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  1. Latest little mod this morning. The safety valve casing in the kit was too tall for 2822 in the period I am modelling, so I filed it down to the correct height, soldered a washer on top and filed that to size. I think it looks quite good!
  2. I've made a start on the long list of things to do before fixing the boiler/smoke box. One of these is fitting the extra boiler support fitted to the earlier locos. The instructions tell you to solder it to the top of the frame spacer. Soldering .012" thick brass edge to edge did not appeal to me and, as the support would then sit a little low, I added a small strip to the bottom and soldered two strips of 0.012" brass either side. this enables it to slot over the frame spacer. It won't even need soldering in place as it's a snug fit and will be held in place by the boiler.
  3. The boiler and smoke box have now been soldered up but not yet fixed as I have a few bits and pieces to do that go on the footplate both under the boiler and smoke box. I must also remember to fit the step under the smoke box as it's a pain doing it later. Incidentally, rolling boilers is much easier since I bought my GW Models rolling bars!
  4. The motor was rather a tight fit so I have filed the tubes down a bit to give myself a little more play room. I have also raised the height of the opening between the firebox and boiler for the same reason. I think it's still going to be a fairly tricky exercise uniting chassis and body. I won't have a gearbox until High Level reopen for business so can't do a full insertion test at the moment!
  5. The firebox is now finished, not one of my favourite jobs but it has turned out OK I made one modification. Once everything else was done, I soldering lengths of brass square tube along the bottoms of the sides to keep them straight. Unsupported 0.006" brass is a bit floppy!
  6. Hi Simon. I have checked the chassis with a meter and nothing is shorting out at the moment. I set the brake shoes level with the outer face of the wheels when they are dead centre on the chassis and that should give enough clearance as the side play on the centre axles will be less than 0.5mm.
  7. That's a new one to me Simon. What point of contact would you be worried about?
  8. The brake gear is now finished so it's time to check that all the various chassis components still go together OK! The brake gear is totally removeable at the moment as the levers are not soldered to the rear cross shaft which is just held in place by friction at the moment. Once the loco is finished, the cross shaft will be fixed and the brake gear will pivot on it if the wheels need to come out ( the hangers are sprung onto the pins). I use sleeves stripped from electrical wire as spacers for the brake hangers. It is a good tight
  9. Finally managed to get the valve gear finished. It is purely cosmetic and is modified to let the wheelset drop in and out. Having got that out of the way, I fitted the brake hangers (cut down brass lacemakers pins) and frame overlays. Brake gear next but, as we are promised three days of fine weather, that might have to wait.
  10. The etch for the valve gear arrived from Brassmasters this week so, having reached a suitable point to pause on the bodywork (firebox next, I don't mind putting that off for a while), I can get back to finishing off the chassis. Although the etch is for working valve gear, as the eccentrics are not available at the moment and I don't really want the hassle, I shall only be building it cosmetically. Here's the state of play at the moment.
  11. Thanks everyone. The consensus is that 'the prototype has a beam compensation between the springs and these are to represent the pivot points of the beam'.
  12. I have a question. Does anyone know what the bits circled on the photo of the frame overlays represent? In photos of the prototype they are hidden by the brake hangers.
  13. Made a start on the body today.
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