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  1. I have all three of the recent die-cast Hornby Dublo engines and enjoy them because they look great, are fine examples of short-run production, are beautifully packaged and represent the steam age beautifully. They also remind me of 1950s Hornby Dublo from my childhood, the best parts of it... like learning how to calculate the scale speed of a 1:76 model, in my head, with a stop watch or watch with a second hand, so that it the train was covering say 30 lengths of 3-rail track , about 30 feet, in 25 seconds... . 88ft/sec divided by 76 hmm about 1.2 ft/sec, near enough to a mile a minute, but the other kids at school didn't care, they were building Spitfires or whatever To characterise buyers of these models as collectors and imply that the motivation is profit is wide of the mark in my opinion. edited picture What joy!
  2. I created one with photo editing of publicity photos... Gives the general idea, but I'm not sure if it will come with pony front detail, or full guard irons, and so on, also not sure if 60964 will be modelled this decade... will remove if required. Lovely colour, certainly! Reminds me of python-esque 'lovely plumage' parrots. I'm sure the reviews of 60847 in BR green with external steam pipes and 60845 in BR black with original steam chest will appear soon, and I look forward to them.
  3. We have no evidence, and are unlikely to ever have any. Possibly the re-appearance of models for sale after being 'sold out' is pre-orders not being fulfilled, and people who pre-ordered but didn't buy after say two weeks lost their chance. Just guessing. Equally I have no idea of the numbers sold outside the UK but my 35011 was in the hands of a retailer at about the same time as release in the UK but no others have appeared locally here in NZ so far as I know... which increased my feeling that the models were rare.
  4. While I am very happy with my purchases of the die-cast MNs and Duchess I do take into account their potential resale value, because at times I sell models in order to indulge in other things like living costs, thus I judged the 'limited to 500' to enhance that value. As to 'gloating' over the models , well, there is pleasure in owning something a bit special, and if some denigrate me for not running them, they are welcome. Here is my personalised 46252 in BR green.... instead of kit-bashing a model I 'photo-bashed' this in anticipation of receipt of a nice heavy die cast version which is in the hands of Royal Mail. photo edited, but I think pretty representative of R3918. Will remove if it offends.
  5. So even though Hornby described the three current die-cast Hornby Dublo models as a run of 500 each they may well do extra production runs? I have no doubt that the tooling will be used again, but I had been under the impression that part of the appeal of these lovely models was their limited availability of particular versions and catalogue numbers. Maybe I'm old-fashioned and naieve.. For those with lingering doubts about the Hornby and Bachmann renditions of Brunswick Green here is the new R3971 35011 and a 2005 Bachmann A1 in very similar light. I personally think Hornby got it all a bit faded with Kings, less so with the A2s, and recent Bulleids aren't far off, but still not quite 'there'. The various Bachmann versions are generally darker with a touch more sheen on some models, but variations in lighting and cameras and computers are much bigger influences.
  6. Originally advertised as limited to 500 produced, if I recall correctly my two 6231 Atholl models each had a numbered certificate, and I presumed that these three new current models would each have one too. To be honest the patchy availability of the models is a bit unusual. I do hope their use of the phrase 'strictly limited' is apt. Come to think of it, is it possible to buy a die-cast Duchess of Atholl these days? Last I saw in Ebay they had the usual high asking prices.
  7. How strange that all three die-cast models in the recent release are still available. I had the impression they were all but sold out everywhere. Any excuse to show off my 35011, here are some views with different lighting, the satin finish isn't very deep in colour with this rear-bias lighting, but the detail is excellent on the body. No editing, just cropping and sharpening. Canon M6 MkII camera, auto exposure and colour. It's carefully packed away now, and in thinking about it, I don't recall seeing a numbered certificate, just the instruction pamphlet. I should have looked more carefully.
