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  1. Plenty large enough I would think. Probably get at least 2 per wrapper? PM me if interested. The stash grows daily - as does my waistline.....................
  2. Since this thread appeared I've been hoarding saving wrappers and have amassed quite a few. If anyone wants some I could post them on receipt of a stamped addressed envelope. Don't all rush at once or I might have to ration them! At any rate I was thinking of 3 or 4 at a time, more than enough for several wagon tarps.
  3. I might have a couple of suitable surplus brake vans.
  4. Forgot the Lyons Fruit Pies and the Penny Arrows...............
  5. What a great film! I particularly liked the Coleford Junction shunting scenes. Taken me back 50+ years to a time of perpetual sunshine (?!), Tizer and Ian Allan Combined Volumes. I also can't believe that I was singing along to tracks I've hardly ever heard since then. Some things must be really ingrained in one's subconcious!
  6. Peco 1960 catalogue pages showing Individulay and Spiked. Not the same!
  7. Oi! Stop taking my name in vain. I'm the only Grumpy Old Git in this parish (as Tim well knows............)
  8. I have part of a GWR tender. Came in a box with a vintage GWR EM 61xx tank.
  9. Here's some relevant pages from the 1960 Peco Catalogue. I used 'Universal' spiked track with steel rail when I was a lad - still got some of the track bases and odd lengths of rail - but the wiring etc. of the points was beyond me at the time (as was soldering properly) so it all went a bit pear shaped in the end. I found other interests but, had I persevered for a short while longer, then Streamline would have come on the market and I would probably have been able to manage better. I also have some 'Little Western
  10. Good idea, I'll try that! Plenty of ally angle left after an abortive idea of making fiddle cassettes. My vice is a 'Record Imp No. 80'. A 3" clamp on type with removeable/reversable jaws. Plenty solid enough for 4mm work (and some household duties too!) and, being clamp on, doesn't take up workspace unnecessarily. I've had it for MANY years and it's still solid. Worth paying for a good reliable brand IMHO.
  11. I use a couple of short lengths of aluminium angle with another pair fitted with some self-adhesive felt. If they get to worn I just cut another couple of pieces.
  12. Drill them and fit short lengths of wire into the holes...........................
  13. Higher melting point than white metal surely. Any idea what type/temperature of solder would be required?
  14. Well, C&L and Exactoscale do and, looking at your product, I can't see a great deal of inferiority. If you can produce a double slip in N then a B6 in P4 could be possible?
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