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  1. When we built our house, we put the railway room at one end and the sewing room at the other. We meet in the middle for meals, conversation, etc, etc. It works very well!
  2. I've now fitted most of the handrails but ran out of short knobs having ordered too many medium ones by mistake. While waiting for them to arrive, I have got on and done a bit of plumbing. There's a gap at the front as I won't be able to fit the vacuum and steam heating pipes there until the final fitting of the chassis to the body.
  3. I filed the wire flat before bending to shape, leaving a full circular section to go into the hole in the body. See below
  4. After some fiddly work and a lot of cursing I have completed the operating rods for the front sand boxes. The rods were bent up from 0.6mm dia brass rod which was then filed flat on two sides to give a finished thickness of 0.25mm. Pinned joints use 0.25mm brass rod. The cross member is 0.4mm rod. The triangular brackets were filed up from 1.5 x 1.5mm brass channel section. While I was at it, I also made some new lids for the sandboxes as the Bachmann ones were poorly fitted and could not be rescued. The observant may notice that the front steps have disappeared. When drilling the footplate for the missing handrails it was apparent that the steps were wrongly located. They will be thinned down and fixed centrally under the handrails in due course.
  5. Hi Dave, I filled them with Milliput then drilled them out to the correct size.
  6. With holidays over for a while and a couple of rainy days to keep me indoors, I have been able to spend some time on the pannier tank. The chassis is more or less finished, so it's been back to work on the body. The rear steps have been thinned down and refitted along with new rear sandboxes fabricated from black styrene. I also took the opportunity to make and fit an ATC box. The bunker has been stripped of all its handrails and brackets and replacements made and fitted.
  7. I had to look that up Bill. Totally over my head being brought up on duodecimals (shillings and pence, feet and inches). And weights, don't forget the metric tonne = 1000kg!
  8. I can't comment on the quality of the pics as I am still awaiting delivery of my copy!
  9. Fabulous work. Don't forget the pipes from the fillers on the footplate to the sand boxes!
  10. Well done Robin, good to see it going cleanly through the slip now. John
  11. If using self adhesive and more than one sheet, be careful not to put too much tension on it while rolling it out otherwise the joints may open up later.
  12. 65, you're a mere youngster!
  13. Yamaha. Less resistance when not using e-power.
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