  8. I notice that one major tier one retailer had none in stock for R3918 for the last week or more, but last night had one in stock. A couple of other retailers have '1 in stock' one had 5 R3918 46252 three days ago, 4 now after I bought one, and had 5 R3970 35016 for most of last week, but suddenly went down to two and is now out of stock. Jadlam appears to be able to supply either but I'd have to be desperate to deal with them. Other retailers seem to have an occasional one for sale, the disbursement of models appears to be a black art, I'm unclear as to the way some retailers act as if they can order one for you. For all I know some larger retailers who sell mostly non-railway stuff may have ordered one or two of each R3918, R3970 and R3971, Duchess 46252, Merchant Navys 35016 and 35011 respectively, and they might pop up on a shelf or indeed already be there. Restricting production to 500 certainly makes them more desirable, to me anyway.
  9. Another video from Deepa, a 1962 H-D 2-rail Barnstaple showing its power..
  10. Scaled it back, at least on RMweb, in favour of my Facebook page 'BR Steam Photos'. I'm enjoying Hornby models of the steam era as much as ever. My photos do not usually fit the rules for threads in the product section, many being modified and edited.
  11. I see Peters Spares is down to 1 in stock of R3970 35016, after being on 5 for nearly a week. They still have 5 left of R3918 46252 ... I bet that won't last. No connection but a satisfied customer. I wonder how many R3971 35011 are still for sale at RRP?
  12. Ah, of course! I was thinking of post-war versions. I have both 21C1 and 21C3. Superb models. While I wait for 35016 to wend its way to my doorstep, I messed around with the Hornby advertising photo, adding details mostly. Quite delectable. I can't see these hanging around shops much longer. I bought mine from Peters Spares.
  13. A couple of stills from the video so kindly made by Deepa , showing 35016 'Elders Fyffe' in early BR Malachite... I think we are looking at a pretty high standard of metal casting here, I have bought one. Has Hornby ever done a Malachite SR or BR Merchant Navy before?
  14. A few more pics of 35011, so tempted by 35016 now. The look and feel of these models is a joy.
  15. Further to my scientific investigation into the vagaries of Hornby Bruswick Green, a topic which has stimulated slight interest hereabouts, here is the new die-cast MN 35011 alongside a known quantity, an old Sanda Kan 2005 BoB 34078 which I know looks darkish... Same iPhone12 and no editing, natural light. Direct afternoon sun and window frame shadow this time. Biggest difference is the lining colour, to my eye. Very slight difference in yellow could be the angle for all I know. Was lining orange and black or red and black? I must do some research! Here is how 34078 can be made to look. I hope to illustrate 35011 with similar depth of colour. Now, to buy a die-cast Duchess or not to buy.... Edit; needless to say, after taking the above pics, the light improved, so here is the comparison again. Did Light Pacifics ever have red and black lining? I thought orange and black was the norm, as per 35011. I'll shuffle off now....
  16. In the interests of science and adhering to all the principles of good photographic ethics , here is an un-fiddled photo of R3971 35011 'General Steam Navigation', showing the nature of the Brunswick Green livery and the way different angles affect it. I got a friend to point her phone at the model which is sitting in the same position as my previous photos, but obviously the lighting today is different, as well as the angle. No artificial light. Window light from one primary adjacent window, diffuse light from other windows. Cloudy bright day, but indoor light as one might normally enjoy ordinary activity like reading, or looking at a model train.. iPhone12 on camera default settings, hand-held. Photo cropped and sharpened slightly. I think the body detail is outstanding.
  17. No sooner did I write the above when a package arrived at the door, containing a beautiful Merchant Navy 35011. This afternoon a rare burst of direct sunlight illuminated the desk upon which it had been placed. I don't know if the photo is of any use, being direct sun from behind the camera, but it looks great from all angles. Runs smoothly and quietly. This is more usual room lighting... As often seems to be the case, looks better to the eye than the camera.
  18. Thankyou Farren and 22C I think the green colour is excellently shown in these pics, at least within the usual variations of lighting, cameras, phones and so on, thanks very much to both of you. I see that there are a few R3918 'Leicester' s still with a very few retailers, I had better make my mind up soon!
