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  1. Copied from Minerva website (hope Chris doesn't mind !) We have to report that when the Class 14s arrived yesterday, we saw that, despite our best efforts, the cab colour that we modified from the decorated sample was still not correct. It still has too much green to match the prototype we are seeking to accurately model. We briefly considered whether it was close enough, but have decided not to release the models in their current livery. Minerva has always endeavoured to offer accurate models and we hope that you understand the reasons for our decision. It is frustrating for all of us, but we believe it is the right thing to do. Our factory are going to produce replacements as soon as possible, and as the cabs are only secured by four screws, allowing them to be lifted off to fit crew, it is a straightforward task to fit the new cabs. We hope to have the replacement cabs in about 8 weeks, but will update as and when we have definite information.
  2. One of my favourite Lines the Clebury Mortimer and Ditton Priors ..known as the ' Gadget !'
  3. well every day is a learning experience didn't know the Midland had a shed at Worcester, Thanks for the info !
  4. Just found this by accident so ordered it , published by pen and sword if its as good as the S Wales valleys should be a cracker !
  5. I have both systems ,But I have relegated the prodigy to a back up, the NCE is more use friendly with its multiple throttle choices ,ie push button or thumb wheel and ease of programming decoders . Also my prodigy sometimes forgets who it is so I have to unplug and use button 6 to tell it who it is !
  6. Great Magazine Thanks Graham !
  7. Missed them again !!!!
  8. Will have to keep an eye on flea bay missed out on the first lot !
  9. Thanks Graham the help is appreciated !
  10. Thanks Jason didn't know that will tuck them back in when I reassemble the loco !
  11. Just dismantled my Kernow 02 for a motor transplant and there are two random wires tucked in the bunker ( red and black) they weren't connected to anything ,anyone else dismantled an 02 and came across these . and know if they connect to anything Thanks .mervyn.
  12. Just had a interesting video from them they are now doing a range of custom built motorised signals have shown 0 gauge prototype on their you tube channel, worth a look .
  13. Glad you are safe from the flooding looks awful on the news!
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