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  1. I have a query in with Search Engine at the NRM - overdue a visit
  2. Sadly, no: as I understand it 'early '30s', as that's what I was asking about.
  3. Just been furnished with a couple of example workings from the era. I think I need a bigger fiddle yard! 13.10 Crewe – Taunton Engine CK (GW) Liverpool – Bristol BTK(GW) Liverpool – Bristol BCK (GW) Shrewsbury (Birkenhead) – Taunton BTK (LMS) Liverpool – Taunton CK (LMS) Liverpool – Taunton RC (GW/LM alt) Liverpool – Taunton BTK (LMS) Liverpool – Taunton BCK (GW) Manchester – Taunton CK (GW) Manchester – P. Road (Pembrey) BTK (GW) Manchester – P. Road (Pembrey) BCK (GW) Birkenhead – P. Road (Pembrey) BC (GW) Bristol - Taunton T (GW) Bristol – Taunton 08.45 Plymouth – Crewe All GWR stock
  4. As I keep saying on Youtube, superbly evocative...
  5. Thanks for asking at least one of my followup questions I was about to wonder both about building style/colour, as well as who was responsible for the signalling (although my interest is 10 years post-Grouping).
  6. Chipping in here as a wargamer as well as railway modeller: the important thing from my point of view as a club chairman is to get people in the door of the hobby, and to do so while encouraging what passion they came in with, be it (as one of my favourite historical rule writers has it) 'space pixies' or whatever. The fact that they are interested in moving miniatures on a table/putting trains on a track is a far far bigger step than exactly what they model or play. If they get to do that in a supportive and friendly environment, who knows what will ensue - things rub off There are a nu
  7. Anything that might have run on your/my favourite line around ‘34, that hasn’t been converted [you do realise I blame you entirely for my current LNWR-locos-in-LMS-service obsession :) ]
  8. Wondering does anyone have a pointer to a list of if/when individual Cauliflowers received Belpaire firebox conversions, please? My Google-fu is weak today (and frustrating). Thanks in advance...
  9. The OR Dean Goods (subject of much controversy in this parish) appears to have a rather handily spaced wheelbase for certain 0-6-0's, which might be interesting. Re CADMRC, I just found you on FB the other day, and as I'm long overdue for a trip up the Mynd to blow the cobwebs away sometime next year, I'd love to take you up on that while I'm in the area
  10. I'm reminded of Longville on the Wenlock branch, which after it was shut for passenger traffic, also become the de facto terminus. In a reversal of the above, it was essentially a loop with headshunts top and tail, and the main line then continued to the now-disused single platform and stopped.
  11. Developing an unhealthy obsession with a 1936 WTT

  12. Developing an unhealthy obsession with a 1936 WTT

  13. As a slightly amused aside, despite being a GWR fan for the most part, I appear to be developing a considerable obsession for LNWR engines in LMS service. (Apart from anything else, they do seem to contribute a lot to the motive power of the lines through Craven Arms.) I foresee quite a bit of kit-building in my future, somehow.
  14. The wargamers' term for it is 'passes the two foot test'. Nice job, though: I am suitably inspired (*eyes ever-growing eBay saved search list*).
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