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  1. Fast Forward to 1:56:32 for some rather nice colour film of 16 tonners in 1959 on the Cromford and High Peak...many a shade of grey.
  2. Crock Depot also has its own Facebook page...which is less about Croft and more a celebration of all those weed covered railways which we thought would always be there...and if you look hard enough you can still find, tucked away, just waiting to be explored... https://www.facebook.com/pg/Croft-Depot-Model-Railway-180968538716852/posts/?ref=page_internal
  3. ...not quite 16tonners, but strongly influenced by, 'The Wheel of Drams' at Maesycwmmer.
  4. ...a clean one (OK so its only 3/4 of a clean one)
  5. ...not sure if this has been up before...
  6. ...so are you going to build a St Johns church cameo Uncle P?
  7. ...Yes Uncle P, a repeat for the sheet cleat detail... (If only I could get out more!)
  8. Some good detail views of a vacuum fitted 16tonner being restored...you don't see that many pictures of the vacuum hose protector...
  9. ...looks like they were painted on the inside?
  10. ...I'm sure we've seen this one before, but couldn't resist all those neatly cleated sheets...
  11. ...yes, before you ask, I've been looking for cleats...
  12. ...have we been here before? I take it the little 'tags' either side of the R/H stanchion (snapped off on the L/H one) are rope cleats?
  13. Keep safe Mr Franks, self isolate and build some trains!
  14. Hi Tim I just come up with the ideas...sadly I'm useless with computery things!
  15. So, the whole country is fast heading towards a total lock down that may last for weeks or even months... It'll be months before we get to another show and the retailer/supplier side of our hobby is really going to suffer... So why not set up a virtual exhibition! It just needs someone with the IT skills to set up an interactive floor plan...just click on the layout and it takes you to a 5 minute video of that layout...or click on the retailer and it'll take you to their web page...Also, someone would need to co-ordinate the whole show... Just a thought A/box
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