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  1. While waiting for my train at Bristol Temple Meads, I couldn't resist taking this shot on my phone.
  2. Quoting from 'Building Technology' by Ivor Seeley, Ridges and hips may be covered by half-round, segmental or angular tiles, preferably Staffordshire blue or tinted terracotta or be formed with a 50mm diameter wood roll covered with code nr 5 or code nr 6 lead sheet, 450 to 500mm wide, lapped 75mm at joints and secured with screws and lead tacks.
  3. The plan was to get the spray booth out today and make a start on painting the two pannier tanks but a combination of storm force winds and thunderstorms threatening our power supply scuppered that idea. I think I need to get back to scenics, once the tanks are finished, so I did a bit of work on the computer playing around with ideas for the industrial buildings at the South end of the layout. There are some nice prototypes from Gloucester in the latest Neil Parkhouse book (Volume 4A). With the dust sheets up on the layout, I couldn't resist taking a couple of snaps. Here 70018 heads South on a Cardiff train while 92006 plods North along the embankment with a load of South Wales coal, catching a patch of sunshine on a rather overcast day.
  4. 5771 has finally received a coat of primer!
  5. It's amazing what you can miss and how you never stop learning. I was on the computer looking for some old railway photographs which were filed under Railways/Prototypes/Old photographs. I found what I was looking for but then noticed that also under Prototypes there were two folders titled 36xx and 37xx. Opening them up I found loads of detail photographs that I must have taken years ago and forgotten all about! Needless to say, I perused them to make sure that all my deductions/assumptions, when detailing my two panniers, were correct. All OK except that I noticed reinforcing brackets to the brake hanger assemblies. I checked the GA drawing - not shown, publicity photo - not shown. I checked the photographs in my 'Pannier Papers' and there they were. There must have been a problem when the locos were first built and the additional bracing retro fitted. I have used brass channel filed to shape to represent them, not quite the correct profile but near enough. Another day and the chassis would have been in the paint shop!
  6. I recognise that bridge tunnel combination in 'the Forest' !
  7. I will be spending some time in Nelson later this year. Any RM Webbers out there?
  8. I used an Ifor Williams twin axle box van trailer for many years taking Clinkerford to exhibitions. This usually involved trips across the Irish Sea, some of which were very rough. The layout never suffered any damage in transit. However .... Each board had a totally enclosed plywood cover. Boards were stacked with substantial timber spacers between with foam rubber cushioning. The boards at the bottoms of the stacks sat on 75mm of foam cushioning. The spacers prevented lateral and longitudinal movement. Each stack was secured with ratcheted straps. Best of luck!
  9. I think this is what you are looking for. ... and this is the reason I have two spares! PM me with your address and I will pop them in the post. Happy New Year John
  10. I may have a pair from a Mitchell mogul kit. I will check when I get home after Christmas.
  11. They are both Bachmann bodies on High Level chassis with Alan Gibson P4 wheelsets. The wheels in the pics are old ones that I use to set up the chassis. I have done extra detailing on the chassis. Is chassis the plural of chassis??
  12. I don't think i have finished anything this year but these two are work in progress and are ready for the paint shop.
  13. Probably not, I think three panniers will be enough, I might even get around to building the fourth one that is sitting feeling neglected at the moment! Enjoy your festive break. best regards, John
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