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  1. Wow the bridge is is turning into a lengthy project!! Although it's getting close to primer stage which feels like progress. Yep the brick arch wasn't easy! I dipped the plastikard in boiling water around an old curtain pole offcut to help form the sharper part of the arch.... the rest is simply bent. I've spent the last few weeks scribing and forming plastikard for the stone caps across the entire bridge - hard to see these on my phone snaps but hopefully it'll look ok with some primer. I also quite like this view even though it's
  2. Not sure if my efforts help or are at your level but in case; During my trackbuild I've ended up using Ambis tie bars which seem to work well. I found them a little difficult to fold up but after destroying a few to start with I got into a routine and managed to produce enough for my setup. Generally I've fitted two per point and the one closest the toe I drilled small holes in the tie bars under the point blade for the droppers to the tou. They're operated using C&L TOUs which i found tricky to set up and had to modify (hack) for use with tortoises. (During my bui
  3. I'm sure most people will have built a layout in the time it's taking me to build a bridge! Anyhow two weeks off at Christmas and it looks like; Slowly getting there! Lots of filler has just gone in which I'm waiting for it to dry to smooth off and shape. Capping stones next which I think I'll just do out of plastikard The arch took me an age and while it's not right it'll have to do! My only other layout progress as been to put a door on the Fertilser depot - a have a long term ambition to motorise it but for now its manual.
  4. Amazing! Love the n gauge 37 & 56 in the background Have a great Christmas! Will
  5. Hi Fran I was just directed back to page 9 to look at the fan and grille. It looks like an etch then whereas plastic now? That's not a criticism as I know you have to balance fidelity with something commercial. One other thing. Will the cab interior be full height or say half height to accommodate gears/bogie mounting? Overall its looking like a great project! Will
  6. I'm really hoping you'll do some original 37/4 to 37/7 locos... or if not have the chassis available separately I haven't ordered one as I think all technically none fit into my South West effort but may have to give in and apply some modellers license. Overall looks fantastic! I wonder if on the front screens you could do an etch like Brian's EE. That'll really make a difference. I understand tooling limitations on the roof grille... I can't imagine a production version is robust enough to match Brian's EE. It'll be interesting to see a roof shot and the intended fans
  7. Fantastic wagons and superb detail. You've done a great job on the build on these and thanks for sending them through. They really are superb. However I'm with Guy on the Arc mustard yellow. To my eyes its too yellow... on first opening i wasn't sure if it was painted tbh and was just yellow plastic. Sorry to sound a little harsh. Maybe I've been influenced too much by Precision paints interpretation but the shades are quite different. I agree its really hard to base colours from photos and films and I'm sure everyone has a different view. Maybe yellow is j
  8. Aha. I was looking in the wrong place. Thanks for the photos... Will be adding some weight inside now. Cheers Will
  9. Thanks Guy! I was lucky to get Matrins efforts and his flatbottom crossover is still my favourite part of the layout. The back of the layout is my biggest worry so we'll see if it looks ok when the bridge and wall is in place. I'm taking some inspiration from St Merryn here so while it won't be as effective hopefully I can something similar cheers Will
  10. I'm really pleased you like it And great to hear from you! This layout has great foundations so hopefully I can do it justice. cheers Will
  11. Mine are never going to be coupled up to another unit so I've fitted a dummy coupling which is a bit more to scale and tried to fit horns/some representation of cables
  12. I've never been neat enough to be able to fit it ready sprayed and glazing fitted! Also it makes varnishing tricky. I've had to also carve away at the edges of the laserglaze and it does help to remove as much plastic from the body as possible
  13. I think at 200 a locomotive im going to be far less accepting of faults or the usual rubbish lighting.... I'm looking forward to seeing this effort before judging whether its worth it or whether I need to downsize the fleet to fund one.
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