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  1. Alternatively, you can always 'reverse the phase polarity relays' or similar nonsense, which always gets Star Trek out of trouble!
  2. A further example of a book of that nature is 'The Last Steam Locomotives of British Railways', by P. Ransome-Wallis. ISBN:1854224743 Which is for the 3 printing. I have a 2nd printing version which was pre-ISBN and has a different cover. This photo album book is arranged by wheel arrangement, in gradually increasing power and so the locos appear in random order of railway company. While there is no list of numbers, it does show blocks of numbers, these show the situation in late BR days so there are many gaps. The vast majority of the photos are by the author. The captio
  3. For Birmingham New St, what is better than this set of 4 books? This is Vol3, the only one available from the publishers new. https://wildswanbooks.co.uk/Books/Birmingham-New-Street-LMS.htm
  4. This whole discussion highlights, to me at least, the difference between marketing of their products between Tri-ang Hornby/Hornby Railways and Peco. Peco set up a replica house showing where a fully working set of layouts could fit into a typical house. Pecorama, while it showed the results of using its trackwork and other products from it's range (mostly wagon & scenic products), items such as locomotives & coaching stock, have to be brought in. Traditionally, the photos of their layouts for inclusion in Railway Modeller and their catalogue were usually pretty basic
  5. Only way to do it. Just piles are useless and asking to be knocked over or otherwise mixed up.
  6. How well is their inventory organised? Lots of magazines of lots of titles, does take a lot of room.
  7. I suppose the only option is to leave it for a month or something, then copy & paste your information. Maybe they will have forgotten and moved onto another page? But I agree, it's sad and pathetic. Maybe they only want the details of their favourite models included?
  8. As you have already discovered, you can't join the LMS Society (unless you have a history of being able to research apparently). But you can view the list of books/articles that members of the LMSS have written. http://www.lmssociety.org.uk/bib.php
  9. Yes, wet paint is hopelessly deceiving.
  10. The thing with catering vehicles is that they tended to be built in very small batches, mostly to modernise existing fleets. So a batch of say 10 would normally be a very large order. That means it's difficult for a manufacturer to select vehicles, which represent a companies catering vehicles. As model layouts tend to be small, an 8 coach train would be very long for most layouts. Of the 8 coaches, how many would be catering vehicles - likely to be just the one. These days, it's possible for smaller batches to be created, so maybe it's possible that further catering choices w
  11. I did the same thing deliberately with my late EM layout. I used the old Ratio sleeper bases and used EM for the straights & the 18.83 version for the curves. No problem as when curved (both gauges) tended to narrow anyway. Effectively gauge widening - easy. Although I'll admit, I did buy the 18.83 in error.
  12. Swapping as suggested will prove one of two things. If everything works now, the point motor and/or switch was faulty. If still the same problem, then it is almost certainly an alignment issue. A SEEP MUST be properly aligned in both planes. No such thing as 'close enough' with SEEP's, unfortunately.
  13. Looking at these prices, no wonder wallpaper is rare these days! https://wallpaperbrokers.com.au/collections/striped/products/wide-diagonal-stripe
  14. But usually men get no choice when it comes to colour. Many have no sense of colour, even if not colour blind! What did the other half say when the colour turned out OK? Probably nothing, certainly not an apology for doubting you!
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