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  1. Blimey, we have some of that in the cupboard. Better check the sell by date!!
  2. Large Prairie from Worseter shed crosses the viaduct over the canal with a short rake of empty mineral wagons.
  3. 1.5mm o/d from Eileen's Emporium.
  4. Just about ready to go into service.
  5. In light of the discussions on a couple of forums of late re the use of RSU's, no soldering iron came any where near the above model but I have to admit to using epoxy to secure the white metal fittings.
  6. I found this old Pocket Money Kit a few months back when I was sorting out my unbuilt wagon and van kits. I bought it way back in the 90's, so it's taken a while to get on the workbench. I built it pretty much as designed except that I threw away the axle boxes and springs in favour of MJT W-irons and Rumney Models springs and axle boxes. The white metal chimney was replaced with brass tube and I used 0.4 n/s wire for the handrails in lieu of the 0.5 brass wire provided with the kit. I beefed up the end framing on the verandas with styrene strip. After a coat of primer, it will be painted in
  7. Starting to look very impressive. I will be following with interest.
  8. Not the healthiest place to work. Great footage though.
  9. I have, of late, been finishing off a few unfinished elements on the layout, namely, completing the vegetation on the embankment and weathering the factory and chimney at the far end of the layout. So, a rare birds' eye view. Apologies for the blurry bit in the middle. That's a scratch on the lens. I'm amazed the camera is still working at all as it got crushed when I came off the bike in New Zealand earlier this year.
  10. Most of us get a dip in our mojo from time to time Tom. Mine usually come after finishing a particular project. Fortunately I can always go out and do something in the garden. I'm at one of those points now with little enthusiasm to start the next one. However, it's too wet and windy to venture outside today so I have finally got around to weathering a building I built six years ago. It will be another of those unfinished jobs ticked off the list. So don't worry, you are not alone and you have a lot of friends here on RM Web.
  11. Its in 2 parts. The alterations to the body are in 248 'A Britannia for Worseter' and those to the chassis in 254 'A Britannia for Worseter Part 2'
  12. Yes but with a few modifications, these involved the bogie and pony truck as well as some butchery to the chassis itself. Details are in an article I did for MRJ about 4 years ago.
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