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  1. When we built our house we had a 'bespoke' kitchen fitted. However it did not turn out quite as expected. In fairness they came back ripped most of it out and did it properly. They went bankrupt shortly afterwards! I am still finding uses for the hardwood that was ripped out!
  2. As we are still getting Christmas cards from the UK (2 more today), I may have a long wait for MRJ!
  3. Having soldered up the brake assembly and fitted the AWS pick up, building work on 5514 is now complete. ...and back in its component parts ready for the paint shop.
  4. That's correct Dave, they are hung off the underside of the footplate.
  5. I have now fitted the laminated overlays to the frames. These comprise a layer of 0.5mm styrene between the frames and the etched overlays. Both layers are secured with Sellotape double sided tape. This was chosen after testing several brands over the last three months. It is easy to fix and can be trimmed to shape before removing the protective tape leaving just a film of adhesive. The reason for doing this was to increase the overall width across the frames from 15mm to 16.25mm, which is closer to the prototype while still allowing sufficient lateral movement on the centre axle.
  6. Few more bits and pieces added. Steps, injectors, AWS and sand boxes. I should have fitted the sand boxes before I plumbed in the injectors, the pipework had to come off to fit some brackets to carry the sandboxes. Once this rather fiddly fabrication and fitting was complete, the plumbing went back on before the sandboxes themselves could be fitted as the pipework passes behind them. The sand boxes themselves were knocked up in styrene as those provided with the kit were of the wrong type being more suitable for a pannier tank.
  7. There's been quite a lot of progress since my last posting!
  8. Interesting that she ran into exactly the same problems in 7mm as I did in 4mm. I have only checked upto the point that I am currently at. I will check out the rest of it. Meanwhile this is the progress to date. This shot also shows how over etching has almost removed the rivet detail. I see the bars on the cab windows are bent again. Tip, make them the last thing you fit before painting!
  9. Thanks Andrew. I may post something retrospectively on the chassis build.
  10. My current project is a JLRT/David Geen/Malcolm Mitchell 4575 kit. This has appeared in many guises, initially as a Churchward model and finally as a 4mm version of the JLRT 7mm kit, marketed by David Geen. My box of goodies appeared to be a hotchpotch of these with parts, instructions and drawings not being always compatible. I managed to acquire another set of drawings and instructions from another S4 Society member and, with a certain amount of cross referencing, managed to get the chassis built, albeit with a few modifications along the way. With the chassis finally finished, I made a star
  11. The last time I checked the Transport Treasury did not have access to Peter Gray's colour photographs and were not expecting that situation to change. I didn't get anywhere with my efforts to get find a contact for whoever has them, which might well be his family.
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