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  1. ...HAAHAAHAA ...this is a never ending carousel of models...
  2. BEWARE THE BUS LANE CAMERA TRAP ...one of the exits off the Perth Green estate is a bus only lane, its easy to miss the signs...they couldn't have designed a better trap if they'd tried...and you will get a fine...(voice of experience) Oh and the show is really good...it just gets better every year. A/box
  3. Thanks to Jim, Dave and the team for putting on such a good show...and what an original group of demonstraters...all very different from the norm and all very inspiring. Everyone spoke of their memories and fondness for Richard Hollingworth and what he did for us and the wider model railway community. Where would we be if Parkside hadn't kickstarted the new 'accurate' age of model railways... As I suspected, Uncle P talked all day and fell asleep on the way home...young Jess spent all day operating Croft and we all ended up in Platform 3 (the pub over the road from the station). Most importantly thanks to Fiona for keeping us going with cups of tea and coffee. All power to the Scalefour and the EM Gauge societies working together in the future. A/box
  4. ...and weirdly you're always distantly related to the bloke on the gate, or hes lived in the same village as you...or both... ...thats quite an eclectic line up of demonstrators, I predict Mr Poursea will spend the whole day talking...
  5. ...Platform 3 up by the station, no cheese, but the beer looks good! https://www.platform3.co.uk/
  6. Tornado is due through Birtley at around 11:50 this morning...stand outside the show and you'll be able to hear it!
  7. ...and Linlithgow Palace...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linlithgow_Palace ...and just up the road from Bo'ness...https://www.bkrailway.co.uk/ ...and the museum of Scottish railways...https://www.bkrailway.co.uk/your-visit/museum/ ...all it needs now is an ale trai...no wait a minute it even has one of those...https://linlithgow.info/visit-linlithgow/heritage-trails/380-linlithgow-ale-trail-map ...we should go for the day Uncle Poursea...
  8. ...except for the numbers (ok some there was a mix of buffers amongst the batches)...does that number look like it starts B400...or is that just my 'confirmation bias' kicking in again...
  9. ...is that a BR 13t wooden hopper in the background or just one of the ordinary LNER ones??
  10. The days are getting longer, some of the daffs are out, so it must be time for the Birtley show...a proper North Eatern tradition. http://www.ukmodelshops.co.uk/events/18602-AnnualExhibition ...also Tornado will be passing on its way from Doncaster to Edinburgh and back on the Sunday.
  11. ...Signal boxes...never built one before (except a Superquick one, and an Airfix one) so I thought I'd best do some reasearch, luckily for me the base of Kelloe Bank Foot box (the one photographed by Porsea main and only a couple of hundred yards from the quarry) still exists...so I went to have a look, tape measure in hand... ...the base was fairly standard for an NER Northern Division signal box (although it did look like at some stage the top half had been extended back by a couple of feet). I suspect it would have looked like Hett Mill (3 miles away on the ECML) as here... However, the signal box before Kelloe BF was Coxhoe Bridge which was a very tall and thin (front to back) box...which is most likely what Kelloe BF looked like before it was extended back...(tho obviously not as tall!) ...and further along the line the box at Trimdon Station was even thinner still...and just to make things more interesting the signal boxes around Ferryhill were a right old mash up of NER designs, with no 2 boxes the same...there were designs from all 3 divisions of the NER within a 3 mile radius, with design features from the old Central division cropping up in later Northern Division designs...so the next move was to do some mock ups... Firstly a Northern Division design, as per Hett Mill... Secondly a Northern Division design similar in width to Coxhoe Bridge (with a little Central Division extra detailing above the windows) Thirdly...to a similar width as Trimdon (again with some extra detailing)... so to compare the 3... remembering that Garmondsway is very much a Cameo where size is everything...I thought it best to roll out the mat and try the 3 designs in situ...weidly they all seem to be floating 6 (scale) inches above the ground... ...and the conclusion was, one was to deep, one was too thin and one was just right...so probably time to start building one in plastic...
  12. ...I should have kept my fat mouth shut, for not doing so and unintentionally encouraging him I apologise to the whole Scottish nation and in particular Mr D Franks and Mr M McManus (deceased)...and Mike's right, only an Englishman would say 'murder' like that...
  13. ...isn't it time Uncle Porcy found a new quote...just kick him next time you see him, he'll never catch you, not since he turned the big six oh...
  14. ...not impressed at all, that lass has obviously spent a small fortune on them appendages and the surgeon couldn't even stick them on straight...I'd be asking for me money back if I were her...
  15. ...them baps haven't been stuck on straight...the one on the right is a bit low...
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