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  1. I'm not aware of it, and it seems wildly unlikely to me. As I was living in Lincolnshire at the time and actively interested in the ECML electrification as a traveller to/from university I would have expected to be aware of it Remember this line was actually closed along with the rest of the East Lincolnshire line in October 1970, and reluctantly reinstated in November 1971 with a limited DMU shuttle I suspect the last time anyone looked at electrification of it was around 1930 when the LNER commissioned a study of electrification of the entire GN Section including all
  2. I think this amounts to a double deck fiddle yard, with the lower level connecting with a traverser which can be raised into the ship body to connect with the layout via the linkspan, or lowered into the subterranean position to connect with the dungeon level of the fiddle yard . (If you were modelling Holyhead or Fishguard this dungeon level would contain a Welsh dragon, and possibly a magic user called Merlin. In your case, modelling the Channel crossing it would merely contain a lot of frogs ) Vertical alignment would be assured at the lower level by lowering the tra
  3. Noted. Then we do have almost all of the Heart of Midlothian as one block.
  4. We can make a little better sense of it then: M53234 - non-gangway BS - M46076 - non-gangway S, - clearly something local M80677 - BG, M15924 - CK, M21025 - BCK, M13060 - FK, E80792 BG (originally ER), M4366 - SO, M24105, M34399 - BSK, M1546 - KB, M35049 - BSK, M24679 - SK, M24678 - SK, M4424 TSO, M3735 - SO, M30025M - P1 RK, M27291M P3 TO, we seem to have a restaurant triple set at the front of a train ? KB M1546 really shouldn't be in this list - Parkin says it was the prototype KB, delivered in 1956 and used by the LMR between St Pancras and Manche
  5. We are deep into textual scholarship now , but... You want to emend E25693 to E15693 ... . Possible , but a stretch. Whether the front two coaches have yet been attached to the Heart of Midlothian is an open question to my mind. The implication of portions being added and subtracted from trains is that major stations will end up with a "cut" of stray coaches which the station pilot will shunt onto the next trains in their diagrams . That may be what we are seeing in some of the "jumbles of bits" I'm very uncomfortable with the idea of taking random coaches out of the li
  6. So M3748, -TSO M24107 - SK , M35051 BSK - originally SReg, M3017 - FO, M53234 - not a Mk1 ; M46076 - non-gangway S, M80677 - BG, M15924 - CK, M21025 - BCK, M13060 - FK, E80792 BG (originally ER), M4366 - TSO, M24105, M34399 - BSK, M1546 - KB, M35049 - BSK, M24679 - SK, M24678 - SK, M4424 TSO, M3735 - TSO, A real jumble and difficult to make any sense of it M30025M, M27291M, M28005M, M29617M, M28818M, M30098 (not a Mk1 - probably an M suffix has been omitted), M30078M, M247M (LMS dining car?), These are very high numbers - the M300xxM might be full brakes but
  7. I'm sceptical that the pre-nationalisation coaches have been broken out separately and should be transposed back into trains of our choice. That's certainly not the case at King's Cross with the Tourist stock. M-suffix here is plainly ex LMS not "maroon" as the numbers aren't possible for Mk1s The RF + BCK may be the end of the previous train, with these vehicles to be detached en route (at Nottingham or Leeds?) I wonder if we have a 12 coach express, with a portion of 3 coaches detached somewhere - Leeds maybe, with a Bradford portion on an Anglo-Sottish train??. Shun
  8. As the KX listing has proved fruitful and interesting, let's have a shot at this... We now know that the recorder is at KX some time between 12:00 and 14:00 (as he has recorded the 14:00 Heart of Midlothian) and presumably is at St Pancras about the same time on the same day. We also know that our recorder has an eye for the odd and the glamourous, as a spotter would... (He's recorded a premium express, and an eye-catching bunch of LNER Tourist stock and vintage buffets) As this is slightly out of my normal era , and I have an ER bias which shows up in my out-of-period
  9. Useful and informative. It's clear from this that the recorder is clearly taking notes in train order, but not consistently recording everything - he's definitely recorded most of the Heart of Midlothian formation, and I think we can now say that E9215 - BSO, E25693 - maroon SK , E80967 -BG Is the Newcastle portion of the Heart of Midlothian, with an SK substituted for a CK. The train is missing a CK and BSO at the front Similarly the non-gangwayed Mk1s stick out like a sore thumb as a complete train Clearly the recorder was at the Cross around lunchtime
  10. It is perhaps worth remarking that applying a couple of coats of Precision LNER brown to an etched kit is going to be an awful lot easier than doing full LNWR lined plum and spilt milk
  11. Okay - we can now clarify : E34482 - BSK, E4269 - TSO, E34476 - BSK, E4326 - TSO, E13635 - FK, E4293 - TSO, E13100 - FK, E15694 (maroon CK), E34731 - BSK, E4306 - TSO, E4291 - TSO, E9215 - BSO, (This looks like something with lots of portions - a Bradford/Leeds express with a Hull portion??) E25693, ( maroon SK - this probably goes with the subsequent train, but cut off from the rest of the train by a BG is very odd marshalling. Tacked on at the front of a BSO is hardly much better) E80967 (BG - originally allocated to LMR) , E13125 - FK, E11 -RFO; E8000
  12. Since they are US made it shouldn't have. Sterling has gone back to relatively high levels against the dollar recently
  13. I've really no need of a 1930s LNER branch set at all but couldn't help myself... So I've bought the Hornby all third 6 wheeler, and I'll go for a Hattons LNER luggage composite and brake third when they come out. I can't tolerate the LBSCR ducket arrangement of the Hornby brake third in an LNER context, and a mixed bag of 6 wheelers seems more appropriate to inter-war photos of GN Section branch trains In a GE context, it would probably be a case of all the stock being from the same company and same design period - a "mixed bag" isn't appropriate My reaction to the
  14. No , but you may not be able to do any better. The stock used on the Braintree and Dunmow line to early 1940 , on the Thaxted branch until Feb 1948, and on the Mid Suffolk until 1951 were GE 6 wheelers with rounded top corners to the windows ("arched windows" if you like) . The brake thirds had square side duckets, quite unlike Hornby's end duckets and windows, and all vehicles were 34'6" long, not 32' like the Hornby and Hattons 6 wheelers In the case of Braintree and Thaxted , these were converted to opens for conductor-guard operations ("Paytrains" as BR would have
  15. My money is on Google, as an American company, having picked up an obsolete 19th century New England form....
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