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  1. 31284 arrives at Trawsfynydd on a dull and rainy day...
  2. Typical bank holiday weather in North Wales...
  3. Thanks Martyn, I need John to come and photograph it his shots are much better than mine!
  4. 47323 waits patiently for the nuclear flask to be loaded at Trawsfynydd.
  5. 31284 arrives at Trawsfynydd on a route refresher run.
  6. While most of North Wales basks in the spring sunshine its raining at Maentwrog Road!
  7. As Mark says, its a simple job.
  8. I think there are plans to make it more prominent.
  9. What Roy said. If you look at the T&C's section on the website (I just checked) there is a section about 'Reservation of forthcoming products'.
  10. For those who don't have Facebook this is copied from the SLW Facebook page: FIDDLER ON THE ROOF... Never mind the 'hand of god' what about the 'eyes of god'? Considering we spend most of the time looking down our models from above, SLW doesn't skimp on roof detail... (Mind you, we quite like putting detail even where you can't see it!) This the central engine access panel on our new Class 25. Note the lifting points, unequal spacing of the distinctive securings and a nice panel line surround. Oh, we also decided to have some fun and add a representation of the rivet pattern e
  11. AND BACK ON TOPIC..... Peter, not sure if you do Facebook but this post from the SLW Facebook page confirms the Loco will be correct at the No 2 end. TAMWORTH CASTLE PLATES IN PREPARATION What an interesting few hours it has been this morning! Here, at SLW HQ we are pleased to be able to show a little 'extra' that will be provided with our version of well-loved 'celebrity' D7672 TAMWORTH CASTLE in retro-green (Cat No. 2532). Each model will be supplied with finely-etched stainless steel nameplates that can be applied over the top of our printed versions. This
  12. Looks great Nigel, nice work.
  13. Shared from the SLW Facebook page: LIGHTING UP OUR NEW CLASS 25 We've had quite a few enquiries about our new Class 25's lighting arrangement. The model features independently-controlled interior lights (cab and engine room), illumination of the four-digit alpha-numeric headcode blinds and tail lights. Tail lights are switchable, with an auto-extinguish feature when you move out of our 'light engine' driving mode (provided for all the frustrated signalmen out there).
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