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    Model Railways especially Diesels.
    Motor Cycle Road Racing - I'm a Senior Technical Official ACU & the Senior Tecnical Official at Darley Moor.
    Chairman of Mickleover Model Railway Group (MMRG)

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  1. Hi Pete. It's a '98. The riding position is alright. Fits ok (I'm 6'). VFR750 clip ons fit (with a slight fairing mod), but, mines on standard clip ons and footrests. As regards V Twins, most of the bikes I've owned have been 4 cylinders across the frame. This is the first V I've owned. It's the 20th Anniversary of the 'Storm this year. There's a meeting of 'Storms to commemorate this at the Birmingham Motorcycle Museum on Saturday 15th July.
  2. Still on two wheels after first riding a bike forty years ago! My mate had a Suzuki AP50 and that was the first of many bikes I've thrown my legs over (although I'm now at the age where leg throwing isn't quite so easy lol). This is my current weapon of choice. Spent £lots on this bike to get it how I want it, but, don't tell the wife!!
  3. Hi Guys. I'm trying to do a bit of a swap. I've took the sound decoder and speaker out of a Bachmann 37 (32-775) to put into a different Bachmann 37 (32-783). The problem is the circuit boards are different. On the original the speaker wires are soldered direct to the circuit board. On the loco sound chip is now fitted to I have got 2 orange wires from the speaker and nowhere to put them. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  4. Waiting to hear from Nottingham, GCR Loughborough and Burton on Trent and a couple of others. Maybe TLLC?
  5. Looking good, Neil. Nice attention to detail m8.
  6. Well what can I say. After a difficult start to the day, beginning with the tailgate on my car deciding it didn't want to open! Thanks to my oppo Alan for transporting my layout. Then realising that I'd not loaded the fiddleyard and that the layout was 3ft shorter than planned! Thanks to my missus for dropping it off. Don't think she appreciated being woken up early on a Sunday morning tho! Well done to Andy for organising a really well run exhibition and thanks for the invite. Pleased that quite a bit of money was raised for the school, makes the whole thing worthwhile. SLACKS LANE STABLING POINT ran really well and has had interest for exhibitions in the future.
  7. I offered to take it off their hands for the duration of the Silk Mill refurb. Some body has already staked a claim
  8. So. After the Mickleover show the next port of call was the Silk Mill Museum, Derby last Saturday. This was arranged to coincide with the final running of the Silk Mills 0 gauge layout before it was to be dismantled and the building renovated. Just shy of a 1000 people attended what was a free to the public event. Here's a few photo's of SLACKS LANE STABLING POINT at the Silk Mill. Next outing Weston on Trent on 12th November 2016
  9. See you Saturday, Andy. Slacks Lane Stabling Point will be going Western for Weston
  10. Nice looking layout. Love the OHLE.
  11. Thanks Vulcan. I did have a 50 but I sold it just before the Mickleover show. The brake tender is a new addition just because I found a couple of photo's on Google that were in BR blue. One was photographed in 1980 although it did look out of service! The second day of the show saw the introduction of a Sutton Loco Works Class 24. Great looking loco, but, a real pain in the rear to fit a DCC decoder!!
  12. A couple of recent arrivals on Slacks Lane. A visitor from north of the border! Currently in the hands of Alex Carpenter (Lochnagar) for weathering
  13. After listening to the sound of the water I was in need of the loo!
  14. Hi Bob thanks. Hoping for a dry weekend lol. Might even get to see some racing!
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