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  1. My rake has arrived and got its first run out this evening on the club's old N gauge layout. Apologies for the inappropriate loco - its about all I had available in DC! They look fantastic. One or two don't run quite as freely as expected but the Dapol 68 had no problem pulling the rake and I'm sure they're running better avter a few turns on the layout. Thanks! Dave
  2. Here's some OO timber wagons loaded with real twigs on our club layout. The owner spent ages finding the twigs to do this but the effect is so good I can understand that you would not want to try with mouldings of wood piles. Not sure I'll have the patience to do this with the N gauge versions when they come out though!
  3. Thanks everyone. I looked down the Newsletter Archive for KFA without checking the dates and missed the news item that was newer than the archive. Dave
  4. Not long ago ordered the HOA wagons and looking back down my order history on the Revolution site noticed the KFAs which I had forgotten about. The order is still processing. No mention in the recent newsletters but that is presumably because they are Rapido production? Are they on their way yet? Thanks! Dave
  5. Unless there was a scheme you really wanted my rule of thumb is from ND1xx onwards including the latest 2D-007 numbers.
  6. That's great news getting a new shop in Lancashire. Best of luck! Dave
  7. Second that on the N gauge one as well. I have a 3D print at Shapeways I can run off but it does get a little grainy. A production moulded item would be nice! Dave
  8. Hopefully we will get another series of Pendolinos to order at some point including Virgin Pride. However I think we may need to wait for a new livery in the near future... https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/apr/10/stagecoach-barred-from-rail-franchise-bids-over-pensions-row
  9. Some interesting driver's videos on Youtube by Don Coffey who appears to be a driver on TPE. This is a video on a Class 68 training run and he is just about to go past a train of IPAs on his right. All red flats with and without stakes but without covers. Pulled by a GBRf 92 and with an 08 shunter at the back. This is at Speke near Freightliner at Garston near Liverpool. https://youtu.be/KQvqFFILSnU?t=419 Dave
  10. Edited message due to finding the 68 TPE Sound preorder page on their website! https://www.Dapol.co.uk/shop/preorder/N-Gauge-Preorder/Ngauge_Class68_Preorder Dave
  11. My Pendolinos had their first public trip out of Coketown at the Preston Model Railway Show this weekend. The layout is not quite finished but enough of a WCML Lancashire feel to show off the trains. Excuse the sports hall lighting! Dave
  12. From the "There's a prototype for everything department"! Anyone thinking that they don't want to buy a full rake of TEA wagons should watch this from York at around 3:30 in. A single TEA pulled by a 66! https://youtu.be/W_W6whSxxNo?t=203
  13. Hi Charlie, Just put in an order for a train load of the Castle Cement versions. Was thinking it was expensive until I checked on the price of the old Farish one! Now going to have to have a lie down.... Looks like its going to be a fantastic model. Thanks! Dave
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