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  1. Not much progress on the layout recently but have found some time to dabble with DCC sound. I've added Legomanbiffo sound to my class 68, 70 & Voyager with the decoders from DCkits and the speakers from Roads and rails with excellent service from both. Initially installed a double iPhone speaker in the 70 but didn't feel it conveyed the power of the real thing so with some trepidation I took the Dremel to the tank and installed an EM1 which I am much happier with. For the Class 68 I installed 2 of the square megabass speakers below which sound good. The Voyager has a double iPhone speaker in each of the centre coaches however I'm not sure about the sound and may upgrade these to the square megabass speakers. I've put together the video below to show them in action. Must get back to working on the station area now!
  2. Thanks Charlie, I've checked and the speakers are 4 Ohms so will change the wiring to in series. Phil
  3. Hi Richard, I've used two of these speakers in my Dapol 68 with a Legomanbiffo Loksound V5 from DCkits and it sounds sound great, however having read this thread i'm now concerned about the Ohms not being right for the decoder. I've wired the speakers in parallel and everything works fine I just don't want to overload the decoder! Any advice gratefully received from a newbie to sound. Phil
  4. Hello everyone I haven't updated this thread in a while so here goes. I've made some more progress on the station area with the embankment and retaining wall now in place and a base layer of grass applied. I have also added a small baseboard extension so that the layout now flows around the corner better and think this has been a great improvement which probably doesn't come across in the pictures. Next jobs are to paint the retaining wall and platform faces and then install the platform edging. I finally got around to fitting the Express models light kits to my Cross Country 170 & Voyager, think I've had these for over 5 years. The Voyager was very fiddly and I had to count to ten a few times! whereas the 170 was relatively straightforward. Programming the lights to work as normal i.e daytime/rears on F0 directional control was initially a major pain/impossible as I was trying to use my Z21. I gave up on that and dug out my SPROG which made things SO much easier. So much so that I have now set it up permanently. Voyager before After Class 170 before and after
  5. Hello all. Managed to make some more progress on the station area this weekend. The Peco platform edging is now in place and faced with Wills stone which matches the look I am aiming for much better than the Slaters sheets in my opinion. I’ve also ordered platform edging from Scale model scenery to go behind the Peco edging https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/lx213-oo-platform-coping-with-tactile-paving-for-peco-lk-62-670mm---oo4mm176-7365-p.asp I spent today building the embankment structure and now need to cover this and cover with plaster bandage. Happy modelling!
  6. Thanks for the positive comments Scott. The viaduct was my first attempt at scratch building and I’m pleased with how it’s turned out. Still quite a bit to do on it and the valley. Phil
  7. Hello All, I made a bit more progress with the station area over the weekend and trimmed all of the Peco edging down and secured it in place. I also ordered some Slaters stone sheets to use as the edging though to be honest I am not convinced either style is suitable. The effect I am looking for is like the below so If anyone knows of a suitable embossed sheet then please let me know. I could use DAS and scribe the stone work like I did for the viaduct but its a lot of work and I doubt i could make it thin enough to use with the Peco edging strips. Any advice would be appreciated! Phil
  8. Evening all, Not had much time to work on the layout lately but managed to grab a few hours today and made a start on the station area. I've decided on an S&C theme and have purchased a Skaledale station building, Waiting room and Signal box. I am going to attempt the platform build method Gordon S used on Eastwood town. I want the station to be able to handle an 8 coach HST which means the station will have to flow into a curve. I've cut MDF into strips and have temporarily secured these in place to see how it looks. The Peco platform edging has been cleaned up to allow it to be attached straight onto the MDF and the plan is to use Slaters stone plasticard for the faces. For the station footbridge I have got an Lcut Creative LMS footbridge which I now need to build. Looks a bit fiddly .
  9. Thanks for the positive comments. I am pleased with how the viaduct is progressing as it’s taken a long time and a lot of work to get it to where it is now. I used Arten Gill as inspiration so following an S&C theme may be the way to go for the rest of the layout.
  10. Hello everyone, I thought I would come out of the shadows and add my layout Scarsdale to the forum. Following a recent house renovation I am lucky enough to have a large loft space 29ft x 9ft for my layout which has been under construction for about a year so far. It took several months to complete the baseboards and decide on a track plan which I have purposely kept simple as I have precious little modelling time and wanted a layout I have a fighting chance of finishing or at least getting to a reasonable standard. This is only my second layout after a previous aborted attempt and I have chosen to model the present day to allow me to run trains from any era. I wanted the layout to include a section running through countryside incorporating a bridge or viaduct along with a station that can accommodate decent length trains. The viaduct is a work in progress as is the grass which is my first attempt at using static grass. I've created my first ever Youtube video showing some of my stock running on the layout too. I would appreciate any comments / feedback on the layout so far. Happy modelling Phil
  11. I tried to keep the wiring as simple as possible but it sounds as though fitting an accessory bus for the Cobalts would resolve the issue. I will look at fitting suppressors to the track bus as well to help with the voltage spikes. Thanks for the help everyone
  12. Hi All, I recently installed 19 Cobalt IP Digital point motors on my new layout which I control using a Roco Z21 and they have been great except that I have now twice experienced issues with all 19 motors losing their addresses following shorts. Both shorts were due to derailments due to incorrectly set points. On both occasions I had to go around and reapply the addresses to each motor which although a simple process is frustrating. Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice would be gratefully received. Phil
  13. The BBC News website is reporting that sadly the little girl has died. Incredibly sad, my thoughts go out to the family. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-20606244
  14. I suppose I should have Googled this first!
  15. Arrived at St Pancras this morning from Nottingham to find a bright yellow TGV in the platform next to the EMT HST I was on. The TGV looked like a freight version with no windows. There appeared to by some sort of presentation going on near the champagne bar too. Anyone know anything about this?
  16. Just sold my Prodigy Advance 2 pondering what to replace it with. ECoS is tempting

