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  1. The horsebox in the S. Witham looks (unsurprisingly perhaps) just like an M&GN one. There are 4 panels but only the one nearest the drovers compartment opens for inspection.
  2. Did you turn the buffers yourself or buy them? If the latter I would you divulge where from please: I need some similar part tapered buffers for a current project.
  3. I don't think they were painted. All the ones I've seen were the colour of the plastic they were moulded in.
  4. Good to see this come to fruition. Looks like you've already done as much with yours as I have with mine. I'm interested to know what cutters you are using, software, speeds and feeds &c. I could PM you but the information will be useful to others I'm sure. The usovo spindle upgrade is the one I went for. Easy to fit but about €100 so not impulse purchase, plus you have to get some collets too. Mine was a christmas present last year. It does open up the market for cutters, as Julia stated, where many are 4 or 6 millimetre shanks. If you need the more expensive one let me know. I bought the one with the extra adapter part because the serial number on my machine was high enough to require it according to the website but I actually didn't so it is spare.
  5. Might it be a spare from a 4mm version?
  6. PM me your address and I'll send you some hooks. They won't match exactly the ones in the kit but you're welcome to some of my huge surplus of coupling hooks that I have etched for my own purpose.
  7. I'm looking forward to seeing it again...
  8. They're considered as coaches when it comes to diagrams where O means milk vehicles i.e. siphons and tanks.
  9. Aha! I was just about to post that I found a picture in RWA of a milk tank to dia. O35 bearing running number 2021. Some of the captions include the range of numbers for a lot but this one doesn't. However, given the number of other milk tanks with numbers in the low 2000s that 2020 was probably also a milk tank to, possibly, dia. O35.
  10. Atkins p31: S4 (Tadpole) 6w open fish truck osL420 built 1887/8 ... some rebuilt to 8ton vans 2009-44. There must have been an earlier use of the number though.
  11. Wagon 2020 would be something 19th century and probably pre-diagram book. Open of <4 planks would be the favourite for me, though it could just as easily be a roof less cattle wagon or brake van.
  12. The stuff with foil on contains glass fibres in my experience so less desirable for this kind of carving up. My pink stuff came FOC as a boot full of offcuts from someone's loft insulation project where the sheets were wider than the rafters spacing so there were lots and lots of lengthy offcuts around 8-10" wide. Yes, the spacings were unequal.
  13. I'm not that old Andy. I joined the association in 2003 when the bogies were (different) castings that fitted over a generic etched stretcher and were about to be replaced by the current fully etched items. Mk4 driving wheels were being intorduced. Whats left is something 8' and 9' Gresley after Nigel's had the other 9' ones. If anyone would like them they're the cost of postage since I'm purely custodian for these items.
  14. Are any of these what you're looking for? Having measure I think the ones on the left (top) are actually 8' WB and most of the remainder, whilst 9', are I think, Gresley.
  15. These arrived today. NCU plates, ventilated wording and numbers. Putting numbers together takes a long time, especially when you need to do it FOUR times per wagon. NCU plates and the Ventilated wording are not on the standard Fox or Model Master sheets and neither are squashed up numbers that are necessary to fit the running number between corner plate and stanchion on open wagons with a sheet supporter. Since I was getting custom transfers made up I decided to have a number of additional useful numbers made up as strings too. All of them come from within blocks of numbers from Atkins et. al. and can therefore can be used multiple times by changing one or two numbers. No excuse not to finish some open wagons now. Once I've figured out how to make something that looks like a GWR sheet supporter, anyway.
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