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  1. There's an awful lot of Q1 2022 on there! Looking forward to quite a few Revolution parcels! Dave
  2. I've got a bunch of the Revolution IPAs closed and open and a load of Ford Transits to go on the open ones. Has anyone got any suggestions for how to attach the Transit vans to the open wagons without making a permanent fixture? I'm thinking a blob of Black Tack or four glue dots but wondering if I'm missing something!
  3. I find one day enough to see everything with enough time to have an early brunch up in the cafe, a cup of coffee later in the day and possibly an ice cream from the van outside! A nice enjoyable low stress show particularly on the Sunday.
  4. I've just gone through a lot of stock to sell some of the older items and found several class 47s and a couple of class 66s with newly cracked cogs since checking them a couple of years ago. All are older Farish items (2000-2010) and have been kept in a central heated room so just mild cycling of heat day to night and in the dark. I dont think there is anything particularly you can do with storage environment and that it is just related to age and the quality of the original cog mouldings. Ended up buying a pack of cogs and a pack of axles from Farish N Spares as I had 7 broken cogs. Not sure we can yet say the newer ones are not going to have the problem until they are 15 years or more old. We can hope!
  5. There's usually a function to turn off rear lights so that when locomotives are pulling wagons the rear light is not on. Even though it is not appropriate here it could still have got glitched and resetting the decoder has put it back on.
  6. Here's some more Ashville video of them unloading the JNAs. Remarkable that they can just scoop out the aggregates and leave the wagons relatively undamaged and practically empty. https://youtu.be/BK6gPXc7er4?t=2247 Dave
  7. Just spotted Revolutions email as well. Got my order in. Been watching a channel on Youtube called Ashville. He has an building and aggregate company near Heathrow and gets several trains a week loaded with aggregates from the midlands. Here's last weeks edition with some shots of GBRf 66742 and a lot of JNAs arriving. Look like Revolutions VTG Silver and the GBRf dark Blue with and without the leasing stickers. This is the delivery last Wednesday, https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/H03156/2021-03-24/detailed#allox_id=0
  8. Interesting if the ROG locomotives were a series of custom colour schemes like the German Taurus locomotives which commemorate famous composers or anniversaries.... Lots of brightly coloured trains atrracting attention to ROG and an interesting set of locomotives for us modellers!
  9. After advice from another club member I've just fitted a second drive bogie into the lead coach of my Hornby Pendolino. That will give us two full length Pendolinos to run on our club layout. My single motor bogie Pendolino could run a 9 coach train but not in both directions ( I think I remember it was okay pulling). The other issue we had was because of the rubber tyres; accelerating hard would make the motor bogie 'wheelie' so could derail on points and curves but we get around that by simply not giving the train all of the power in one go! Fitting a second drive bogie does require having a spare drive bogie and preferably a complete second motor end chassis to cut up. Seems that might be a bit expensive looking at ebay right now.
  10. Hi Ben and Mike, I have ordered two of the new Pendolinos. Is all the connectronics inside exactly the same as the first run of Pendolinos? Can I take the two sound modules from a first run Pendolino and drop them into a second run Pendolino? Is the speaker already in the second run Pendolinos or will I need to move it across as well? Thanks! Dave
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OO-Gauge-Hornby-R2686A-PO07-Class-5-4-6-0-44781-in-BR-Black-Limited-edition-of/114468952203?hash=item1aa6e1988b:g:el8AAOSwIrNfYhUX Limited Edition of 1004! and only renumbered once!
  12. HI Ben, It looks like there was not a lot of material between the two spikes so they welded a plate up the back so they worked together. I hadn't realised there would be narrow stakes as well. Thanks Dave
  13. Ok. So now found Ben's photo from the OO IWA thread which shows the stakes filled in with panelling. There must be different types of stakes on different builds.
  14. On the photos of the sample the 8 stakes each side look like slabs. Its difficult to tell from the photos because they are relatively low contrast in a light colour. The prototype stakes are a pair of stakes or a ladder with a bit of air showing through. Are there prototypes that have a single slab rather than the ladder effect? The stakes do look very heavy and even though they are N scale I wonder if the ladder effect could not be acheived particularly when seen adjacent to the fine handrails on the ends? ( I do realise the handrails are wire and the stakes are moulded, it's just the comparison of detail I am aluding to!)
  15. Blackburn Show 31st October to 1st November 2020 is cancelled on the UKModelShop directory so assume that is official? I can't find any update elsewhere. Dave Preston Model Railway Society
  16. My rake has arrived and got its first run out this evening on the club's old N gauge layout. Apologies for the inappropriate loco - its about all I had available in DC! They look fantastic. One or two don't run quite as freely as expected but the Dapol 68 had no problem pulling the rake and I'm sure they're running better avter a few turns on the layout. Thanks! Dave
  17. Here's some OO timber wagons loaded with real twigs on our club layout. The owner spent ages finding the twigs to do this but the effect is so good I can understand that you would not want to try with mouldings of wood piles. Not sure I'll have the patience to do this with the N gauge versions when they come out though!
  18. Thanks everyone. I looked down the Newsletter Archive for KFA without checking the dates and missed the news item that was newer than the archive. Dave
  19. Not long ago ordered the HOA wagons and looking back down my order history on the Revolution site noticed the KFAs which I had forgotten about. The order is still processing. No mention in the recent newsletters but that is presumably because they are Rapido production? Are they on their way yet? Thanks! Dave
  20. Unless there was a scheme you really wanted my rule of thumb is from ND1xx onwards including the latest 2D-007 numbers.
  21. That's great news getting a new shop in Lancashire. Best of luck! Dave
  22. Second that on the N gauge one as well. I have a 3D print at Shapeways I can run off but it does get a little grainy. A production moulded item would be nice! Dave
  23. Hopefully we will get another series of Pendolinos to order at some point including Virgin Pride. However I think we may need to wait for a new livery in the near future... https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/apr/10/stagecoach-barred-from-rail-franchise-bids-over-pensions-row
  24. Some interesting driver's videos on Youtube by Don Coffey who appears to be a driver on TPE. This is a video on a Class 68 training run and he is just about to go past a train of IPAs on his right. All red flats with and without stakes but without covers. Pulled by a GBRf 92 and with an 08 shunter at the back. This is at Speke near Freightliner at Garston near Liverpool. https://youtu.be/KQvqFFILSnU?t=419 Dave
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