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  1. ? Where's that ? Can't say I've heard of it. Thanks for the heads up though
  2. Mine is a ten quid Sekonda off the market many years ago. Apart from replacing straps and batteries it is still very accurate and tells me the time - which is all I want! Going out with thousands of pounds strapped to my wrist ain't my bag (whatever that is......)
  3. Like another pair of socks ?
  4. Is that the 'American' one that is infesting rivers and killing off the native variant? They appear very off-putting to me!
  5. I thought the Lisbon station looked an architectural mish-mash TBH. Perhaps it's an example of 'emperor's new clothes' syndrom - 'if a noted architect has designed it then it must be good'. Just recently I've also noticed how programmes are following each other with locations. This morning's Antiques show was at Leeds City Varieties where Michael Portillo was a night or two before. I know they're all repeats (several times over!) but these coincidences seem to be becoming more and more common. Or is it just me.....................
  6. Weren't they at 60 degrees? Was it was LN's - or possibly another class entirely! Or (as is completely possible) I am in my usual state of complete confusion and it never happened at all.......................
  7. We P4 modellers use a large pudding hammer for small jobs like that
  8. What if you're building a Lord Nelson? (I think that's the correct class?!)
  9. I've faced mine with 20thou plasticard either side of the sprung 'stubs' - but never thought of taping the wheels in position. Doh! One of my bugbears is the wheel falling off the stub when putting the halves together. Tthis idea should cure it. Thanks David.
  10. Anything works - if it's built properly. I've seen some diabolical OO layouts in my time. And some EM ones too.................
  11. And the origional Dorchester where trains heading North/Up had to reverse into the Up platform. I know - 'cos I've done it!
  12. Hard to believe that the full and empty barges are one and the same! Took me a moment to realise it!
  13. Silly me! Of course it's not on Triang track in the video. Tut, tut..................
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