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  1. I've tried what you have attempted, with a Nigel Lawton motor, Nick. My success was much lower and it only kind of worked afterwards. It was not good and I binned it. It was first damaged by trying to remove or refit a worm and I separated the casing accidentally. I agree with Tim that the Tramfabriek motors seem good. Certainly better than the ebay 7mm coreless motors I bought from a similar referral link. Based on my current experience in chassis building the latter have less torque available. I bought cheap and ended up buying twice in this instance: the chassis got a Tramfabriek motor.
  2. Andy's agreed with you and his day job involves railway bridges.
  3. I believe so. The sides made it easy to empty. They also might have been black
  4. richbrummitt

    Signalling Swan Hill

    It is well written but I think the Vaughan book wouldn't help too much. The GWSG published a book last year, GWR signalling practice, which they strived to make the definite work on this subject.
  5. richbrummitt

    Signalling Swan Hill

    I can see how my earlier comments are ambiguous. What I meant is that I would keep the signal from siding 1 as a starter but have a disc instead of 27. I don't think 27 and 28 would be combined. This assumes that a train will not depart directly from the loading bay i.e. any traffic from here is moved to a road with a starter before departing. If it does then 27 remains as a starter. Maybe neither 27 or 28 is a starter and traffic from this area is marshalled into a platform before it sets off.
  6. richbrummitt

    Signalling Swan Hill

    Just like 1a and 1b some other switches would be pulled together by the same lever. The following list of examples being non exhaustive*: 6 and 24, 7 and 12, 10 and 23. *It's not exhaustive because I haven't spent sufficient time to look at how 11, 17-20 might be linked up. From a signalling pov. Would there be starting signals for the up siding and bay? I think only the siding. It seems there is nothing protecting the crossover 1 in the down direction. I don't think 22 would be a start signal. Probably a disc. (I'm assuming this is not a running line) In early times 10-12 could be the same signal, sited as 10, depending how close they are. You could alternatively have two or more? stacked discs at 10 for these routes to aid sighting. 4 and 5 might be the same height if the platforms have equal status.
  7. I bend vac pipes from .45mm brass wire. I use .3mm for Westinghouse pipes, which have a smaller diameter. If you wish to use Julia's idea for guitar strings they are sold in inch sizes based on diameter so a .012" string has that outer diameter (about .3mm) The small sizes are usually not 'wire wound' so do check. Definitely do not use your good cutters on them either.
  8. That looks to be the usual size.
  9. They used to be available from the 2mm SA shop for people actively posting on internet forums to promote the small scale. They were often on backorder and the listing eventually got removed. Tbh. it was quite difficult to find in the listings unless you knew where to look since they were only ever available in Shop 5. Ian must've had his for quite a while.
  10. Ian, I finally got out to the post office and sent you a small parcel today.
  11. Waiting for new stock to come in. I have been warned to solder up my links or they will gently open out with time and fall apart. Not enough round tuits either...
  12. Satisfied customer of Tim Horn here. He can supply laser cut kits or ready made. Sometimes slow to respond due to workload (I believe there's just him and his Dad) but customer service second to none otherwise. N.B. Usual disclaimer.
  13. I use small pliers rather than tweezers, but mine are not magnetic so that might not help you.
  14. About three feet of wire bent to shape and some horsebox chassis from my own etches are nearing completion. I've batch built them because they take a long time on a per basis. Soon they will look like the one at the bottom (built to prove the etch over 2 years ago) except that those axleboxes aren't available anymore
  15. In my experience the 4 wheel chassis go like rockets but the bogie chassis look more sensible.
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