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  1. kevinlms

    Panic buying

    Perhaps getting the odd item substituted your idea would work, but if as Keith suggested, that the order (if one can actually get one), contains significant numbers of missing or totally unsuitable items, then it quickly becomes a major problem. Supermarkets in Australia, for some time have been running reasonable stocks of the vast majority of the product range. So it seems that Britain is having major issues with it's supply train.
  2. It seems that the wrong minister has resigned!
  3. That article must be a few weeks old, as the number of deaths has crawled up to 102.
  4. They are much better drivers than the average, so speed limits are not applicable to them!
  5. Regarding the hot glue gun, looking at the photos most of the blobs seem to be on spade connectors. I wonder if the manufacture has had some warranty returns and it turns out that the spade connectors have fallen out. If that's the case, a cheap insurance policy. As for the blobs on the PCB, probably helps it stop rattling. I've seen worse PCB designs, where if the device is dropped, the heaviest components (often a coil of some sort), keep going and sheer off the PCB. Thus rendering it useless. Short of the manufacturer drop testing off the workbench multiple times, the design looks not too bad, but room for some minor improvement. The one thing I don't like at all, is the tight wire which appears to have caused the bent tag! It's hard to be certain, but has that pot rotated slightly?
  6. I'm wondering if an SCR would be better than a Darlington Pair transistor. The reason for my thinking is that a pulse could be applied to the SCR, causing it to conduct. It would then discharge the CDU. Once the CDU is discharged the SCR would be automatically turned off, until it next gets a pulse. A Darlington Pair, would continue to conduct if switched on. I guess a lot depends on your actual method of firing the points.
  7. Not really, I exaggerated about the wheel spin, but here is the details for impoundment. https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/safety-and-road-rules/road-rules/penalties/vehicle-impoundment More specifically. https://www.legalaid.vic.gov.au/find-legal-answers/traffic-offences/hoon-driving-and-impoundment
  8. As long as you don't spin the wheels. In Oz that is a towable offence and loss of licence for a month, assuming you get caught. Plenty still do it.
  9. This place is 20 minutes drive from me. I have seen them previously, must go soon. Reopening 1st June to limited number of visitors. https://www.zoo.org.au/healesville/habitats/platypus-track/platypus/
  10. The Coyote appears to be playing up to the camera.
  11. It's probably the cheapest 'lubricant' the factory can find!
  12. MS Works was a pain for trying to export a database. Even MS didn't provide a means to convert a Works database file into MS Access. I wasted a lot of time on that, before giving up and restarting with an Access file.
  13. As long as the magnets don't project below rail level, why should this be a problem? I'll admit to not having used the Powerbase system, so perhaps I'm missing something?
  14. That's OK, you can always go back in time to visit the real place whenever you want. Mind you, the Doctor might take you to some interesting places on the way!
  15. You should NEVER say things like that, you only encourage them!
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