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  1. Glad you are safe from the flooding looks awful on the news!
  2. Apologies this is a tad late Chris but these are the settings I use on my decoders just settings I picked up off RM Web CV1 ADDRESS ,CV2 START VOLTAGE EITHER 1 OR 2. CV3 FOR PASS 30 0R 60-70 FOR FREIGHT ie STEAM . CV 4 DE- ACCELERATION 15 . CV5 TOP VOLTAGE 150 .CV6 MID-SPEED 75 .CV8 Factory reset. haven't actually reset anything so dont know if this cv works ! There are probably variables on these and it isn't a definitive list just my settings I use hope it helps .
  3. Had my first profi track point break yesterday so got onto gauge master to order a new one ,and it seems Roco who have taken over Fleischmann have discontinued the range ,as the casting moulds are u/s .So beware those who use profi track in 00/ho once the stocks are gone thats it .
  4. Can I ask what make of track you are using Thanks
  5. I have a fixed set of dcc values that i use if you want then can put them on here for you ?
  6. Has anyone else had the problem of their loco " hunting" ie surging at moderate speeds it almost seems as if there is a bind somewhere but at low speed it seems okay and at very high only occurs at mid speed range .
  7. Sounds an eclectic mix Andi sounds like some good lockdown projects there !
  8. Nice to see another Coarse scale modeller on here ! Looking forward to your updates !
  9. Looks like a felt underlay used under old carpets ? perhaps to save the floor tiles ?
  10. On the subject of BR cuisine you forgot to mention the bright yellow fruit cake that was encapsulated in Industrial strength plastic packaging ! Just the job for spotting at Cardiff General! along with tea that was brown water with sugar !
  11. Has anyone had any experience with this shop ? I wanted to sell some surplus stuff to him, got a quote back ,he said he would e mail postage labels, but since the nothing ,no phone messages or e mails ,anyone had any experience with this dealer.
  12. You could try Model Railway Parts ( Peartree Engineering) they advertise in the GOG Gazette
  13. Going to be a cracking layout Steve ! Looking forward to updates !
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