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  1. Not really, I think the 'drawings' were to give to staff, so they could identify the vehicles and know their ratings. However, There are several good photos, showing them in various liveries.
  2. I guess they are sketches rather than drawings.
  3. Illustrated History of L.M.S. Standard Coaching Stock Volume 1 by Jenkinson & Essery ISBN 9780860934509 and reprinted I think (new ISBN?). They weren't considered as wagons, although they looked like they should be!
  4. Even if you do get a build up of carbon on the studs, it's very easy to scrape off, than mess about with a soldering iron to replace a useless switch.
  5. It's fantastic the support given to Market Deeping MRC, but it is sad to read at the foot of the page, about other railway clubs and societies. They have had similar issues, yet they have received only token gestures to their own appeals. No idea of what the answer to this problem is, but I suspect that is why Market Deeping MRC, originally set a low target. I guess they were a little lucky in getting the right sort of publicity. My club's exhibition once got on TV, at the end of Saturday night news & Sunday we had people streaming in all day. Probably 15 years ago. Have we ever been able to reproduce this - absolutely NOT. Edit to add. If the view is that this post is inappropriate, I'll delete it.
  6. Edition 20 of the catalogue reveals 8. R190 Country Cottage R191 Coaling Stage R192 Goods Shed R193 Village Shop R194 Petrol Station R195 Lifting Bridge R196 Bungalow R197 Factory & Warehouse 1978 24th edition R195 & 197 gone. 1979 25th edition all gone. Presumably they bought a batch and once sold...
  7. I haven't thought too much about it, but I think I would use a reed switch with a magnet attached to the bridge, so that the switch is open if the deck is 'missing'. I would use the reed switch to power a relay, with the required contacts wired to isolate the approach track(s), if no deck. Also switch power to approach tracks & deck itself, if deck is correctly in position. Tests would need to be conducted on how far back, to put gaps in the approach track. Watch out for locos with flywheels, DCC 'Stay Alive' and any trains with a 'loco' not at the front- such as an HST! Perhaps even consider shorting the rails, if the deck is out of position!
  8. If you're feeling rich! https://www.custommodelrailroads.com/liftbridge-1.aspx
  9. Some of those circuits are quite complex and I seriously wonder if they are worth the trouble. The principle was to have relays connecting a choice of controllers to each block. One relay, per controller that you want to access particular blocks. There are more modern methods, such as Heathcote Electronics & Train Tech. Many of these work on DC or DCC, but I suspect some of the DC functions are limited.
  10. Attaching thinner wire is part of the solution. Key points asr to make sure the area you want to solder it to are scraped clean & that the soldering iron is big enough for the job. Too small and the heat will run away along the rail, before reaching temperature.
  11. Sad that some will be gleeful, if FS gets banned. It's not the loco causing the problem, but the idiots. Perhaps the owners (NRM still?), should set a section on their web site, to post videos/photos etc of culprits? Then pass the info onto BTP.
  12. I think a couple of points are true. 1/ Most loads didn't travel that far. 2/ I suspect railways would tend to keep their own wagons if practical and send goods to obscure locations, in someone else's vehicles, again if practical. By practical, I mean no one had to waste time shunting it around.
  13. Indeed it's a myth that any GWR layout, should be exclusively GWR wagons. The concept of 'common user' was around long before nationalisation. Sure some GWR wagons (especially fitted ones) were excluded from the pooling arrangements, but wagons carrying loads into even isolated branches, COULD have LMS, LNER or S.R. wagons, largely depending on where their load originated.
  14. A friend of mine says this:- "dodgy server + a colour blind maintainer who also hasn't heard of https:// "
  15. It works on my 4G mobile too. But it certainly isn't optimised for mobile usage.
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