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  1. After about 5 years, the build of this David Andrews A1 kit has been completed by Peter Relf for me and a very nice job too. Will require a little fettling to put up with the vagaries of my outdoor track (it is compensated/sprung) but the wait has been worth it! We had a debate about the BR Express blue and I found a BS colour called 'Roundel Blue' that I think looks good, but this livery is always one for debate as regards the blue. The next stage will be very light weathering as apart from ex-works locos got grubby quickly at this time in the early 1950's. So for these pics on the set of Peter Cowling Pullmans it's in pristine condition, just ex-works.
  2. Beautiful model of a beautiful loco, well done.
  3. The B12 has now been finish painted by Colin Tyler and weathered by the local chap The Weathering Service. The E 4 has been lettered and lined by Colin Tyler, after basic painting by me (Halfords Satin Black) but will not be weathered as the prototype was kept as a pet by Cambridge shed as station pilot in the 1930's. Both taken on the inside part of the layout when the evening sun shines in.
  4. Yes, but that was dress up Saturday!
  5. The garden railway in winter doesn't see any use outdoors, but when the sun comes out it is tempting to use the low angle of the sun to get a winter pic and think of the summer to come. Roedeer is particularly photogenic, I had thought of LNER green for the livery, buy with this being my favourite name for a B1 this loco was always a black one, but lined in red it is attractive and nicely weathered by Neil Podbery.
  6. After owning the DMR kit for a year Mike Russell offered to add it to his build of a batch of B1's from his kit and here about 18 months later (while I saved up!) is the result. Expertly built, with added roller bearings at my request and after livery by Mikes painter and fine light weathering by Neil Podbery I'm now the lucky owner of the loco! The Reading found E4 has now got as far as receiving a coat of black and red buffers from yours truly and will now be finished as 7490 the Cambridge Pilot pet.
  7. Hi Jon, Good to meet you the other day at the Bluebell, many thanks for posting the spare signal arm, which arrived safely and very quickly, I seem to have lost your email from my address book so hope that you pick this message up. Cheers, Matthew Cousins.
  8. The pre-Christmas Reading Trade show, did me in again, as I couldn't resist buying this part made E4 from a friendly trader. It has been very nicely made, but needs the loco chassis assembling - a task that friend Colin has undertaken to help me with! He assures me that the Alan Gibson cast wheels can be made useable even though the insulated wheels are turning on their axles. The E4 had always been on my long term list to get, so I felt that this was very opportune! I managed to sell a surplus tank loco to fund half of the purchase, so not too far out of pocket. Also friend Peter came along to show me how far the A1 (that he's building me from a David Andrews kit) is coming along. Hopefully this will be finished in spring 2016 - I can't wait!
  9. As these locos have probably got force fit wheels and the axles may not be the same size as Slaters, or other wheels, it may be almost easier to get a Premier Components or JPL Models chassis and replace the running gear completely. I made the mistake of trying to change the wheels on a Bachmann 0 gauge Flying Scotsman and ended up with a chassis that doesn't run that well, so might as well have just used the body on a new chassis - so I used the body in part to make a P1 in the end. See my blog on this. The Bassett Lowke chassis might be saleable to a coarse scale modeller if left un-molested.
  10. You're right Pete, the photo that I was looking at of 393 was post war, taken in 1946.
  11. Just one minor point, which after such good work on this build is really very minor, is that the numbers were usually larger than the lettering on the LNER livery. Sorry about that, as this build is so much better than the poor job done for me on a similar kit, which is a tricky build I understand. Well done for all the rest of it!
  12. Nice piece of building, well done, wish mine looked as good! As for Black paint, I've found that Halfords Satin black aerosol works pretty well and I was pleased with the finish, but I know that other more serious model painters don't use it (but not sure why?)
  13. Very good job on the valve gear, particularly with the components in the kit. Wish mine looked this good!
  14. I think that the half etch pair may be an overlay, you might want to check with Mr A.
  15. Mine was made from the Ace products kit as well, have you got the updated version with better tank sides etc? It may be worth checking and asking William Ascough for any updated parts if it is an old kit.
  16. Noting your last comment, I look forward to you tackling an LNER 2-6-2, as I have a V3 that someone built for me that is a right dogs breakfast, so will follow what you do and possibly tackle a re-build of the V3 myself!
  17. I suppose it's horses for courses, if you want to do a landscape then it's 00, or N, but if you like building locos, then 0 gauge takes some beating... My landscape is the garden, so it's the rolling stock that's the focus, even if I get a lot of help from others!
  18. Peter brought 60116 to the St Albans show to let me see progress, and it's posed next to Blink Bonny, these will be my two BR Blue Pacifics, although knowing Peter 60116 will be pristine as opposed to the weathered A3. I also received Colin Tyler's repaint of the J71 built by James King. It is such a well made loco that I felt that it deserved a special livery and so it has been given the almost unique hybrid livery of BR green with LNER black and white lining panels, as applied to the York station pilot. It is seen here on an outing to the Stevenage Club layout - pity that it's a hundred miles from me! With the turn of the year it will soon be time for the first outing of the travelling layout at Tonbridge.
  19. It will be in lightly weathered BR blue, which I know is wrong with the chimney, but I know that at least one A1 got blue with a lipped chimney, so I shall stretch credibility to include 60116!
  20. Glad you like it, I'm a real fan of the Sir Walter Scott names, this being the favourite of those bestowed on the A1's.
  21. Friend Peter has now really got his teeth into building the A1 kit from David Andrews for me. Unlike the previous two kits (which he had to do significant scratch building on), he's finding this kit much more straightforward. To be finished in BR blue 1951 condition, with the exception of the chimney, which will be lipped, because it looks so much better to me, I'm really looking forward to this loco being completed. Had a good day at Reading trade show, selling prints and Christmas cards, but more significantly the stock from a modeller who had sadly passed away before he could make his stock of kits. This came a s a warning to me that time is passing quickly and I really need to get on with some of the wagon and coach kits that I have had for years. I don't trust myself much with loco building, as my soldering skills are a bit low, so I'm duly envious of Peter's skill and craftsmanship!
  22. Although my layout is an LNER main line, the wayside station has a group of LBSCR preservationists using the old loco shed. Having presented the Gladstone to the LNER railway museum, they have gone on to preserve other LBSCR locos and have recently got their G class single nearly complete. They rolled it out into the sunshine - alarmingly without buffers! and had some pics taken. Thanks to Pete Wisdom for the build after taking on a part built scratch build for me and to Ian Hopkins for lining.
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