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  1. Round these parts the bikes are the bottom. Canals here are 3m of water, 3m of bikes, and then 3m of YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!!!. Greetings from Amsterdam... J
  2. Borrow a trick from the masters of modular layouts, FREMO. What they often do is have modules in pairs, with one upside down over the other, if you line it up right, you have trees on one module in a position so they don't clash with trees from the other module, This means that your total height for 2 modules is equal to the height of 2 modules, plus the height of the tallest tree plus a little bit of wiggle room (say 10mm). For my modules they are 100mm thick, the trees are about 180mm in height, and that means I fit two modules in a 400mm vertical space. A lot easier than making trees remova
  3. PVA can react with some water products, to result in cloudyness. Make sure that the two are compatible before you seal everything up with PVA... J
  4. What is the angle of the bank between the bridge abutment and the gate? It looks very steep. The bit on the left of the bridge but on this side of the fence. How is the grass cut? J
  5. Yep that works. There are two main ways of bracing the end like this as per: There's some other interesting ways of doing it too, but you've covered the simplest way, esp with an incline like this. J
  6. Note, on your wire fence, you need to put angled supports at each end. You have that in your drawing, but not in the model. This is a part of wire fencing that is often overlooked when modelled. J
  7. It might be considered a trifle extravagant... But it's your layout... J
  8. Things to consider. If there is a level crossing nearby, if that has been upgraded recently, it's not beyond plausibility that the old gate has been moved to the yard to replace a worn out gate. These things often happened. Re the entrance, consider is there enough room to get the largest vehicle you can think of in and out? is there space within the yard to turn round with any trailers? Consider modelling scratch marks/damage to the post on one side where a driver has hit it. I agree on the curved entrance thing, it's likely to be more utilitarian than that.
  9. Can we talk dirt(y) What is the angle of your bank? When you pile up a granular substance like soil or sand, you will find that it settles into a neat pile with the same angle of slope on all sides, called the angle of repose. No matter what you do, you won't be able to get a pile of sand to hold another angle without engineering it some how. This is one of those things I often see modelled wrongly. The angle of repose for soil is typically 30-45°. So if your bank is made of soil, unless reinforced somehow, is unlikely to have a slope greater than 45°. For
  10. Gotta say, this is the better option of the two. Is the vertical bit going to be back scene, or will you continue the hill upwards at a slope? J
  11. Do you do static grass with the Point motors fitted? J
  12. Well yes, there is that. Personally I'd do it as 2x 1600mm boards at a minimum, or ideally 4 x 800mm. My 50mm x 18mm was trying to keep within the constraints of the OP, and their 2" x 1" requirement. I try to avoid too much of the "I'm trying to get to x" "Well I wouldn't start from here" type answers... J
  13. The biggest issue with a 3200mm length of 44mm x 18mm wood is that it's not going to be straight, not by a long shot. Sure you can go through every piece of wood in the rack at the timber merchant's, but it's still going to be a bit off, in any of upto 6 axis. If you're wanting to brace something that long, I'd consider if you're not better off using ply wood on it's edge. Ply can be bought in 4880mm lengths, but if it was me in this particular case, I'd get a sheet of 9mm ply, have it cut into 50mm strips, then laminate those 9mm strips to make a 3200mm x 50mm x 18mm, if you do the over laps
  14. That would be that despite the protestations of certain members of our political class, the UK is a metric country (and has been to varying degrees since the late 60's and in law since 1985.), so 1 4.8m length will not get you 2 x 2440mm lengths from it. they are 80mm shorter. Because it's a metric 4.8m length, not a 16' piece. Even if it was exactly 16', you still wouldn't get 2 x 8' pieces from it due to the saw you use having a kerf. Sure you can use a really thin saw such as the Japanese pull saws, but you're never going to get exactly 2 8' pieces from a 16' pieces of wood. Same as you won
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