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  1. That always was the problem in the pre 'modern' versions. A lot of issues had a multitude of classes, perhaps by wheel arrangement. An example being No. 121, which was LNWR 2-4-0's, 2-2-2's and 2-2-2-2's. This included various compound and non compound locomotives.
  2. Heysham Harbour is easy. For the first? part anyway. http://magazineexchange.co.uk/cw/railway-modeller-magazine-october-1984-issue.html
  3. There is an article by E.R.H. Francis in Model Railway Constructor 1976 October, on building this kit.
  4. It would appear that your chassis is binding somewhere. Try taking out the motor and run it independently, does it work OK? Then try pushing the chassis both ways and see if it binds at all.
  5. I hate to say this, but you are going to have fun removing the shorts from that lot! The first thing you need to do, is put electrical gaps, where two opposing points are. An example is between points next to 16 & 18 and also the slip 12 & the unlabelled point to the left & below of it. Until you do that around the layout, you have no hope. Can you run trains, anywhere at all?
  6. Measure the resistance of the coils (no other wiring attached) with your multimeter set to Ohms and probably all will be revealed. You will almost certain;y find that the SEEP one has a lower resistance and so will take the lion's share of the voltage. The only fix for a crossover, is to use identical point motors.
  7. So he knew the train timetable? Freight trains often run hours early or late. Most rail passengers don't rely 100% on timetables! I agree, he was just lucky and hope his luck just run out, with a driver disqualification.
  8. So what made him think that doing a U Turn on a railway crossing was a great idea? No excuse whatsoever for an appalling decision to break several road rules, even if the U Turn was actually achievable. I'm sure a call to the local police for assistance in turning, anywhere, would be preferable. If the police decided that the only place to actually turn was the crossing, hopefully they would have the sense to alert the railway company to stop trains.
  9. Boeing have disproved that theory, with their cavalier attitude to safety, regarding the 787MAX! Saving money, was FAR more important. What a mistake that proved to be?
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AC_power_plugs_and_sockets:_British_and_related_types#Counterfeits_and_non-standard_plugs
  11. So it is. I've had the book and my 2 wagons for decades and never linked them! The drawing doesn't make any mention of quantity or the number carried, so not surprising that people could easily be lead into thinking there was a fleet.
  12. I thought I'd posted this previously, but no restrictions in Australia. 60/40 solder is freely available anywhere. Next time you or a friend is coming on holiday (whenever that might be next allowed!), buy yourself a supply to take home.
  13. Thanks for the reminder, I knew it was very low. I thought maybe 3 (I have 2!). I wonder what Ratio were thinking to chose such an obscure prototype?
  14. I heard of one house in Australia that 'someone' (presumably the previous owner) had used mains plugs and sockets for the telephones, although with phone cable. Apparently, the wall sockets were in pairs around the house and while unmarked in any way, it was suggested that the LH ones were for phones, the RH for power! The place got referred by the phone tech who went out to his supervisor, who presumably arranged for all the wiring to be checked out. But yes highly dangerous. I did attend one site, where the phone cord accidentally got draped over a bar heater. The compl
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