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  1. Several retailers look like they might have sold their initial stock - showing them on back order? Hopefully plenty in Heljan warehouse - you never know production run sizes these days! I have a set on order but some showing out of stock at mo.
  2. I have to ask - what is in the background - looks like could be a head code panel from an 86?
  3. I never read the instructions anyway but it does suggest sloppy and it’s obviously been going like this for a while….
  4. Regular Transrail on grey for me - a livery which has been largely missed on models but was common up here for a short while
  5. 37/4 in 1980s - 90s guise. They must be planning to do and where better to announce? Prob means I’ll be wrong…
  6. Westhill Wagon Works could be worth a look too - lots of accessories including depot clutter that could inspire…
  7. As someone who was in charge of organising large bonfire and fireworks displays for past 2 years, you have my sympathy. My experience: - Everyone who doesn’t stand a chance of losing their shirt will say the event should go ahead. - Those with no interest in the event will say organising such an event in current times is irresponsible. - The government guidelines will keep changing and how/whether you can comply or not will be subject of huge debate. - People not involved in the event org will start publicising that it is / is not going ahead and cause confusion Of course the big issue at the end of the day is not whether guidelines can be complied with but whether the event can be run and not generate a loss (either due to limiting entry or because the turnout is lower than normal as people think twice about attending). In our (quite different) case we went for it in 2021 whilst many other displays cancelled. In the end we doubled our profit (for charity I should say) on normal years as there was pent up demand with cancellations of previous years and other local events - of course the additional attendance made complying to rules more difficult… Ultimately we took a bit of a risk and the reward was higher - but it could have gone the other way. As someone who regularly attends MRS I do hope it does go ahead but making that call is a nightmare for the org committee and the worst outcome would be for the event to go ahead but lose money. Good luck - rest assured I will be there if you decide to go ahead (unlike my bonfire night where I succumbed to Covid pneumonia and ended up in hospital missing my own event… at least I had a strong committee who stepped up!).
  8. One of mine was when new but I returned it for repair/ exchange. I’m sure Bachmann service will be able to help
  9. A livery I don’t think Bachmann have ever done on a 47 is an engineering grey one (before Dutch yellow stripe). I wonder if it would sell..? Nor have they done a standard RF red stripe loco (only 301 with its additional white stripe). it’s hard to pick a sure first seller - my instinct is that Scotrail 47/7 or in earlier blue would sell but they have done 3x 47/7 already in Scotrail… maybe they should look to early versions of the old 47 where the liveries have not been repeated recently - intercity exec, parcels, RES maybe? Is demand there? I would buy a RF grey 47 but not long since regional version which seemed a slow seller? Tough call to make but I was surprised to see an RFD euro loco in first releases for reasons given above.
  10. I’ve not taken top off mine as came sound fitted. Am pretty sure Hornby mag’s review showed internals - pretty likely others will too. The running is good - smooth and silent. I’m not sure I’d agree old model was grindy- I have more than 20 and would say they are a little variable with more than half being smooth and silent- there are one or two that are really quite grindy but in my experience that wasn’t the norm.
  11. Try Googling R8220 and should come up - this might work https://www.diceanddecks.com/pocket-coupling-pack-10-p112805/s309293?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=Hornby-pocket-coupling-pack-10-r8220&utm_campaign=product%2Blisting%2Bads&cid=GBP&gclid=Cj0KCQiAq7COBhC2ARIsANsPATHce16tZQjGA3zUqQxFa9XIZ5qxeaq3RRU6NOIX9Bzat78CEjiQTY0aAgNaEALw_wcB they have NEM tails and the Hornby & Roco versions are same head so fully compatible but Roco has shorter shafts - I carry a stock of both and vary according to wagon or coach to get closest coupling that can also manage my curves hope of use, M
  12. Yep - it’s why I’ve switched away from Kadees within fixed rakes and mostly moved to Hornby / roco bar coupler types which are less susceptible- however the outer wagon and locos are still kadee to allow interchangeable with other stock. I have used Hunt in some cases but these only work to a certain length then magnets aren’t strong enough. Despite what said above - on most part there isn’t too much vertical movement in most wagon couplings - the problem is mostly locos in my experience- but switching away from kadees within rakes has helped ensure never get rakes splitting on journey. The bar type couplers also keep the wagons more firmly coupled and prevent “hunting” (correct word?) within a long rake that can occur if couplers have any movement (tension locks or kadees).
  13. I think it depends on the relative split between normal / deluxe which I don’t suppose we’ll know - it seems like the deluxe 47 with working fans is hard to find with lots of retailers appearing sold out - maybe the batch size was small? The classic trick in marketing is to charge each customer the max they’re prepared to pay and this is a classic example of this. I would say their pricing is clever too - normally I am not a sound guy but do run DCC - the differential from base to DCC sound was less than usual such that it tempted me into the sound version once I’d factored in what it would cost for a regular DCC chip, closing the differential further. And the gap to deluxe then looked ok until a) few retailers had them and b) psychologically I couldn’t bring myself to pay over £300… I actually think Bachmann are onto something here and would welcome similar approaches where high end features are added on deluxe models for those that want/ can afford but keep base price down for others. Now of course the base price wasn’t low to start with and whilst not wanting to open THAT debate, I wonder whether other features could be relocated to deluxe versions to lower base model price - maybe things like pre fitted speakers, sprung buffers etc.? I think the challenge with Bach’s 47 for me is that it isn’t enough different to previous model which ticked most boxes for me.
  14. It was Bachmann TEAs that first showed up the Hornby coupling issue for me (pulling leading bogie off- common to 60 and 56 - caused as coupling mech struggles to cross from one side of mechanism to other - gets stuck). On the Hattons 66 the main issue I’ve encountered is running long rakes of TEAs or HHAs etc. - the coupling height seems ok between leading wagon and loco at static condition but under load the coupling on loco moves up or down and leads to uncoupling. This is with kadees I should say. It seems the kinematic coupling allows too much vertical movement (I’ve seen this on other kinematic couplings). Not found a fix yet but am thinking some shims of plastic behind the buffer beam to limit vertical movement may be enough (effectively what Dapol 68 needed). TBH I generally find kinematic couplings bring more hassle than they’re worth and whilst others are not keen on Bachmann’s bogie mount couplings, I have rarely had issues with their setup. For clarity many of these issues only show up on rakes of wagons exceeding 15 or 20 wagons- realise this is not everyone’s thing but these locos should be designed to manage this no issue. My Bach 70 was good straight from box to the limit of its haulage of around 20 HHA on slight gradient (its weak point…). M
  15. Agreed- some of my Hattons 66s suffer from droop too. The droop mod on the 68 is really easy but yet to find easy solution for 66. The droop issue is particularly problematic with kadees as leads to random uncoupling. On the whole I would say kinematic couplings generally droop and require mods - this being true across all brands in my experience.
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