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  1. Looking forward to your forthcoming layout based on Birmingham Curzon St...
  2. Model Buildings is probably the most useful of the three nowadays. And it was certainly written against a backdrop of severe material shortages All I can suggest is keep looking
  3. Superb. A loco rendered con Brio....
  4. Reviving this thread from the depths of Antiquity out of curiosity... So what is the appropriate weight for a coach? I ask because I've just been reading a copy of MRJ 277, and an article on coach kits wherein it is stated It struck me as very much on the heavy side, since ever since I started doing "proper" railway modelling I've been working to Iain Rice's rule of 25g/1 oz per axle. That gives 50g for a 4 wheel wagon, which certainly seems right - trying to get rid of stock problems on the Boxfile has shown that opens down at 35g-40g are liable to give trouble whereas at 50g wagons normally have enough mass to stay on the road even propelled into the questionable leg of the point for the back siding. (Some more detail to validate the comments here Boxfile - wagon fettling ) So much for wagons, where I'm sure of my ground. But the same rule implies 100g for bogie coaches. That does mean adding weight - a noticeable amount of it - to plastic Ratio coach kits, which is what (along with a couple of Kirk items) I mainly have experience of. For 50' vehicles - which most are, give or take - this seems reasonably heavy. A hasty check with the scales gives - Bachmann BG (57') 125g - Hornby Gresley CL (51') 105g - Hornby Gresley BCK (61'6) 125g I have heard of people removing the weights from Bachmann Mk1s ("too heavy") to improve running. Meanwhile the old NMRA formula would require 6.5 oz = 165g for a Mk1 (see this thread Wagon and coach weights for reference, though the thread is more about wagons than coaches) So - what is a proper weight for a bogie coach? Below 100g? Over 200g ? Opinions seem to differ wildly, and it would be helpful to know what people think. For what it's worth, I weight long-wheelbase 4 wheelers (coaches and parcels vans) up to about 70-75g , on the basis that 50g is surely too little for such a large vehicle - and 100g must be over the top. I know of no theoretical justification for this, though...
  5. By the wonders of Google, the Life in question is here. Late Saxon Life of St Edmund Be warned, Saint's Lives tend to the miraculous and romantic, and this one was written at least a century after the event. It is probably not coincidence that the royal family of East Anglia were called the Wuffingas, and that wolf-like figures appear on the Sutton Hoo Helmet
  6. Any plastic solvent should do - Humbrol, Plastic Weld, limone , Buitanone, etc I find the bearings normally need to be pushed in and possibly the hole opened out to take them, though a drop of liquid cement may soften the hole sufficiently to push the bearing home
  7. I've said a couple of times round the office that "Seafreight - the new airfreight" should be our slogan... The airfreight situation looks so dire that I'm starting to wonder if this is what September 1939 felt like. I saw someone claim that 70% of air cargo was bellyhold - all I can say is , I don't know where all these freighters are that provide 30% of the capacity , cos they certainly aren't anywhere near the UK Once the process of repatriation is complete, it's difficult to see any passenger aviation left operating in Europe, and the way the world is going there may not be much air passenger services left in North America in 10 days time either. PS I'm doubtful Eurostar will still be running in a fortnight's time, and long distance rail services to London may well be very limited "for the duration" as well. With borders closed, international rail services in Europe must have largely ceased too
  8. Not mentioned - but surely a respectable candidate : the GER T19R "Humpty Dumpty" 2-4-0s . A very ill proportioned loco, rebuilt from a rather elegant one... Photos seem rare T19 + T19R
  9. The Agreement is quite clear, but there seems to be a lot of suspicion among EU nationals (including at our place) that Britain does not intend to honour the agreement, and that in a couple of years time the country will repudiate their residency and expel them. Since we aren't Idi Amin's Uganda, that won't happen, and we've never kicked out anyone with permanent residency unless they were convicted criminals or had joined ISIS. But unfortunately there seems a widespread belief among EU nationals that any Government reassurance on residency is bound to be a lie, and that the Government would love to expel everyone at the first possible opportunity. I've heard at least one EU national directly and explicitly liken Britain's current policy towards EU nationals to the Nazi Party's policy towards the Jews in the 1930s - despite massive legal protection in the Withdrawal Agreement and nobody at all in Britain suggesting it shouldn't be honoured in full Hence, although there is no possibility whatsoever they will be deported, the only thing that will convince many EU nationals of that is a couple of years practical experience that it simply won't happen. Further official reassurances will be dismissed with contempt by many, and may even heighten suspicion
  10. Anyone who is already here ought to get "settled status" or at least "pre-settled status" and therefore would not be deported. That was agreed under the Withdrawal Agreement , and the process is already far advanced, with well over 2 million already registered . The salary threshold would only apply to new arrivals entering the UK after 1st Jan 2021 The French media may possibly be representing otherwise , but if so, incorrectly. The question that has been raised has been a continuing supply of new recruits for the NHS from overseas in future - those already working in the NHS will be fine. One practical solution would be to requisition hotels for use as temporary basic hospitals /isolation facilities . It was done in both World Wars , and I would imagine that in a full-blown outbreak most hotels would be nearly empty. A requisitioned Travelodge or Premier Inn in every large town would offer the NHS some emergency extra capacity
  11. The sobering point is that the dashboards are showing under 1000 critical patients in Italy. Just hundreds of critical cases have apparently been sufficient to bring the Intensive care part of the hospitals in Lombardy (pop several million) to the point of collapse. The Chinese authorities have very thoroughly suppressed reporting from inside Wuhan but some hints suggest it may have been very dark indeed at the sharp end. China comments - a dissident and Doctor's censored interview . But total cases in a province of 59 million were under 70,000 and total deaths in the province around 3000 . These things are very much the exception , not the rule . We are NOT talking about London in September 1665, and it's important to recognise that the vast majority's experience will be quite different.
