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  1. I find it distressing that some stock just drifts off the "catalogue"; I am thinking of the, to me, iconic GWR Whitewash coach which had a v long active life into BR days and then, after joining the national collection was allowed to deteriorate and was then "loaned" to ?WSR?. Anybody know what is happening to to it now? It is not in the subject document. As I recall even the LNER dynometor coach went through a rough spell until FS, Mallard etc enthusiasm built up. Regards Basil
  2. Just to say thanks for that extra info - a trail to be followed (:-)) Basil
  3. Lots of 522 errors here - often associated with following a thread. Regards Basil
  4. So this is why National came off the title of NRM; no operational GW or Southern steam; so for the GW locos operating no KGV, Pendennis, City of T, Lode Star, 28xx And no Pannier? And which Rocket replica to Manchester; original, steamable replica or dissected replica? Regards Basil
  5. Locos GWR Part 10 has a likely candidate on Page K139; Llantwit acquired from Thomas Powell in 1845; In September he offered the loco to balance wagon hire. 12"X18" cylinders built 1838. By 1855 it was a 6 wheel 0-4-2 with 4ft 6in wheels. In early 1850s recorded working at Llancaiach and RCTS suggest it was used as a wagon shunter and pw. Built by G & J Rennie. This seems to be the only 2-2-2 the TVR had; they favoured 0-4-2. The above summarises the RCTS Pt10 entry. Dates at this range seem to me to be capable of being misunderstood. The 3 Yankee Engines from Norris can be represented by the American Bachmann ones albeit HO rather than OO. Some more work to be done with the L&C info , I think Regards Basil Stephens WRRC
  6. I cannot access my feed thro' Feedly now; prev no probs

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      I think that that the RSS detais are what I am looking for so that I can apply it at Feedly; I've looked at ?all? the FAQ and altho' searched I've not found (;-))

      I am probably just not seeing it; but Feedly itself can't automatically find it - I've used it ever since Google Reader died. 

      Your help is very welcome.



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      No problem, just so we're on the same wavelength.  This is one of what are now called activity feeds?  Ie Unread content, or content you follow?  If so, then go to the page on rmWeb, at the top of the page (below the rmWeb banner), you'll see the page name, ie Unread content.  On the same line, over on the right it says RSS - and you can copy the feed address from there.

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      Superb; thanks


  7. Background; Years ago I had the good fortune to be able to talk more than once to the late HT Hobbs and Jack Slinn about things TVR. The later loaned me samples which he had matched with the TVR master samples held at that date at Swindon. I matched this and the result is that Caledonian Railway Valance & Frames Purple Brown is the colour! There is a Caledonian Railway Coach colour apparently of a similar name but that is not right for the TVR . Obviously in all cases paints age with time and sun etc. If you ever go for the two colour livery there is a trap: the top of coaches were painted white BUT that was "over painted" with several layers of varnish which changed the colour towards what I've heard described as "light primrose". Dr East did a good article on this some years ago. In addition the varnish aged markedly darker and I have heard it suggested that some photos appearing to show one colour are actually 2. A similar effect can be seen on the LNWR Royal coaches at York; painted white, not necessarily the same white as TVR, and then varnished. What are you going to do for lettering on your models? Regards Basil TVR Superintendent WRRC
  8. If I read you correctly you want to convert a 9F ringfield to DCC and fit a TTS decoder. This is possible but take care to ensure that the motor is totally isolated from the track; Hornby had a habit of using the motor mount to provide one of the connections and this will blow most decoders if not removed. Use a multi-meter to confirm no connection. Are you sure that the ringfield is taking as much as amp - that is high or is that the current when stalled? (Possibly tired magnet) The TTS decoder is capable of 500 ma continous or 1 amp max - does this remove the need for the second decoder? If you have no lights involved then you only need to connect the decoder to the track with red and black wires and use grey and orange to supply the motor from the decoder BUT only after ensuring there are no other connections to the motor
  9. So this reduces my monthly options to 3, but I am already committed to subscription - no choice. As a subscriber and long term modeller (start 1953ish) the cottage matched into my needs well - South Wales 1920s or earlier -not just for beginners. BMS
  10. As I see it i have 4 choices each month but not all are accessible a) Newsagent b) Subscription paper c) Subscription digital d) Individual digital All different Unfortunately, having chosen one of the subscription issues, I can't make an alternative monthly choice based on what is in each Regards Basil
  11. Ditto or are we supposed to buy the current issue again? Or have they all gone? Regards Basil
  12. The Signal box kit outer skin layer is printed on A4 pages bound into the magazine itself after page 42 - 4 pages. Needs card behind etc to complete. Regards Basil Stephens
  13. I would like to see: 1. Iconic Norris 4-2-0. American built in Philadelphia ; the Birmingham and Gloucester had 26 (a lot for the date) - in 1845 the Taff Vale Railway bought 2 and the Aberdare Railway bought 1; all from the B&G. I understand that Norris may have built about 1000 of them and they were the first loco exporters in US; see Google - there is a side elevation of one of the B&G ones there as well. Possible earner? Although Bachman US did do one in HO so time ago only available second hand I think. 2 Locomtion to go with Hornby Rocket. However I do have an HO static and the valve gear might be fun"! less reasonable for you I guess¬
  14. There is a Russian firm Zvezda who do a military BMW R12 with sidecar - military. This is in 1/32 - kit has 2 versions and also 1/72 which has 1. The 1/72 I got from the front cover of a military modelling mag last month - but no instructions!! Regards Basil
  15. Ambis do a variety of sheets in size and material. Basil ( only a customer)
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