  19. Thanks for those pics Farren, has anyone had the time and opportunity to take any more photos of 46252 showing the green in neutral light? Given the excellence of the Crimson Lake livery on Atholl, courtesy Coachman, Larry Goddard if I'm not mistaken, I am a bit nervous about the rendition of BR green on Leicester, it's quite a bit of money to spend, after all. edit, ah, never mind your ppic on the Duchess thread shows the green rather well, and it looks the same to me as the plastic versions, top boiler seam notwithstanding. which is to say, not too bad.
  20. Interesting seeing which retailers receive these very limited-supply models. However, harking back to days of Hornby Dublo proper, as in, metal 1950s stuff, I see that H-D never made their mind up over the paint finish on the many Duchess of Montrose models, gloss or satin or matt. It appears to me that the latest H-D models, Duchesses and now Merchant Navy models, are rather satin in finish, which led me to imagine what one might look like in a semi-gloss... perhaps a once-over with a semi-gloss spray? I don't personally think 00 models look quite right in the full gloss of current heritage steam locos, models usually being indoors vs the variable lighting of outdoors for prototypes, with all the reflections of sunlight and shade. So I messed around further with the Hornby pre-production photos of 35011 with a faux-gloss, which for me at least gives an idea of how the model could look. Edited with PSP6 as ever, but mostly only in tones, colours, brightness and so on. Will remove if it annoys. I think it looks marvelous, but I would say that, having bought one.
  21. Further to the above, I have been fortunate enough to buy one of the R3971 35011 models and while I await delivery thought I'd tidy up the Hornby pre-production model a tad with editing, thus; I can't wait! The foreground is taken from a photo at Stewart's Lane so is appropriate. Except that 35011 was always a western division engine was it not? Will remove if pic offends. Cheers
  22. Indeed lovely and I am intrigued, is the paintwork pleasant to look at in natural light? I took the liberty of enlarging part of your flickr photo and it looks like the rivetting and fine details are well-rendered, as is the green colour. Any thoughts?
  23. Dear Tony, With reference to your recent ; "However, as an atheist, the 'hand of the Almighty', so to speak, might not be much help (judging by what's happening around the world right now, God's 'helping hand' isn't much use at anything!). That said, I've no wish to offend the superstitious (or have I, by just stating that?). Anyway, I've no wish to dig myself an even greater hole. " I have followed the repair and sale of these lovely models with interest and admiration, all power to you. It occurs to me that Little Bytham is such a fine model of the ECML of 1958 that I cannot help but speculate on how that line might have developed if someone like Gresley had continued after the war. Certainly the depredations of war and the work of the BR team took precedence, but Gresley and Bulleid both had good relations with Andre Chapelon, whose 242A1 showed that albeit with in a larger loading gauge 4-5,000hp was practical for steam. Thus instead of A4s and A3s wheezing past, you might have have had compound three-cylinder engines with thermic syphons, feedwater heaters and all kinds of 'improvements'. Imagine. No need for Deltics. At least until coal ran out... Alas the SNCF chose electric traction over steam, and 242A1 was quietly scrapped in 1960, but imagine if the P2 had been developed..... Here is my photo-montage of Chapelon's 1946 engine, and one might note that aesthetically it varies somewhat from British practice. In a world of 'what ifs...' I do like to imagine things. Perhaps it is I who have dug myself a hole....
  24. Just another aside, while I am logged in, I was looking at that last pic of 954 and the shed in the background was built in early 1942 by Americans shortly after 'Pearl', and when my parents married. Dad wasn't allowed to enlist he was 'essential service' and my grandfather stayed on after retirement age because of the war. What the Americans achieved in 1942 was astonishing, given that we in NZ expected to be occupied by the Japanese (at which ironically I became fluent at in 1984), and this was before Midway or Coral Sea and more importantly the big naval battle which took out most Japanese naval supremacy, Leyte? but this is too far from Victorian railways, I'll have a quiet cup of tea. Best, Robbie
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