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  1. Apologies for the lack of activity on this thread, work has been continuing on the layout I just haven't updated RMWeb so here goes. Station Filler was applied to the platforms to create a level surface for the platform edging from Scalemodelscenery which is a great product although you have to be very careful with the tactile paving as the bobbles are very delicate even after painting. More filler was then applied to level the platforms with the edging and this was then sanded and painted. Still a lo
  2. Hi Rhydgaled I've measured the wheel diameter excluding flanges on both the old and new wheels and they appear to be identical. The only difference I can see is the depth of the flanges.
  3. I contacted Hornby regarding the wheels on my XC rake of SD coaches and have received a full set of replacement wheels today. Mistakes happen but glad that Hornby have shown great customer service for me on this occasion.
  4. When I checked DC running was already disabled so unfortunately the issue remains.
  5. Hello, I have a Vitrains 37 fitted with a TTS decoder that is at random intervals moving off at a very slow speed of its own accord. I usually only notice when it causes a short by entering the points at the end of my fiddle yard. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I use a Z21 and the decoder has a unique address and no other locos exhibit this behavior, not sure what to try! Phil
  6. Not much progress on the layout recently but have found some time to dabble with DCC sound. I've added Legomanbiffo sound to my class 68, 70 & Voyager with the decoders from DCkits and the speakers from Roads and rails with excellent service from both. Initially installed a double iPhone speaker in the 70 but didn't feel it conveyed the power of the real thing so with some trepidation I took the Dremel to the tank and installed an EM1 which I am much happier with. For the Class 68 I installed 2 of the square megabass speakers below which sound good. The Voyager
  7. Thanks Charlie, I've checked and the speakers are 4 Ohms so will change the wiring to in series. Phil
  8. Hi Richard, I've used two of these speakers in my Dapol 68 with a Legomanbiffo Loksound V5 from DCkits and it sounds sound great, however having read this thread i'm now concerned about the Ohms not being right for the decoder. I've wired the speakers in parallel and everything works fine I just don't want to overload the decoder! Any advice gratefully received from a newbie to sound. Phil
  9. Hello everyone I haven't updated this thread in a while so here goes. I've made some more progress on the station area with the embankment and retaining wall now in place and a base layer of grass applied. I have also added a small baseboard extension so that the layout now flows around the corner better and think this has been a great improvement which probably doesn't come across in the pictures. Next jobs are to paint the retaining wall and platform faces and then install the platform edging. I finally got around to fitting the Exp
  10. Hello all. Managed to make some more progress on the station area this weekend. The Peco platform edging is now in place and faced with Wills stone which matches the look I am aiming for much better than the Slaters sheets in my opinion. I’ve also ordered platform edging from Scale model scenery to go behind the Peco edging https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/lx213-oo-platform-coping-with-tactile-paving-for-peco-lk-62-670mm---oo4mm176-7365-p.asp I spent today building the embankment structure and now need to cover this and cover with plaster bandage. Happy mod
  11. Thanks for the positive comments Scott. The viaduct was my first attempt at scratch building and I’m pleased with how it’s turned out. Still quite a bit to do on it and the valley. Phil
  12. Hello All, I made a bit more progress with the station area over the weekend and trimmed all of the Peco edging down and secured it in place. I also ordered some Slaters stone sheets to use as the edging though to be honest I am not convinced either style is suitable. The effect I am looking for is like the below so If anyone knows of a suitable embossed sheet then please let me know. I could use DAS and scribe the stone work like I did for the viaduct but its a lot of work and I doubt i could make it thin enough to use with the Peco edgi
  13. Evening all, Not had much time to work on the layout lately but managed to grab a few hours today and made a start on the station area. I've decided on an S&C theme and have purchased a Skaledale station building, Waiting room and Signal box. I am going to attempt the platform build method Gordon S used on Eastwood town. I want the station to be able to handle an 8 coach HST which means the station will have to flow into a curve. I've cut MDF into strips and have temporarily secured these in place to see how it looks. The Peco platform edging has been cleaned up to allow it to
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