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  1. oooh a nice rake of Conflat Ls, now if only someone made a decent class 37 to go with them...
  2. The shaped cab spectacles came about after a petition was received from footplate staff at West Auckland who wanted a better forward view...2 of the last J26s in service were still at West Auckland in June 1962 (65731 and 65735)...and of course 65735 was still fitted with round cab spectacles! In May 1962 the photographer Ian Carr traveled up Weardale behind 65735 on the pick up goods, taking some great photographs along the way, as here at Stanhope.
  3. Prototype for everything corner...with planks in the wrong place...
  4. Try The Stephenson Locomotive Society Journal number 361 dated June 1955, article by JW Armstrong entitled Snow (pages 200-201) possibly available from the Vintage Carriage Trusts magazine store at Ingrow (Google will find it for you). It describes each train and plough as it got stuck, (78018/82027 were not alone in getting stuck on Stainmore and a lot of crews ended up walking home)...it doesn't however mention the cavalcade from West Auckland that rescued 78018, probably because most of the 'fun and games' had finished by then. In among the crew rescuing 78018 is West Auckland's Charge-hand fitter Fred Wilcock (A/Box's grandfather) who was the same age as I am now...can't make him out in the film though, which is a pity. A/box
  5. ...so you're saying its not literally 'out of the box' but figuratively 'out of the box' where the box is the norm and to come out of that would mean to "think imaginatively using new ideas instead of traditional or expected ideas" That's the reintroduction of TT3 knocked on the head then... ....how about P6 a brand new scale based on 6mm to the foot...(can you see how easy the maths is going to be already)...everyone starts with one scale, one gauge and one standard... A/box (ps I'm baggsying the term P6 as well)
  6. ...its a digital 3D printer on which you can print your own trains, stations, houses etc etc Its called Hornby print-o-matic, you can buy each 'plan' direct from Hornby and just sit back and print you're miniature world. I can already see series 3 of the Great Model Railway show being a bunch of lads in a room full of printers churning out Jurassic Park volcanoes. (If Mr Wallace has already patented the term 'print-o-matic' then apols to Ardman, if not I'm baggsying that as well.) A/box
  7. Hi Jack Brilliant Film, the line ran past my house... A/box
  8. Uncle P, the world of work does still (at the time of writing) allow you a lunch break!
  9. ooooh VR railways, along the same lines (ha) as our gaming friends...you can interact with your mates running trains along 'real' railways using either real time or quick time...you'll have to sign up to a monthly subscription with routes and locos being added every few weeks...my money is on the Settle to Carlisle as the first line with a Peak and a Jubilee as the first offerings... ...and if you don't want to run trains, then sit back in the armchair of Ais Gill box and watch as the trains rattle past your windows, alternatively, get involved, learn your bell codes and get the kettle on as rule 55 applies and the fireman off the Anhydrite train you've had in the up loop for half an hour is about to knock on your door... However if this isn't Hornby's announcement then someone will pick this up (there are an awful lot of really good VR stuff out there, just ask Google). A/box PS 'quick time' is probably copyright somewhere apologies if it is, baggsy if it isn't.
  10. That's my kind of conversion...perhaps we might get an explanation of why it was removed?
  11. So I read....what we need is some 'stretchy' time! Fast forward to 3.50 in this film for a view of the next quarry along the line from Pickering...this is 1965 and it just cries out to be modelled... http://www.yorkshirefilmarchive.com/film/pick-pickering A/box
  12. It depends how small a quarry you're looking for...I really like the potential in this quarry... https://britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/EAW005709 (Its Britain from Above, to zoom in you have to join & sign in - but as its free then no problem!) You can make out a small gate behind the brake van which leads to a pair of rails stretching across the meadow and under a loading chute...and possibly even into what looks like a crushing shed beyond... A/box
  13. This is also Uncle Percy's raison d'être, I well remember his guided tour of the lamp posts of South Shields via the Council Estate with its very own disused level crossing which ended in fancy cakes (breakfast was available) at the Vintage Powder Room and Tea Shop in Whitley Bay...now that's the sort of place only a bold man would go alone...nice cake though...
  14. I could have sworn the 3 sets they had in the new Gosforth Lidl in Newcastle were £24.99...
  15. Conflat L's, what a wizard idea...would love to see how the boys handle those chains...that's a design challenge and a half...
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