  12. The problem is that it's now not just Italy , its also France, Spain, Switzerland the Benelux and Germany . None of which are under travel advisories at all . Not to mention the USA Beyond a certain point you can't contain it, you can't shut down all the possible contacts, you can't test everyone self-isolating: NHS test capacity increased You can't refuse to let British nationals back into the country just because a handful may be infected - and it's British people returning from abroad we are basically talking about Given the scale of the spread outside Britain there's now no realistic chance of preventing an outbreak here. But thus far we don't have one - and there's every reason to believe that our testing is at least as vigourous , if not more so , than in other countries , so comparing case-numbers is comparing apples with apples. The number of sparks landing is rapidly increasing - but so far we don't have a fire, and I do feel strongly that repeatedly claiming that we do, we do, we do, and that everyone else is getting it right and we're getting it all wrong is not responsible. Closing the schools will be very disruptive - not least of the NHS - and once they are closed it won't be for a couple of weeks only . It may make sense to close the schools in an area with an outbreak, rather than nationally all at once. And given that students go away to university, closing a university simply disperses a body of potentially infected people right across the country. That said, I really don't expect schools and universities to reopen after the Easter break - and I wonder what will happen to exams this year, if the summer term simply doesn't happen. "Avoid unnecessary travel" is one thing . "Fill in a form before you are allowed to drive your car/get in a train, and please hand it to this soldier with an assault rifle patrolling the streets , or he will arrest you" smells of panic and overkill, and has serious repercussions Stopping travel has significant implications for movement of goods . No passenger flights = no airfreight (I'm told there are no cargo freighter flights to Italy). If trucks can't move outside the province (which I've heard about Italy) - that has serious implications for supply of everything. We've recently heard a lot about the potentially severe effect of delays at Dover-Calais. Shutting down air travel across Europe and seriously restricting road movements for several months would have huge implications for Continental Europe. (We already have some idea what the effect could be for us from Brexit planning)
  13. And here is a detailed report on the situation in La Rochelle NY La Rochelle at least 70 cases in a town of 77,000. National Guard activities:
  14. We have done 10x more tests than the US. We've done over 26,000 tests for 373 positives. UK coronavirus numbers The Yanks have done about 2500 tests. This piece may well be too negative - but it does cast Britain as one of the few places testing seriously us test limitations It takes 48 hrs to get test results no matter who you are, so Nadine Dorries will have been tested on Sunday and the results came back this afternoon... No doubt she has been self isolating since before she was tested. One political correspondant (TomNewton Dunne) has has just tweeted Nadine Dorries It is unfortunately a reality that those with coronavirus are infectious before they have symptoms, and only when symptoms emerge are they tested, even if they have been self-isolating before that. It is not realistic to assume that cases will be isolated before they can infect others (by the time you've worked out they are a contact they have been infectious for a while) , especially if they are found when they arrive sick at hospital. I doubt there was much isolation in Wuhan hospitals as patients arrived A steady trickle of Continental politicians have been diagnosed with the virus, as have 2 attendees at an EU Ambassador's meeting And no the Americans are not isolating towns or shutting them down for ten cases Full link - US measures If one London borough had 108 cases, then I think we would see more drastic action there- but that's not what the figures show. The cases are thinly spread, and we are not seeing those concentrations and hotspots . Whereas in Italy the vast majority of cases are in one region, and I have seen it said that in Spain half the cases are around Madrid
  15. In China , and specifically Hubei province, the number of cases filling the hospitals far outstripped their ability to test. We know that , because of the spike when they started to include the "clinical diagnosis" cases - those where the doctors could see it was coronavirus but had no test result The study of the first 44,000 cases from which most of the estimates derive reported a mortality of about 5%, though there seems to be a strong conviction amongst the medics that the true rate is around 1% , and the difference is accounted for by mild cases not picked up In Italy clearly they are still able to test everyone who reaches hospital , but with so many cases now they probably can't test all the contacts who are feeling a bit under the weather - assuming they have time left to chase them. That would mean , in effect, only the more serious cases are getting a test - the mild or asymptomatic cases aren't being picked up. This would skew the mortality rate. Also Italy has a very old population and the mortality is very skewed towards the old. The old get the virus , get seriously ill, go to hospital and are tested. Most of the younger infected don't get ill enough to be admitted to hospitals under serious pressure so won't be tested and therefore aren't in the count. It was quoted that the average age of the dead in Italy is 81.4
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