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  1. You are right, the two things that were bugging me with the plan were lack of headshunt and the turntable only access to the shed. I will have to move the turntable I think. What do you think of this plan instead?
  2. This blog will follow the progress made on my 00 Guage shed layout. It's current name is Stibbington and the layout is 10 x 8 foot in size and consists of three tail chasing mainlines and a steam shed. The era is late steam early diesel and situated somewhere between the LNER/LMS routes. The baseboards are complete and the track for the mainlines and fiddle yard have been laid and tested. I am currently trying to decide on a good track plan for the steam shed. I have purchased and installed a Heljan turntable and have a provisional plan in mind which can be seen in the picture below.
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