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  1. I have both systems ,But I have relegated the prodigy to a back up, the NCE is more use friendly with its multiple throttle choices ,ie push button or thumb wheel and ease of programming decoders . Also my prodigy sometimes forgets who it is so I have to unplug and use button 6 to tell it who it is !
  2. Great Magazine Thanks Graham !
  3. Missed them again !!!!
  4. Will have to keep an eye on flea bay missed out on the first lot !
  5. Thanks Graham the help is appreciated !
  6. Thanks Jason didn't know that will tuck them back in when I reassemble the loco !
  7. Just dismantled my Kernow 02 for a motor transplant and there are two random wires tucked in the bunker ( red and black) they weren't connected to anything ,anyone else dismantled an 02 and came across these . and know if they connect to anything Thanks .mervyn.
  8. Just had a interesting video from them they are now doing a range of custom built motorised signals have shown 0 gauge prototype on their you tube channel, worth a look .
  9. Glad you are safe from the flooding looks awful on the news!
  10. Apologies this is a tad late Chris but these are the settings I use on my decoders just settings I picked up off RM Web CV1 ADDRESS ,CV2 START VOLTAGE EITHER 1 OR 2. CV3 FOR PASS 30 0R 60-70 FOR FREIGHT ie STEAM . CV 4 DE- ACCELERATION 15 . CV5 TOP VOLTAGE 150 .CV6 MID-SPEED 75 .CV8 Factory reset. haven't actually reset anything so dont know if this cv works ! There are probably variables on these and it isn't a definitive list just my settings I use hope it helps .
  11. Had my first profi track point break yesterday so got onto gauge master to order a new one ,and it seems Roco who have taken over Fleischmann have discontinued the range ,as the casting moulds are u/s .So beware those who use profi track in 00/ho once the stocks are gone thats it .
  12. Can I ask what make of track you are using Thanks
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