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  1. Very happy with my Southern Olive Green one. No problem with colour variations, green application appears uniform in daylight and under daylight florescent lighting condition. Ran in on DC on rolling road. Fitted with Zimo MX617N and programmed with ECoS - all really good!
  2. Think I have managed to complete my full line up of BR Blue 'Peak' headcode variations . Left to right, Class 44 / 2x Class 45 / Class 46 / Class 45 Would love the oddball 44009 if tooling allowed for it, collectors club special anyone? Sure I once saw a photo of a Class 45 with clear round lenses fitted (Class 47 style), anyone familiar with that or any other different nose end arrangements?
  3. Looking for anyone who might wish to swap tender tops? I have a Late Crest (Agnes untouched) and am looking for an Early Emblem (Witherslack). Appreciated I could rebadge with transfers but this way would guarantee no removal marks.
  4. Original one ordered for me. It will stand out from the crowd (in that livery) on the 'weird & wonderful' row/siding. I have TCS decoder spare and reserved for it. Won't physically renumber it though it will be allocated a fictitious TOPS number on my database and decoded programmed as 3201!
  5. Ideally I would like to source a new tender wheel holder which I damaged slightly when fitting DCC-TTS for my East Asiatic Lines I have looked on the Hornby website and the service sheet is number 428 with the latest issue being April 2017. This shows the items as part number X9198. However when searching for this part number I get returns for A4 Live steam tender wheels! On investigation I found service sheet number 274 latest issue September 2004 does indeed show X9198 as tender wheels One would have thought all part numbers ought to be unique to avoid confusion! Not sure if I can get the part I want?
  6. Just been trying to DCC fit my new Express Dairy version. DISASTER! Ran in loco, pre-programmed the decoder. Carefully undid the 4 screws. Pushed in the sockets as per extra instruction. Body would not come free from chassis. Took considerable force, then BAM. Whole thing flew apart, base plate separated, wheels dancing across the floor, wires disconnected, front and rear hanging body brackets broken. A collection of parts for an attempt at repairs or whole lot in the BIN! Ridiculous design, blooded finger into the bargain - this should come with a health warning. £80 for a pile of parts - THANKS Hornby!
  7. Unfortunately not familiar with said person. I had to sit through years of economics in my youth, most of which was as you can tell was pretty dry and a lot of which I have found no further use for in life. Rather be railway modelling TBH! lol
  8. Sorry, I beg to differ. There will always be outliers where a certain individual or very small number of purchasers will pay a premium. One could in fact argue in this scenario that the market itself has contracted to very a minute and finite supply and that demand is greater than supply at this extreme end of the supply curve. Further down the supply curve, and at a different point in time when supply was greater the market would not bear such high costs. This can be demonstrated by the fact the although vendors will seek the maximum given sale price for stock, if that price you quote was the shop price, most buyers may not have bought units at that price. Hence to sell the stock the market price was indeed lower. Oh and thanks for the funny face too! lol
  9. it is probably just me and I do respect other's opinion to differ, but that motion looks dreadful to my eye. Takes me back to the Hornby-Triang models of the early 1970's which I started with! (I still have and love them but models and everything else in life is a world away now). Not over impressed to learn about the DDC socket and tender draw bar arrangements either TBH. I have Burton Agnes Hall on order though will seriously think of returning it if it arrives like this (motion). I might consider chemically blackening - or might not bother at all which would be a shame, especially given that I live not far from the real Burton Agnes Hall!
  10. With the latest announcement of imminent releases including both another RTC Class 24/0 'Experiment' and the Class 46, I wonder if we might see the Class 46 return as RTC 'IXION' again for the next Collector's Club Model? I have already renewed my membership (excellent value) and could see this as a big carrot for others to renew/join the Bachmann Collector's Club!
  11. I get the logic of that. I think it is only a matter of time before some company (be it Bachmann probably, or another) does the Mk2b and/or Mk2c coaches to complete the sub-classes. I would not be surprised if Bachmann did a Mk1 Bullion coach either as an interesting variation. What does however surprise me is the duplication and re-tooling of class previously done when there are things like Classes 01, 06, 74, 80. 81, 82, 83, 84 that have not been done, either to a decent standard or at all in recent times. For someone who has been in the hobby for almost half a century I realise how little I understand it's market sometimes!
  12. Well, I did my bit and bought a full rake of the faux teak ones though was surprised that the BG was not retooled at the same time as all of the other variants.
  13. My 86036 arrived yesterday [from Cornwall]. I will (although not pro-typical for this particular loco) be changing it to domino headcode. I would have preferred not to have the orange cantrail strip but the version Heljan are doing of that is weathered so a non-starter for me. I am sure I would not have been able to remove the weathering to leave a pristine finish and similarly don't think I could get ride of the orange cantrail stripe so will have to live with it for now and hope that at some point Heljan do a BR Blue TOPS without cantrial stripe or weathering, but with the perspex headcode panel, though appreciate that might never emerge.
  14. For my 321st post.................. I just tried to do the fingers trick, cannot post I may offend due to looking rude! lol Very much looking forward to Caroline when She get here, I am sure we will all be singing 'Sweet Caroline'!
  15. We should know fairly swiftly. Anyone else with similar orders care to comment please?
  16. I ordered a full set of of these carriages immediately they were announced. Today my chosen vendor of Widnes processed the first one R4962 FK. Hope they are working through the others as would be dreadful if I was not to get the full set! Fingers crossed all OK!
  17. 4 handles (Well there are presumable 2 on each side)!
  18. Great news and I and likely to be in the market for one, though despite various manufacturers doing and re-doing both the Class 24 variants of 24/0 + 24/1 as well as the different Class 25 sub-classes, the missing link RTR still remains a Class 25/0 and I would really like one. Patience is a virtue!
  19. Yes - I really appreciated you taking the time and effort to reply with an informative answer. Thank you.
  20. Changing the CV's is the easy bit if you know what to change them too. I would be very reluctant to open up the model as at £285 and being so perfect is would be a crime to risk spoiling it. I think it is a forlorn hope that the LEDs will be dual colour and that you are right about a rewire/LED change. If it were relatively simple an exercise that someone had posted on YouTube I might think about it but I assume that it will be more in depth than that. A slight shame but nothing I cannot live with on this gorgeous model.
  21. Only had a very quick look and left for running in on the rolling road. Front white lights I think are on all the time and white (as opposed to the white headcode lights can be switched off). The cab light is red - looks like a knocking shop! I am now wondering if there has been a mix up here? It is a fantastic model which I never thought would be available RTR. (I have a sound fitted version and run with an ESU ECoS)
  22. Much appreciated information. I will go for the 4321-5322 conversion in due course.
  23. Well the hoped for third piece of good news duly arrived promptly. Someone I know was told his Sister would not last 24 hours with COVID some considerable time ago. Today She is well enough to come home. Guess that trumps everything - never give up hope!
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