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  1. Would anyone have any advice for painting Slaters course stones please. The paints and the technique to use to get a good finish Thanks John
  2. Hi I am looking a copy of Continental Modeller May 2018 please. Thanks
  3. Hi RAF96 Thank you so much . That is exactly what I was after. Cheers and thanks for the diagram too.
  4. Another question from me. I am building a tuning fork layout and I know shunting will be limited but I would also like to add a shuttle timer. So the question is how can i flick between manual or automatic operation?. I assume I would need some sort of switch, A diagram would be most useful please. I am using 1 LH point. Thanks
  5. Hi Folks This is my first posting here. I am building a small oo gauge tuning fork layout using 5mm foamboard for the baseboard. I would like to fit a peco point motor to the LH point however i am not sure if the formboard could cope with constant operation of the motor. Anyone any idea how to secure a point/motor in place using a foamboard base. Thanks Johnzx
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