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  1. Mr Brian Rolley of this parish is the man to ask ! he is wise in the ways of dumballs road !!!.....
  2. Great news that Steve has got a clean bill of health ! who knows maybe there might be some more news yet !
  3. Just a quick ask ,did the NCB ever have a Sentinel as per the new Dapol Model ? and on the same theme what livery would the GWR one have been ?
  4. Sent mine back about a 2 months ago was a quite quick turnaround ,once again it was a thumbwheel that went wrong they replaced it free of charge !
  5. All now solved ...the decoder has given up the ghost ..sending it back to Digitrains !
  6. yes I have done that this seems to be decoder related
  7. Morning all I have installed a Digtrax decoder in my Bachmann 37 lights work ok in one direction but when reversing direction no lights ,if I press the lighting button they flash but don't stay on ,have i got a faulty decoder or is it a CV problem Ta ....
  8. Pop over to the 7mm forum Rocker shovel has a thread on his 0 scale 3 rail American models should find all the help you need !
  9. Sorry Phil thats all the info I have as well !
  10. Pontypridd Model Railway Exhibition this Sat & Sun at the Museum in Pontypridd ,further details on the museum website
  11. Had a flyer given me of the Pontypridd Model Railway Exhibition in the Museum Sat 23rd November 10 till 1630hrs and Sun 24th 1000 till 1600hrs
  12. Came across this while searching the web ,Late reply but I'm sure this was in model railway constructor and was built by Martin Brent ?
  13. Can I ask is there any possibility of Andries doing his 6 wheeled coarse scale coaches in fine scale ?....
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