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  1. I'm not aware they ever did. There was a "passage of arms" between DEMU and a previous proprietor of C+L some years ago - they asked him if he might consider introducing a moulded concrete sleeper dating from later than 1950 (apparently the individual concrete sleepers C+L produced were a 1940s GW type) only to be told that he had no interest in catering for post-steam modelling.... However I think they currently sell Exactoscale sleeper base
  2. The Hornby motor bogie will run considerably better than the Lima one I believe some people have had success replacing the Lima ringfield motor in the motorbogie with a CD drive motor
  3. Having used Exactoscale Fastbase in the past - they're fine so long as all your track is dead straight. Once you have to curve the things, and systematically cut webbing in rigid plastic and try to get the sleepers to align properly round the curve by hand , they seem less attractive. We used Peco code 83 rail as that was what was available at the time, and I recall it being quite difficult to push through the sleeper base. It was advisable to wear gloves To be honest, if I was building a new layout at present I would be strongly inclined to use the Peco Code 75 concrete sleeper flexible track , mixed with the new Peco bullhead . The code 75 concrete sleeper is close enough to high-speed concrete sleeper plain track to be acceptable as OO
  4. We appear to have lost a number of features from the blogs : - The sidebar list of previous postings. - Any form of indexing or list-of-tags - The classification of postings by type - The list of recent visitors
  5. I don't think there is anyone using Marklin MFX for British outline modelling. I suspect that there are very few on this forum running HO stud-contact , and even fewer of those who use MFX. No-one's writing or talking about it because almost nobody here is interested in the subject. For better or worse....
  6. One aspect that hasn't really been touched on is the 4 trade stands also destroyed. We know P&D Marsh has been affected but there are two unidentified traders whose stands were also destroyed. There may be an impact on them, too
  7. But Peco have done it ... Peco concrete sleeper code 75 points I'm finding this thread slightly surreal , as people argue earnestly about why it wouldn't be viable for Peco to produce products that have been in their range for at least 5 years. ( Can I short-circuit the debate on whether Peco should produce bi-bloc track and why there would be no point doing so by noting that they already have.... bi-block concrete sleeper track and Steel sleeper code 75 track )
  8. I found the completed van had a distinct tendency to wobble on it's bogies . The layout is ultra-minimum space - though it manages not to look it - clearances are often tight, and it had a nasty habit of clipping the bridge abutment as it left the fiddle yard . I had to tighten up the screws - which required a little effort to tackle this
  9. After a brisk start , this project seems to have gone to sleep again. Not quite true - in the last 10 days I've actually managed to paint the bodyshell, and matters now stand thus: I see I have managed to capture the corner where one of the window pillars became damaged and had to be repaired. It looks much worse blown up to around 7mm scale. I also haven't removed the Maskol from the handrails Transfers are Modelmaster (someone said he's dropping transfers?) and the etched NBL diamonds are 247 All it now needs is a coat of matt varnish - and a working chassis to put it on (As an aside I now have a further excuse to own one of these locos. There's a group talking about building a replica Class 21 Class 21 replica project - and from them I learn: The possibility of running one in Lincolnshire - maybe even at a pinch on the E Lincs line - hadn't occurred to me) I've also added a little representational buffer beam detail. When I were a little lad (ok, armed with an ABC..) buffer beam detail seemed to be the core of diesel modelling. It was almost the whole of "detailing a diesel" - and as I used tension-locks in those days it was out of the question for me. These days I use Kadees, which though neater still swing, and I've still pretty restricted in what I can do below the buffer beam. I do try to do something but it veers from the representational to the frankly vestigial. However all Hornby attempted in the 1980s was a vague blob where the coupling hook should be, and so something had to be done to fill up a notably "busy" area. I've now replaced the blob with a proper whitemetal coupling hook, and fashioned a very rough representation of the two large jumper sockets on the buffer beam out of the ends of two Langley cast speedo cables, with a bit of cable - probably overscale - looped up to one side. It's not much, but it's something , and should be a significant improvement on the starting point. I'm not 100% sure about the shade of red on the buffer beam , but looking at the photo above I think it might be ok
  10. They introduced Code 75 concrete sleeper some years ago. Not quite OO, but significantly better sleepering than the Code 100 equivalent. Concrete sleeper code 75 points are also available Code 75 concrete sleeper (I've linked Kernow rather than Hattons for variety - and also because the Peco site didn't turn up in my quick search)
  11. I have an awkward feeling that nobody, including Lt-Col. Fell and Derby Works, ever really understood what was happening inside the Fell. A tradition handed down says that it varied power by switching in extra engines , which sounds weird
  12. The Mystery Package - available from DC Kits at a Yorkshire Special price. Contents are secret but cures wooden legs. No model railway should be without one. All purchases made under the Official Secrets Act
  13. For what it is worth - I had heard that "the PowerCab does not handle shorts gracefully" and let shorts flow unchecked. So I eventually wired in a cheap 1 amp automotive circuit breaker from Maplins, on the theory that it wasn't fast acting , but it would at least act to limit the duration of the short. This seems to do something - at least before it went in a short resulted in a screen full of gibberish on the PowerCab and now you simply get a blank screen. In both cases you need to unplug and reboot the PowerCab to get the display back , but it may be some level of protection. I am using the supplied 1.1amp transformer through an adaptor (because I'm a cheapskate) and no specialist circuit breaker seemed to trip at such low loads. If anyone has a better idea I would be glad to hear it (Please do not cite car light bulbs.....)
  14. Getting a wrap-round etch to align properly all round could become a serious issue. Whereas the 3 part etches could each be adjusted for alignment before the glue goes off
  15. Well, it definitely looks the part - certainly better than the Lima model of the day, though not quite as good as the Lima model thoroughly reworked
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