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  1. Here's a rear view, loosely based on the prototype.
  2. Sadly not. It must be getting on for 30 years ago that I built the model and I no longer have any drawings pre 2001, when I moved to Ireland and started doing most of my drawing on CAD. I remember we had a great day measuring it up and probably spent a disproportionate time in the bar. I can't remember whether the barmaid was based on the prototype!
  3. Just been catching up on Marsh Sidings. It's looking great. The Fountain Inn was used as the prototype for the Railway Inn on Clinkerford.
  4. Solved it. I found 4 small tags at the corners of the floor
  5. Has anyone any experience of dismantling one of these (Ref R4880A). I need to get the bogies off to convert it to P4.
  6. Self adhesive labels might be better.
  7. 2822 is now just about ready for the paintshop. A couple of things to do in the cab and the ATC shoe to fit. I now have to get the wheels ready as I should have a gearbox arriving this week.
  8. Incidentally, I have just weighed the loco and I estimate, when complete, it will weigh in at approx. 300gm (not including motor, gearbox and tender). I am getting to the point when I really need that High Level gearbox! I will then get all the proper wheels and motion fitted. I did a test fit of motor + wiring this morning. I'm glad I opened up the opening between firebox and boiler a little, it's a very tight fit!
  9. Nothing so sophisticated, I'm afraid. I do some initial calculations taking into account the space available then load up a steel rule with the estimated quantities of lead in their approx locations in relation to the centre of the overall wheel base represented by a length of tube on which the rule should balance. Adjustments can be made at this stage. Once the loco is at a suitable state of construction, I load it with lead based on the previous exercise and adjust the mount of lead until the loco sits level and at the correct height.
  10. Took a few days off working in the garden but it's showery today so a chance to do a bit more on 2822. Roof is still loose and won't be fixed until I've finished work inside the cab.
  11. 2822 undergoing weight distribution trials prior to fixing boiler/smokebox to footplate/firebox.
  12. Latest little mod this morning. The safety valve casing in the kit was too tall for 2822 in the period I am modelling, so I filed it down to the correct height, soldered a washer on top and filed that to size. I think it looks quite good!
  13. I've made a start on the long list of things to do before fixing the boiler/smoke box. One of these is fitting the extra boiler support fitted to the earlier locos. The instructions tell you to solder it to the top of the frame spacer. Soldering .012" thick brass edge to edge did not appeal to me and, as the support would then sit a little low, I added a small strip to the bottom and soldered two strips of 0.012" brass either side. this enables it to slot over the frame spacer. It won't even need soldering in place as it's a snug fit and will be held in place by the boiler.
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