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  1. Thanks Martin Very interesting read. Definetly something I need to have a go at cheers Will
  2. Some awesome stuff What laser cutter do you use? It's an area I'm getting more and more tempted to learn cheers Will
  3. Looks smashing and the prototype height couplings look so much better than NEM height. They're exactly the arrangment i do for my inner coaching stock when i remount the kadee onto the body of the coach. It works well and having no buffers on the PTA I expect will allow them to go round pretty tight curves. I tend to snip off the auto bar thing as I don't shunt them so will do the same for PTAs
  4. A strange loco on the bench... I'm aiming to do a preserved 40 with as minimal modelling as possible. I managed to pick up a retooled body and so have applied some shawplan frames. One thing I dislike is the join between the body and the seperate front nose which Bachmann didn't do on their previous release. The join is really noticible with this livery so I'm applying some filler to hide it. Also by trying to hide the join I've found out the nose is larger than the body! I've done loads of filing to improve the join and now some filler has been applied which will hopefully hide the join. Now for some real minimal modelling!! The Superb PCA from Accurscale They're so nice the inners of the rake will have scale couplings with a kadee on each end. So I've removed the NEM socket on the 3 link ends and painted some buffers. The line up above is choosing EM wheels... as I couldn't resize the originals and fit them in (need a lathe to turn them down). From the thread on these wagons I've learnt that the scale size is 12.5mm diameter which is the Ultrascale fitted version fitted right.... but then i had a shock when I looked up the latest price for them so won't be using them for this rake!! So I've fitted a DCC concepts 12mm version in the middle. Close up I guess you can tell but to me it looks ok and at under a 1/3 of the price of the ultrascales it's a bit of a no brainer. So while the weather is naff... I've masked up and sprayed some... Who said Modelling was dull! To fit the wheels I've reduced the size of the plastic washer on these and taken a small amount of plastic off the wagon and they're done. I wish all skock was this easy! cheers for reading Will
  5. Your 321 is looking excellent! And the layout is coming along nicely too! Please keep the updates flowing as they're motivating me to get on with some projects this weekend. cheers Will
  6. Thanks all. So if my maths is right roughly a 12.5mm wheel in 4mm scale. I'm converting them to EM and just had a small shock looking at the price of Ultrascales these days! Will definitely explore other options. Cheers Will
  7. You'll see it on the front page of http://www.shawplan.com/ Looks the business - when i spoke to Brian about this etch last year sometime he did mention it was a good fit. But I've not tried it out yet
  8. Exactly as YesTor - The etched grille grille is way overscale and imo runis the side of the loco. It's crude and sticks out way too far. If i owned one then I'd have to replace it with Brians amazing etch.... but then my 33/1s and 33/2s wouldn't sit well next to it and so I'd end up wanting to do the fleet. Which presents a different challenge in how to convincingly model the interior next to the bogie mount... It's low down on my project list but i may have a go with one to see if it's possible. Again it's just my opinion and there are plently of issues with the 33/1s & 33/2s that I'm happy to live with or try to resolve that the new 33/0 resolves. cheers Will
  9. There is something fishy going on - Sultan has the original moulded grille but the construction ones appear to have the etched grille. Personally I prefer the moulded grille so will welcome revised 33/0s with the moulded grille
  10. Always nice to see Thunderer which looks excellent. I'm sure I went past the real thing at Bristol on Monday.
  11. Modelling time has been very much at a premium since my last post and what little time I've had has been Vitrains 47 focussed. Sorry for the very naff photos; 47600 has had a bit of paint added - precision rail blue and railmatch yellow. I've got some tidy up painting to do around the cantrails and then add the warning stripe but when varnished I think it'll all bed in nicely. You can't really see it in my terrible photos but I've done a bit extra on the front. The Vitrains headlight always looked a bit long and thin to me so I was contemplating fitting a new one. However that was far too much work so I've simply filed it down and created new bolt holes with a light punch (the plastic is so soft it's dead easy). Also added a thin bit of plasticard to give an impression there are washers on the nose. Overall happier with the face of the loco now. I've always wanted to model 47401.... but on removing nameplates from the Vitrains release I made a right mess up of the paint. As the front needs respraying in a nicer shade of yellow... and the roof needs patch paintin at a minimum I've just decided to strip it and start again. The first 10 locos had different cantrail grills and I've lost a bit of sanity and had a go at representing them by removing the extra struts with a sharp knife. It needs priming to see if I've been successful... but I'll only do that when I've done the other side which might take some time! And a few more victims have joined the production line; Respraying the warning yellow really makes a difference! You'll have to trust me on that one as my photos are terrible. And I do like the reduced headlights. I'm not happy with the Railmatch NSE blue which looks dull in comparison to the original so this will have a coat of Precision NSE blue soon to try and patch paint bits in. I'm not sure what the roof colour will be. I'll probablly go for black then weather it down. If anyone knows please let me know! There is a little theme to these... I've found a flickr photo where they've been on the waterloo-exeter or paddington-oxford routes on passenger duties mostly looking battered. Thats kind of south west enough for me Happy Modelling Will
  12. I wouldn't worry about isolated comments from someone who clearly has little ability to not recognise the awesome work you've put into this. Please keep sharing as your layout is continuing to inspire me to keep my 8ft effort going!! cheers Will
  13. Absolutely right! A bit of an own goal there mocking compromises. I also don't think it's moaning providing feedback that I'd happily have paid more for better lighting.
  14. I quite like the back scene's it does add some depth. Really tempted to go for a similar one on my layout.
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