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  1. I'm sure I've seen a 'Design Panel' version layout sketch of it somewhere, but can't find it. It had an unusual number, perhaps D8500 or similar. But that belongs to the Class 17 Class, so not sure.
  2. The corrugations in the modern world can vary significantly. A customer of mine, a car dealer, had their showrooms completely rebuilt. The owner selected a corrugated metal ceiling for the entire floor, for the builder to use. Then he went on an extended holiday. When he came back he took one look at the ceiling, that had been fitted, all the lighting fitted to it with holes cut in as required and said it was wrong. Any way he told them, that isn't what I ordered and went to his office and took out the sample piece, which clearly had a finer pitch, maybe 60mm or so. He insisted that the builders replaced the lot, which took about 4 weeks to do! The resulting court case relating to payment, took another 3 years to resolve. But in the case of your shed, I don't think anyone is going to worry that much! 3" sounds good.
  3. So anyone could have easily 'hacked' MW's construction list!
  4. I'm sure that Steam Railway can be persuaded to repaint one side of 'City of Truro'!
  5. Since TTTE was making squillions for the copyright holder, when the TV series came out, it isn't surprising.
  6. With an elderly lady watching the scene from a train running on a parallel track!
  7. Great move, to find out the actual clearances, not what was assumed, or was the case decades ago. I wonder how many loco classes through the years had been refused approval for building, based on outdated infrastructure information? It's like when governments started to use electronic methods of examining the ocean floors and found all sorts of rocky outcrops etc, that generations of well intended sailors, throwing knotted ropes over the sides, had missed!
  8. Ring up a couple of friends and ask them for those dimensions, assuming you don't have a shed yourself. A shed door will usually be a bit tighter than say a house door.
  9. Exactly what I thought (since I mentioned the taper boiler - ironic for the location!), a bit of clarification helps.
  10. Near me there is a level crossing removal project. Also going at the same time is a low bridge. I took a photo of half the beams in place, over the old bridge. There would be at least 2 metres difference in the amount of clearance. I'll look for the photo tomorrow.
  11. The photo shows the difficulty of seeing a numberplate, or even if it exists on the 2nd loco. With a line of locos, you'd find it quicker by just walking along and looking at the body numbers (or tenders for early LMS livery). The main reason the LNWR frequently swapped tenders (they even prepared a couple of tenders that belonged to Crewe Works, with removable numbers), was because the LNWR had long ago worked out, that you didn't need the same number of tenders as locos. This was because the time taken for a major overhaul for a tender took less than for the loco, so you needed fewer! You just needed to attach the nearest suitable tender, when the loco was ready. The tender it came in with, was probably already in service on another loco that had been sent out earlier.
  12. Flexibility wouldn't have been required, IF Big Bertha had proved to be a huge success, the MR/LMS would have built at least one more, maybe 2. After all if they were highly convenient and did the job well, why wouldn't they want to get rid of multiple 3F tanks? Fact is, Big Bertha did it's job but was nothing special. The LMS did a lot of work on their sums and it was very common to withdraw classes with small number of members and you can't get lower than one! The only thing that extended it's life, was that Derby had a spare boiler, unique to the loco. This helped the turnaround time in the workshops. By the way, what was the normal complement at Bromsgrove, the Garratt and how many 3F tanks?
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