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  1. Hi all, A mate of mine does 'O' gauge and has 3 locos with failed plastic gears. He understands that Brass replacement ones have been made, either by Heljan, or a private source. Could anyone offer advice of a link perhaps to such a source of new gears please? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, FYI the 50008 picture is in Cheltenham Alston Sidings and stock formations suggest at Paddington - Cheltenham service, or vice versa...
  3. Brilliant info guys, thank you all for sharing your knowledge with me.
  4. Thank you for this Graham, my knowledge of the ScR is sadly lacking a bit. I used to do Freedom of Scotland weeks in the 80s but coming from Gloucester it took a while to get up there, often used 1S19. These diagrams I have acquired are full of little snippets that its nice to learn about. You help is very much appreciated :-)
  5. Also Graham Ive now found another 50 diagram for Perth which shows for Perth 06.22 CONTROLP4/1 and 13.50 CONTROL P4/2. Would these be pilot duties around the station maybe?
  6. Graham R... Could I pick your brains again please? I have a Cl. 50 diagram dated from 13/12/71 which shows a LD from PO to Motherwell then LD from Motherwell working 'CONTROL S72' until 12.42. The loco then ran LD to PO and then again from 14.00 at PO the loco works 'CONTROL S139/2' until 21.00. Do you have any ideas what these CONTROL jobs are please?
  7. Thanks for all the help and advice chaps... much appreciated
  8. Hi Graham, Yes, it was booked a Class 50. The loco came to Perth on 1S25 22.30 Euston to Perth. The Grangemouth trip was a fill in move before the loco returned South on 1M12 21.15 Euston as far as Crewe. The diagram only shows Class 7 there and 8 back. I was thinking there might be head code although I do recall the ScR often just showed Number Dot Dot Dot in the head codes. The Sighthill trip is shown as 6S86 in the diagram not 6S68. Does the WTT show 6S68? The loco for the Sighthill job returned LD to PO at 21.20 then worked 3M22 Glasgow - Crewe / Euston Parcels.
  9. Hi, Would anyone have any Scottish WTTs for 1971 and can tell me the train head codes for the following services please? 13.04 Perth to Grangemouth class 7 (might be a conditional service). 16.50 Grangemouth to Perth class 8 (might be a conditional service). ECS trains from Glasgow Central to Larkfield (presumably Larkfield was carriage sidings?? Light Engine moves from Glasgow to Polmadie shed. Thanks in advance...
  10. This has to be post May 1971 as its 'B', if it was pre May 1971 it would of been 'C' for the West of England..
  11. D600 left Swindon 8th May 1967 and 1V33 was the Cornishman
  12. The shot of 601 and Western is 21st August 1967 and the Western is D1017. D601 was being transferred to Landore to work in West Wales for a short period by 1M95 Penzance to Manchester service as far as Newport where the train reversed and headed towards Crewe with 601 going to Swansea.
  13. The open day at Swindon was 31st August 1968, D838 left 10th September 1968, D7000 left shortly after in GFY and 1015 stayed in works until November.
  14. Here you are Ray M... quite a few had these in the colour at some stage...
  15. Hi, I've just bought 2 Hornby Mark 2 E coaches from a trader at the Hornby event at Gaydon and in my haste I failed to look at them properly. I've discovered that the 'coach with lights' has had the wires cut (not too much of an issue) but more importantly the bogies have been swapped for BR type 1 bogies instead of the B4 they should have :-( I can't believe I missed that.... my haste at the excitement of getting 2 coaches I wanted :-( Can I get spare bogies from any suppliers does anyone know please? I don't think Bachmann ones will fit Hornby
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