  17. Excellent work they are great buildings. I would maybe tone down the blue with some weathering as I think this would improve the overall look.
  18. Phil-Essex

    Brighton Belle

    The pictures on Hattons do look good but £148 for a two car set is too expensive in my opinion. A 4 car CEP can be had for £89 and the excellent 108 & 105 DMUs are around £80. But then I do love the rake of Hornby Pullman coaches I got for Christmas, albeit for £28 each.
  19. Model Rail (Subscriber) Positives: Good impartial and in depth reviews that cover looks and performance of new models. I particularly like the individual ratings given for value, performance, features etc. As a beginner the Workbench section with it's tutorials and supertests is an excellent resource. In my opinion it has the best layout with superb photography. Negatives:It would be nice to see a better website which could if done correctly would enhance the magazine. Hornby Magazine (Probably buy 6 issues a year) Positives: Good layout and presentation with some excellent photography. I like the 'Make a scene' tutorials which have included a fire station, builders yard etc. The locomotive fact files that accompany some of the loco reviews are good too. Negatives: I feel the reviews section really lets this magazine down. A lot of the reviews seem to read like a press release rather than giving a true appraisal of a model, this is especially so for wagons, coaches etc. Railway Modeller I used to subscribe to the Modeller when I was growing up (80s) and really enjoyed it. However I feel it has been a little bit left behind in terms of look, feel & layout when compared to some of the newer titles.
  20. £55K to drive a tube train, 35 hour week & 29 days holiday. Where do I sign up!

    1. lordhinton


      i saw that for ews but with around £30k, i really want it to be my future carrer

    2. Horsetan


      ...and you get Bob Crowbar representing you for very little extra cost!

    3. CovDriver


      LM cuurently have some driver and Guards vacancies I'Ve applied for the driver one obviously!!


  21. is wondering what the 1st October is going to bring?

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    2. richbrummitt


      group buys on Cornish ale. Not sure how inspiring cheap beer is to modelling though?

    3. packetlos


      When is the Dapol open day? soon?

    4. halfwit


      Breakfast I hope.

  22. Sky News is reporting an explosion at Crewe Station

    1. RedgateModels


      Gas explosion so they say

    2. Trebor


      Horsetan and Veggie curry about again then !


  23. While fitting lights to my Voyager i picked up the soldering iron by the hot end... ouch!

    1. westernglory


      Phil, you have my sympathy, I have a poor track record with soldering irons !


  24. Hi, I recently purchased a Hornby DCC fitted Virgin HST which performs well at all speeds and in both directions but there is a significant jump in acceleration & deceleration at speed step 10. This causes the train to visibly jerk forwards/backwards. I am using a Gaugemaster Prodigy Advanced 2 set to use 28 speed steps. Any advice on how to resolve this issue would be appreciated. I have never adjusted CV's etc. Thanks in advance
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