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  1. A couple of hours testing today and everything is good (apart from some very dirty wheels and troublesome Kadee's which have been resolved!). Will continue to test a bit further before fixing the backscene and buildings & then starting on the ground cover. I was originally intending on getting the ground cover mostly done tomorrow, but will test a bit further first I think.
  2. Thanks guys. Agreed re 4 weeks going to go quickly (especially as now basically three!) but the deadline should keep me focused. I hadn't come across Croft Depot before but it really is lovely. A bit of progress yesterday - have now sorted and fixed lighting (which required a slight change to the backscene board) and also cut away some of the foamboard and put down a bit of papier mache. Also noticed that the foamboard under a section of the track wasn't flat (being board that had travelled a bit) and wagons ran away down into a dip - not ideal! So it's had to come up and be packed, but now complete. Next step will be to test a bit more rigorously, then start with the proper scenics - most of the bits are now in stock.
  3. Thanks very much for all of the comments! Re the Tim Horn baseboards - yes, definitely. I would not use them for a big project purely because of cost, but for photo box style layouts they're great, very impressed. Over the past few days I've been focusing on 16mm but have made some more progress on this too. Some trestles have been put together, and I've added some shelves and now painted the fiddle yard board. Also added a small two pin plug to provide the power between the two; I had been using fishplates previously. Also now ordered lots of the required missing bits - photo backscene, LED lights, some wall to make garden boundary around the cottage etc - so that I can really crack on with the scenery next week.
  4. Having sold off my 009 layouts Plas Halt (plashalt.weebly.com) and Dinas Junction, and mostly finished my new 16mm garden railway following house move (vwhr.weebly.com), in December I thought it was about time I built a small layout to play with at home, and so Keats Sidings was born. It is a non-specific small goods yard set and is not trying to be too era specific, to cover 1950's through to 1970's stock. Structurally the layout is a 3'x1' Tim Horn baseboard with a short fiddle yard knocked up from 12mm ply. This is a bit under 2' in length to fit in a set space within the house, and is just a single piece of track (perhaps to be replaced by casettes, hence is set a bit lower) with room to store locos & stock etc. The trackplan is simple, with three sidings fed by two Peco points operated by Cobalt point motors. Either DC or DCC are used (primarily DC). THe attached photos show progress thus far - the one with the Class 24 being an up to date photo. I now have four weeks to scenic it before it's due to appear at a local exhibition in March.
  5. Lovely stuff and inspirational for something I’m working on. Have you used Magnets for the Kadees (if so, what) or do you manually operate?
  6. 'Henrell' will be out on the road again later this year, as we've accepted an invitation to Banrail in September (along with an in-construction 009 stablemate). Having agreed to do that, and going in the RM later this year, we'll gear up and accept some of the other invitations we've got (if they still stand a couple of years later!). I ran some trains today for the first time in a long while. Here's a shot:
  7. I've spent most of the past few days focusing on stuff for a new 009 project, but have made a bit of progress with the O gauge. Here's a shot of the next wagon on the production line, still a way to go yet, but getting there: Also have finally sorted out the numberplates on the Pannier. The mess above the top hinge still needs to be sorted out: And a couple of different views, firstly the fiddle yard area. As can be seen we have short and long cassettes - the longer fiddle yard area allows for one long and one short - i.e. any loco plus two Mk. 1's or between five and seven wagons: And another angle - ignore the poster on the wall.....!:
  8. Thanks Simon. The section of the backscene by the alcove is actually curved - all of it is just resting at the minute hence all of the angles - it wasn't attached firmly when we bought it back from exhibiting it (two and a bit years ago!).
  9. A bit of a tidy up means the layout is a bit more accessible, so three more shots: The Skytrex 02 (which I had almost forgotten I had!) posed at the end of the wharf. When not set up against a wall, a section of backscene runs along here, with half relief buildings a bit further on. The 02 is completely out of place for everything else, so doesn't have Dingham couplers fitted. 4F 44185 waits at the cattle dock. A general overview of the layout as set up here. The wharf, on the right, has an extra 18 inches added at exhibitions, which also extends the fiddle yard operational length to one long and one short cassette (when set up in the house there isn't room for two coaches and a loco!).
  10. Still the same stuff - a Hymek, Bubblecar and a completely out of place 02. I quite fancy a 20 (and also an even more out of place grey/yellow 37!!), but haven't got around to getting one/a kit yet. Too many other scales on the go!
  11. Hi Stu - it's actually a Tower Brass one. Completely unprototypical, but I fancied having one!
  12. I thought I'd make a massive bump on this thread and put a few pictures in. The layout was completed (as much as any layout ever is!) for a exhibition in 2011 - due to changing cars we had to turn down a couple in 2012. However, we're keen to get it back out on the road at some point soon! The pics were shot today in the house, with the lights set up at the back of the layout (not ideal) and a fair amount of the general clutter scenic items packed away.
  13. Great, thanks for that clarification. I had assumed the one on the Clan must have been something like that due to a seeming lack of them on Standard 5's and Brits.
  14. Thanks - although I didn't see a definitive answer there (to my one question). All I could see was "The DoG was built to the BR Standard loading gauge. It was,after all, just an enlarged Brit using a Brit boiler with a bigger firebox and consequently longer wb". However, as DoG is bigger than a Clan, and a Clan had a stripe, that didn't necessarily mean that a Brit never had one.
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