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  1. If you leave the plug in place you will connect the dcc decoder output directly to the input; which is likely to blow the decoder.
  2. Train Simulator 2021 Try Humble Bundle in search - there is a train sim collection of downloads of lots of files for costs up approx 9.00 (£9) or so - the basic level gives you the base pack plus some others for 0.73 (73p). This includes the Class 68. This is a charity donating setup in conjunction with the TS Management . They seem to do this sort of offer every year.
  3. Try https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/lx361-oo-62-garden--diy-tools---oo4mm176-9797-p.asp "LX361-OO 62 Garden & DIY Tools - OO/4mm/1:76" - a multi-implement etch I'm just a happy customer
  4. Good to see TVR anything. What period are you modelling? http://www.igg.org.uk/rail/00-app2/gwr/tvr.htm http://www.gwr.org.uk/notvr1.html A couple of decent refs for you. For a book try "Great Western Way" from HMRS Hope this helps. If you are modelling South Wales then the Welsh Railway Research Circle (WRRC) iis a good place to join. Hope this helps
  5. Looks like Pontypridd not Pontypool; if the lattter it is a hell of a long way round?
  6. I think MREG should be MERG; easier to locate
  7. I got an Ocean co po wagon from Powsides this week; their transfer on Slaters wagon.
  8. How about POWsides; they do either transfers or kits with transfers on based on Slaters wagons, at least in 4mm. https://www.powsides.co.uk No connection ecept as customer.
  9. From Taff Vale experience they were successful but couldn't cope, even with a trailer, with the number of passenger demands as the population increased. So replaced by autotrains; both TVR and GWR converted the carriages into auto-train carriages.i
  10. To Harlequin Basic CVs - those define by NMRA without manufacturer's extensions which are usually for sound or fancy features. My experience is that fitting non Dapol decoders to Dapol locos, at the time I did it, needed the CVs reworking to overcome jerky or non- existent movement and also erroneous and incomplete lighting. I appreciate that decoders need to be 6 function and MTC capable. Rather than mess up the decoder CVs I opted to try the Imperiums initially before potentially returning the models with decoder removed of course.. On fitting Imperium decoders the performan
  11. Comment to Checkrails; are you able to tell us what the Zimo type and what the basic CV values s are, excluding the sound ones, please? Comment to Melmerbry I spend my time and money doing what I want or need to. I don't now drive. Why does that bother you?
  12. I've had the lights and loco motor control problems with 3 different locos/dmu using non Dapol deoders. I found that fitting Imperium (?) decoders (Dapol) cleared the problem completely - lights and control including stops then better than ok. Odd the mags don't seem to have noticed..,,, I guess that appropriate CVs in other decoders would work but haven't got the time to find out what. Absolute minimum is no of pins ( of course) and 6 function to stand any chance.
  13. I promised to reply so here I am. Agree with previous entries, so won't repeat except to repeat the "get a multimeter" and to suggest buying a range of resistors - much more cost effective than buying a few a time. Good luck
  14. Basically what are Hitachi doing to the existing units to prevent 800s jumping sideways in slow speed collisions; the problem of length and necessary coupling mobility sound tough to solve?
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