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  1. The rebuilds were a lot sexier Mr G...I've no idea how E HB 4603 made it to 1954 mind...
  2. ...the short ones or the rebuilds (as per Goathland cafe)?
  3. I'm not fussy who plays with my trains set (obviously). My first encounter with Roy was him shouting at me (me being Retford shunter 3rd class), he had a glint in his eye...something his daughters remembered fondly, you knew he liked you if his eyes glinted when he shouted at you! If you ever stood in front of Retford and had a controller thrust into your hand and were asked to help with a shunting move, then that was the yard crew...during one lull in proceedings we even had the cheek to run our own train round the layout and back (only Mr Hall noticed) Can
  4. Aw haway! Onybody can do Gigglestreetv veiw: Quantity over quality Uncle P...can you do double tracks in the road like at Sharpness?
  5. https://www.google.com/maps/@51.7195879,-2.4725739,3a,75y,199.45h,71.93t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s0gPUda5UKeK_zNWWSWzcNA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 Sharpness Docks...
  6. http://www.pjv101.net/film_bw/pjv01523.htm From the archive of Mr Peter J Vincent...An Australian's view of the UK rail scene in 1979...
  7. The Rookhope and Middlehopeburn Railway in Weardale, which was closed in 1923. This section up by Heights quarry was in use until German POWs constructed an incline down the NER Wearhead branch during World War One...so these sleepers have slept on for over 100 years...and there, lying in the mud, you can still find the rails (For completeness the railway stool idle from 1923 until 1941(ish) when it was (supposedly) removed for the war effort.) ...
  8. From David Blower's flickr site, Nuneaton Abbey Street station on Monday 18th November 1968. Signalman Mr Alf Dixon had a lucky escape...
  9. Peckett W4 works number 521 of 1891 I'm hoping you good folks in Peckettland may have come across a picture of works number 521. she started life In the docks at Swansea in 1891 working for contractor Christopher Rowland subsequently being sold to Broomhill collieries, Northumberland in 1910. Broomhill sold her (prior to 1922?) to the Weardale Steel Coal and Coke company who rebuilt her at Thornley Colliery (Durham) in 1922 and sent her to work on the Weatherhill and Rookhope and Rookhope and Middlehope Railways in Weardale. She is recorded as working from all 3 sheds o
  10. https://www.flickr.com/groups/[email protected]/pool/page7 With our American cousins, its sometimes difficult to work out what has been abandoned and what hasn't...don't blame me if you get addicted to this, I just sent you the link!
  11. I'm sure we've seen this before...but the thought of trawling through nearly 160 pages to look for it! Its got to be worth a replay and B557510 is the star of the show.
  12. Hi Richard, there are a number of photographs taken on the same day. Its a West Auckland J39 and the line up to the quarry has been lifted, so the exchange sidings must have been in use for stone loading. I don't remember where this view came from and will remove if anyone objects...but there is the rail you can see in street view
  13. ...your probably right (If nothing else, I'm good at thread drift!)
  14. ...Something literally 'off the wall'...but still a remnant of what once was...this is where the litter bin was attached to the wall of the up waiting room on Acklington station before someone nicked it. However you can see the NER Brown and Stone colour scheme, the LNER Green and Cream, the BR (NER) Blue and off White and the current Grey and off White
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