment at the time, So far as I know. Just to put the matter to rest, here is a colour photo of 70045 'Lord Rowallan' and we know photos never lie. with a Clan to remove all doubt on the subject.
  6. Hi David, I can't help with the telephone poles but noted today when reading a book in appreciation of BR Standard Pacifics that Clans 72005 and 72006 were described as being allocated to Haymarket 64B from Oct 1957 to May 1958 (from memory) and wondered if your models cover this period and if you need an excuse to buy one of these superb models? Here is my pristine 72005 with appropriate photo trickery, these are superb models. I could have done it with a Haymarket shed background but never imaginged the class ventured there, unless very rarely. Now you can join the discussion about running plate top colour in the Clan thread... I suspect it was usually the colour of dirty workboots and general weathering as much as pure black or green. Cheers
  7. Hi David, a valid option in my opinion, and with due respect for copyright, is to use a ptototype photo, or sections of several, and paste a photo of a model onto it, with hand-computer mouse painted touching up... Here are some examples; a Hornby/Jouef H0 241P SNCF 4-8-2, an Intermmountain H0 Southern Pacific AC8 4-8-8-2 in Colorado c1950, and a BR green Hornby Duchess. It may be phoney, it may look phoney to some, but I enjoy it. Sometimes I just go for atmosphere. My memories of steam begin in 1953 as a 3 year old standing on a footbridge and being covered in smoke, very exciting! Altogether most enjoyable and I like your thread. Gives an idea of some of the options, I even have several at Haymarket... but I certainly don't think 'adding smoke' is all that easy, And just to try to bring a little bit of balance back to what is an Eastern Region thread at least, here is Hornby's stunning A2/3 60523 'Sun Castle' at speed in a purely imaginary piece of English countryside. I enjoy the flowers and texture of grass, hard to model indeed. As some know I have injuries which limit my modelling, I used to be ok with two hands but it's harder with one and a bit. Thus the computer is my choice of modelling, together with our amazing RTR models, it's very satisfying at times.
  8. True I have used Hattons photos and manufacturers' photos and not asked, but for photos by individuals I do make a point of asking, or in some cases offering to remove. I see the same Hattons and Bachmann photos widely copied by commercial operations and this is presumably a breach of copyright, where in my case the only financial interest would be in your site's visitors, the pics I use enhance sales of products and engender enjoyable reading, or so I thought until now. I do appreciate you requiring control of your images. I don't recall stealing any images from anyone on RMweb without their consent, unless by quoting their post and photo it represents copying and theft. Don't bother putting me on moderator watch. I've had it with the ads and the tone of your post has finished my interest in contributing here.
  9. Pic removed, apologies, and yes my mistake it was a two page review.
  10. I've read the BRM, Railway Modeller and Hornby magazine reviews. Gilbert Barnatt's BRM review praised the finish and detail, criticised the smokebox front a little, but it was a 2-page review. The others were mostly factual and without much opinion, other than that all three used phrases along the lines of '21st century' and 'up to date'. No mention of cab-firebox issues, nor of over-sized rods and motion. There is a very complete detailing pack though. Absent was any great praise. A lot will depend on assemby quality, as with all recent high-spec 00 RTR. I predict praise for the paint on BR green models but am not so sure about lining and so on on the LNER Apple green versions. For me and only judging from the review photos I wheels and motion are less than convincing, but I am being picky...
  11. Thanks David, yes now when I think about it 60113 nee 4470 was regularly used south of Newcastle or York or somewhere down there. I half expect it to appear in RTR... it's large, famous, colourful and would sell.
  12. Hi David, I do hope you find more V2s to inhabit 64B. In my opinion the old split frame and DCC-ready Bachmann models were among the best of the era, 1991-2008 for split frame and until recently a couple of DCC-ready upgrades but still with the older body. New model V2s are imminent, I can't wait! I was intrigued by your A1/1 in metal and can't reall if you have shown it before, but I created one digitally a while back, using various donors and freehand computer art. I have a lot more respect for Thompson now that I have read more about him, having previously taken the conventional and common view of C J Allen and O S Nock that his design skills were qustionable and he had Great Northern rebuilt into a 6' 8" Thompson engine out of spite. In reality I doubt that it was his choice, it would have been the loco superintendent, and the Gresley 4470 was worn out. My mind changed towards Thompson's favour when an ECML engineman from the 50s-60s whom I know pointed out that many Gresley engines had very poor ride and it required great skill to get the coal 'through the flap' on some engines, citing the nicknames of several; 'Tango' 'Jazzer' 'Ragtimer' among them, not to mention 'Footballers'. He had respect for both Thompson and Gresley. But I digress. Here is 'my' A1/1. I look forward to seeing your metal version. And in due course a V2 or two. cheers
  13. I just bought a s/h Bachmann ex-WD 2-8-0 No.90445 aftermarket weathered and having read Gilbert Barnatt's review of the new V2 in the Nov 2021 BRM and his migivings about the thickness of the smokebox front and rivets on the smokebox, I was intrigued to see the very same on this 1999 design WD model... designed and made 22 years ago. The rivets are much less obvious on the older model. I don't think it will put me off a new V2 though. I look forward to seeing realistically-weathered versions of the Gresley 2-6-2. Above pic is slightly edited, but not around the smokebox. just for comparison... Cheers.
  14. One of the finest examples of attractive perspective I have ever seen in 00 model photography, in my opinion. Could we possible have a current photo with similar perspective, and of course the extra detail which now graces the landscape? Your thread continues to be a 'must look' , thankyou. Cheers
  15. Oops sorry David I get crossed wires in my brain far too often! Robbie
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