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  1. Thanks Nigel I think you're right as I've not been able to make any changes to the light intensity. So will give up. Last night I tried to play with improving the slow speed running in a pair of Heljans but can only achieve that with BEMF switched on.... then its really slow and noisy and jumps when transitioning to normal running. Overall seems a really hard decoder to get right. Cheers Will
  2. Thanks Nigel I've been changing values in this CV and haven't noticed a difference... but to be fair I've no idea what they should be. Cheers Will
  3. Hello I have a few remaining DCC concepts decoders in a few locos that haven't blown. I cannot work out how to dim the lights though? Couldn't find it in the manuals (as it's under advanced which doesn't seem to exist) and using a sprog didn't help. Is it CV 64? Thanks Will
  4. Very interesting that there were two types of snowploughs. I've only seen the one (full) Not related to this topic Im just about to attempt to fit some ploughs but I mount kadees on the buffer beams so have run out of space.
  5. Thanks all I knew it was a user limitation! Forgot to mention I was using android mobile and so I had to click the pencil then I get the 3 bars and can then move. Cool Thanks again
  6. Daft question so apologies if I'm missing something obvious. Is there a way of sorting locos in the z21 app by decoder address or name? Mine are in order of the random way I've entered them onto the app. I've set up categories which again I couldn't find a way of changing order. In each category though the order of locomotives is the order Ive entered them into. Thanks Will
  7. It is rather bizarre. Not sure I'd have gone for it if I was GM but then again they seemed to sell OK. Thing is now I'll just expect old stuff if they release more and won't look. At least the side grille is improving with each version released! Still rather liked the moulded one tbh as I feel I just want to replace the new one with an shawplan etch.. same goes for the roof fan.
  8. Yep agree with above. I'm from the have a go yourself camp. To me experimenting with a cheap loco is the way forward.
  9. Ignore the "waste of time" comments and have a go! You could argue lobbing sound into a standard RTR model is a waste of time. But that doesnt matter as if you're happy that's all that matters.
  10. They're looking proper smart! Fantastic modelling Will
  11. Didn't make a difference so it's in my box of dead cobalts. I managed to find one that works and have installed that one so hopefully this one lasts! I've now installed five and only have two remaining working on the layout. Thanks all for your help.
  12. No switch on mine... I think i have some early ones. I'm definetly going to try it with no load tomorrow. If that fails I'll switch it out as I have a few more as I originally intended using them for the whole layout. Now down to just two where their size helps. cheers Will
  13. Swapped out my clicking motor... now the replacement is very slow at throwing. I haven't timed it but roughly 30-40 seconds. Amazingly it does make it. Has anyone else had this issue....Does this improve with time and use or one for removing? Thanks Will
  14. I've just caught up with the thread.... quite a few comments! Ben - Hopefully I've not said anything to offend as you're the last person I'd want to! Please do keep sharing as I'm sure we'll all get better models as a result. I'm no way a Peak expect (or any loco to that matter) but did have a Bachmann model which i intended "" up to something like 013. I've since sold it but because of the painted white frames and rainstrip it did stick in my mind as a fairly complicated shape... It's always hard to interpret photos though. Picture from flickr cheers Will
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