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  1. It's £7.99 a month however you get access to a lot of different magazines. My favourites are Model Rail, Hornby, BRM, RAIL & Steam Railway along with some railway bookazines. Lots of non rail content too. No affiliation just a happy customer for the last couple of years.
  2. Have you looked at a Readly subscription? I have one and Model Rail is on there along with Hornby magazine and BRM. It has apps for iOS/Android and can be viewed from a browser too. Also has back issues available for most magazines.
  3. Have checked my 4 pairs of Freightliners after seeing this thread and thankfully they appear to be ok.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333929327260 with defects.....
  5. Cold and a bit snowy here today so painted the footbridge. It will need a second coat in places and some weathering but I am pleased with how it's looking so far.
  6. Hello, As it's been such a wet and dreary day I decided it was time to build my LCUT Creative platform footbridge. This was my first attempt at a laser cut card kit and I found it relatively straightforward to put together however the steps are a touch fiddly and require some patience. I had to reduce the span by removing one of the panels to make it fit my platforms and I think it looks ok, just need to paint it now.
  7. It is hand scribed and took ages! About a quarter of the way through I was starting to question my sanity. Pleased with the result so far though.
  8. Thanks Powerhaul. Adding sound is addictive... expensive but addictive. Durrington Central looks great btw
  9. Apologies for the lack of activity on this thread, work has been continuing on the layout I just haven't updated RMWeb so here goes. Station Filler was applied to the platforms to create a level surface for the platform edging from Scalemodelscenery which is a great product although you have to be very careful with the tactile paving as the bobbles are very delicate even after painting. More filler was then applied to level the platforms with the edging and this was then sanded and painted. Still a lot to tidy up but overall I am happy with how it looks. Need to figure out what I am going to do with the area in front of the station, the ground level needs to be brought up so its level with the platform for a start though. New Tunnel/Fiddle yard entry For the fiddle yard entry at the station end of the layout I have created a hill and tunnel and plan to site a church on the hill. The hill was constructed from wood and foamboard cover with plaster cloth and then sculptamould, this was a new product for me and I really like it and have ordered some more. The Tunnel mouth was made using Das clay on a wood former. A strength test was also conducted on the viaduct by my cat Lexie
  10. Hi Rhydgaled I've measured the wheel diameter excluding flanges on both the old and new wheels and they appear to be identical. The only difference I can see is the depth of the flanges.
  11. I contacted Hornby regarding the wheels on my XC rake of SD coaches and have received a full set of replacement wheels today. Mistakes happen but glad that Hornby have shown great customer service for me on this occasion.
  12. When I checked DC running was already disabled so unfortunately the issue remains.
  13. Hello, I have a Vitrains 37 fitted with a TTS decoder that is at random intervals moving off at a very slow speed of its own accord. I usually only notice when it causes a short by entering the points at the end of my fiddle yard. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I use a Z21 and the decoder has a unique address and no other locos exhibit this behavior, not sure what to try! Phil
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