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  1. A bit of progress on the fertiliser shed I've splashed some paint on and just soldered up some guttering. There are plenty of tidy ups to do but overall despite the best efforts of my terrible painting I think it's ok. The doot needs spraying and fitting but I've attempted to make an impression something is going on inside and tried to hide the thick walls. Next up is doors then the tricky task of making some lights. thanks for looking Will
  2. Looking forward to these! Have you opened pre-orders for the CDAs?
  3. I've made a start on the fertiliser depot which is very loosly based on the one at Andover.... mainly because it's a very small when compared to the original and i don't have many photos of the structure! The basic structure has been built from some lovely marine 2mm ply offcuts - ! really enjoyed working with this material! Plenty of reinforcement has been added to try and prevent warping etc. I wanted a open view on one half so decided to have a go building a steel frame for brass I sections. I've got the roof supports to build and currently not sure if I'll use plastikard or bra
  4. ECC blue/silver as well and plenty of running packs pretty please
  5. I've made a start on the interior made from a severn models kit, some scrap brass and some 3d printed stuff found on Ebay; TBH I've now idea what does what so to a trained signalman this probably looks awful! It was amazing how hard fitting the glazing was which I did over the course of a week! Coming together now - a few details here and there to sort out and then have the fun task of trying to work out what rodding should come out of the box Happy Modelling all Will
  6. Seems a fair price to me for the level of finesse and work involved to get them this far. I'm hoping there is sufficient profit in these to allow cavalex to grow and produce future gems
  7. Awesome stuff. Really looking forward to your CDA variant And I admit your HAA is so tempting.... looks the business. I think I may need to sell the family silver.
  8. A great choice! Being from Nottingham my favourite trip out was to trent valley to see the MGRs. Great stuff!
  9. Hi Ken Very useful info. I think to be on the safe side I'm going to wire in some resistors. Cheers Will
  10. I use straffpether Junction sockets available direct or on ebay. I've used both 8 pin and 21 pin versions and they're very neat. I know there are other versions available but think they're just copies so I avoid these
  11. Is it just me or is anyone else afraid of bending the uprights or weathering them...? Superb wagons. Really looking forward to the Teas and now I doubt I'll be able to resist the Bardons either
  12. While messing about sorting wheels out I noticed my 158 has a missing wiper. No worries I thought as I had some MJT DMU wipers in stock so thought I'd try some as I think Bachmann's efforts are too small. Sadly the MJT wipers are too big for a 158 but snipping off the pivot and then soldering it back onto the arms reduces the lengther enough. Bachmann have introduced a rather neat BSI coupling which I like the look of. However I'm never going to couple this unit to anything and while they're quite neat they're a bit too big. I had some Hornby BSI couplings in stock for
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