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  1. It mentions the Victoria Line & DLR are driverless. This is not so. Both are automatic, but all Victoria Line trains still have a driver & all DLR trains have a 'captain'. Both are fully capable of taking control of the train when required. The same is true on the Central Line. I have had a cab ride on there & I was told that at some point of the journey, the train would stop halfway along the platform...it did, but the driver just put the train in "Coded Manual" & carried on until the stop board. The driver does not just sit there either. Apart from opening the door
  2. Double heading has been used as a way to move locos without needing a path for a light engine movement, so maybe both locos were required for separate duties closer to the destination? This was the reason 45637 Windward Islands was involved in the Harrow & Wealdstone collision. It certainly wasn't needed for power; 46202 Princess Anne was the train loco & was more than powerful enough on its own.
  3. I wondered that as soon as I saw the old lot on sale. Hattons have invested a lot in the tooling. Surely they will want value for this & sooner rather than later? Don't expect them to announce anything early though. They tried this with the first batch. When unexpected issues delayed them it illustrated why manufacturers don't like to make their developments too public too soon.
  4. No, no no. Wonderfully dull in LMS plain black
  5. They look nice. I was not aware of the lighting but it looks good & it sounds like they have taken care to create a good effect rather than make the lights too bright. One thing which would be a bonus (& easy for Hornby to achieve) is more discrete couplings. Since many modellers are likely to run these as a set & they just plug in to pockets, this should be quite an easy item to pop into a detail pack. Hornby remark that "they look splendid paired with our matching streamlined Coronation Class ‘Princess Alexandra’." While I agree with this, it is not an entir
  6. It does indeed. I export to .stl from the free version. After getting a little used to Sketchup, I tried TInkerCad & found it very strange. I did not persevere so maybe I judged it prematurely? It made me feel that the program you use promotes a way of thinking which works with it. If you then try another which works very differently, it takes a while to adapt. This would be true of most 3d design programs but I also find it useful for drawing 3d plans of buildings. It allows me to get the scale of the walls, roof angles etc correct much more easily than drawin
  7. The 3rd button on the bottom row toggles between 28/128 speed steps.
  8. Or wait a little for Hattons to produce a second batch, which I am sure they will because they will want to recover their investment from the tooling. Consider that 1st batches of Bachmann products have not been without issues: class 90s with bogies which fall off & pantographs which will not work, early class 37s with heavily recessed doors, "DCC ready" locos with insufficient space to fit the smallest decoder I could find. I am sure they made another huge '1st batch gaff' which I can't think of right now. Hattons give good customer service so they seem the type of company who c
  9. The component inside the yellow circle. Since it is your photo I've borrowed to show this, it is obviously physically there. I was wondering if it had failed. A replacement would cost pennies but it is really not worth placing an online order for, especially as it is just something worth trying. If you know someone keen on electronics, they may have one or more spare which they will just let you have.
  10. Absolutely. If you have more sections than you need, joining them below the board is relatively easy. Splitting anything later on is a problem (possibly because it causes a short, or maybe because you want to operate it slightly differently from originally intended). More droppers also reduce your reliance on rail joiners for conductivity. Many feel this is a nonsense ... until it happens to their own layout.
  11. I tried designing some for my own 3d printer. I have attached the .stl I created. I printed it in clear resin so it can be lit from below. I do not know how well this would work. I won't need them until I build a newer scenic section for the layout, depicting a more modern era (it is c1940 right now) so I had intended to refine this at a later date. The item is a bit rough but my handling of the printer has improved since then, so prints are better & smoother. It could also maybe benefit from a little polishing. 70s 80s station lamps.s
  12. Not all decoders are the same. Over time I have become more fussy with what I use because I have some which don't work as they should. Speed should be more progressive & predictable than you have described. Lights should definitely not depend on speed in the way you have described. It is possible a previous owner has fiddled with some CVs but most retailers would factory reset the decoder & I would certainly expect this from Olivias. Have you tried reading in CVs before by selecting program track on the handset? The first thing it does is read the manufacturer &am
  13. Bachmann's winter announcements contained some models in sound only. I believe the non-sound versions were already available. Maybe the ATW 150 will be available with sound in the next 3-6 months?
  14. We are back to axle boxes again. I lost 2 & couldn't find them, so I designed my own replacements. I have attached the .stl for this if anyone wants to use it. I am sure it could be refined a little but I am happy with it. I have some fitted to my 66 & apart from being a touch long, they are fine. I have shortened the design by 0.5mm & this is the updated .stl. I designed this from a photo of the real thing, using dimensions from a Hattons one. It seems that the design I copied is different to the Hattons one. It appears to be the same as Hornby's.
  15. Agreed, but that wasn't the point Vivien was making. There are some sounds which are part of F1. The best example I can think of is the start-up procedure for a diesel or electric, where you may have the sound of a priming pump, starter motor, compressor etc automatically play before it settles to its idling sound. Because these are part of the same function, they cannot be adjusted individually. Separating these out to different functions may work for some but definitely not all of them. I don't think it was intended as a criticism either. It is something which I had nev
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