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  1. It will be fine as the V5 has logic level at the 21 pin socket for Aux 3 & 4 and full power at the pads at the other end of the decoder
  2. Santa very kindly brought me a Dapol 68008 Avenger, unfortunately I had got one myself just before Christmas. Were there any other DRS Class 68's in this updated form so I can rename/number this second one. Thanks in advance
  3. I believe so. I can only speak for the ECML pullman bit others existed at that time such as the Bournemouth Belle, I don't know if they had the later crest or we steel sided
  4. That later crest Pullmans steel sided were for use with the Metro Cammell MK1 pullmans introduced in 1961. There were no Mk1 Pullman brakes built. Some K type Kitchens and Parlours were also retained as spares,these also had the later creast
  5. Massive thanks to Flood Does anyone have a 1977 78 timetable for the ECML? Mike
  6. Thanks Flood thats famtastic Mike
  7. Thanks Flood that's great, Just to be a pain there is a separate Pullman page further on in the timetables, is it possible to get those aswell Ta Mike
  8. Hi All I am researching East Coast Pullman Services in the 1970’s and need some details from the following timetables 6 May 1974 until 4 May 1975 5 May 1975 until 2 May 1976 3 May 1976 until 1 May 1977 2 May 1977 to 7 May 1978 The information I need are the times and stops for the Tees Tyne Pullman (Up to 2nd May 76) and the Hull and Yorkshire Pullmans for all dates please If anyone has copies could you post a scan/picture of the Pullman Page, normally around page 255 of the ECML timetables Thanks Mike
  9. That looks really good. I have done one of mine but as you say a tricky job. One more little job you can do to improve things is to paint the visible parts of the pickups black so they don't show through the bogie frames (not the bit that touches the wheels though
  10. Thanks PM47079. I'll work on that unless someone else knows any different
  11. They do, but I am trying to understand the configuration of lights when the driver activated the Hazard Lights
  12. Thanks Andy, I understand that regarding light loco or with a train. Maybe i should rephrahase. Assuming it is light loco would the rear reds remain at steady red or would the high beam headlights flash at both ends?
  13. Can anyone describe the Class 68 Hazard Lights please. I understand that when selected by the driver the high beam head lights flash. Do the rear lights remain steady red or do they flash or do the high beam headlights flash at the rear as well?. I ask because I have adapted my Dapol Class 68 lights to operate as per the prototypes , ie the top marker operates with the halo lights etc. And it would be good to add this feature correctly.
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