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  1. Nicholas


    I have just read this thread with some interest. For a number of years I visited a heritage railway whilst on holiday and often thought 'if ever I live near there I would love to volunteer there'. Well as chance would happen in January this year that dream happened and duly I applied to volunteer with said railway. I could not have received a more friendly and welcoming response (bearing in mind my skills as a retired senior ambulance officer were as much use as a chocolate teapot to them). Duly I started on the station maintenance gang and have now become a porter in the ops department (also having done the PTS). The opportunities seem high to progress in quite a few areas. Within a short period of time to be called by ones first name by the General Manager and a lot of other staff members shows how friendly it is. I absolutely love my time there and heartily recommend it to anyone contemplating such a move. Do come and visit the Isle of Wight Steam Railway-you will NOT be disappointed!
  2. Made some more scenic additions recently
  3. Thank you John, I spoke with him at Peterborough last month and that is my intention
  4. Thanks Keith that is my ultimate aim
  5. Many thanks Deltic79, I have been tearing my hair out trying to find out, including a 60 mile round trip to my local stockist who was as much use as chocolate tea pot! Thanks again Nick
  6. I apologise if this seems a basic question, I have searched for an answer on here but to no avail. I have recently managed to obtain a Hornby HST DCC ready in East Midlands livery. My question is do the 2 cars require decoders in to make them operate, and do they both require the motor decoders or does the non powered car just need a function decoder? Also are they 8 pin or 21 pin! Many thanks in advance
  7. I have had at least 3 items from whatnots recently, each time I have had the 2 day yodel option and each time I have received the item in under 24 hours, which I reckon is pretty good going these days. I am very impressed with Hattons.
  8. Voyage of discovery today, finding some of my stock of locos
  9. Some more scenery work done today
  10. I quite enjoyed doing it, a bit fiddly but it does look quite realistic.
  11. Security fencing now finished, and its seems a HART disco3 from East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust has turned up
  12. Overhead crane and some security fencing added, and some details added to the maintenance shed
  13. New Stobart Rail transporter arrived today, and something odd going on her the nuclear transfer station, some troops!
  14. Hi Andrew, it is about 14 x 14, I will attempt a track plan asap. Thank you for your kind comments. I have started on the opposite side now with a traction depot and a siding for Nuclear waste terminal.
  15. I use an ESu ECoS 5000 and side mounted peco points as its in the fiddle yard Nick
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