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  1. I agree - kicking off wagons - some proper china clay hoods would go down well with me!
  2. I quite like the idea of DCC control interior lighting Vs switches or wands. Better IMO to be able to control with a controller or linked to a PC than something physical.
  3. To keep myself entertained over the last week of recovering I've been sloshing paint on the station buildings. I've been limited to Humbrol as at least I can get the lids off one handed! They're both about half way painted with the brickwork largely done and as its sunny thought I'd take a few snaps to see if they looked passable.. First up the waiting room; The view from the back is at the front of the layout so i tried to be neat.... but that doesn't always go to plan! The main building is probably the hardest thing i've painted! The roof will have another coat for the stonework and then its onto the canopy roof. You can probably seen that I've damaged the odd valence an a couple of stantions... of of the drawbacks of doing this one handed on a fairly large and heavy struture. Still they'll be an easy fix. The big question is what colour to paint the doors.... and if i'm brave enough to take on the ornate stuff on the supports! Currently I'm favouring Red.... St Erth had red in the late 80's early 90s or i could always do it NSE red... or go blue. I don't think i can match Culham painting wise as thats beyond my skillset! The cop out is leaving them all white which is rather tempting... but as i plan for the under roof and valance to be white then i think there is perhaps a bit too much white. As always please let me know if there is anything that looks daft!
  4. In case it helps I've cured two of my hatton's sheds lighting problems. My GBRf example had one end where the markers that were really faint/blank. This turned out to be a crazed/fractured light guide; Thankfully as i bought it new from Hattons they were able to send me a replacement light guide which is now happily fitted into the loco. Also fitted is an excellent illuminated models replacement board and lokpilot v5 so I now have all 10 functions wired up ( the red is a nicer red in reality.... my camera phone hasn't brought the red out well. I also found the more traditional lights on my EWS example were very dim too and didn't balance with the top marker light. So i went for a very low tech solution and opened out the slots in the LED board covering with a small drill bit. To my eye they seem a bit more balanced now and I'm quite pleased with my low tech solution! Hope this helps Will
  5. I'll have a look around to see if there are any larger washers around but these are just standard M2 cheapo metal ones from Ebay. If your 50 grille mould can still produce grilles I'll certainly be interested... as you know I have a few 50 projects to do Cheers Will
  6. Cheers Jon Much appreciated and I've got a few parcels for this to haul too also am thining of resurecting my PCV project too Any interesting projects keeping you busy these days? Will
  7. I found a new paint in Halfords the other day... and I rather like it! A google screen grab of Tomperrow bridge hopefully gives you an idea of the effect I'm going to attmpt if my painting skills are up to it. I'm also experimebting with it as a base for brickwork for the platforms. While the weather was nice I've also sprayed some cheapo lights a faded green which I'm quite pleased with the end result; I've got a period of rest ahead of me following a cycling mishap so wont be doing much modelling but might have a go at a bit of sloshing paint around on structures. I hope alls good with you and thanks for reading Will
  8. Its probably fair to say I’ve had one of my more eventful weeks following a Mountain Bike mishap where my front forks simply fell apart on a small descent in the surrey hills. Having not broken anything before I’ve had a good go at making up for it and so am in a period of rest doing nothing much. A perfect excuse to do a few weeks of armchair modelling and reviewing a few in progress projects! (Even my wife has shown some keenness in promoting the gentler hobby that is railway modelling!!) I’ve had a basic weathering splurge which is where I try to do the overall weathering with an airbrush and 67 wasn’t going to escape! The front warning panel didn’t quite look right when sat next to one of Brian’s lovely etched nameplates so I had a go at straightening it. First up was priming it white using Halfords white primer decanted into my airbrush. I’ve bought some mega cheap metal shot measures from China which I use for mixing paint so just spray the rattle can into them away from the airbrush then decant. It gave a nice finish so let that dry for 20 mins or so and then attempted to paint match. The mix up is Railmatch warning panel yellow and humbrol yellow, which seemed closed but I have cheated a little by feathering in and doing a very gentle thin waft over the front. When dried for an hour or so a small brush with thinners revive the decals. Hopefully it looks ok. So I think the body is now ready for a coat of satin varnish and I’m looking forward to detail weathering mostly over the chassis. I'm just slopping on some grey for the interior which has only had one coat so will hopefully look a bit better next time around. Anyhow a big shout out to all those that helped me over the last week from fellow cyclists, ambulance crew and all at A&E and Guildford Hospital – it’s been a real humbling experience and a reminder of the hard and great work they do. cheers all!
  9. I'm in your minority too. Sounds to me like the balance seems about right here.... and testing will find any removal of detail needed to satisfy tighter curve clearances. Sounds OK to me.
  10. Very nice Jack. I've also started weathering my Hattons 66s over the weekend with varying degrees of success. I think you can only appreciate the level of detail on the chassis by how long it takes to weather! I'll be interested in knowing how you do the CDL lights as it's an area I want to do on all of my DMUs/Pacers cheers Will
  11. I've been bogged down with soldering lighting circuits and so for a change have done a small amount of painting on the roof grille area of my Hornby 67 project. I've tried to replicate a photo I found on Flickr which suggests a kinda white background, a bit of black and some rust. Then the next fun job was trying to seat the grille better than the original. Limited success which resulted in alot of flaked paint off the grille so that's just been repainted. Hopefully I can get the lighting circuits for this sorted. I dont know why but my soldering of lokpilot 5s always seem to result with crossbars or something cause lights on leds that aren't supposed to be lit. It's really annoying! Other than that not alot has been going on in my modelling world that's not related to Hattons Sheds.
  12. Just picked up on this thread and it's been an interesting read. I recommend "night trains of British rail" for a flick through of lighting options in the BR blue period I'm sure the photos have a fairly long exposure but I found them interesting to compare loco lights to surrounding station lights etc. Anyhow totally agree that manufacturers can up their game on lighting. I think I've replaced all circuits on my locos now with probably only a hattons ews old style lights remaining (mind you that one benefits from allowing a touch more light by opening up the light cover slots a little). I've often thought a simple 10 function circuit board with prewired resistors connected to a 21pin socket would do well in the after market sense. It would save me loads of time! Anyhow for me I haven't felt excited over most of the recent new tooled locos. I kind of feel what I have is good enough so other than Accurascale venturing into 37/4 to 37/7s then I doubt I'll be replacing many of my others. Coaches and DMUs however are a completely different matter! I can't wait to see the new 2b (and hopefully 2c!). A retooled 153 and 155 would really get my interest! And while not for me there are loads of modern stock not coated for. Anyhow it's great to see manufacturers pushing the boundaries on what's possible.
  13. Vitrains used a 2mm axle if that helps. I'll see if I have any spares when I converted mine... but think I sold them on.
  14. I've sold lots on ebay and a few things annoy me with the current setup... One is free listing which doesnt turn out to be free, as Ive been stung by a BIY 50p per auction upgrade. Firstly I didn't ask for it (often hidden on mobile listing) and secondly the listing stated no cost. I'm having fun with their customer services to get this refunded on principal. I'm still seeing 3 days for payments to clear not 24 hours. I miss PayPal as it was a nice hobby fund and nice being seperate from the main account I miss the old simple turbo lister software... stuff is more cumbersome to list these days. I know why they do it but charging a % on postage still irritates especially when they recommend postage costs being the exact amount rather than including the %. I'm now selling alot less that I used to. But still use Ebay as alternatives aren't that great.
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