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  1. I know, I drive past it most days. It took until last September to clear all the spent fuel rods though.
  2. Evening all, thinking of having a dabble in O gauge. Been trying to resist a Dapol 08 for ages. As both my 00 gauge layouts have DCC sound it will be a must for O gauge. So what is the best sound and speaker combo for the Dapol 08, any one with any advice please? Thank you.
  3. Nick G

    DEMU Forum

    No I couldn't! Its now 05.30am and it seems to be working again.
  4. 25191 on an engineers working on the outskirts of Rhyl. Didn't record the date sadly.
  5. Saddened to hear from Jeanette that Rob Hamp of Express Models passed away last night. Had some good times helping on their stand when they used to do exhibitions. RIP Rob.
  6. Nick G

    DEMU Forum

    Is DEMU Forum down again, I can't get on? WORKING now!
  7. Some of mine from Rhyl, N Wales 31444 in the engineers sidings 8th March 1989.
  8. Some of mine from Rhyl, N Wales 31411 in the engineers sidings 19th February 1990.,
  9. Some of mine from Rhyl, N Wales 31282 on the down loop with an engineers train 18th September 1987.
  10. Nick G

    DEMU Forum

    Yes, not been able to get on all morning.
  11. Thanks Andy, so your a railway modeller to?
  12. Yes it does exist...
  13. It will be the wire contacts not touching, they are very tempremental once the body has been removed.
  14. R/C construction stuff and R/C tugs is my 'other' thing!
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