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  1. Looks great. Just remember that a rabbit warren has multiple entrances. There will also be a spoil line leading from it in the obvious directions. J
  2. Yes and no. For things like animals and humans, the two are kinda interchangable. A 1.7m tall human in 00 scale is just a 1.9m scale human in H0. How big are rabbits? J
  3. I'd say also try to make it look like it's been walked off in various directions. That stuff sticks to shoes real easy, especially if it's wet. J
  4. Looking at what you have available, have you considered moving the station more into the corner? Adding some curve to the station will make it look more natural, making it longer will allow you to run more prototypical train lengths. If you were to move the station that is currently at the bottom of your image, to the right, you could even fit in a small siding on the left by the curve to use as say a public siding, a destination for agricultural products, and an extra place to shunt stuff too. J
  5. That would actually stand out more than the storage boxes... Shame it looks like paint isn't going to stick to polyprop. *DOUGH* Thanks to everyone for their ideas. J
  6. Not specifically railway, but I'd like to repaint the storage box that I use for my locos so it blends in a bit more under the layout. The material it's made from is Polypropylene, according to the little 5 in the recycling logo embossed on the bottom. What's the best paint for Polypropylene? I'm guessing I'm gonna need a primer of some kind? Any suggestions? Thanks J
  7. Julia

    Pecketts Wharf.

    I was going to suggest the scale scenes goods store kit that was available for free download. But now I check the website, it seems to have been discontinued (scalescenes goods store R002 - Original title and part code). It seems right along the lines you're suggesting. J
  8. Which FDM printer are you using? These look awesome! J
  9. Another vote here for the less is more approach. Running 4 lines sounds fun, but in such a small space, it's gonna look cramped. your 7.7m long layout is 585m of real world. Compare that to some real stations for an idea of what fits. (Hint Canterbury west would take 12m to fit end to end). Is there any way you can shift the storage sidings to under top side? have an incline to bring trains up. Would allow you to store sensible sized rakes, as well as giving you more space on the corners for better radii. You can dramatically improve many a layout by using the widest possible radii. J
  10. Julia

    Little Muddle

    I got offered it, but took a different one with higher pay... J
  11. Julia

    Little Muddle

    I am of the generation where retirement is something I'm unlikely to ever be able to do. They'll just keep increasing the retirement age as I get close and closer... J
  12. Julia

    Little Muddle

    I used that in a job interview in 2017. Only they asked about 3 years, not 1. J
  13. What year is your model set in? I'm not sure about the machines along the side of the shed. In that position would they not get coated in crap from the wheels/cyclinders etc.. every time a loco comes in? Would they not be better positioned at the end of the shed? Looking really good. I like what you did to the pillar drill. J
  14. Am experimenting with making wire trees. I'm using Gordon Gravett's books as an instruction manual. The product he suggests for making tree bark (and for many other uses), is Artex. I can't find artex here in .NL, so I'm pondering what other options there are for making bark for model trees? What have you found effective? J
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