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  1. To reply to the Stationmaster: Yes Lyons & Mountford Sheds V2. Paddington is on page 137 and covers 1845 only. 17 or so locos. Broad gauge only. ( I only bought it for its Taff Vale Shed Coverage esp. Penarth Dock). How can I help?
  2. Yellow ends/patches post date my experience of travelling on them/it/her, and my Triang model. Solid blue with styling tweaks rules ok!! Full nostalgia please.
  3. Why not just put some insulation on the uninsulated side of the X04 so that the motor windings become isolated from the rails. Connect a bit of wire to the tag on the motor fixing. Disconnect the wiring to the previously insulated brush and also any other capacitors or inductors connected across the brushes. These two wires now provide the track feeds to the decoder (typically red and black colours). Add two wires (typically grey and orange) from the decoder - each to one brush. This works - I've done 2 in the last week. X04 on DCC can work well; if reluctant to run then try a new magnet.
  4. one technique I've heard of but not tried is to first partially add the fishplate (less than 50% of the fishplate length) onto a scrap piece of suitable sized rail , which could have a thin handle (gaffa tape??) forming a jig. This could be done at the bench or other convenient location where sighting was easy. Then line up the jig with the intended new fishplate rail and add the open end of the fishplate on the jig onto the desired rail. Grip the final rail with pliers and pull the jig off.
  5. 1,3,4 13 TVR; as Johnster plus possibility of TVR livery I have a theoretical cutoff date of 1925-30 tho' make frequent use of Rule 1 The South & Mid Wales cos (excl GWR and MR) are not well coverred by RTR manufactures - could it be so rare that people go for it/them? Plenty of info out there in the wild.
  6. Survey time I vote for 2 - C10, D24. E55 and E147 Just been looking at aerieal photos of Cardiff Gen in 20s - not surprisingly clerestorys predominate. As usual many thanks
  7. Got a couple of unbuilt Chilton TV O2 0-6-2T (Kitson) - job for the next year.. Shame they disappeared after all the work they had done.
  8. 3 F15 or 4 F16 12 f10 Clerestory, Tri compoiste, 12 off, Double ended, double loo, built up to 1903, ; seen in service variously Bournemouth to Glasgow apart from GW; what more do you want ((;-))
  9. Interesting - Royal train travelling wrong line?
  10. Could i join the queue for one please? Thanks Basil
  11. Option 1 for me. I had decided that I wouldn't vote for the 70" dur to model curve radii. How far round the uk diid they get - Liverpool seems to be the furthest so far? Thanks for all the polls - brilliant idea. Basil
  12. I hope I'm no going to offend anyone by sending the attached photo of fiddle yard action.... I wish my fiddle yard bore the smallest similarity to this, with multiple full length trains on the same line. Impressive watching full length trains appearing from the distance. There was one steam excursion in the set (fairly obviously with the date represented). Whole family of 5 (not all enthusiasts enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere on the "customer side. There is disabled parking close by if you google it - 4 hours free - with blue badge and time disk of course. Pleased to find a small Chester Models stand at the end of the layout but the main shop which is comprehensive is 5 mins away. (No connection except as a new customer) Edit to correct grammar, spelling....
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