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  1. Nice progress there Is Love that Milk tanker !
  2. Ta Hal for the advice always wrap stuff in Acid free tissue paper due to an unfortunate experience with one of my American locos that was packed with yellow foam ...it reverted to it pre production petroleum state ruined the paint on the Loco ,as well as forming a yellow gooey mess everywhere !...yuk !
  3. Know what you are going thru Andy we moved 2 years ago still got lots of railway stuff in the garage haven't unpacked yet !!......
  4. Porthcawl Railway club are doing a small railway exhibition at the Awel-Y-Mor centre Wellfield Avenue Porthcawl post code CF36 5TP on Sunday the 29th of march 2020 1030am to 500hrs admission £2.00 all enquiries to Alan on 07923 095772 !
  5. Just had a poster from MIB Models advertising the Porthcawl clubs Small Model Railway, show to be held at the Awel-Y-Mor centre Wellfield Avenue Porthcawl ,CF36 5TP. On Sunday 29th of March 2020 10.30-1500hrs, admission £2.00, (providing Boris doesn't quarantine us all) all enquiries to Alan on 07923 095772
  6. Ta for the replies ,Edwin didn't want to appear obtuse as to the electrification ,sometimes units will use diesel if there is a problem with the pan i just didn't have the knowledge of what state the electrification works were around Bath Spa , hence the question (,have put the proper station name in in to stop the references to electric fires and large bathing vessels filled with water !.....)
  7. While staying at Bath the weekend noticed that an 800 class started rom the station on diesel power didn't have time to visit the station ,so has it now been completely wired up ? and did they fence off Sydney gardens ? with palisade fencing .
  8. Can I ask what glue people use to fix their backscenes on to boards or if you even use boards Ta......
  9. Nice to see you back an building stuff !
  10. I remember seeing this layout in London a while ago and it was then stated that the railway was run to the BCR time table so there was only one or two movements during the whole time it was exhibited must say it was just as enjoyable looking at it without stock as the standard of modelling was and is superb! Thanks for reviving this classic layout looking forward to seeing it again !....
  11. Sorry to hear your news Steve ,but on a positive note its great you are back !
  12. Mr Brian Rolley of this parish is the man to ask ! he is wise in the ways of dumballs road !!!.....
  13. Great news that Steve has got a clean bill of health ! who knows maybe there might be some more news yet !
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