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  1. The Roxey carriage has led to various other projects. Firstly, I've come up with a bit of a bodge for making bar-form underframe trussing - model boat handrail stanchions. Caldercraft produce a range of these in turned brass, for single, double and triple handrails. I've used 10mm long ones (from the carriage floor), taking 0.7mm brass wire, on my laser-cut card 42' carriages (roof loosely fitted until glazing has been added!): The same trussing was applied to the 42' brake third, and will be fitted to the 46' 1st/2nd composite in due course. I also acquired a pair
  2. A little break - thanks to Gary, I've started building a Dart Castings milk float which has been sitting in the "to build" pile for a while. It'll be painted up in cream and mahogany, and lettered for "E Price", as the model is very very close to the one seen in footage of the fastest milk cart in the West. Of course, the horse's name is Trigger, and I'll need to sort out a baker's van...
  3. That's me back at home for the foreseeable future - my furlough is coming to an end, and I start back at the office on Tuesday. I have had some modelling mojo return though, so having painted up the LSWR luggage van, I pulled out a part-built Roxey LSWR brake tricomposite (48' of 1894) which @AVS1998had sold me from a job-lot she got on eBay. These carriages were often used as through carriages, as they had all three classes of accommodation as well as a brake/small luggage compartment. Perfect for coupling to the tail of a short GSR train! The carriage as it arrived had no bogies,
  4. Spotted in the comments of the Facebook announcement:
  5. They do mention that: "All models, including film and non-film versions will be available through Rapido Trains UK stockists or direct from www.rapidotrains.co.uk Identities and guises for non-Titfield models – as well as prices for all models – are still to be confirmed." (emphasis mine) It looks like they plan to produce non-Titfield models, presumably available individually.
  6. From the Facebook page:
  7. Well, The lettering is done on this side, although not *strictly* accurate in two ways: 1) The lettering in the middle panels is too high up - I misjudged it! 2) The "NO" should be a "№" but there isn't an appropriate one on the HMRS Pressfix sheet, nor are there any small enough other letters from which to make the "o" part, so the "ON" from "SECOND" got chopped out and flipped upside down to get a "NO" I also had to respace the "L S W R" from the transfer sheet, so the middle two panels contain 8 separate pressfix transfers! ...I need to give my eyes a rest before
  8. Thanks for that, that saves me a week or so! I'll get a number on there shortly. Very kind, and yes, a D228, although looking at the drawing I scanned from Weddell I note it says "Door waist panels probably made of slate". Oh well! I presume they'd be grey, possibly with chalked-on destinations?
  9. Well, some paint and transfers make a heck of a difference. Only a few little jobs to do now - some handrails to glue onto the printed supports at the waist, some glazing, and a gentle warming of the underframe to straighten it out again. Oh, and I need to find an appropriate running number but that'll have to wait until I get home to my books again!
  10. Looking for one of the above, ideally unbuilt but would accept well built, ideally with the roof removable for interior painting. I've been keeping an eye on eBay but these seem mainly to come up in job lots with other kits.
  11. Depending on which coaches he's bought, there might be some interest in the bodies and seating for kitbashing into other diagrams...
  12. I can confirm the brake ends can be removed with some gentle persuasion - the one I got my hands on at least was very lightly glued in, although I did break two of the small lugs holding it in place during the removal, it was a clean break and the part fits back in place again quite happily - the glue is evidently stronger than the lugs!
  13. I personally won't support the Salvation Army because they have a long (and recent) history of refusing to offer support to people in need upon finding out that they are LGBTQ+. Doesn't sound very Christian to me - I don't recall "Love thy neighbour" or "Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give shelter to the needy" having the proviso "Unless they're gay or trans". Anyway, that's quite enough of the Salvation Army for now! Back to Titfield! Has anyone pondered a Faller car-system conversion for a 14xx yet?
  14. Having looked at the manual that comes with the 8600 coaches, the modification needed seems to just be swapping out a coupler (included in the box): https://rapidotrains.com/sites/default/files/2016/07/17-Instructions-Web-1.pdf
  15. Today, Facebook informs me that it has been three years since I first started laser-cutting carriages. I like to think that my CAD skills have improved somewhat since then,: It's certainly been an interesting journey, and I've learned a lot, as well as acquiring my own 3D printer, and learning a lot more about rolling stock as a consequence of trying to build models of things not available as ready-to-run. From the above Stroudleys to the LSWR 24' composite, as lasered: And thence to things like the LSWR cattle wagon, I rather think my work has been getting more deta
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