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  1. Roco and other European manufacturers have been achieving close coupling with scale length long body coaches capable of train set curves for many years.
  2. that would suggest that it's an early Mk2z and not Mk2a. My understanding is that all of the pressure ventilated Mk2 in Scotrail livery were Mk2z vehicles, all coming from the former blue/grey vehicles used in the Cl27 top & tail E&G sets.
  3. Delighted to finally see a LL 47/7 from Bachmann and the Scotrail Mk2 coaches. I'm curious with the inclusion of the Mk2 FO. Perhaps it's my memory dimming with time, ( I was a teenager growing up in Edinburgh through the 80's) but I don't recall ever seeing a Mk2 FO in Scotrail - or what I recall being known as Scotrail Express - livery at the time. My recollection is a complete set of 4 Mk2z + DBSO (I believe the last remaining of the old cl27 push/pull E&G sets) which was regularly used for Perth - Glasgow / Peth - Edinburgh services and unsurprisingly known as "The Perth Set" or an occasional mk2 TSO being included within a mk2 aircon set for an Edinburgh or Glasgow - Aberdeen set, but I cannot recall seeing the FO in use. Can anyone help correct my memory? Does anyone have any images of the Mk2 FO in use?
  4. I will post a pic when I have a moment, but it's definitely in silver. To confuse matters more, the image on the outer box has the logo in white! For me personally, it's one of those issues where you look at it and think, "something doesn't look quite right". Then when you realise the issue, it's really irritating. I appreciate that from distant viewing that it isn't a huge issue... but when you line the loco up along side another model in the correct livery, it's pretty obvious. On a model costing over £200 RRP it's just not good enough. For me, this is THE livery I have been waiting for on the Hornby HST and I'm thoroughly disappointed. I'm on my way to Ally Pally for the show today and looking forward to asking someone on the Hornby stand WHY?
  5. As I suspected, it would appear that Hornby's recent track record of obvious livery errors has reoccurred once again. The "InterCity 125" logo on the model is definitely in silver and not the white as it clearly should be
  6. Collected my Hornby HST power car pack in Executive Livery today. First impressions were favourable, but something just didn't quite look right. Then it dawned on me... the "InterCity 125" detail on the loco side is in silver. Now I appreciate that the memory can play tricks on one with time, but my memory makes me think this should be in white? Would be interested to know what other readers think?
  7. Far from the case, it was Transport Scotland, not the SNP government, who raised the discussion point that it would be in the interest of the Scotrail franchise (which incidentally is defined by Transport Scotland north of the border) if anglo-Scottish services stopped at Edinburgh with through passengers transferring onto internal Scotrail services. More over, it has long since been the desire of East Coast to cease through services north of Edinburgh - simply look at the way in which the northern servies are cancelled & curtailed if there is any disruption in England. This was a discussion project carried out in advance of specifying the new Scotrail franchise due to commence in 2014. Reality is that those of us living in the north of Scotland want more through services, not less. The only practical alternative is domestic aviation, which if you live in Aberdeen as I do, is often an expensive and inconvenient alternative. I would much rather travel internally by train without the inconveninece of check-in, pre-flight waiting, intirusive security checks etc. especially when one considers that the end to end timing is often within 1-2 hours, but i'm now vering more into the argument for HS2 Given that HST's and Voyagers running north of Edinburgh currently run for up to 400 miles "under the wires" surely we must have a better engineering concept in order to make use of the OHLE and then continue the journey for those of us beyond the wires.
  8. Simon, not at all, the only stupid question is the one people don't ask!
  9. I wouldexpect that as with all other Hornby mk3's, the buffers come seperately in the box to fit as required. The only Hornby mk3's which come with buffers as part of the moulding are the ex Lima TGS and TRFB
  10. I;d certainly love a "Bathgate pair" in original provincial blue - perhaps a certain Edinburgh model shop might support you there Charile as thier next limited edition model. Roll on the first batch, at least 1 sold here, maybe both!
  11. From my experience, the once a day service from KX to Inverness and the 2hrly service to Aberdeen are amongst the busiest services East Coast operate. It's not unknown to find these services leaving Edinburgh northbound with very few seats available. Same goes for the overnight sleeper
  12. Looks like the postal platforms (2-6) at the east end of Waverley
  13. - class 142; logical progessionfrom the 144/143 - cl 180 - class 120 unit - class 126 unit mk2 e/f coaching stock also gets my vote.
  14. Quite correct Ron; the 185's along with all otherr Desiro derivatives are good products if they are used on appropriate services. Also right about the 180's; they were cascaded from FGW at the same time as TPE inherited the anglo Scottish services from VWC.Trouble was, nobody really wanted them from what I recall; there were even rumours of some of them coming up here to Scotrail for E&G services but 5/10 coach formations would have caused too many problems with platform lengths. Hull trains took some, Grand Central have a few and NXEC had hopes of using them - I remember one lurking at the back of Bounds Green depot for a long time, which I guess meant they weren't available for TPE at the time. I always though they would be the ideal compromise for TPE to use for the Manchester/Scotland trains, but as mentioned elsewhere, common sence doesn't seem to prevail on our railway One only hopes that some common sence will prevail when the next round of orders are negotiated. If the anglo Scottish routes go back to West Coast, they will need new inter city EMU's.(IEP?) Once the E&G electrification is completed in 3 or 4 years then half of the current Turbostar fleet in Scotland will need replacing with an inter-urban / inter-city EMU but I suspect we will see more 380's and a further downgrading of quality on the E&G main line services.
  15. Absolutely agree that the Scottish services should go back to West Coast and I look forward to more Pendolino's being used on the Birmingham/Scotland services, but either way some appropriate Inter City emu's are required. Adding the 6th pantograph car to the Voyagers still seems a sensible idea, but I fear the actual result will be more 350's or 380's, niether of which would be am improvement, I never understood why First didn't move the 180's from FGW to TPE for the Manchester/Scotland services, although this would still have been diesel units running for 200 miles under the wires
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